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Open CoDA - (A Superpower RP) Still Accepting New Arrivals

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The testing Administrator laughed. "This isn't where the tests are taking place. No, you'll go there shortly. Just jump off this cliff and go to that island." Elie looked at her funny. Jump off a cliff? Won't that kill her? "If you have powers that allow you to fly then you can fly." Elie gave a sigh of relief. Elie ran the turned into a common housefly. The only animal she had mastered before coming here. She loved to use this form to spy on the PBI. She would be able to travel for two miles before she would be stranded.
  2. Echo's hairs stood up on end as she felt a warm flow of energy pouring into her. Though it was worryingly bright in comparison to the darkness of her inherited powers, it should be enough for her to jump in front of them before they could react. "Thanks. Now, let me see if I can at least stop them if nothing else," she told the dryad, before pulling up a portal in the shadow cast by her leaves and running towards it. Already the overload of magic was beginning to eat away at the portal, creative a lattice of glowing green cracks around the edges of the portal.

    Shooting out the other side of the shadows, Echo stopped dead in front of the approaching lizard. She pulled out a spear of shadows, planted it in the ground, and attempted the best imitation of the pole-vaults she'd seen on TV she could manage.

    She shot towards the duo and allowed her echo to disappear mid-flight. The darkness quickly faded from her grasp, only moments before her fingertips managed to brush the hair of the girl as she flew past, landing on the ground in a sprawled heap. Trying to ignore the pain, she focused on the momentary feeling of coldness she'd felt until she'd felt it fill her body. It felt like some sort of elemental magic, most likely ice. Now she just had to hope the lizard couldn't resist an easy bell
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  3. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    It was taking forever. She forgot that flies could only fly for six hours, and in those six hours, she would only fly two miles. This wasn't going to work. Elie thought for a moment then turned into a pigeon. It was an awkward transformation, leaving behind some fingers on the wings, but now she could fly faster and get there sooner. However, this form was very unstable.
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  4. "Sure, I'll keep em safe!"

    Retrieving the bells from Liam, Melusine tucked them into her water skin. She retreated deeper into the river and waved to Liam, "Come back soon, and stay safe!"

    With those words, she was gone. Turning tail she dived into the water, sinking beneath the river currents. The river was the best place for her on the island. The feeling of immersion was invigorating, she felt —invincible! The current around her were at her beck and call —sloppy as it might've been.

    Snaking through the water she began to look around, hunting for her —no, thier— next meal. A growing slime-boy and reptile-girl needed to eat after all~

    With the approach of amber eyes in the murky depths, a night of terror began —for the fish at least.
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  5. Darkhelm sat down on the tree brach he was on with one leg up and the other one dangling off, he extended his arm to the side and looked to the dark sky. “Well, I guess I should send out mines too.” As he spoke, a trio of pitch black shadow crows formed from the blackness coming out of Darkhelm’s arm, he placed an iron bell around each of their necks. “Alright, off you go. Get into some trouble.” He said as the crows flew off into the dark night sky, blending in with the background. The only visible part of them that could be seen by the naked eye would be the iron bells hanging off their necks.

    After sending his black birds off, the shadow wielded began twirling his thumbs. “So... do we just wait now?” He casually asked the other shadow user that was in front of him.
  6. As Kevin swung with Aura as she hung on his back, their eyes widened as before long that shadow student appeared once more and had a javelin tossed their way. Whether it would have hit them or just missed them on its own had been something Kevin was not bound to wait for as he shifted to the side with Aura as the javelin and the student breezed past them...the student even grazed Aura which seemed to cause some reaction due to her unconscious cold she emitted due to the stress of all this which had made carrying her a chore for Kevin but he had said nothing. Irregardless, the student fell down and seemed open and prone at the moment.

    Both paused as Kevin landed on a branch. This seemed like a prime chance to flip the script and go for a bell from one of the pair before their partner had a chance to regroup. Kevin weighed the options, though his mother had shoved enough battle tactic simulation gadgets to know this likely had been a voice.

    What are you waiting for you spineless fool!? This is a chance to get a bell and go one step closer to passing. You won't achieve anything if you continue to run with your tail between your legs. Fight and tear your opposition to pieces!

