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Private/Closed Clockwork of Remnant. (RWBY rp)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jake Acker, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. There is a discussion thread for this roleplay under the same name so anybody who wishes to contact us will have to do so there as everything will be in character from this point onwards. (@kyuukestu , @The Ringmaster , @Novosel , @Hisseki , @CrunchyCucumber and @Super Mewt Boy .)


    Drake's eyes shot open as the transport ship landed at Beacon after what had seemed like an eternity to him, but in reality was only about an hours flight from where he had been picked up down near Patch. After a moment of confusion the boy realised he must have drifted off to sleep during the flight, perhaps in a desperate bid to try and avoid the effect he was hundreds of feet in the air inside of a metal death trap. Oh he knew what the technicians and pilots would say, "Its perfectly safe, best technology in all Remnant!", they always did as soon as they noticed his reluctance to board. Well he always knew what his response was going to be as well. Fuck off.

    Peering around the ship he couldn't see Shadow anywhere, daft guy must have either rushed off already or simply got lost even boarding the damn craft. Still if he wasn't around that would explain how Drake got any sleep at all, peace was impossible with that glorified ninja around.

    With a obnoxiously loud yawn Drake slowly hefted himself from the padded seats, a few bones clicking as they moved for the first time in hours, before he joined the throngs of excited people leaving the ship and taking their first steps onto Beacons beautiful cobble paths. Even he had to admit people certainly hadn't been exaggerating when they said the place was impressive, the hunter academy was the size of a small town but with buildings that wouldn't have looked out of place at a palace, coupled with so many awesome weapons and killing machines it almost brought a tear of joy to Drake's eye.

    "So this is it huh? The great Beacon Academy? I cant wait to see what really makes this place so special." Drake said to nobody in particular, a devilish smile plastered across his face as he toyed with the absurdly large watch on his right hand, the equally impractical band of metal on his left hand making a metallic clink every time they touched. Pausing to zip his jacket up a bit further Drake began to walk towards the monolithic building before him, that smirk never leaving his face as his eyes greedily took in the assortment of weapons and armour all around him on his way to the great hall he had been instructed to head towards.
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  2. Esmeralda's eyes opened slowly in response to the ever so soft landing of the ship with an audible CLUNK.
    "Insufferable pilots!" she cursed, "Didn't they teach them how to land properly in Piloting school! Or whatever god-forsaken place failed to teach them how to land properly."

    Esmeralda was increasingly dissatisfied with the journey to Beacon, first it was the lack of pillows, then one boy decided to be bold and start hitting on her, and now the pilots couldn't even land properly! Esmeralda was ready to flip a table! How as a girl supposed to get her beauty sleep without comfort and absolute silence?!

    She groaned as she pushed herself from her chair and made a cursory glance over at a boy on the opposite side of the room, and as her gaze raked over him he visibly paled. A satisfied smirk flashed across her face as she turned away and sashayed out of the ship.
    Hmpf, that'll teach you to call me sweet cheeks.....

    Casting her complaints behind her Esmeralda tittupped down the ramp and onto the ground, no this wasn't just ground, this was Beacon, THE Beacon, one of the Best Huntsman Academies in all of Remnant. Esmeralda stopped to take it all in, the pristine buildings, the droves of students, the glistening sun, and the atmosphere of excitement. This was it!! This was the proof of her achievements! She savored ever second of the feeling, reveling in her excitement, she giggled, and it quickly grew into charming laughter. Her laughter echoed for all but a few microseconds before being drowned in the cacophony of murmurs and warbles.

    Esmeralda brushed aside a lock of hair, as she stared ahead. It would all begin her, it would be a challenge but her pride would not permit her to back down. Her hand shot forward as a folded fan slipped from under the shadows of her shawl, another matching fan found it's way into her remaining arm as she brought it into an arc towards her face. The fan unfolded, casting a slight shadow over her face and its pair remained jabbed toward the towering building ahead of her. Esmeralda arched her back slightly and flourished her fans. "Very well, Challenge accepted!"

    A flick of the wrist returned the fans to their previous positions and Esmeralda pranced forwards leaving onlookers stunned at her monologue and unique pose. She confidently walked forwards with a trail of cyan hair close behind her.
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  3. The mechanical whirring of the transport ship in motion died down slowly, followed by the CLUNK of hitting the ground. Finally, Sorrel opened his eyes. He pretended to sleep so nobody would want to engage in conversation with him, but now that the ground was no longer within miles of his feet, Sorrel felt that was no longer a useful tactic. In fact, pretending to sleep after landing would probably end up sparking a conversation rather than eliminating the possibility of one altogether.

    The rest of the ship's passengers were primarily silent. There were two exceptions to this, however. One was a human, a boy who seemed content with his surroundings. The other was a girl - a Faunus girl, one with feathers - who seemed... less than happy with the noise the ship created upon landing, even going as far as questioning the piloting skills of the ship's pilots. Sorrel got to his feet, brushed himself off, and took one more look around at what surrounded him - the ship and it's passengers. Boring, he thought to himself.

    A few strides and Sorrel was in the shadows, as through his logic, people tended to look for possible acquaintances/targets elsewhere. In his opinion, Sorrel thought it would be wise to actually see Beacon, considering they had just arrived. How innovative, I bet nobody else has thought of that yet, he mentally snapped sarcastically at himself as he shuffled forward, trying to make as little noise as possible. Once he reached a suitable position, he looked out at Beacon.

    It was an unexpected scene, truly it was. Sorrel hadn't expected Beacon Academy to be as big as it was, and it left him in awe, practically speechless. Er, speechless aside from foolishly blurting out "This place is massive!" in what one would not consider an inside voice. Immediately, a feeling of regret overcame the deer boy, and a hand swung over his mouth to silence him as he stepped back into the shadows. Even though he hoped nobody was paying attention to his sheer stupidity in that moment, he was certain in the back of his mind that someone, one person at the very least, had heard him. A shiver ran down Sorrel's spine, from top to tail, causing the latter to thrash about behind him.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, one gigantic screw-up in the form of a Huntsman-to-be... This is gonna be a long year... or two... or more... Welcome to Beacon, me, I guess?
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  4. "AAAAAAAAAnd here we are. Beacon Academy. The greatest academy for aspiring Hunters and Huntresses. Or atleast that's what I've heard."

    Lyme Cross dashed into the entrance of the campus, his eight eyes taking in the view. He would have ran there fully, being in the same city as the academy. If not for it being airborn, you could say that this looked like a normal academy. Ignoring the fact that it looked like a giant castle. That wasn't normal.

    The ride was ok, as far as he knew. Lyme had almost never been on an airship before, so as far as first impressions went, it was just fine. Turbulence hadn't been much of a problem. He was pretty much immune to it, as shown from his other two times in the air, so it wouldn't had been hard for him anyway. It seemed like some others hated this one ride due to the few people throwing up or passed out.

