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ChiWriMo-Pokemon Fan Writing~

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Umi_Kage, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Alright this is just a story that has been rattling in my head as I play/watch/draw pokemon. Prepare for spelling and grammar errors and potholes. :D
  2. It was a morning unlike any other morning. Still dark as night, the moon was full, casting a silver light over everything in Sunflora Valley. The wind was blowing through the trees making the leaves rustle in response. It was the perfect morning to cuddle up in a blanket with warm coffee to take in the valley.
    This was the most important morning of Chaos’s life. It was the beginning of Chaos’s new life. Her new life as a Pokemon Trainer! Her life dream was to become a great and legendary Pokemon trainer of Serenic Region. This dream started when she turned ten, the beginning age of a Pokemon Trainer. But no mother in her right mind would let their child wonder about the region without an education. So while Chaos’s friends went off to become a Pokemon trainer, she was inside studying.
    Well, she graduated High school last week and as a graduation gift, her mother gave her the OK to follow her dream. And how perfect was it that all the Pokemon Professors were all meeting at the Sawk Soccer Staduim giving 15 lucky beginning trainers any starter pokemon of their choice! Chaos would be damned to miss out on this opportunity.
    She loaded up her toiletries in her backpack, and started to lace up her combat boots when her poketech ( a gift from her mother) started beeping, sounding off her alarm.
    “S****!!! 4:15!” Chaos finished up lacing her boots as she darted for the stairs. She jumped up with her backpack in hand and hurled her whole body downstairs. She was met with the growls of her mother’s Pokemon Granbull, a.ka. Percy.
    Percy was adamant about safety, especially coming down stairs. “You’re going to be late if you’re going to play with Percy,” Chaos’s mother called from the kitchen.
    “I wasn’t…? Ugh, okay. Do you have food ready?” Chaos strode into the kitchen.
    “Yes I do. I packed it for you and it’s on the table. It’s a good amount of food if you’re smart about rationing it.” Chaos’s mother came over with a glass of MooMoo Milk. “Drink up before you leave!”
    Chaos chugged it down and slammed the glass down. “ Alright, Mom, I’m out!”
    “Alright, Alright, just don’t forget that you always have a home here and you’re welcome back if things get too hard or you just want rest.” Chaos’s mother purred as she fixed Chaos’s red beanie and pigtails.
    Giving her mother a tight hug and peck on the cheek she turned to Percy , “We had our ups and downs, but we always put Mom first, so when I leave, I expect that shouldn’t change.” She gave him a pat on the head and headed through the little gate in the front yard. She turned back to see her mom waving with Percy at her side, and with that image in her head, she turned forward to the sunrise that started to peek over the hills. This was her first step to becoming the legendary Pokemon Trainer she dreamed of…
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    No. Just... No.

    Nevermind the fact your first post has absolutely nothing in it and the second post is a pointless double-post, this wall of text cannot be counted as a story in any definition of the word that doesn't have 'Bimmy' or 'Crackers the Ho-Oh' written in it somewhere.

    If this was presented as a trollfic, I may have been halfway tempted to let it be. However, since this is meant to be a serious attempt... Yeah. No.
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