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Could you check my team, please?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by PkMnTrainerDiamond, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. I don't know why I started doubting myself about my main team. I mean, I trained EVERYWHERE in Sinno. Iron Island, Eterna Forest, vast oceans, freezing cold blizzards, fought the eliet four dozens of times,and beaten my friends dozens of times.(How I got my name)
    Can you put this strange feeling to rest?
    Here's my team trained for a whole year:

    Blaze(Infernape) Lvl. 100/ Charcoal/ Blaze(.....)
    Bold/ Good perseverance
    Att: 222
    Def: 221
    Sp.Att: 238
    Sp.Def: 159?(Wai-what?!)
    Speed: 225

    Rock Smash(I've been thinking to change it to Thunder Punch)
    Blast Burn(I'm know this move is risky. I use it to finish battles)
    Focus Blast(I don't know if I should change it)

    Sapphire(Floatzel) Lvl. 100/ Mystic Water/ Swift Swim
    Sassy/ Somewhat vain
    Att: 255
    Def: 156
    Sp.Att: 224
    Sp.Def: 156
    Speed: 236

    Ice Beam(Grass users be damned)

    Starrazor(Starraptor) Lvl. 100/ Scope Lens/ Intimidate
    Modest/ Hates to lose
    Att: 261
    Def: 167
    Sp.Att: 169
    Sp.Def: 136?!?
    Speed: 237

    Sky Attack(Thank you SoulSilver)
    Aerial Ace
    Roost(Again SS, thank you)

    Volt(Luxray) Lvl. 100/ Magnet/ Rivalry
    Gentle(Huh.)/ Somewhat vain
    Att: 284
    Def: 179
    Sp.Att: 243
    Sp.Def: 227
    Speed: 194

    Magnet Rise
    Charge Beam
    (I don't know where Thunder Fang went...)

    Roze(Roserade) Lvl. 100/ Miracle Seed/ Natural Cure
    Bashful/ Likes to thrash about
    Att: 200
    Def: 159
    Sp.Att: 273
    Sp.Def: 244
    Speed: 222

    Seed Bomb(My friend gave me that hacked TM, but I didnt get rid of it)
    Giga Drain
    Energy Ball
    Grass knot

    Bunbun(Lopunny. What? It's male, don't worry.) Lvl. 100/ Muscle Band/ Klutz(Should've known...)
    Naughty/ Quick Tempered
    Att: 233
    Def: 206
    Sp.Att: 154
    Sp.Def: 198
    Speed: 258

    Dizzy Punch
    Drain Punch

  2. Stark

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    If you want a really quick fix for your team, you can do this.

    You have so many same-type attack moves on your pokemon. Flamethrower AND Blast Burn, Surf AND Waterfall. You don't want that at all - chop and change your movesets around so you have some different type moves. Like Infernape, for instance, would probably want Flamethower and Focus Blast for sure. And I believe he can get Grass Knot as well, and you can round off that set with Nasty Plot to give your special moves a boost.

    That set is more of a rough example, but its INFINITELY better than what you have. Floatzel, Staraptor, Luxray... They have THREE moves of the same type. What if Luxray comes up against a ground-type, for instance? He's screwed. What if Floatzel finds another Water-type? He has no move to beat him. What if Staraptor finds a rock-type? He lacks his almost signature move for a Flying-type in Close Combat, so he won't be able to defeat it.

    Which is why people would cry at the sight of four grass moves on Roserade. Double check the sticky in here, basics to a competitive team, and improve your movesets in this way. If you want a really good team, you'll want to rebreed them all for some much better natures. Most hinder you at the moment - and you'll want to EV train them as well. What I've outlined here is a half-decent short-term fix.
  3. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Here's a link to the sticky topic LoN mentioned:

    http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/http:/ ... ic.php?t=0

    LoN's basically said it all regarding your team, so I need not comment further.
  4. Great. I gotta restart a years worth of training all over again.
  5. Stark

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    To be fair, you did ask for our help. And also - Swapping moves around won't take long at all, and completely retraining to competitive standards would take two weeks tops.

    They don't need to be level 100 either - Many battling facilities such as wifi will automatically raise/lower your levels to 50 or 100.

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