    The 6 large, red bulbs on his head darted around at the massive, castle like structure, once again seeing the sights. He strutted down the cobble pathway covered in lights that were sure to glow bright in the night. Aware that he had just rhymed his thoughts, Lyme gazed upon the statue in front of the entrance to the Academy.

    Passing by him was a figure taller than himself, fiddling with his watch. Another Faunus flaunted herself, feathered hair flowing in the wind. Somebody seemed to be placed a bit farther away, in the shadows. There were many more people, and they all proved interesting.
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  5. Indigo forced herself to remain quiet during the ride, which proved to be a stuggle, as her subconcious instinct was to chirrup constantly as the landscape around her constantly changed. She was going to go mute if she kept it up much more today. Good thing she had some nice hot tea for company. And her hat kept questions about her scarred eyes away too.


    The ship flaired to life for a brief second from the loud sound. She took in every miniscule detail she could, especially where the door was. Wouldn't do much good to get left behind because she couldn't see, right?

    As she merged with the teeming masses of murmering students she dragged her feet in an attempt to not trip. The minimal amount of noise kept her from bumping into other students, but the glowing outlines that had become her sight of seeing bouncing sound were faint, dull, and blurred. What disappointed her most was the fact she only heard stories about Beacon and couldn't see the school in all its splendor herself. It made her a little jealous to be honest.

    Her boots had their claws retracted to avoid snagging on the cobbles, she was keenly aware of the almost burning heat of her thermos of tea, and her baton was cold against the small of her back. Last of all her hat-

    Where the hell was her hat?!

    The frantic teen look around wildly, unaware of the taller student next to her who had taken the cap off her head to get her attention. It sort of worked. And unfortunately the kid thought it would be funny to take advantage of his new discovery, Indigo's blindness. She honestly wasn't surprised as she was suddenly tripped.

    Now her instinct kicked in and she rapidly let out a series of chirps loud enough to pass as a whisper as she desperately looked at her surroundings and tried to regain her footing. Then a series of things happened: first she was shoved again, and she scraped her pale arms a bit as she landed. After she registered her stinging and slightly bloody arms, her tea hit the ground near her leg, sending a scorching heat across it that cause her to hiss and yelp. Then she heard her baton clatter against the cobbles and roll off, and finally her hat was thrown onto her back.

    Welcome to Beacon. You clumsy oaf.
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  6. The conditions of their day was more than perfect, in Holly's opinion, as if God Himself held back a curtain of clouds in preparation of their oncoming day. She craned her neck with her mouth agape whilst forcing her eyes to the sky, blue to the point of nociception. Her bag dug into her spine, lodged between the seat's arched back and her own, but she couldn't find the motivation to move it to her feet.

    Speaking of, the carrier's teal mezzanine was wintry on the soles of her bare extremities, and a miscalculated draft pouring from one of the many vents chilled the back of her naked neck. The feeling of goose pimples springing up from her shoulders and thighs warned her that it might have been high time to explore the rest of their aerial transport. Unfortunately for her, a squeal of contempt from the flying, metal beast said otherwise.

    With an indignant reverberation, Holly was sent lurching forward in her seat. She barely stood her ground, but very gratefully did. She shuddered to think of being sent sprawling onto the tiled floor in front of so many judgemental eyes. She descended from the vehicle loftily, bowing her head respectively with a sheepish smile to the workers who flanked either side of the exit. What little skin exposed by their burdensome helmets upturned in what she assumed was a grin.

    If she had been content from the sky's pleasant hue, she was absolutely astonished by Beacon's palatial outline whom stood against the sun like a great, architectural beast. Her teeth broke free from her lips in a dazzling beam, almost spinning circles around herself in order to absorb every detail. It was so much more colossal and monumental than it was in the news and the pamphlets. A nearby student's exclamation "This place is massive!" barely scratched the academy's surface.
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  7. Somebody had once told Drake that he had a personality akin to that of a volcano, a calm front that could go off at any moment, but the moment it was all over that odd calmness would settle in again. Well right now was eruption time.

    The boy had heard a scuffle behind him as he walked towards those beautiful ornate doors that almost seemed to be beckoning him towards them, his smirk vanishing in an instant as he took in the scene. A boy, perhaps several inches taller than himself, was looming over the frame of a fallen girl, holding a baseball cap in his hands with a mean glint in his beady eyes. You, good sir, just gave me my first chance to get a little exercise after that god forsaken trip Drake thought to himself as he casually approached the pair, the girl's hat being thrown on her back as he reached them.

    A somewhat friendly smile masked Drakes intentions as he looked the guy straight in the eyes and gave him a jaunty wave. It was all he could do not to burst out in laughter as he saw a look of confusion flash over the bullies face, the cogs attempting to turn in his brain almost visible such was the stupidity apparent in his look. Who was this kid waving to him? Had he not seen what he had just done to this blind girl?

    "Sup?" Drake said cheerfully, his tone of voice completely at odds with the eager fire burning in his brown eyes, as well as the literal fire forming in the back of his throat, not to mention the fist he drew back and stuck the taller boy in the jaw with. There was so much force in the punch that were it not for his aura the bully would certainly now be in possession of a thoroughly broken jaw, not to mention a very sore ego. As it was his aura did save him, instead the force of the punch lifted him a few inches off the floor, before he crashed back onto the cobbles like a sack of particularly dumb bricks, before Drake had him the scuff of the neck, staring deep into the guys now terrified eyes. The heat radiating off him was intense, the air around the pair actually rising by about 5 degrees as the flickering fires in the back of Drake's throat built, a few embers actually escaping between his teeth and sizzling small holes in the pinned boys shirt and skin.

    And then it was over. Drake dropped the terrified asshole like he couldn't stand to touch him anymore, laughing as the heavily sweating guy scrabbled backwards across the ground in an attempt to get away from him. The temperature dropped back down to the pleasant level typical of Vale this time of year and the same smirk he had been wearing earlier crept back onto Drake's face.

    "Thanks man, really had to get that out of my system after that ride, those ships are death traps you know! See you around." He said in a voice way too cheery for the situation, stepping straight over the girl lying on the floor as if she weren't even their, humming a lazy tune as he returned to his previous path, his mind once again racing with thoughts of what his stay at the academy would be like, the little scrap already a distant memory. What a great day this was shaping up to be!
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  8. Indigo blinked in surprise, the hissing and crackling of fire bright against her vision, and the two tall figures lit up in her vision as the sounds of their scuffle hit her ears. As soon as it happened it ended. The boys feet flickered in and out of her vision as he stepped away. "Thanks." she quipped to herself.

