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Open CoDA - (A Superpower RP) Still Accepting New Arrivals

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/core-of-the-dragon-academy-a-superpower-rp.16001/#post-425133 <-- Link to discussion post and where you'll sign up

    Basic Pokecharms, thats a given
    You are a student, so unless you are a teacher you do not have overly developed powers, you are here to learn not boast your control over the ocean
    Also, respect the players in the power positions (teachers, headmistress, headmaster, upper classmen) unless your character deliberately is there to cause trouble. But try not to make that be the case.
    These rules may be updated further so be sure to check every once in a while
    Post often, and make the posts at least 3-4 sentences long, for quality
    Keep it PG-13 everybody.
    Rio Reis sighed as she sunk further into her plush office chair. It was hardly even late afternoon and she was already getting exhausted, although it may have been nerves. You would think that after doing this opening ceremony for 200 years she'd be used to it by now... or maybe its the fear that she was almost too far removed from time and might be stuck in the past. That wouldn't do for the 216 year old Headmistress now would it? Neither would the few rumors running around about her, given that she hardly left the office and showed her face. It had been many years since she had actually run the ceremony, introducing all the students to the school, she loved doing it. Although, it had been around 50 or so years since she had actually left the building, being swamped with paper work from the sudden influx of laws regarding superpowered beings, and that meant that she had to fight tooth and claw to keep the school running and convince the government they were still up to code. She felt much older after doing all that paper work than she did when fighting a world conquering sorcerer when she was 16 back in Atlantis, didn't that place finally sink back beneath the waves now?

    She shook her head, heaving a great sigh from within, her spirit tired and the gem imbedded in her chest pulsing faintly. Aurrea was draped over a shelf in the corner, having gorged herself on honey and was now sleeping away in the sun. And Rio finally signed off the last line on the most recent bill passed that could have threatened the school. She smiled, throwing the pen away from her with satisfaction, and sunk her tired bones deeper into the chair. Her eyelids softly began to close, the ceremony was still a ways away, she could probably sneak in a quick nap...
  2. Daniel opened the window of his classroom and smelled the fresh ocean breeze. He eagerly jumped into his rotating chair and spun around saying," Lights, Camera, Action! I'm Mr. Gray, your fine arts teacher!" He raised his hand in the air and said,"It's great!" Daniel pressed his hand to his lips and said," Magnifico! They'll love it!" Daniel sat down and opened his laptop. I probably should go to the opening ceramony, Daniel thought as he put his password in.
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  3. Sky was currently flying around cloud level above the school, getting a bit of fresh air before the opening ceremony. Still as boring as ever, the air spirit though to himself. The only variations are seeing what types of students end up here. I must admit, I think we've done pretty well, he continued, grinning (You know what I mean) and flew back down towards his office back at the volcano.

    After solidifying and walking in, Sky noticed the little dragon sleeping in the corner, its mouth smeared with what looked like honey. After that, he turned his gaze to the dragon's owner/other dragon, lying back in her chair with her eyes closed. "Hey, Sparks?" Sky asked quietly. "The ceremony starts in half an hour, shouldn't you be getting ready?"
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  4. Dalton Price leaned back in his chair, in his dorm room. The opening ceremony would begin in a bit, but he wanted a bit of time to relax. Sure, when normal kids his age, would do drugs or something, Dalton chose to avoid that lifestyle. He assumed most kids at the school, didn't do them either on account of their abilities. Only God knows what'll happen if you mix Pot with some kid who could fling fire.

