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Coordinating: Should it get its own game?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by leehage, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Well, should it? The pokemon contests in Ruby and Sapphire were an excellent side-quest in my opinion but they were pushed aside in Diamond and Pearl. The anime increased the popularity as well. This makes many wonder: Should contests get their own game? A quest to collect five contest ribbons and win the Grand Festival? And possibly the inclusion as one on one contests?
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    I've never even seriously tried contests, simply because you got nothing for your effort because, as you said, it was simply a side thing, a side order that came with the gyms/elite four. If they were given their own games, I have no idea how far it'd go. To me it'd be a much better idea in future titles to be able to choose your path. Champion, or master coordinator. If such a game came out then I would certainly try the contest path at least once, it'd be a good motivator. Something that would give you a different view of things, something fresh.
  3. If Coordinating did get its own game, contests would have to have more added to them. For example, they should be more like the anime and add features like battling in contests. Or add emphasis to certain aspects like massages to make your Pokemon more appealing or actually showing the effects that Poffins or Pokeblocks on the Pokemon (making the Pokemon's fur gleam or something like that). Or as Sem mentioned, just giving something for the effort. D/P tried to do that by having the Ribbon Syndicate. I heard the massages there make your Pokemon REALLY happy.

    So all in all I think there could be a game based solely on Coordinating but there needs to be more development.
  4. I don't know if I'd play it, but it might be cool. It would require an entirely different battle system, however, to make it more like the anime. I don't think the current one is set up to deal with combining techniques. Contest battles might go more like fighting games, with the countering and all that.
  5. Hmm, Contests, it's own game? Personally, I don't think I'd get it, unless it involved alot of multiplayer, not just single player CPU nonsense. Wi-Fi would be a good idea. I don't watch the anime much, (Infact, I'm not sure I've seen any of the Sinnoh episodes yet, except on the net.) so I don't really know anything about how the contests worked in the anime. If they did make it, they could either make it on Wii or DS, as long as they made interactive features, not just click & point.
  6. I would like it if it was more like the anime. If on the wii, they could take advantage of its motion sensing capabilities for dodging and possible counters. Assign moves to buttons and such. I just don't want one if they aren't going to put one hundred percent into it.
  7. I think that it would be quite interesting but isnt that why they put it on pokemonDP? It would get alittle boring by just coordinating al the time, and how would we collect pokemon? There really wouldnt be a purpose to pursue the game :-\
    But it does sound like something cool :)
  8. I defintaly think so! I mean, Battling is fun and all, but what about all of the 'pretty girly stuff'? Contests are super fun! In fact, I think there should be a Contest Wii game!
  9. Maybe not its own game but they should give a much bigger reward for contests in the regular games. Neat items, stats boosts and what not. I found the contests in Emerald and co. very cool but it is kinda sad that you dont really get much except personal pride.