    Don't get her wrong, she was thankful for the bully being shoved back in his place, but her savior was just like everyone else she encountered. They didn't spare a second glance to the girl who couldn't see. What else is new?

    She groaned, rolling over, slowly. She regretted chirruping imedietly, her throat scratchy and felt like she was ripping it apart, but she needed to find hee baton. The thermos would be missed but its not like it was the only one she had. The tea was burning her leg now anyways.

    Unfortunately, even having a sore throat had consquences, and her semblance only allowed her a few feet of sight. Apparently her baton had rolled off farther or was kicked away. Glorious. With a huff she refitted her cap, shadowing and hiding her blind eyes, and continued chirruping and blindly grasping around her to find her weapon.
  9. Shattering his thoughts (and probably a few bones), that big watch guy had just gone over and punched somebody, sending him a few feet. Instinctively, two Shadow Hands had just popped up beside him, but they us curled from fists as Lyme noticed the blind girl on the floor. The person punched seemed to be a bully against the blind girl. Her staff had flown a few feet from her, and she seemed to be looking around wildly. Her mouth seemed to be moving quickly, with a small chirping noise emerging. If he hadn't studied animals before, he would have thought she was insane.

    Echolocation is when sound particles emitted by chirps, commonly used by animals such as bats or dolphins, reflect off of objects and back into the ears. The brain then processes this and makes out the size of objects and how far away they are. This girl,being blind, would utilize this. One of the hands by him dissipated before rematerializing by the staff, knocking it by the girl. The hand disapated before six more appeared and attempted to lift the girl upright. Summoning this many hands at once put a dent into his energy, but not by too much. Walking into range of the girl, he crouched down and asked, "Hey, there. You ok?"

    Of course, she wasn't. But that couldn't help him from being nice. He didn't expect somebody to be that much of an idiot to attempt to attack somebody in a combat school. Four of the hands hands vanished once again and he felt replenished. He could only summon ten at once; but that took a lot of aura and focus. The other two drifted over to his side almost mechanically before fading out of view, those two a bit larger than the others. They were his main two; they actually took the least amount of Aura to summon. Glancing down, Lyme waited for a reply from the blind girl.
  10. Blank stares and silence filled the hull of the airship as the mechanical doors began to creep open. Light rushed through filling the dark and morbid room instantaneously. Finally the day Shadow had been training for had come. Everyone began to flood out of the doors, Shadow was no exception carried by the current of pupils. In the sheer rush of the event he had left behind his best friend Drake, but that did not matter, he was in Beacon now.

    Shadow stepped off to once side, next to a very embarrassed looking arachnid faunus. He was taken back by it all. The magical castle, so picturesque in the distance, the vibrant city off in the horizon, it was everything he had hoped for and more.

    After the chaos had died down Shadow began his journey towards the castle, each step somehow making the school seem more vibrant. Even Shadow's pet gecko Alphonso seemed intrigued by the sight, his head perched out of Shadow's pocket, eyes fixated at the castles sheer beauty.

    Shadow felt ecstatic, this is all he had ever dreamed of. He was told stories of Beacon as a child by Drake, stories of a magical castle where you train to become a huntsman, who's job it is to protect others, and make sure that no harm comes to them. Shadow was joyous and giddy all at once. Nothing could ever spoil this moment for Shadow, he at last had a meaning, a purpose and a permanent place he could call home.
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  11. Holy cow, did I just watch that?

    Sorrel stared on in shock as some guy got decked by the boy from earlier. It was scary, intimidating, and exhilarating all at once. Then Sorrel's focus drifted to the assailant, and more particularly, the one he was protecting. There was a girl, and she was making some sort of chirping sound. She has to be a Faunus... ... maybe a friendly Faunus? Sorrel contemplated, not even initially realizing that his legs were moving on their own.

    He got halfway to the girl when he realized that he was walking - out in the open - to another person. With social intents. A shiver overcame Sorrel once again, but he still persisted. He was not about to be that creepy loner kid who doesn't want to be seen around anyone, even if he kind of wanted it that way.

    Eventually, he made it to the girl from his previous shelter within the shadows. "H-h-hey, uh... a-are you okay? A-are you hurt?" Sorrel asked, stuttering like a fool as his gaze constantly shifted from the girl, to his feet, to the sky, to nothing in particular, and back again. His voice's volume slowly started to fade into barely a whisper, much to Sorrel's dismay, but he couldn't/didn't do anything about it. "I-is there anything.... a-anything I can do to help?"
  12. Completely oblivious to the various people rushing to the blind girls aid Drake finally arrived at the great wooden doors that lead to the main sanctum of Beacon. As he entered he couldn't help but begin to feel a little insignificant, there must have been more people crammed in to the one giant hall than he had ever been around in his life, and even with usual crowds he always had the comforting feeling he could kick everybody's ass without breaking a sweat. Here, well he doubted he would even go through two people before finding some sort of weapon bashing him over the head.

    Filtering through the crowd wasn't exactly what one might call easy, the looming pillars of white marble encasing the pulsing crowd giving Drake the strangest feeling that he was inside some great being, that each aspiring hunter or huntress was simply a single blood cell, fighting to get around the schools great body. God that thought was a little too deep for my liking he thought to himself, a scold shiver running down his spine, not entirely comfortable with the fact just standing in Beacon's wall was making him more philosophical. "I'll give you a philosophy, punch, burn and then burn the ashes. Never fails." He muttered to himself almost incoherently as he used his ample strength to muscle through the crowd, fighting to get a nice spot to listen to the inevitable speech.

    Content with the position he was standing in (Not too loud, not too bright and unlikely to be spotted for any questions", Drake was irritated to find something still felt off. What was it now? Oh. Of fucking course. It was Shadow, even when he wasn't around he was a god damn pain in the arse. Gritting his teeth Drake surveyed the crowd, fruitlessly searching for that hooded figure he knew all too well.

    "Ash is going to be so pissed if I lose him on the first day...." Drake whispered to himself, the blood draining from his face at the thought of having his Grandfather in another bad mood, punishment was an all too familiar event in the Lloyd family household. And so the pyro was stuck there, too content with his spot to move, too anxious to locate Shadow to feel relaxed. Fun stuff.
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  13. The girl blinked at the many helping hands surrounding her, but thankful nonetheless as her fingers brushed against the smooth chrome metal of her baton. Imedietly the stick was clutched in her pale hands, her fingers tracing the smooth metal and outlining her emblem.

    Breathing a sigh of relief, she shakily stood as her burnt thigh trembled in pain. She stopped her chirping, which was too loud in her panicing state, leaving her throat raw. Draining her semblence the amount she did was painful, if her bleeding arms were any evidence of her drained aura. She extended the baton into a more staff like length, leaning against it almost nonchalantly, but her gentle trembling clearly betrayed her unsteadiness.

