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[CONTEST] PokéBaby "Gotta raise'm all! 2016" Contest!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Zamcio, Jun 14, 2016.


Would you like to choose jury for each round from the PokéCharmers?

Poll closed Jun 19, 2016.
  1. Yes, great idea!

    4 vote(s)
  2. No, Zamcio will give points by himself

    2 vote(s)
  3. No, Zamcio will give points with people he will choose

    2 vote(s)
  4. Whatever

    0 vote(s)
  1. pic.png

    Welcome PokéCharmers! I would like to invite you all to enter my new (and first) contest on this site!
    This contest will test your skills in pretty much every aspect of being fan of the Pokémon. You will draw, battle, write, make strategies, vote, travel, choose and train to be...
    THE VERY BEST like no PokéCharmer ever was at...]
    Choose your favourite, cute, little PokéBaby and challenge your friends! But hurry - each PokéBaby can have only ONE trainer! So be first and enter the contest posting picture of your PokéBaby (Sugomori art is enough ^^) in this thread untill 19th of June(or later but the sooner, the more points you get!).
    Good luck!



    1. Anyone can enter the contest, vote in polls and be part of jury (even contest participant).
    2. Jury will be chosen from PokéCharmers by the users or Zamcio as the poll in this thread will show. The poll will be closed at 12AM of 20th of June (UTC+02).
    3. There will be 8 rounds and for each round there will be different jury.
    4. Each Pokémon can be chosen only once. If you want to choose Pokémon which was posted before, you can talk with person who was first to change their mind. Maybe you will be successful :)
    5. Shinies and even unusual color varations (like Pichu with blue ears) are possible. Just ask if your option is okay.
    6. If Pokémon you want to choose isn't on the list, ask away if you can use it. Pokémon has to be first of its evoluntion line and be at most 1m / 3'03" tall. No starters.
    7. You can enter and leave the contest with no problem or price. It is just for fun :)
    8. Submits after the 19th of June are possible but joining later will make you lose the points.
    9. Winner(s) of the contests may receive reward(s).
    Brave people who joined:
    1. Cinccino [​IMG]
    2. LadyLucs [​IMG]
    3. crazyone [​IMG]
    4. Blue moon [​IMG]
    5. nicko14525 [​IMG]
    6. Kitsune477 [​IMG]
    7. EspeonTheBest [​IMG]
    8. Storybook [​IMG]
    9. OmegaCarvineplays [​IMG]
    10. Zealous_Zenith [​IMG]
    11. [SG] JetpackJon [​IMG]
    12. RedGyrados [​IMG]
    Weedle - chosen by RedGyarados
    [​IMG] Nidoran♀
    [​IMG] Nidoran♂
    [​IMG] Diglett
    [​IMG] Horsea
    Eevee - chosen by Cinccino
    Pichu - chosen by nicko14525
    [​IMG] Cleffa
    [​IMG] Igglybuff
    Togepi - chosen by Blue moon
    [​IMG] Natu
    Mareep - chosen by LadyLucs
    [​IMG] Hoppip
    [​IMG] Sunkern
    [​IMG] Teddirusa
    [​IMG] Swinub
    [​IMG] Tyrogue
    [​IMG] Smoochum
    Elekid - chosen by [SG] JetpackJon
    [​IMG] Magby
    [​IMG] Wurmple
    [​IMG] Seedot
    Ralts - chosen by crazyone
    [​IMG] Whismur
    [​IMG] Azurill
    [​IMG] Skitty
    [​IMG] Wynaut
    [​IMG] Kricketot
    Shinx - chosen by Storybook
    Budew - chosen by Zealous_Zenith
    [​IMG] Burmy
    [​IMG] Combee
    [​IMG] Buneary
    [​IMG] Chingling
    [​IMG] Bonsly
    [​IMG] Mime Jr.
    [​IMG] Happiny
    [​IMG] Munchlax
    [​IMG] Riolu
    [​IMG] Mantyke
    [​IMG] Lillipup
    [​IMG] Purrloin
    [​IMG] Munna
    [​IMG] Tympole
    [​IMG] Petilil
    [​IMG] Scraggy
    [​IMG] Gothita
    [​IMG] Solosis
    [​IMG] Ducklett
    [​IMG] Vanillite
    [​IMG] Deerling
    [​IMG] Foongus
    [​IMG] Joltik
    [​IMG] Tynamo
    Litwick - chosen by EspeonTheBest
    [​IMG] Golett
    Deino - chosen by OmegaCarvineplays
    [​IMG] Bunnelby
    Fletchling - chosen by Kitsune477
    [​IMG] Scatterbug
    [​IMG] Litleo
    [​IMG] Flabébé
    [​IMG] Skiddo
    [​IMG] Espurr
    [​IMG] Spritzee
    [​IMG] Swirlix
    [​IMG] Goomy
    #1 Zamcio, Jun 14, 2016
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  2. I'll enter ^^
    And I'll take eevee
    #2 Localised, Jun 15, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2016
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  3. Yeah, I think it is acceptable :)
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  4. *Not My Art

