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Character | Creation (Discussion/Sign-Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Mechanist Gamma, Apr 9, 2017.

  1. CURRENT RPERS: @Eeveechu151, @The Argonaut, @Ry_Burst, @Aon, @Asriel Hydreigon-murr, @SismicFlareCharmander, @project07, @Charlespark
    RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/character-creation-first-saga-life.16165/

    In this world, a special element exists.
    The element of Limue.
    Limue is a special element that allows dreams to become reality. Through the use of Limue, writers and artists can combine character concepts and sketches into creating real people. This is called Character Creation. And what comes from Character Creation?
    Well, Characters of course.
    Characters are special creatures of all shapes, sizes and forms. Thousands are created every day. After being created, a Character is awoken inside the empty plane called The Blank. It's called this because of what it is - a blank void of nothingness. Unless, of course, the Creator decides to transform it.
    What is a Creator, you ask? Well, a Creator is someone who creates a Character.
    Through writing or drawing, a Creator creates a Character. If they wish, then they can have that Character bond with them, becoming one of their Creations. Creations are Characters that can be called upon anywhere by their Creator, and form a permanent link with them.
    But we're getting off topic.
    The Blank. The place where a Character first enters into existence. What's its importance?
    Well, The Blank acts like a prison for the Characters until their first meeting. Upon a Character's Creation, the original pages they were made from are transformed into a gateway to The Blank. From there, the Creator enters the Blank and encounters their Character. From here, the Character is presented with their two options to leave The Blank.
    Either they swear allegiance to the Creator, becoming their Creation...
    ...or they kill their Creator.
    After becoming Creations, the Characters leave The Blank with their Creator and enter their normal lives. Characters are part of the world today, whether people like it or not. They're so widespread that nothing is out of the realm of imagination to see.
    However, some would use Characters for evil. In the small city of Helmloss, an evil plot is forming. It's up to the most creative Creators and their Characters to stop them...
    ...and that's where you come in, folks!

    So yeah. This is a cool idea for an RP I had that's based off of BinOfTrash's Drawing a Blank comic. (If you haven't read it yet YOU REALLY SHOULD: https://tapastic.com/episode/653152 (Drawing a Blank :: Welcome to my world. | Tapastic Comics)) The name of the game is creativity, so go wild, folks! Just a few rules - both rules that apply to the world and rules that apply to the RP.

    1) There must be both a finished written description of the character and a drawing of what it should look like.
    2) The Character must be an original concept of the Creator.
    3) The sheets must be written/printed/drawn with Limue Ink.
    4) Characters will always be sent into The Blank upon creation, and a portal shall open from the sheets the Character came from.
    5) In order to become Creations, Characters must swear allegiance to their original Creator of their own will.
    6) Upon gaining a Creation, the Creator will receive a tattoo on their body marking their Creation as their own.
    7) If a Character is mortally wounded, they will not die - they shall merely be turned into dust that retracts into their Creator's tattoo until they have enough energy to return.
    8 ) Only upon becoming a Creation shall a Character receive their Special.
    1) NO ONE-LINERS. If I see a single damn one-liner I will not hesitate to report you. Every Creator will have at least one Creation, so you have no excuse to have one-line posts.
    2) CHECK YOUR GRAMMAR. It's not as big an issue, but it still annoys me. Typos are fine, but please mind your use of capitalization and periods.
    3) AS USUAL, TALK IN THIRD-PERSON. It's not that hard, people! Most of you will not have any problems with this, but just in case.
    4) NO MARY SUES. We may have some powerful Characters in the RP, as the entire premise is using your imagination. But don't Mary Sue! The Characters may be immortal, as they kinda can't die unless their Creator does. But that's not an excuse to play GOD! If you're worried that your character might be pushing the limits, contact me.
    5) LAW OF CREATION #2: BE ORIGINAL. It's fine to take inspiration from something when creating a Character. But don't just have GODDAMN HULK! Be original, and be creative. As long as it's not a blatant ripoff, it's good.
    6) DON'T KILL OFF PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. Even if it's a Character that can just come back anyways, don't just kill them off. If it's your own character and you really want them to go down for a bit, feel free. But we can't have everyone just killing each other and ruining all the fun.
    8 ) ASK TO JOIN ON THIS THREAD AND FILL OUT THE CHARACTER SHEETS. You don't do that, you don't exist in the RP.
    10) THIS RP HAS A QUALITY ASSURANCE CHECK. What this means is that I've never RPed with you before, you'll need to send me a sample of your previous RP work. If I feel you're a good enough RPer, then you're allowed in.
    11) IF YOU'RE UNSURE ABOUT ANYTHING, FEEL FREE TO ASK. I'm always open to clarify things!
    12) NORMAL RP RULES APPLY AS ALWAYS. This is kind of an obvious one, but make sure to follow all the regular RP rules.
    13) KNOW ANY RULES THAT SHOULD BE ADDED OR LOOPHOLES TO BE PATCHED? TELL ME. Trying to make this as clean as possible, so help with making sure that everything is as refined as it can be would be great!