    Then two separate voices, both were soft and conernced, and one was extremely quiet, but the sound was enough for her to see their faces in blurry detail and generally where they were standing. She deducted that the two were faunus, or maybe her vision was cruddy without enough sound and she was imagining those extra eyes and tail like shape.

    But a few seconds later the girl with clawed eyes realized they were asking about her wellbeing. She decided, since these were the first kind people she met at the school, to make an ok first impression by being honest. She shook her head, and uttered a hoarse whisper of "Nope," before a painful cough racked her pale and thin body. Her voice officially decided to give out on her for the day.

    Oh, and now she tasted blood after coughing, more wonderous luck! She groaned to herself in her mind, orientation was going to be hell, she just knew it.
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  14. "Oh my goodness, a-are you alright?!"

    The girl let out a "nope" in response to Sorrel's previous question - as well as the repeat, technically speaking - and began to cough. He took a few steps closer to the girl, trying to examine her for signs of major injuries. When he thought about how weird that was, a slight pink tint made its way onto his face, but he continued nevertheless. Her leg seemed like it was burnt, and from the tone of her voice, it seemed like her throat was bothering her to some degree. Overall, she was in pain, no doubt.

    Sorrel's shy attitude dropped for a moment as he stepped just a bit closer. "Hey, um," he began, his voice calm, and no longer fainter than the wind, "your voice doesn't sound so great, so point to where things hurt and I'll see what can be done."

    Any way he could help in this situation, Sorrel knew he would give it his best shot. Seeing someone hurt is no fun, and this was no exception. If it could be fixed, Sorrel was going to fix it. He went to go put his hand reassuringly on her shoulder, but froze and retracted his hand. He didn't want to cause more pain or startle her. Instead, he stood still and tried to think of a solution to a problem that he didn't fully understand yet.
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  15. Esmeralda continued to swagger her was around the campus when she realized she had no idea where she was going... The thought caused her to pause rather abruptly and almost sent her falling head over heels. Do I just keep walking towards that building? What is that building? A tower? A Dorm? A mess hall?

    As Esmeralda pondered over the near infinite options as to what the building was she was alerted by the scene of what appeared to be a small scuffle, no, it was bullying. Esmeralda frowned and watched on in dissatisfaction, "It seems these boys are really itching for a beating" her eyes narrowed as she prepared to march up to the towering figure and plant a well placed kick right where it hurts. Alas she was beaten to it by another tall fellow who seemed quite content with beating up the offender but had no intention of helping the victim. Esmeralda watched as he strolled off leaving the bullied student sprawled across the floor, he didn't even spare the poor girl a glace. Esmeralda scoffed, she had half a mind to teach this kid not to leave things half done. Nevertheless picking an unnecessary fight was not one of the best ways to start a school day, and would certainly not get her onto the nice-list of the teachers.

    Sparing the retreating figure another glare she turned her attention to the victim, who by now had picked herself up with a bit of help, likely coming from the two other guys near her. Squinting her eyes Esmeralda noticed the girl appeared to be a waifish human, and more importantly... blind? A surge of motherly instinct rose within her as the feathers in her hair began to ruffle and puff out. Before she knew it she was already beside the girl, inspecting her for injuries and gently patting her down. An almost entranced expression fluttered across her face, as she busied herself fussing over the girl's injuries. A girl, she did not know, who likewise didn't know her, and was probably quite terrified by her and the sudden attention. Esmeralda blanked, but quickly attempted to compose herself, "......Uhhhh, Hi?"

    Genius! It couldn't have been done any better! Esmeralda wanted to bury her face in her hair, and she sincerely hoped they didn't notice the slight flush of embarrassment that rose onto her cheeks. She cursed under her breath, "Stupid bird instincts! Thank the deities I don't have wings else this poor girl might have been smothered by them..."

    Forcing herself back to reality she quickly thought of a way to regain some face, and acted. With almost practiced motions, she pinched the hem of her dress, and brought it into a slight raise, and with an added dip she displayed a beautiful curtsy. She radiated all the grace and splendor of a peacock and flashed the sweetest smile she could manage. It should have truly been a treat for the eyes, enough to cause them to forget all about her previous blunders, but wait.... she had miscalculated..... after all..... the girl was blind. Esmeralda blanked for the second time within 30 seconds. Yup, Genius.
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  16. Shadow stopped, he was half way there to Beacon Academy now, but something was wrong. He listened out for the frantic chaos that he had not long ago heard, but nothing, not a whisper. Shadow looked frantically around for a sign of a student, or at least someone, but no one was in sight. He quickly realised that he had taken too much time casually strolling towards the school and he had been left behind. Shadow's face sunk, his stomach began to knot and his palms began to sweat, oh God what had he done, it was the first day and he had let Drake and his grandfather down, never before had he felt so disappointed in himself.

    Shadow's heart began to race, adrenaline fuelling every muscle in his body, this was his time to shine, this is exactly what Shadow had trained for. Out of nowhere a sudden burst of energy hit Shadow as he began sprinting at full speed towards Beacon Academy, the wind rushing past him, catching his hood forcing it off his head, almost choking him on the way back. Shadow was a blur, scaling, dodging and ducking under foreign objects heading towards him as sped towards the Academy. Parkour was no stranger to Shadow, in fact he had training at if for several years mastering the art of it, this felt like a walk in the park to him compared to some of the gruelling training exercises he used to do with Drake's grandfather.

    Finally Shadow began to here faint voices in the distance, "it couldn't be much further now" Shadow muttered to himself. The voices started to become more and more intense, he had really closed the gap on the crowd now. He could see it now, the Great Hall, accompanied by a large group of students, all trying to filter in unsuccessfully, some people almost being crushed and tramontana other study. This was no problem for Shadow though, he had one handy trick up his sleeve which he was prepared to use.

    Shadow slowed right down now, he could not travel at break neck speeds anymore, his fun was good while it lasted, but it was fair to say he hadn't done it without breaking a bit of a sweat. Shadow stopped right behind the large group of students, now all getting very aggravated with one another's very aggressive approach to get into the Great Hall. Shadow let out a small snigger loud enough to be heard by some of the members of the group who turned to look at the smug boy's face. Shadow stood smirking at the group as the top of his head began to slowly liquidate into a vile black goo, which dropped to the ground in thick black splodges, started to form a vile puddle of black liquid. Within a second Shadows whole body had completely disappeared and the liquid had sunk into the ground leaving only the shadow of the boy. The crowd looked shocked at the horrifying event, confused and started. Meanwhile Shadow was lapping up this attention and really starting to get a kick out of it now. However the joke had gone to far now, the students thought he was dead. Suddenly the shadow's arm moved, the crowd taken back by what was going on were speechless, well that was until Shadow gave them the finger, the silence suddenly met with more anger than the crowd had originally been in. Shadow was booed and hissed as his agile, shadow form glided from underneath their feet. Shadow searched the Great Hall for a good amount of time completely unnoticed by any pupil of teacher, there was only one person he wanted to see right now.