    Id say yes to a sort of Wii minigame though :D
  10. Absolutely. In Emerald, I have about thirty ribbons in total. Coordinating kept me amused. In Diamond, I have five ribbons. It wasn't really interesting any more and I would really like to see an all-contest Wii game.
  11. I didn't like the contests in Ruby too much, but it sure would be quite cool having a game with contests and the player would be able to make up own combinations.
    Maybe like Battle Revolution, it could be for Wii, because there could be nice graphics and stuff.
  12. While there isn't a game out right now... I'm sure the creators have already discussed something like that so only time will tell. I personally don't think it should but if they want to make one, I say let them.
  13. Actually.. I could see Coordinating as a WiiWare game. Like Pokemon Farm or whatever that is coming out in March that you download onto the Wii.
  14. I think a coordinating game would be a brilliant idea. Of course it would have to have battles in it like the other games. It's such a shame that they made the contests a minor part of D&P. :(
  15. It'd be great if there was a contest game. You should be able to interact with your pokemon, like training them to do thier moves, brushing them, feeding them pokeblocks. Now, I think the contests in D/P sucked, and should not be repeated. But, if the contests were more like the anime, I think it would work. And, in all likelihood, once Nintendo runs out of ideas, a contest game would come out. (if it's not being made already)
  16. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    It could potentially work, but the idea does remind me of another game - Portal. To me, Portal seemed like an interesting concept, but was nowhere near interesting enough to make a whole game revolving around just that one concept alone. Although the Portal gun and the things it let you do would have worked brilliantly as part of a full-blown Half-Life game, it seemed very incomplete by itself since the main factor in Half-Life was missing - the combat. The coordinating concept in Pokemon to me is similar to Portal in that it is a very interesting concept, but without the whole Pokemon battling to hold it up it would just fall apart. As I say, it could work, but they'd need to add a lot to it in order for it to work as its own game.
  17. That's why I think the coordinating in the game should be like the coordinating in the anime. That way, you get both the appeals and the combat. Then you could have Pokemon battles outside the contests against the likes of Team Rocket and get damage bonuses for stringing together combos. The bad guys don't just get beat, they get served.
  18. I've always thought the same thing. I don't think a game set only on coordinating would sell too well, because not everyone enjoys it... The game with different paths would be a great idea.. But I think you should be able to choose more than just Champion or Master Coordinator..I think you should also be able to choose maybe being a Breeder as well, although I'm not sure how well that would play out.
  19. ... Which is what research and development is for. A game like that would need the time and testing to be made great. And that's what they did just by putting it in the game. It's only a matter of time, in my humble opinion, before the Pokemon Contests are made into a full-fledged game of its own.

    The first contests were simple, and had sneaky ways to trip up your opponents built into your appeal attacks. In the Super Contests, the 'Jam' effects, as they were called, were taken away. But what we were given was costume for our Pokemon (Accessories), a Dance contest in the vein of a mini-Rhythm game, and three judges to wow and gain possible extra points from. To mash it all together now, add some Wi-Fi, and add even just a hackneyed 'Straight-from-the-show' plot would give it enough to sell... ... ... It would be traded back in about a week, but it would sell.

    Once they've made show's appeal battles possible and still have enough space for the rest of the usual Pokemon game, then we may see it. They re-tooled the Contests WAY too much to not develop it... It's only a matter of time.
  20. Yeah, coordinating should get its own game, though I agree That maybe you should be able to choose whether to be a [sub]pokemon[/sub][sup]master[/sup] or [sub]pokemon[/sub] [sup]coordinater[/sup]. But with a simple change. You wouldn't choose, you would HAVE to do both. Like you have to win badges in towns, and you win ribbons in other towns. If you don't get them you can't win. You would beat the elite four with good battling pokemon, and contests with good, well good contest pokemon. I also like the concepts from the anime such as Double contests, etc, etc. There could be a cool pokemon contest hall, and stuff like that. Then when you beat all of the contest halls you can go onto the grand festival the face the [sub]pokemon[/sub] [sup]coordinater[/sup]. pokemon rarites would depend on
    • how strong the pokemon are
    • how they do in contests
    Get my point?
  21. I don't really know. It depends on what features were put in. For example, if it was made like the anime where you battle and can use two Pokemon to combine attacks, it might be successful. However, if it were no different than the previous game contests, it would be about as successful as Bubsy 3D.
  22. If on the Wii, motion would control your characters movements, allowing you to send out your pokemon any way you want. Also, like on PBR, customizable looks & phrases. Now, THAT would be AWESOME!! [move][shadow=red,left][glow=red,2,300]Contests rock![/glow][/shadow][/move]
  23. I would probabley buy it-I can make one heck of a sweeper- but the thing is- Where would you get the pokemon? I mean, is it somesort of thing where you go town to town, but the contest is there?