    The point to this train of thought, in Dalton's head, wasn't to weigh the pros and cons of super powered kids hopped up on drugs, but as a mindless way for Dalton to zone out to the real world. The real world is tough as it is for a teen, but for a teen like me. Forget about it." He thought to himself as he looked out the window at the clouds. The way they moved so independently, yet reliant on the wind, fascinated the boy.
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  5. Daniel shut his laptop and stood up. He leapt over his desk like and action hero and grabbed his trench coat. The room had no desks, because of one of his classes really needs them. The walls of the room were decorated with pictures of treble clefts, paint brushes, and posters for previous school plays. Daniel reached for his keys and unlocked the door. He stumbled out into the hallway, pulling a comb out of his pocket. Daniel sprinted down the hall while he combed his hair into it's proper, almost divine form.
  6. 'Sparks' as she was called by Sky, woke up by opening a single, tired eye lid. "Sky, I just finished over 50 years of endless paperwork. I deserve a little nap, don't I?" She smiled gently, "Besides, my 'ceremony' garb isn't hard to put on, it'll take only a few seconds and you know I don't give a damn about my hair anyways. I'll be down on time. Although it's Aurrea I'm worried about." She then poked the sleeping dragon's round tummy for emphasis, causing the imp-dragon to awake with a snort. There was a bit of protest before the plump dragon as wrapped across Rio's shoulders gently.

    "How's the crowd starting to look? I haven't actually set foot outside in years, much less see my new students. Gods I missed doing this." She rambled, fluffing her hair in a small mirror before pulling out her official clothing to begin the ceremony with. "I can be you my entrance will still look better than yours." she smirked at her friend, pulling a lei over her head, maneuvering Aurrea as she needed. The cloak she wore was slung across an arm, she was putting it off until last minute, but she had flowers and leaves around her head and arms.
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  7. Kevin had to admit, he was nervous as one could be. Sitting in his dorm room, the realization that he was a ceremony away from beginning his path to become a hero put a large amount of weight on his shoulders. Kevin wondered what kind of hero he would become, if he could even become one at all.

    Kevin knew he would have to get over his self doubt, but it wasn't easy. His "gift" had potential to do much more harm than good, but he had to believe this place could help him learn to use his powers for good. Kevin let out a sigh. He was thinking too hard and too far, right now he just needed to relax before the ceremony started. Being stressed out would do him no favors.
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  8. Daniel reached the ceremonial hall. He looked around at the almost completely empty room. He looked at the clock that was hang up and said," Dammit, I'm an half an hour early, why must I be so perfect." Daniel fell to his knees and cursed to the heavens, in very theatrical and dramatic way. Daniel than put his hand against his head and swooned. "Maybe, there will be some hot single teachers," Daniel exclaimed," No, I must never revert myself to such primal urges, I am married to the arts!"
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  9. "Oh, bring it. Mine will make yours look like a kinder display," Sky said with a smirk of his own, his clothes shimmering, and then slowly changing into a barley visible outline of their original, glowing light blue and his body nearly completely transparent, save for the edges which again, were glowing light blue. "You're limited to gravity without those wings, whereas I can just do whatever I want. Anyway, I saw the crowd from the air, and it looks pretty good. Some unique people there."
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  10. Kevin stood in front of the mirror of one of the school's bathrooms. He soon pulled out a syringe and injected his daily serum his mother made to help relax his muscles and lower blood pressure. After washing his face he looked at the mirror and let out a sigh.

    "I control the power...the power doesn't control me."
    "I control the power...the power doesn't control me."
    "I control the power...the power doesn't control me."

    Kevin finished chanting the advice his mother always gave him before he headed back to his dorm.
  11. "Let's call it a draw and make this one a team effort then, hm?" Rio shot back with a grin. Aurrea, finally awake, hopped off her shoulders and crawled across the desk to the main intercom. As Rio hooked the clasp of a thin decorated shawl over her shoulders, Aurrea activated the intercom. Her voice filtered throughout the school, a commonly heard ancient sounding voice that had always done school announcements (because Rio lost a bet with her companion), "We are currently running ahead of schedule, students please make your way to the main hall, teachers, take your place on the on stage chairs. The heads of the school will be down shortly. Which is about time, given the Headmistress finally decided to get off her arse and-" "And enough out of you." Was Rio's seldom heard voice, followed by the static clack of the intercom shutting off. Currently, dragon and human were staring each other down with varying looks of amusement, smugness, and annoyance.
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  12. Kevin heard the announcement and let out a gasp, he couldn't be late! However, he quickly composed himself and took a few deep breathes. No need to rush, there would be a seat for him. Kevin made his way to the main hall and found a nice seat in the back corner by one of the exists. It was perfect. Kevin took his seat then turned his attention to the main stage, waiting for the ceremony to officially begin.
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  13. "I'm never going to get over that voice," Sky laughed. "You sound your age, so I don't blame the students if they're shocked by you. Although I must admit; I wish I could have made my body just a tiny bit older. I mean, I should actually still be in school at the moment. Anyway, do you think we're ready to go?" He asked, ignoring the fact that the two were currently glaring at each other
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  14. "Hey, watch where your going idiot!"
    Jake struggled to get back to his feet and make sense of the situation. Some thug with a Mohawk was shouting at him and the world had just inverted on him. No wait that wasn't right, he had fell, no no he had been tripped, by the Mohawk thug and now here he was, on one knee looking pretty pathetic.