    So now that we have the rules out of the way, let's get down to the important stuff. You can't join an RP without a character! And in this RP, there are both Creators and Characters. So two sheets for joining! Every RPer must have a Creator for their Characters. Make sure to fill out the sheets!

    Age: (Be reasonable with this - don't be, say, two years old.)
    Personality (Optional):
    Skill: (Writer, Artist, both, none)
    Characters: (Max of five for balance's sake)
    Age: (Optional)
    Class: (Fighter, Swordsman, Mage, Animalistic, Morphological, Mechanical, Spiritual)
    Sub-Class (Optional): (Fighter, Swordsman, Mage, Animalistic, Morphological, Mechanical, Spiritual)
    Personality (Optional):
    Powers (Optional):
    Skills: (Max of four per character)
    Special: (Takes a lot of energy, max of one per character)
    Stats (overall max of 25, max of 5 per stat): ATK(attack): , DEF(defense): , SPD(speed): , SKL(skill): , MAG(magic): , TEC(technology): , INTL(intelligence):

    Just to give you guys an example of what I'm looking for, you can take a look at my characters.
    Name: Jay Aurora
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Has short brown hair, peach skin and blue eyes. Often wears a plue shirt, a jean jacket, a black baseball cap and black track pants. Also wears brown shoes. Often has a pencil behind his right ear and carries a notebook in his pocket just in case he gets any cool new ideas.
    Personality: Cocky and over-confident, but trustworthy and reliable. Values honor over all else. Never lies.
    Skill: Writer, but can draw decently when he tries REALLY hard.
    Characters: Mimpi Paws, The Construct, CreeperNinja
    Extra: Picklefishlips
    Name: Mimpi Paws
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12 (human years)
    Class: Mage
    Sub-Class: Animalistic
    Appearance: A humanoid dog (a Yorkshire Terrier) with brown fur, blue eyes and a black nose. Also can use paws like human hands, since they have thumbs. Wears a blown cloak with a hood, but likes to keep the hood down.
    Personality: Funny, childish and naive, but surprisingly skilled and efficient despite his appearance. He can also be furious when mad.
    Powers: Wind powers, fighting training with paws.
    Skills: Constructs of Gales (makes items out of wind, can act as solid items), Cyclone Boost (propels Mimpi forwards at high velocities), Gale Pulse (strikes everything in the vicinity with a powerful pulse of wind), Sonic Bark (lets out a bark that stuns enemies through just how unbelievably loud it is)
    Special: Tornado Take-down (summons a tornado that Mimpi can manipulate freely, from concise powerful strikes to wide blasts to just being a damn tornado)
    Stats: ATK: 5, DEF: 4, SPD: 4, SKL: 5, MAG: 5, TEC: 0, INTL: 2
    Extra: Mimpi was Jay's first ever Creation.

    Name: The Construct
    Gender: Male
    Class: Mechanical
    Sub-Class: Morphological
    Appearance: At first, he may seem like a big grey box with a strange orange circle. That orange circle is his eye, and many complex mechanisms are strewn over The Construct. The most critical of them is his Anti-Gravity Generator, which he uses to allow himself to float.
    Personality: INCREDIBLY British. He's a posh gentleman of a robot, who always says kind words and treats everyone he comes across with respect... unless they don't deserve it. Quite cunning and sly, but keeps it hidden most of the time thanks to his great intelligence.
    Powers: Electronic control through mental and/or physical interface, gravity manipulation
    Skills: Mechanical Interface (interfaces with any type of machine or electrical device), Common Courtesy (takes out two sub-machine guns, a grenade launcher and a flamethrower to unleash havoc), Focus Laser (fires a laser from his eye that can melt through steel when uncharged, and can melt through solid platinum when charged), English Spark (releases sparks of electricity that zap foes)
    Special: Gravity of the Situation (controls the gravity of everything around him to manipulate it in any way he wants)
    Stats: ATK: 4, DEF: 5, SPD: 3, SKL: 3, MAG: 0, TEC: 5, INTL: 5
    Extra: The Construct was Jay's second Creation.