    Dibs on Mareep!

    Attached Files:

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  5. Mareep is cool! :)
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  6. *coughs* I picked it because of its lack of detail *coughs*
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  7. I'll just take eevee, and could it be shiny? :3
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  8. Just... Make up your mind xD Yes, it could be. And post image, please
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  9. Okay XD I've made up my mind
    #9 Localised, Jun 15, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2016
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  10. Gotta go for a shiny Ralts
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  11. Just a pic and you're good to go! :)
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  13. Could I reserve Togepi? I think I could have a doodle for tomorrow (I just love Togepi so much).
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  14. No reservations. Just enter by claiming it :) Your own pictures will be needed later in Drawing Round :D
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  15. Oh! So no need for original art for the moment? Prefect! Then I claim Togepi... I'll leave a pic:

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  16. AWWEE!!! I'm still glad I chose Mareep tho. The little guy is easy to manuvre when drawing, and has very little detail I need to worry over lol
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  17. Can I join? I'll take Pichu if that's fine!
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  18. May I please join? If so, Fletchling will be my Pokebaby!

    Cute Fletchling~
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  19. Of course! :)
    Cute, indeed :D
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  20. Hooray!!!
    Here's the picture:

    Attached Files:

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  21. !!! RULES UPDATE !!!
    Added some additional information about the contest.

    First round of the contest is named "Round 1 - Hatching day" and will be focused on overall skills of our PokéBabysitters.

    !!! INVITATION !!!
    Everyone is welcomed to enter the contest. Inform others about the contest, ask them to join and have fun together. The more participants we have, the better!​
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  22. I'm so hype for this!! I've been doodling lots of Togepi's to prepair myself. I wanted to ask, can my Togepi OC have freckles?
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  23. Can I ask a stupid question? I'm going to anyway. What skills are we supposed to have for round one? Lol
  24. Hehe, I was wondering the same thing but I decided not to ask <.> I'm glad you asked.
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  25. You will see :) All I can say is you are thinking in right direction.
    All skills are stated in first post, just search ;) Every round is focused on one of them. Only the first one tests every single of them, such "warm-up" :)
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  26. Okay! I will practice drawing Mareep XD I've got writing in the bag lol
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  27. Hmm "Hatching Day"...*!* Well it's been a while since I drawn a human character, but drawing a poké egg hatching and with my trainer. I think I got an idea for this, though I need to know how long we got for this challenge and others
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  28. 4-7 days depending on the round :)
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  29. plenty of time then 8)
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  30. Whoa, I better start then, even though I'm not even close to being able to draw a human properly X3 Mine always looks deformed or weird, but I'll try!!!!
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  31. !!! COUNTDOWN !!!
    In the first post you can find link to the countdown to start of the contest. You can also click here to look at it.

    !!! JURY POLL !!!
    In the first post you can find link to first poll. You can vote there who you would like to see as jury in each round of the contest. Link is also here. Everyone can vote :)
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  34. I've always felt like Litwick was a cute chibi emo. I tried to search for a good song reference but posting "I'm missing more than just your artwork" was rather stupid.
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  35. Oh yeah, I'm still working on your surprise. :( Sorry! It's taking me forever for whatever reason.
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  36. Oh don't worry! I usually take a lot of time in doing artworks but a beautiful week without tests arrived and I found myself completely free to draw (it felt awesome).
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  37. Im trying so hard in oras trying to hatch a shiny eevee, ive probably already hatched about 80+ eggs
  38. Wow, you must be really dedicated! X3
  39. yeah XD ive been trying all day :3

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