    "I was just trying to get to the ceremony man." He growled at the guy who had tripped him as he stood up straight and brushed himself off. He had hoped people would be a little more like him here but this guy was hardly giving the school a good rep. Hardly rolling out the red carpet. Maybe pulling it from under you. As the two glared at one another Jake felt his rage subside a little, he had no time for a fight even if he wanted one. The ceremony would be any minute! In an attempt to just avoid the situation he said " Look, if you dont mind, I have a place to be." before attempting to slip past the guy.

    Apparently this was not a wise move. "You disrespecting me punk?" The guy screamed, his Mohawk quivering slightly as he spoke. The effect made him look a little like an angry cockatiel. Before Jake even had a chance to respond he was pushed heavily to the ground. He was left looking at the ceiling once more, a sight he was quickly getting bored of. Enough was enough.

    In an instant Jakes form shifted, leaving him a humanoid mass of shifting black crystals. The look on the bullies face was pretty satisfying for the boy, a mixture of surprise and fear that served to make him look even more like he was missing a few brain cells. Although he no longer had a mouth to smile with Jakes yellow eyes glistened like a pair of gemstones. And then just like that he was gone, already scuttling along the ceiling like some sort of horrific lizard.

    It was only when he reached the ceremony that he reverted to his normal form, a satisfied grin on his face. Time to meet the headmistress.
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  15. Kevin's senses picked up some sort of altercation, but decided to ignore it. Probably wasn't anything of important anyway. Besides if something did go down getting involved was the last thing he wanted to do. Kevin knew he'd only make it worse. Kevin focused on the stage, keeping a calm steady breathe.
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  16. Tia started to head to the ceremony when she bumped into someone on accident. "Oops. Sorry." Both of them said at once. Tia looked at who she had bumped into. It was a girl with dark skin, black hair, and yellow eyes. "So you're heading for the ceremony too, correct?" the other girl asked. Tia nodded. "I'll walk with you then." the other girl said. Again Tia nodded and the two resumed walking towards the ceremony.
  17. Kevin minded his own business when a couple of girls sat down next to him. Guess it couldn't be avoided. Kevin took a quick glance at the pair: one was a young girl, probably elementary years. Red hair, blue eyes & freckles. She wore an adorable pink dress. The older one, about as old as a senior if Kevin had to guess, also had red hair and freckles, but she had brown eyes. She wore a white tank top and black jeans. The young girl looked up at Kevin, who tried not to look back, and smiled at him.

    "We get to be heroes! Are you excited?" The girl said with a big smile, Kevin avoided saying anything as he pretended he didn't hear her.
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  18. Rio snorts, "Yup, miss I am a retired dragon sounds way over 5,000 years old." She shooed her dragon off the desk, and Aurrea scurried ahead of her to the cerimony. "Try not to dull my sparkle this time, kay?" Rio giggled, waltzing out of her office with grace, before following her companion down the hall.

    Aurrea was far ahead of Rio, flying into the hall in her grand red, and plump, glory. Her entrance was silent, but it's not like she was unseen. There were a few gasps from the crowd as the seldom seen dragon glided to sit and the base of the microphone. Her Amber eyes glanced over the crowd, as if daring them to make noise. The idle chatter started back up again, and Aurrea didn't stir.