    Name: CreeperNinja
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Class: Swordsman
    Sub-Class: Spiritual
    Appearance: Has big, pouffy brown hair, peach skin and blue eyes with a scar over his right. Wears a completely black suit that has a mouthfold and black shoes. Also has a cyan-gold sword.
    Personality: Quiet and moody most of the time, and deadly serious in combat. Only talks when he feels it necessary, unlike his fellow Characters that just love to blather on. Never neglects his daily sword training.
    Powers: Sword training, spirit powers channeled through his blade
    Skills: Kunai with Nylon Cord (throws a kunai connected to a wristband on his wrist by a nylon thread, can use this as a whip or grappling hook. Can also use it to pull a Scorpion), Swordsman's Spirit (focuses solely on the battle, neglecting everything but victory. The ultimate form of battle concentration), Spirit Strike (sword becomes imbued with the power of the spirit, enabling it to hit any foe and deal three times the normal damage), Shadow Strike (becomes completely invisible while in shadows, increasing the striking power of his blade twofold while under the cover of shadows)
    Special: Pure Shadows (activates a blinding aura of grey which increases his strength, speed, endurance and stamina tenfold)
    Stats: ATK: 5, DEF: 2, SPD: 5, SKL: 5, MAG: 4, TEC: 1, INTL: 3
    Extra: CreeperNinja was Jay's third and (so far) most recent Creation. Only nickname he's fine with is CN.

    So yeah. I'm still working on the story for the RP, so if you want to help with that just PM me. Anyways, I'll start this up when we have at least three people. Let's do this!

    Create your Characters, folks!
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  2. Also, feel free to assign your characters themes. I am!
    Jay's theme:

    Mimpi's theme:

    Construct's theme:

    CN's theme:
  3. Welp, let's see how well I do with this...
    Name: Marvin Naes
    Gender: male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: His natural hair color is black, but it's highlighted with a dark, navy blue. It used to be fairly long, cut like a sort-of mohawk, but as he aged, it also grew, falling over his left eye. The ends and roots are fairly curly, but it's not very noticeable. His eyes are a dull grey that sparkle under artificial light, but not in sunlight. Marvin wears a skin-tight, grey, long-sleeve shirt with a simple picture of a skull on it, darker grey, baggy sweatpants, and black sneakers. On his hands are black, fingerless gloves. His new nose piercing may contradict the look he's going for, but he's honestly fine with that. (I sketched him a while ago. Here's the pic. Just ignore his younger self on the right.)
    Personality: Marvin is usually fairly quiet, even when around close friends or family. Even though many people consider him emo, he really isn't. Writing about his feelings and experiences in a sort-of diary he keeps to himself, he is quite talented with penmanship. Also in the diary are rough sketches of Character ideas, which he tends to be fairly proud of. Easily unnerved, he used to be very curious and asked questions about anything he deemed confusing or unknown, but nowadays he keeps everything to himself, even though he is still very curious. He's a bit of a mystery to everyone who doesn't know him, but that's understandable and perfectly fine, in his eyes. Marvin can be sarcastic at times and is fairly intelligent.
    Skill: He's both a writer and an artist.
    Characters: Jetta, Applejack (I might add one more later on.)
    Extra: picklefishlips
    Name: Jetta
    Gender: female
    Age: unknown
    Class: Spiritual
    Sub-Class: Mage
    Appearance: Jetta is a skinny, sickly-pale girl with straight back hair that poofs out and falls down to her lower back. Half of her left arm is gone, but she's able to live without it, especially with her magic and the help of Marvin and Applejack. She wears a greyish-purple sweater (the left sleeve is tied at the tip of her arm), black skater skirt, black tights, and black tap shoes, which make her footsteps echo wherever she walks. Surrounding her is a blue-purple aura, which also shines from her eyes. Jetta can manipulate her facial features in order to scare people, but she rarely ever does so.
    Personality: Too nice for her own good, Jetta can easily get put down and saddened by others' remarks. She rarely gets angry, but when she does, all hell breaks loose, and she would never back down from a fight with whoever made her that emotional. She's a sweet girl with a love for flowers and sunsets, always one to help a person in need.
    Powers: can read minds, move through people, and manipulate her facial features
    Skills: Fireball (creating balls of blue-purple fire from her right hand), Heal Beam (healing properties in the tip of her missing arm), Sickly Gleam (dark green ray shot at a person's head or stomach to make them feel sick), Trust (combined attack with Applejack)
    Special: An army of around ten spiritual minions is called upon by Jetta, but they're easily defeated by a few magical attacks.
    Stats: ATK: 3, DEF: 4, SPD: 3, SKL: 4, MAG: 5, TEC: 2, INTL: 4
    Extra: Since Jetta is a spirit, there is no need for her to eat, sleep, or really do anything an average humal would have to do in order to survive. Also, she can only be defeated by magic-based attacks.
    Name: Applejack (nicknamed Jackie)
    Gender: female
    Age: 17
    Class: Animalistic
    Sub-Class: Fighter
    Appearance: Her hair is a relaxed, medium bob with side bangs. It's a light brown-orange color, dip-dyed light grey. Her eyes are an azure blue that sparkle in the sunlight. Jackie is around 5' 4" tall. She's very fit, only weighing about 117 pounds. Dotting her body are spots of the same light brown-orange and grey of her hair, but they're part of her skin. Applejack has many an accessory, and will change them out more often than not. Usually, she likes to wear these three outfits, depending on her mood (yes, these are all named after the drawings I made of them):
    • Tomboy-ish: black skater dress, leggings, black high top Converse sneakers, Pokemon hat
    • Cute: light pink sweater with red hearts at the elbows, leggings with roses printed on them, light pink Converse sneakers, rose tucked behind her ear
    • Chilly: panda hoodie, black sweatpants, black Uggs, green mittens
    Here's a visual of all three, which I made myself on Polyvore.
    Personality: Applejack is usually a very happy-go-lucky girl with her eye on the future. She always wonders about different scenarios and how they'd affect certain people and other things in the long run, even if they'd surely never happen. If something doesn't go her way, though, Jackie's power can be hugely immense and cause serious damage to many things. With the help of some others, she's learning to keep this anger and power under control- just don't get on her bad side. As previously stated, Jackie is most likely in a happy state. Sometimes, however, it's just a ploy to hide how she truly feels. Applejack's fairly sociable, but she's not much of a conversation starter.
    Powers: able to jump ten feet in the air, can communicate with animals
    Skills: Battle Swing (the use of her battle ax (one with a blade on either side, like this one)), Kitty Scratch (lashing at an enemy with her claws), Knockout (hitting people upside the head with the blade-less side of her ax), Trust (combined attacks with Jetta)
    Special: Her body envelopes itself in a strong, steel-like material for a short amount of time, boosting her defense.
    Stats: ATK: 5, DEF: 4, SPD: 4, SKL: 4, MAG: 0, TEC: 4, INTL: 4
    Extra: Jackie was Marvin's very first Character, and he takes pride in that fact.
    Just tell me if I should change something, alright? I might need some clarification on some things, too... :p
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  4. @The Argonaut Looks good! Approved! Few things, though.
    A new class of Spiritual looks good! I'll add it in.
    Skills are basically the moves/attacks a Character can use. Think of it like Pokemon moves, if you will. I'd advise you to create two more moves for Jetta and Applejack that they can do alone.
    Jetta's stat total is 22, so if you want you can add three extra points.
    Same with Applejack, except his stat total is 18. I'd recommend buffing your characters a bit.
    And what might you need clarification on? As stated earlier, I'm free to answer any questions you may have.
  5. I was just a bit confused on the attacks, is all. I'll go change those. Thanks!
  6. There we are! How's it looking now?
  7. Jetta's stat total is 26... just one point over 25... And Applejack is 24... one point beneath 25... :'|
    Aside from that, though, it looks great! Fantastic job!
  8. Hah, that figures. xD I'll go patch those up again.
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  9. Aon