    There in the corner of Shadow's eye was Drake sat with an empty seat next to him, perfect. Shadow reformed in all his glory, completely undetected and sat himself down next to Drake, who was busy listening to the ceremony of teachers talking. He looked slightly more fiery than usual, the faint smell of ash emanated from him, his knuckles looked singed and his eyes burning bright red, of course he had been fighting, Shadow didn't need to ask to know the answer to that. Shadow looked at Drake, slowly starting to press his face up against his ear, still not suspecting anything. Shadow only said one word, but it was not in an inside voice that's for sure, "BOO!" Shadow bellowed into Drake's ear. The whole hall went silent as everyone started to stare at Shadow and Drake. Shadow began to smirk and snigger, but Drake on the other hand did not look impressed.
  17. Indigo blinked at whoever the third party was, but they meant no ill will even if the contact was sudden and a little unwelcome. Her voice was smooth and firm, allowing her form to flash briefly before flickering away from existance. Another faunus?

    Not that there was anything wrong with her concerned classmates being concerned faunus, oh no! It was just a bit surprising, why was it only the faunus noticed her troubles?

    Maybe its because we're in the same boat, she thought grimmly as she remembered back even before she was blind the bullying she suffered because of her bleached features. It was tough being albino, her vision wasn't too hot back then either...

    But the new faunus had greeted her, might as well acknowledge her... attempt at being social? It was a far cry from how people usually greeted her, what Indigo is saying is that the three faunus were very kind to her. For now, she added as an afterthought, which she then forgot about.

    She offered a limp wave to the general area the female was, since she couldn't tell whether or not she was taller or shorter. Probably taller, everyone was taller than Indigo. Speaking of everyone...

    The boy with a tail had asked her to point where it hurt. Eh, nothing to loose, she wasn't going to deny it hurt. She will deny though that being hurt was common when she bruised herself thanks to a drained aura from using too much of her semblance.

    She spit a little of the blood collecting from her throat onto the ground directly below her, where she knew no one would get hit. Then straightening a little, she pointed to her throat, then her burnt thigh, and lastly just held up her arms. Although she couldn't see them, they were paler, pink and irritated around torn up skin, and beads and streams of blood strikingly red against her ivory skin.
  18. Drake yelped something intelligible in surprise upon Shadow's 'devious' prank, a small spurt of flame escaping his mouth, shooting up into the air before vanishing as quickly as it had came out. "Why you little sh-" he began to growl, his voice failing in his throat when he noticed that half the crowd had fallen silent upon hearing Shadow shout. So instead of giving his friend a piece of his mind, Drake was forced to simply sit back in his seat, thick arms crossed over his chest.

    When the noise level returned to normal the hunter in training turned to his best mate, his expression slightly less stormy than before but intimidating none the less. After a few moments of silence his composure broke and a smile fought its way onto his face. "Glad to see you here asshole." he sighed, sinking a little further into his chair in an attempt to get comfy. "Its hard to belive were both really at Beacon huh? I guess all those hours kicking your ass, sorry I mean training, really paid off." He smirked, eyes surveying the crowd for anybody else he might recognise from Signal. After all they weren't the only two students to graduate.

    Two people in particular drew his attention, a tall man with grey hair and an air of authority about him, as well as an undeniably good looking younger woman who to be honest looked pretty much done with everybody's shit. Both of them were standing to the side of the stage so Drake presumed they would be the ones actually giving the welcome speech, whenever it actually begun. It wasn't like Drake had bothered to check the time table. Schedules weren't exactly his strongest suite.
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  19. Esmeralda's brow furrowed as the waifish girl held up her bloodied wrist, she was most upset that someone would even think of bullying such an adorable and helpless looking child. Thinking back to the event Esmeralda only grew more irritated, and soon enough she was in a fit of fury. Her feathers puffed out prominently displaying her outrage, she began to vehemently curse choosing numerous choice words she had heard while lurking about the bars of mistral. Nevertheless cursing would do no good here, it would be far better to find the school nurse. Unfortunately she hadn't the slightest clue on where to look. Her brow once again furrowed as she contemplated the best course of action. Finally she turned towards the two other faunas who had been simply standing there, she pointed at them before saying,
    "One of you should probably try to find the school nurse, or at least a teacher."

    She placed her hands on her hips in the most intimidating manner she could as she waited for their response, secretly hoping her intimidation would deter them from asking why she wasn't going. Though it was quite obvious why she should stay, who else would take care of the poor girl? Speaking of which, what was her name? Well that wasn't the point, first she needed to stop the bleeding.
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  20. For once, Holly could find an advantage to her slightness: navigating through the living masses of students on account of ducking beneath their alarmingly close elbows whilst avoiding being completely trampled. There seemed to be some kind of commotion behind her, but she was unable to angle her head skillfully enough to gain even an inkling of what event could have possibly partaken.

    The redounding chime of a boy's crude holler from within the mouth of the academy's entrance sent those entering into a judgemental silence, which gave her the time she needed to weave her way through the last withstanding students. She paused and basked in the glory of the resting place of her old life and beginning of her new, breathing in the air deeply as if she had been trapped underground for years and was only now seeing the sky for the first time.

    This worship was short-lived, as she was forced to scurry out of the way of her impending fellowmen, the carpeted floor grinding against the dirtied underneath of her delicate feet. She feebly rooted herself in one of the many seats that lined either side of the entrance hall and adjusted her bag into her lap, hugging it to her chest and glancing about her surroundings with nervous energy.
  21. The poor girl was crowded in people attempting to help, some of which Lyme had seen beforehand. Of course, this meant he could go to inside the building, his destination inside. Strutting into the massive school, he found himself in a hallway swarmed with students all going to the same place. Being swept into the crowd, the students eventually lead him into a large hall dotted in seats. The place was massive; the most noticeable feature was the large stage, with two people on it. One was a tall person with bright grey hair and glasses, next to him a smaller, younger-looking woman.

    Figuring that he should find a seat among the students, Lyme waltzed over to the only person he somewhat knew (by that he means he saw him beat up a kid), the guy with a watch. He seemed to be busy speaking to a fellow student, like they had known each other for forever. Of course, Lyme had to slide straight into a seat directly next to the watch kid and his friend. For all he knew, he and Lyme could share a team, as well as the kid next to him. Anyone could be with him.