    It was quite a bit of time before anything happened. The noise from one section does off as they listened to a faint scuttling sound up in the rafters. There was a faint screech of a bird, before something burst into brilliant flames above the students. The flames lifted off, spiraling above their heads like a commet, revealing a figure with wings made of pure fire. They flipped and spiraled their way to the stage, where a sudden plume of flames ignited as they dropped. The flames didn't catch on anything and disappeared rapidly, revealing a crouched female. She stood up, fluttering her wings and causing them to spark and flicker out of existance. The dragon on the stage quickly crawled around her legs and found a perch on the woman's shoulders.

    "Welcome students, old and new! It is my greatest pleasure to welcome you to Core of the Dragon Academy, creating Heroes for 200 years!" She grinned, her stunning emerald and dragon like eyes gazing around the crowd warmly. She was young, around 27, and other than her ceremonial shawl her loose skirt and shirt revealed a body covered in gruesome scars.

    "I am Rio Reis, the founder and Headmistress of this fine academy!"
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  19. "Heh, good one." Sky remarked as he hovered next to her, heading down the hall and after she suddenly disappeared into the air, the air spirit followed.

    At the same time as Rio settings her wings alight, Sky entered his physical form, whilst pulling in two different streams of wind, moving so fast as to be visible from the enterance, bulging slightly towards the walls before flying straight into him. As he slowly floated down to his position next to Rio, they slowly got shorter, pulling themselves into his faintly glowing body before expelling themselves in an arc above Sky and Rio.

    "And I am Sky, founder and Headmaster of the Core of the Dragon Academy," Sky followed, his translucent clothes and body fading into a suit.
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  20. Kevin stood in aww at the display by the Headmaster & Headmistress. The power, and more importantly the control, left him in wonder and to a degree in envy. Still though he finally understood why his mother believed this school could help him.

    "So cool." The young girl next to him said to herself, a surprisingly quite voice all things considered.
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  21. While Tia was impressed by the entrance of the two the girl who had walked to the ceremony with her was not so impressed. She yet out a yowl, turned into a cat, and then leaped on top of Tia. "Hey! What gives?" Tia said, surprisingly calmer than another person in her situation should have been. She plucked the she-cat off her head easily since, thankfully, she had not dug her claws into Tia's head.
  22. "Before I announce anything else, I would like to inform all students that our 200th anniversary gala will be held at the end of our first semester, so feel free to contact your parents with an invite, although it is not required for you to participate if you feel uncomfortable in crowds." Rio continued. "And now, let us get the boring things out of the way. At CoDa, we strive to make our environment safe, challenging, and most of all accepting. As you can guess any use of powers to bully, or bullying in general, will result in students being put under prohibition, supervision, or in extreme cases school inside your dorm. We try not to kick students out, whether you may be bad or good, we don't want to cast you inexperienced into the world."

    She inhaled to catch her breath, before her wild and energetic grin came back, "But that's boring things you students in sure don't need reminding of," if you didn't look closely you would have noticed the dragon on the Headmistress's shoulders glaring at a few choice students known for trouble in the past. "And, not only am I finally able to show my face after 50 years of paperwork, I will also be your new Physical Education teacher. Some of you may be wondering where the past teacher, aka Panther, is. Currently his outside work has relocated him to the Amazon."

    She clapped her golden clawed hands together, "Well, I think you have all listened to this old woman ramble on long enough. I will pass the next speech off to Sky." She stepped off to the side, glancing over at her friend with the old, wild grin she used to wear. As she walked to the side Aurrea muttered, "You didn't even think of actually extending your speech beyond that did you?" "Nope." Came back the equally muttered retort.
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  23. "Well, isn't that typical." Sky whispered as she passed by him. He floated forwards, picked up the mic, and began.

    "Thank you, Rio. Now, before I say anything else I must mention that usage of any abilities or powers in the corridors is strictly prohibited, as I really don't want to have to rebuild half the building again. It may be reinforced against most types of magic and physical attack, but there is always a chance. As well as this, the caves below are out of bounds unless in use for a lesson, or with permission from a teacher. They are extensive, and it is easy to loose yourselves in there." Sky's face grimaced slightly at the mention of the caves.

