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DPPt/HGSS Come one, come all, this team needs improvement

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Nancel, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. I've been using this team for quite a while, and recently, I've been facing trouble against other players. I followed EV guidelines and they have good IV's. No, problems there.
    And yes, I know it's a pretty agressive team, for the most part, bar Umbreon.
    No suggesting: "use different pokemon", guys! :D

    *Pokemon that I am definitly revising.

    Shvoltz/Rotom @ Leftovers
    -Shadow Ball
    -Confuse ray

    Note: Pretty conventional supporter Rotom. I think he's alright. Should be Timid, but I was impatient.

    TroposFEAR/Castform @ Choice specs
    -Ice Beam
    -Energy ball
    -Shadow Ball

    Note: Trademark. I had Thunderbolt on Fear, but Shvoltz already has it, so I replaced it with Energy Ball to get at things like Swampert. Should I replace Shadow Ball to? Keep T-bolt for boltbeam?

    *Woodwind/Kricketune @ Salac Berry
    -Swords Dance
    -Brick Break

    Note: I'm thinking about dropping Swords Dance for Aerial Ace and just Baton Passing with Solrock and have her hold a Choice Band or something. (Since I would already have the Rock Polish boost) -__-

    Mimring/Umbreon @ Leftovers

    Note: Surprise, it actually works pretty well.

    Groveback/Torterra @ Persim Berry
    -Wood Hammer

    Note: Looks wierd,eh? He takes a Swagger from Mimring and that gives me room for Crunch/Synthesis. Synthesis keeps him in the game, Earthquake is either resisted by or unnefective on most pokemon in the team. (Umbreon has protect) Wood Hammer is obvious, Crunch takes out Gengar, Mismagius, Alakazam, Espeon, ect...

    *Tybalt/Solrock @ Leichi Berry
    -Rock Polish
    -Stone Edge
    -Baton Pass

    Note: So...er...should I get Calm Mind on there to? Baton Pass to Shvoltz or Fear? Do I keep the Leichi Berry? This team is a total beatdown once I get all of these stat boosts in. I'm really not to sure with Tybalt here. Obligatory BP Ninjask is for losersss.

    I also have an awesome Super Luck/ Night Slash/ Zoom Lens/ Honch
    and his good buddy Trick Room/Reflect/LScreen Cresselia. But they're sort of a team.
    I wish Cressi could learn Payback. -___-

    Eh. Please work your magic, nice people.
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    Are you battling as 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2? Some of the things you've said make me think 2 on 2 but it would be useful to know for sure.

    I'm a big fan of Swagger on your own Pokemon plus a Persim berry ;). To be honest, I don't understand why anyone would want to use Swagger on an enemy - some Pokemon shake off confusion in one or two turns.

    Kinda confused by the Choice Specs here. Doesn't it mean you have to keep switching?

    My favourite Castform ever - and I don't know if this will work against other players, it's from Ruby, is as follows:
    1. Weather Ball
    2. Sunny Day
    3. Rain Dance
    4. Hail

    How does this work, you ask. Remember that Castform's ability means it changes type depending on the weather. This means that you always get STAB for Weather Ball. And Weather Ball is already ridiculously overpowered:

    Sunny Day: Weather Ball --> Fire-type, power 150. (Power doubles due to weather x 1.5 Sun bonus).
    Rain Dance: Weather Ball --> Water-type, power 150. (Power doubles due to weather x 1.5 Rain bonus).
    Hail: Weather Ball --> Ice-type, power 100. (Power doubles due to weather, no bonus).
    Sandstorm: Weather Ball --> Rock-type, power 100. (Power doubles due to weather, no bonus).

    This list doesn't include the STAB which Castform will get. So in fact, it becomes:
    Sunny Day: Weather Ball --> Fire-type, power 225. (Power doubles due to weather x 1.5 Sun bonus x 1.5 STAB).
    Rain Dance: Weather Ball --> Water-type, power 225. (Power doubles due to weather x 1.5 Rain bonus x 1.5 STAB).
    Hail: Weather Ball --> Ice-type, power 150. (Power doubles due to weather, no bonus for weather, x 1.5 STAB).
    Sandstorm: Weather Ball --> Rock-type, power 150. (Power doubles due to weather, no bonus for weather, x 1.5 STAB).

    Assuming you have your Castform's EVs set up properly, you simply cannot get moves this powerful any other way.

    I note that both Sunny Day and Rain Dance could hurt your Torterra because of them powering up Fire and Water moves, Rain Dance could hurt your Solrock, and Sunny Day could hurt your Kricketune. However, if Rain Dance was in play you could replace Thunderbolt on Rotom with Thunder (as it becomes never-miss in rain). And Sunny Day increases the amount of HP you gain from Synthesis (while Rain Dance decreases it).

    The question is, how much do players online fiddle with the weather? Will other players just live with the changes you've made, or will they adjust it to favour their Pokemon? Does it depend on the arena and you can't change it?
  3. ~It's a d-d-double battle team!~
    mmmm, hey, sorry it took me so long to respond.
    That's how choice sets work. x1.5 sp.atk and you can only use one move. It's the same deal with a choice band. ^___^ And anyway, I can usually switch out of an Earthquake/ through a Substitute or something to cover that problem. And..eh..maybe I'll add some weather effects somewhere.

    rofl @ rediculously overpowered Weather Ball. NU pokemon get such wicked moves all to themselves.

    I wasn't really going to change Fear's moveset much. Specs works well on him, I was just wondering whether to keep T-bolt or switch it for Energy Ball. The grass addition has actually worked well so far. I think I'm keeping Fear as a choice set. Because spamming Weather Ball on a pokemon named "TroposFEAR" would make any opponant run for their mommy.

    Er...any sugesstions for Tybalt and Woodwind? Those were the two I was really at odds with. I've been testing some stuff out, but I'm thinking might need a Focus Sash on the Kricketune, which would make it so I would have to BP Rock Polish for sweeping Kricketune. UGH I WISH SOLROCK COULD LEARN SWORDS DANCE.
  4. Honestly you seem to have the team well thought out and I don't see any obvious flaws. My guess is either bad luck or bad play are causing your trouble or else you are getting unlucky and constantly facing OU abusers with no lives who breed for days and weeks to get all 31's for all their Pokemons' Iv's.

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