    (So sorry for the short post. Im tired.)
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  22. As the deathly silence of the Great Hall passed Shadow could see the suppressed rage building inside of Drake, his eyes almost ablaze with pure anger. Shadow began historically laughing once more, this time a little more tamed and not noticeable by everyone around him. Shadow could see Drake was embarrassed he had sunk right down into his seat and was hiding, trying not to draw any more unwanted attention. "I didn't think their was any need to get fiery with me Drake, I thought you would have missed me," Shadow said antagonisingly. Drake did not respond though, not rising to his friend's childish game, irritating Shadow somewhat. Shadow could of carried on poking fun at Drake and making lame puns, however something unexpected happened. A young arachnid-like faunus slumped himself next to Drake and Shadow. Surely he could not have witnessed what had just happened, Drake did not want to even be seen associating with Shadow, so why would a stranger sit there? The poor boy sat there so innocently, confused as to why people kept staring over at the three of them. Shadow had a decision to make, he could either make a good first impression or embarrass Drake even further, giving Shadow even more personal satisfaction...

    Shadow observed the faunus, scanning him with his devious eyes looking for a weakness he could exploit. He thought hard, about anything he could do in order to frustrate Drake or the boy, but alas nothing came to mind. Despite this Shadow knew that making an even bigger scene than he had already created would not end well. Instead Shadow decided to appeal to his better nature and and introduce himself. "Hello there, nice to meet you I'm Shadow, and this is my bestest friend in the whole entire world Drake," Shadow jokingly said chuckling to himself quietly. "So then, now that we are introduced, what's your name friend," Shadow said waiting expectantly for an answer.
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  23. Indigo stood there as everything transpired. In pain yes, but she was a little more steady now. She could now assess the situation. She heard the faint footsteps of one of the faunus surrounding her leave, the other two remained. One was showing a decent amount of concern, barking that someone get the nurse, the other one remained silent. She gave a herself a shrug, she honestly didn't have too much of a good grasp of what was going on. She did know it was quiet if she tuned out the other two faunus. Oh wait... why was it so quiet?

    Craaaaap she realized, her eyes widening, Orientation could be starting any second now! With that thought in mind, she twirled and retracted her baton back to around a foot long, strapping it to her back, and hurriedly tried to leave. That was a shame really, they seemed incredibly nice, and could hopefully still be potential friends once she got her voice back. She stumbled around, not knowing heads or tails where she was. She didn't actually travel that far, she ran smack into something hard, and landed on her rear end with a thud.

    Um, ow?
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  24. Esmeralda watched in shock as the injured child attempted to make a surreptitious get away fleeing the scene without so much of a word. Unfortunately she didn't get far before colliding head on with an obstacle and landing on her buttocks. Why do injured people always try to make their injuries worst? It was one of the many mysteries Esmeralda could not fathom. Nevertheless she could not leave the girl to fumble around campus, as it would likely do more harm than good. So with a shrug Esmeralda though,
    Might as well take her with me

    With that decided and leaving no room for any opposition, whether from the girl or otherwise, Esmeralda trotted up to the waif and help her up. She quickly dusted her off, before taking her hand and dragging her off towards the Main Hall, or at least to where she thought was the main hall. Esmeralda had a brief thought that went along the lines of 'I wonder if this looks like a kidnapping?' She doubted it but it would surely make for a good misunderstanding, however now was certainly not the time for those thoughts, Releasing a brief sigh, she readjusted her veil, and ran off with the poor girl in tow.
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  25. Indy blinked in shock as she was pulled to her feet and dragged off. Where to? She didn't know, but whoever had a grip on her hand was certainly strong. Even if she tried pulling away, which she probably could do, she would probably get her ass kicked, and without a way of seeing what was right in front of her face, she had no where to run much less block any attempts of recapturing her. So, Indigo extended the violet claws attached to her white boots, falling into a steady pace as she followed whoever was dragging her. The click clack of her claws against the cobbles relaxed her into a rhythm, and she exhale every time her left foot hit the ground to avoid cramping from the rapid pace. She also held one hand on her hat, at this point, she didn't want to loose it as it was very likely she wouldn't be able to get it back.

    Just like my thermos.
  26. Esmeralda ran through the campus without the slightest clue of where she was going, but as an avian faunas she liked to believe her instincts were like a built in navigator that would always point her in the right direction. She had never for a minute doubted that she was going in the right direction, and so she pushed on dragging her captive behind her. It might have been dumb luck or maybe the instincts thing really had something going for it but the duo soon came upon a large hall which, they quickly and surreptitiously entered, it would do no good to be the focus of attention especially when when they were late.

    Esmeralda scanned the room, her eyes drifted from the mass of students to the teachers settled atop the platform before finally settling on a familiar looking student. A certain hot blood, oblivious student who she suddenly had the urge to hit. Her eyes locked onto the back of his head, painting an intricate mental target atop it. She gave a huff as she turned towards her waifish captive,
    "Do you have anything I can throw? Preferably small and aerodynamic. ",
    The girl would naturally be quite confused, so Esmeralda offered an explanation.... if it could even be counted as one,
    "I'm aiming for a head shot."

    It was short and to the point, she intended to get a bit of revenge on behalf of her newly acquired friend, whose name, she still did not know...... this..... was going to be a problem. She made a mental frown but her eyes remained locked onto her target. She decided it was about time she inquired,
    "By the way, what was your name again?"
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  27. Indigo blinked. How would she tell her savior? her name if she could barely speak? With a mental sigh, she breathed in a way that she barely got the word "Indigo" past her lips. It took a few tries and some coughing but Indy felt very acomplished once she managed the small task. She liked to think it was a talent of hers, talking by breathing out her words. It helped her throat for sure in situations like this.

    Now as for the request, she didn't question the faunus girl as she handed them her hand crafted baton. She seemed intelligent, and the weapong was crafted to be aerodynamic, she'd probably figure out how to get the desired headshot. Who was the unfortunate soul? Judging by the girl's protectiveness, probably the bully or someone similar, but she wouldn't know. But hey, if she was getting revenge then she would donate her weapon to the cause. Good thing her baton could double as a boomerang when thrown, no weapon means no evidence which means they won't get caught. Right?
  28. As his six, red eyes flickered about, absorbing information, his main two were still focused on the conversation laying in front of him. After hearing the two's names, Shadow and Drake respectively, he decided to lay back in his chair and respond. "Well, then, nice to meet you two. Name's Lyme. I assume you two know each other." With this, he straightened his hair with his hand to keep it out of his eyes. The red orbs dotted around, taking in the view from his limited sight of them. Out of the corner of one of his many eyes, Lyme spotted a student preparing to throw something in the direction of the group.