    "Now that I've gone over that crap, I can start on the more important stuff. All of you have got your dorm rooms allocated on the sheets located outside this hall, inside which are your timetables. Lessons start this afternoon, and a map is included with each timetable, since it is very easy to get lost here. Now, I think that covers all I have to say. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask a member of staff, including us, and I will see any of you doing Metrology. I hope you all enjoy your time at the Core of the Dragon Academy, and fully master your potential. Thank you, and goodbye." Sky finished, bowed, and promptly disappeared into air.

    He landed back at the office, and asked his old friend "Hey, we did pretty well. No mess-ups, nothing exploding, everything went pretty smoothly."
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  24. Jake thought the headmaster's introductions were pretty spectacular. The dragon was a nice touch. For the entire speech he had leant against the far wall, as far away from everybody as possible. Sometimes he would swap forms unintentionally and that often would led to a lot of a unwanted attention. Then again there were a lot of other weirdos around here so maybe he wouldn't attract any attention.

    With the speech at an end there was no real point in sticking around so Jake swiftly made his way through the crowds back to his room. He only got lost like 3 times. This school was a flipping labyrinth. Arriving back at his room he decided it might be best to meet the competition. Or schoolmates, the guys at the lab had always referred to other super humans as competition. That's why they needed a weapon that could literally reassemble atoms. "Guess I'm the weapon now then, worked out real well for you fellas didn't it?" Jake smirked to himself as he walked over to the neighbouring dorms door. After knocking he stood back and held out his hand with his most warm smile on his face. "Hey there, I'm in the room next door, its a pleasure to meet you."
    (Anybody feel free to cut in here)
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  25. Kevin was already back in his dorm room. The second the speech ended he bolted back to his dorm. No reason to mingle when he didn't have to. He was deep in thought over the speech when he heard a knock on his door. Kevin walked to it an opened, seeing a slightly taller boy with messy black hair and hazel eyes greeting him.

    "H-hello?" Kevin said in a soft voice.
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  26. "No need to be nervous man, I'm new as well you know." Jake smiled, he already felt at ease about this guy, he hardly seemed like a trouble maker. Not because he was shorter, no Jake knew all too well that its the short ones you had to look out for, but because this guy had a trustworthy face and was already stammering. A little odd how he didn't shake his hand though.

    "Im Jake, what's your name?" He prompted, trying to get the boy to open up a little.
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  27. Kevin didn't disregard Jake's hand, it was just an old habit kept him from accepting it. Growing up he thought if he touched someone they would end up with...his condition. His mother quickly talked him out of such silly thoughts, but still made handshakes awkward. However Jake seemed nice enough and Kevin could at least give him a respectful greeting.

    "K-kevin. Nice to meet you." Kevin said shaking Jake's hand.
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  28. "Kevin." Jake repeated in an absent minded manner, something he often did after learning a new name. He swears its to help him remember it but honestly his memory is still shocking. It is a good thing that he doesn't actually have a super suit because if he did he would probably leave it on the bus or something.

    Anyway Kevin did finally shake his hand so that was a good sign. Maybe he just had to build up a little courage. All the same Jake didn't want to put too much pressure on the boy so began to back away towards him room. "The pleasure is all mine Kevin. However I still have some things to unpack so I'll see you around!" He called out behind him as he returned to his room, giving his neighbour a jaunty wave goodbye before closing the door.
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  29. Kevin saw Jake walk back to his dorm before he entered his own, letting out a sigh after closing his door.

    "Well, I didn't completely blow it. Baby steps." Kevin said to himself before he flopped down on his own bed. Kevin did have some time to kill before the afternoon classes, so he grabbed a book from under his bed and opened up to where he last left off, letting his imagination run wild.
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  30. After the ceremony, Dalton snuck back into his room. He was kinda tired, and decided to rest.