    Course, a certain....other voice had an objection to this. But oddly it had been Aura who spoke up and had taken action. Aura had overheard the promise of competition between Kevin & Ryker before they were blasted off a cliff and knew they had a desire to grow through this exam....and Aura knew she had that desire to, as she had for too long been merely an emotional support to the trio while they risked their lives for her time and time again. No, Aura needed to grow, if she was to become a hero to someday and keep her sister and her friends safe much as they had for her. And this she felt was a test to prove herself.

    "K-kevin, if we might not get many chances for a bell here. E-even with the risk I feel we have to take it. Cover me." Aura asked as Kevin had objections but Aura already began to slide down on a self-made ice path as she approached Echo; she fired a few ice shots with the aim to try and free the hands and legs long enough for her to quickly go and get a bell.

    Kevin himself quickly acted, as he scaled down and kept his tongue out to trace for the scent of Echo's ally as he aimed to play the intercept role while he watched Aura's back.

    As Suzy, Andrew & Lily moved away from the sounds of the hounds they had unknowingly walked along the path of one of the many drones that Candice had laid out earlier. Once the trio passed it it lodged itself into the ground and began to admit a red light as it sent a signal over towards the robotic "obstacle" that had been the mechanical ape as before long it used thrusters to boost itself as it charged to those coordinates; the sounds of trees being based as it passed through and something that lumbered towards the trio would be heard loud and clear...

    Candice had a grin on her face which only caused Oliver to worry...well, if it could have properly felt such an emotion.

    Let the games begin.
  7. After flying across the ocean to CoDA, Domica landed on the sandy beach as her wings folded down neatly. She looked up at the school. She was awestruck. When she finally snapped out of her daydream, she walked through the entrance of the school, Pixie trailing after her. She knew people were whispering about her, even though she was looking at her feet. She could hear Pixie saying 'Hi' to everyone she saw. By now, she probably had millions of friends. She walked to up to the dorm sheet, and looked at her dorm number.
    " Number 131, eh?" She said, looking for directions to where the dorms were.
    Once she had found her room, she opened the door and entered, shutting it behind her. In front of her was a large living area and some kind of kitchen. She walked into one of the secluded areas, and found a bunk bed and two wardrobes. The bottom bunk was all messed up, so she guessed the person before her had already claimed it. She emptied out her luggage and put her clothes in the spare wardrobe and put her bag on the top of it. She transformed into a wolf, and jumped into the top bunk. She circled in her bed a lot until she found the perfect spot. She decided to lay down and have a nap. After all, she couldn't go to her classes if she didn't have her timetable yet, could she?
    'How am I supposed to be as good as everyone else if I joined in the middle of the academic year?' Domica thought as she finally drifted off to sleep.
  8. As they quickly moved to avoid the sounds of these demonic hell-hounds or whatever beasts were there, something else caught Lily's attention. It seemed to be some sort of toy or something that proved to be more troubling than she could ever have guessed. Because not long after they spotted the toy it seemed to shine a bright light as it dug into the ground which puzzled both herself and Andrew who had an eyebrow raised. Then there was this rumble as Lily turned and saw the faint image of what appeared to be some sort of metal beast that charged from the distance towards them.

    "Uh guys....we have company! It's big, metal and really unfriendly!" Lily called out as she produced a vine and began to grow it as the plan was simple....the three of them get on it and gain distance as Andrew already began to move on it while she waited for Suzy to do the same but prepared herself for a fight if they had been a step too slow.
  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The pidgeon crash-landed on the sand before transforming back into a human. "Ow," she muttered as she rubbed her head. She really needed to work on that form. She stood up and looked around her. Didn't seem too bad, right now at least. Of course, that could change. What really made her scared was the fact she only could become a fly, a deformed pidgeon, and maybe a chameleon. None of those would really help her in a fight. Heck! The chameleon would just give her away! All she could do was hope that she could successfully take some of the bells away from the others. Which would be a bad idea since she didn't know who the 'others' were. All she could do was hope that no one saw her and try to wait it out.
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