    Instinctively reaching into the pouches on his lower legs, he eventually relaxed a little while still attempting to be ready to quell any incoming fight. Of course, being the chill guy he is, he probably wouldn't do much. However, a fight within the first 20 minutes of being at the school could be... Interesting. It wouldn't be very beneficial, however. Looking over to the other students next to him, he nudged Shadow and pointed to the girl about to throw what looked like a baton. Specifically, the girl's that he had saved baton. He wasn't going to subdue them; somebody else could do that.

    This year will definitely be... Interesting.
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  29. Esmeralda could barely make out the words coming from the girl's mouth, but she managed to piece together the name Indigo, which was by itself was a decent name. Indigo seemed to have no qualms with her odd request and immediately handed over a small baton much to Esmeralda's satisfaction. She trailed her fingers over the weapon, feeling its texture, familiarizing herself with its weight, and overall preparing her head shot. She didn't think it would be that difficult after all she herself was fairly adept with projectile weapons.

    Needless to say, she had no intentions of getting caught and so like all proper assassins she made a quick scan of the surroundings ensuring that no one was paying attention, but it seems like things wouldn't be so easy, a few seats over from her target sat another faunas she wasn't sure what type he was but he had good eyes, a lot of them. He had probably noticed her despite her efforts to conceal herself, but seeing as the only thing he did was to nudge the guy next to him she assumed he wasn't going to interfere. If anything she would also head shot him, but seeing as he was aware of her he would likely have no trouble dodging.

    As her eyes refocused on her target she clenched the baton in her hand and raised it slightly. A slight smile floated onto her lips as she took careful aim, she activated her semblance and the world around her seemed to slow down. Her semblance was aptly called Impulse Drive, it increased her reaction speed and perception by speeding up the transmission of the electrical signals between her nerves and brain. Put more simply it speed up her thought process and made brain to nerve commands travel faster and vise versa.

    Esmeralda licked her lips as her eyes narrowed, ever so softly she let the words slip from her lips, "Payback's a bit-"
    ,the rest of the words were cut off as the baton cut through the air sailing on course for a direction collision with the poor chaps head. Esmeralda wore a satisfied smirk as she waited for the results of her attack, her semblance remained active, it would come in hand in case they had to make a quick escape. Though Esmeralda doubted the boy would be able to dodge the projectile unless he was warned before hand, and the murmuring of the students certainly wouldn't help him hear the slight whistling sound that accompanied her toss.
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  30. Something wasn't quite right, the boy, Lyme, seemed anxious, which was a sudden change in mood from his original very laid back nature. A swift nudge to the stomach from the boy startled Shadow, almost taking his breath away. Lyme quickly glanced at Shadow and then to the corner of the room, he was trying to signal something indiscriminately to Shadow. Two female students: one rather disillusioned pale-looking girl, wearing a hat partially covering her face; and another girl, a faunus, wielding some form of metalic baton-like object staring hard at Drake with only anger and rage in her eyes. Shadow could see the hostility of the faunus a mile off, however it did not seem malicious, but instead mischievous, a quality Shadow is very formiliar with to say the least. She seemed to be lining up a shot on Drake with the object, maybe to publicly humiliate him, but for what reason? Shadow did not know, but it was in his best interest to stop this cruel public act and find out why.

    The baton was launched across that hall with deadly precision on a trajectory towards the back of Drakes head. As amused as Shadow would be to see Drakes reaction to this cruel prank, he knew this was a step too far. The object started to hurl closer toward Drake, but Shadow sat calmly, acting cool and collected. With one swift arm movement Shadow's right hand sped past Drake's face only to stop the object inches away from the back of Drake's head. Shadow paused for a few moments to let the mood sink in. The girl's act was stealthy none the less, but not in good nature. Shadow slowly moved his head towards girl, fixating his eyes dead on her, he looked the faunus up and down in a condescending manor, and let out a small unimpressed laugh. Shadow tucked the object into his utility belt, still staring at the faunus blankly as he muttered the words "pathetic," and just as calmly as he had been before the event Shadow sat back down. He had made his move now it was their turn.
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  31. Indigo heard the baton faintly sail away. Of course, even her skilled ears heard nothing, no hit, no coming back. She turned to the faunus girl, turning her head in the general area her face was, and gave her a blank look. Although, it was clear with her raised eyebrows, she was saying You lost the baton, didn't you?
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  32. Drake barely had time to react to the hurled baton before Shadow lunged out and plucked it from the air, swiftly stowing the weapon beneath the folds of his armour, presumably it was now attached to his utility belt. That wasn't to say the boy didn't react. Unsure if the throw had been lobbed at Shadow or himself, Drake glared out at the many faces and eyes in the hall, his fiery eyes practically glowing with resentment. Bloody troublemakers.

    "Looks like we may have some trouble makers around. What exactly have you got there anyway?" he asked Shadow, the angry look on his face vanishing as he turned to look at his friend. A question was bothering Drake, why would anybody target them over anybody else? It's not like they had done anything to stand out from the crowd....well unless it was that guy that he had punched from earlier, but he doubted that thug would be back for round two. The thought actually brought a devilish smile to the boys face. What a wonderful way too start the school year.
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  33. Esmeralda stared blankly as the boy caught the baton with relative ease and then insulted her under his breath. What Gall! She was quite understandably, infuriated! She fumed, it was a simple bob on the head why did this person insist on interfering!? Well, regardless of his reasons he also had the audacity to steal Indigo's baton.... crap. As Esmeralda turned around, she faced the accusing stare of her companion. She blushed in embarrassment, before hastily spitting out a few words,
    "I'll get it back, just give me a minute ~"

    Turing around she ran off Into the crowd leaving indigo to her own devices.
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  34. Shadow could almost see the anger physically emanating from Drake, he was not having a good first day, but Shadow at least knew he had prevented it from becoming any worse, his mentor would have been proud. Through Drake's anger glistening a little curiosity as to what was thrown. Shadow pulled the object back out of his belt examining it with Drake. The object was short and cylinderical, but also fairly heavy, as if it was concealing something within it. The baton-like object was definitely some form of weapon, yet Shadow had no intention of finding out anymore about it, playing with weapons in a public space is always a recipe for disaster. Shadow laid the baton on the table, making sure the faunus had witnessed the act, he was enticing the pair over. Shadow never was one for confrontation, he was not trained that way, but he definitely knew someone who was, and was luckily sat next to him.
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  35. Indigo blinked as the girl left to get her baton. Grateful someone would go out of their way to do that, yes. Grateful left alone and blind in the middle of who knows where? Nope. The poor albino stood there looking lost, shuffling her feet and obviously looking like she was waiting. The quietness was unnerving to her, and she began feeling a little self concious. She pulled her hat and little farther down to cover her eyes, too far for any normal human to see out of. It looked like it was purposefully pulled down too. But hey, she couldn't use her eyes so she didn't loose any valuable sense of sight at all. So there she was, hat pulled down and crossing her arms, looking like she was trying to make herself smaller than she was.
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  36. Within but a few minutes Esmeralda returned from who knows where carrying 2 small balls, the first was the size of a tennis ball and the other the size of a marble. She was extremely careful with the latter of the two , its contents were not something she wanted spilling onto her skin or out of its container for that matter. She weaved her way through the crowd for a good while before finally spotted Indigo, the poor girl seemed to be terrified as she tried to make herself look as inconspicuous as possible. She was actually about as inconspicuous as an albino could be, which was to say, not much, but Esmeralda applauded the effort.