    Ryker Williams, the new freshman, had other plans. He wanted to explore the school. "This place is so cool," he said walking around the courtyard. He was excited for once in his life. His first day in a school for superheroes. He had class later in the afternoon, but he couldn't miss the chance to explore. This was a pretty unique chance, that few people had. "Hello CoDA!" He shouted at the top of his lungs.
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  31. Was in the midst of reading when Kevin checked his pockets and realized he left his bottle of dream suppressant pills back at the main hall. After taking a moment to mentally kick himself he dashed out of his dorm and headed for the main hall. He didn't know a lot of the layout of the school, but he knew a shortcut to the main hall and ran through the courtyard. Out of the corner of his eye he saw another kid with reddish brown hair and a white t-shirt yelling to no one in particular.
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  32. Ryker ignored the stares of the people who glared at him. He was used to it at this point. He stretched his arms and again, continued to wander aimlessly. Well until running straight into another person. He fell on his butt. "Sorry," he mumbled rubbing his head awkwardly. The impact ddn't hurt, due to him absorbing the blow and storing it. It could be useful later.
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  33. Kevin failed to pay attention or slow down an it cost him, as he crashed into another student. After taking a moment to shake out the cobwebs he saw the student he collided with.

    "N-no I'm sorry. I-I wasn't watching where I was r-running." Kevin said stumbling over his words. Mentally cursing himself that he got himself in an awkward situation like he told himself he would not get into.
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  34. Daniel walk from the slumber he had fallen into in stage right and looked at his watch." Dammit, I missed." Daniel fell back against each the floor and said, "I should probably get my classroom ready, more ready then perfection, that is." Daniel slouched his back as he left the main hall. He knew that if he felt too much of one emotion, the school would be filled with electricity and would never cease unless he calmed down. The rest of the time on the way to his classroom, he slouched and complained, until he finally reached it.
  35. "A-anyway I gotta go. S-sorry. Have a good day." Kevin said before getting up and running off to the main hall. He went towards where he sat and thankfully he found his pill bottle. He took a couple before putting the bottle in his pants pocket. He looked at the time, still some free time before class. He then began to run back to his dorm to get his supplies ready.
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  36. "Huh, I was wondering why it was so quiet, guess I'll have to fix that." Rio snarked, summoning a tiny orb of flames. Aurrea lazily lifted her head from her perch on the top of Rio's chair, "Rio no." "Rio yes." The two dragons stared at each other with similar smirks. Rio suddenly clapped her hands together, throwing off her shawl and flowers. "Alright! I need to go get ready to teach some punks how to do crunches!" she grinned gleefully, sports gear in her arms as she exited the office to go change out of her loose, formal attire that would simply not do for Physical sports.

    A short while later, Rio emerged wearing some more appropriate leggings and a tank top. Pulling her hair into a ponytail, and slipping a baseball cap onto her head, she skipped off to the asphalt section of the Physical class courts. A silver whistle was strung around her neck, and she placed the clipboard beside her in the lawn chair she had folded out. Whipping out a pair of sun glasses, she lounged back in partial sunlight, thanks to the locker room building's shade, and waited for the students to file into classes.
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  37. Daniel entered his room and straightened the chairs more. He leapt into his chair and started singing various warmup scales. When he was through warming up his voice, he pieced together his saxophone and wetted the read. Daniel organized the markers and paint brushes for art and designing you costume course in Kepping up a Hero/Vigilante Identy class.
  38. Kevin let out a sigh as it got closer to the time of his first class. According to his schedule, his first class was Fine Arts and Keeping up a Hero/Vigilante Identity, whatever that meant. After one last supply check Kevin made his way to the class thinking coming early would make a good first impression. He got there and immediately found a seat in the back by one of the doors.
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  39. "A student! I'm Mr. Gray, your Fine Arts and KuHVI teacher, Why, what is your name?" Daniel said as he front flipped out of his chair over his desk. He landed with an over dramatic pose and jazz hands. The room was empty and very neatly organized and cleaned. Daniel knew that if it wasn't, somebody was gonna get messed up. The seats were blue plastic chairs with metal legs. The classroom had counters at the side of the classroom and the teacher's desk was in the corner. At the front of the room, there was a white board with a very portly drawn Treble Cleft, Bass Cleft, Sharp sign, Flat Sign , and Natural sign.
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  40. Kevin was stunned speechless, and a little frightened, by this teacher's display.

    "K-kevin, Mr. Gray...Kevin McKnight." Kevin managed to choke out, taken aback by the teacher's...energy to say the very least.
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