    Meh, I'll buy it, but I want it for Wii.
  24. Good point. Start out with one/two of your choice and earn more?
  25. Well like i said before, I don't think it should be a full-out game. I think it should be WiiWare like some of those smaller games coming out (Link's Crossbow Training/Pokemon Farm/etc) and you can transfer pokemon over from D/P to compete in Contests online or something. Sounds good to me.
  26. I do agree on this because as you ppl said it was pushed away even though it shouldn't
    have.the should make a new generation and realese two cordinator games and two regular games which makes alot of sense(because the realese two games at a time).
  27. Oh my god.. sorry but i think thats an absolutely HORRIBLE idea. Why would you want 4 pokemon games coming out all at the same time? And that means they'd erase coordinating from the regular games because why would people want to buy something... and then buy it again when its in the original game?
  28. I say they should allow multiple pathways through one game. Like you can choose between champion, coordinator, apprentice, collecting, and exploring.
  29. This is almost the same as my idea but I like the adding of apprentice, collecting, and exploring.
  30. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I love taking part in contests, just because I like the fact my pokemon have ribbons :) Call it pride if you will, but I just like the idea that they've won something. I'm not sure that I'd buy a game completely based on contests though...

    I loved the contests in Ruby/Sapphire, but I'm not as keen on the ones in diamond. The dress up thing is a bit silly, so is the dance comp (why would 'tough' pokemon want to show their dancing skills?). I think they made it too appearance based - it should be about the pokemon's abilities.

    If they did do a game for wii, I'd much prefer the tests to be on endurance and speed etc. That way you could still raise them for battle etc, but also compete in contests. Maybe winning the contest would allow you to access areas with higher level pokemon etc. That's the only way I'd be interested.
  31. Breeding, too! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! *drools*
  32. I seem to think that the coordinating in the games has always been lackluster. Sort of like an after thought. If they put a lot more innovation into it, there would be more reason to go out and use contest movesets. The added affects of pokeblocks/poffins would definitely need to be more visable than just the meter it shows as it is now. I can almost see it in the style of the ranger games, as there is more detail being shown. I like the idea of it being a multi arc story line with options that you can choose (i.e. master/coordinator/breeder etc) and would add a hell of a lot more bang for your dollar than what the game is at present. Heck, I would even put the option in of once you attained the rank of one, a secondary story line opens up where you can try your hand at one of the other options with the pokemon you already have but using some sort of different training method.
  33. Uki


    Well, I tried playing ruby and just doing contests, but that didn't work out to well, I couldn't battle because all of my pokemon only had moves for contests which made me only to be able to get to about the 6th gym. ( I got pokemon for the gyms ::)) I think it would be cool to have a game just for contests, but nintendo would probably lose money in the making of the game because most people don't like the contests, but I love them. So, my idea to this topic is someone makes a contest internet game in there own time so no one will lose money and all of us contest lovers will get the game we have been wishing for.
  34. i don't really think it should get its own game; just more features and creativity to keep battling/contests even. i kind of liked the contests, but it never took the place of battling; and i thought it was missing something. there should be more freedom of customizing the way your pokemon look other than just that corny temporary outfit on and off the contest stage. and your pokemon could have different levels like a combat level and a contest level. wi-fi contests. those are all things that can make contests funner.
  35. I think you should also be able to choose pokemon ranger.
  36. I think that would get boring pretty fast.
  37. I think they should make one for the people who like Contests. It would be like in the anime, except with main character(s) made for that game (Like Dawn and Lucas in DP) And in the beginning of the game, You choose a Contest Pokemon you want. (from all the 1st stage/ cute Pokemon...I'd go with Pachirisu) Then throughout the game, you can catch other Pokemon you'd like to use in contest....you get the idea. It should be for the Wii and DS, although the Wii version would be much better graphic-wise, and it would be closer to the anime.
  38. Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees! A contest only game would be SWICKED!
  39. Yes it should, once it was introduced in the anime i was amazed and by that time i was getting bored of beating gym leaders and the elite fours. I would love to have a game like that made, I'd preorder it immeaditely ;D

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