    As she soundlessly reappeared she gave Indigo a small poke before saying, "If you happen to hear any explosions ... run, okay?"

    She gave the girl a few seconds to process what was just said but left no time for inquisition, " Don't worry I'll catch up after right after I get back your baton" She gave Indigo a reassuring pat and continued speaking,

    "By the way, the name's Esmeralda" A brief pause was given, "Esmeralda Parsia Nymphatica, but you can just call me Mera, or Parsi, well, call me whatever you want "

    She winked and barely resisted the urge to give a curtsy, it was a pointless gesture in this situation. With that said her attention shifted to her targets who at this point had placed the baton atop the nearby table, It would make her job much easier. However she paused for a second to wonder, Why would they do that? She was momentarily confused by their actions. Numerous guesses ran through her mind but the only a few seemed plausible. It could be either of 3 options:

    1) These boys weren't so smart, or rather were just plain stupid. In which case they were being cocky, and were confident to the point where they thought they didn't even need to hide the baton as they could secure it even if it was in plain sight.

    2)The exact opposite, they were in fact very smart and were using it a bait for a trap. She wasn't sure what sort of elaborate plot they could have concocted within the few minutes that she had left, but this was Beacon, It was best not to underestimate anyone.

    3)This was provocation, they were trying to entice her to come over. Though similar to conjecture number 2 it was in fact much better as it meant they didn't have a plan. The difference was as if between walking into a brawl and walking into an ambush. It was quite obvious which would be easier to handle.

    Esmeralda raised her brow as she gave off a bout of bemused laughter.

    This was going to be interesting~

    She swiftly concealed both balls within her dress, making sure to place the marble-sized ball somewhere well padded. If it broke open.... she shivered at the very thought. Speaking of thoughts the idea of 2 vs 1 didn't seem very appealing. Maybe they would be gentlemen and let her fight them one by one? But then again which daft-dimwit would through away his numerical advantage? Thus Esmeralda turned to her partner-in-crime, or maybe she was more like a helpless accomplice?

    "Hey indigo? How good are you at fighting?"
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  37. Wait, explosions? Indigo blinked, lifting her had to acknowledge... Indigo shall shorten that long name to Emmy, who had returned quickly. She didn't have her baton back, but apparently there was a plan involved. With fighting. Great.

    I hope this girl plays charades Indigo thought, before jabbing at the air like a boxer. As soon as that was done, she made a slicing motion across her neck, also shaking her head. As in, she cannot fight close range, or take ot as fight at all because she can't punch you in the nose from a foot away either. She then makes a mock gun using both hands and blows air from her lips acting like she was shooting. Then she gave a thumbs up, hopefully getting the message across she usually does best at a distance.
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  38. Of course, Lyme's eyes had not deceived him. Quickly after the nudge, the projectile that had been conveniently "given" to Drake's assailant had been blocked in a wink. The other girl, some sort of Faunus, had stormed off and returned with what looked like a small ball and, from what he could see, an even smaller marble-like object. With how carefully she handled them, he would say they were explosives of some kind. She was eyeing the baton- maybe trying to get it back?

    Of course, somebody that Lyme had seen literally drag a disabled student into the hall wouldn't do anything without a reason that would benefit her. His eyes barely caught it, but the disabled one seemed to be making symbols about.. Fighting? Most likely for the benefit of Little Miss Perfect Pretty-Two-Shoes McGee. He was pretty sure having that baton given to the blind girl- he would have to learn her name soon- would stop her and Pretty Princess from getting into quite a bit of harm. Don't ask how.

    Reaching over, he took hold of the baton on the table. As he lifted it, his hand grew darker. This was a technique his father had come up with- he surrounded his hand with around three Shadow Hands, so he got power without wasting much Aura. With this, his already great throwing distance and accuracy was increased. Aiming just above Ms. SparkleGlitter, he threw it so it would hopefully hit her head and fall next to the blind girl.

    He had got to learn their names.
  39. Esmeralda stared for about 5 seconds,she needed time to process the vague gestures.
    Okay, so Close range is no good, but guns are an A OK.
    That about summed up when she got from her little game of charades, but why didn't she just talk? Was she mute as well as blind?
    Once again instincts kicked in as she tried to smoother the girl in hugs, surely a soul this unfortunate would appreciate the sentiment. With revenge temporarily push to the back of her mind, Emmy focused on honing her maternal instincts, at the expense of the poor, and now confused Indigo. She was likely wondering why she was suddenly being coddled and stroked, but instincts left no room for logical reasoning, and thus Esmeralda had no intention to explain her actions. Needless to say Esmeralda was in apparent bliss, but nothing lasts forever, the moment of happiness was broken by what appeared to be an object hurtling towards them. Emmy frowned as her eyes locked onto the metallic object and her Semblance once again activated, before the object had the opportunity to hit it's target it was swiftly snatched out of the air. Needless to say it came from the direction of her targets, and in fact Esmeralda had half a mind to send it on a return trip.

    The only thing that stopped her from storming over there to beat them over the heads with the aforementioned object was the odd feeling of familiarity that presented itself. Upon closer inspection the metallic object was unexpectedly Indigo's baton. Esmeralda blinked as a flurry of questions arose within her mind. If indigo can't do close range..... how does she fight with such a short baton? Does it transform?

    Disregarding the mysteries of Indigo's baton, Emmy decided a better use of her time would be to go back to smothering Indigo, the poor child certainly needed the love, or so Emmy convinced herself.
  40. Indigo let out a muffled, squeaky protest that hurt her throat from the use of her vocal cords. The sound was incredibly quiet and could barely pass above whisper volume, damn she really overused her semblance this time. But she could worry later, for right now, where the hell was the sudden smothering of love coming from!? Indigo squirmed lightly in Emmy's grasp, making breathy noises of what could pass as pouting. Eventually she just went limp, accepting her fate, and although her arms had no access to move, she simply acknowledged the hug by letting her head fall and hit Emmy wherever her head was closest to. Sure it messed up her hat, but not like it affected her sight.

    It sucked not being able to snark or make sassy remarks, now she was forced to remain quiet if she had any hopes of salvaging her voice for the trial. Indigo huffed her annoyance out in the form of a sigh that said she was 500% done.

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