    Name: Aon Raiz
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: He has 5 inches long straight black hair and big blue eyes. His skin is slightly tanned, and Aon usually prefers wearing a blue cap onto his head. He is shorter than the avarage but athletic, and is lean. He generally prefers colorful shirts and trousers, and especially likes red ones.
    Personality (Optional): (Each time I end up filling such a concept, my character turns out to be just the opposite of that. So I better not.)
    Skill: He really is a regular person, who is quite talented in drawing and singing.
    Characters: Dean, Jace (A few more can be drawn later.)

    Name: Dean
    Gender: M
    Age: 18
    Class: Mage
    Appearance: Dean is a very tall, handsome character with short black hair and reddish eyes. He wears a dark blue magician robe, a wizard hat, and he holds a red staff in his right hand. The ferocity in his eyes can easily be detected, and around of his eyes is dyed with black make-up. A black sign can be seen, it starts from his neck and goes towards his right palm. If he would wear off his robe, it could be seen that this sign looks like an eagle.
    Powers (Optional): Dean can understand every language but is unable to speak any of the languages other than his creator's. He is able to communicate with the animals, but this does not mean that he can force them to do anything. He usually fight with the ivies extending from his staff.
    1) Bond of the allies: (Dean gives himself and to up to three other ally a reflection barrier.)
    2) Bond of the healing: (Dean heals light wounds of allies and himself.)
    3) Curse of the ivy: (Dean grapples any enemy with in a small area with his ivies, which also are poisonous.)
    4) Drain: (Dean can absorb energy from the plants around and strengthen his next attack, making fatal injuries.)
    Special: Doom of the Forest: (Once Dean's ivies are attached to someone, ivy can absorb that person's energy and grow up many trees and plants around. This never stops unless the enemy is dead or the ivies are cut/burned.)
    Stats: ATK(attack): 2, DEF(defense): 5, SPD(speed): 4, SKL(skill): 4, MAG(magic): 5, TEC(technology): 0, INTL(intelligence): 5

    Name: Jace
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Class: Mage
    Appearence: Jace is a natural blond guy. His hair looks like a hedgehog, his eyes are green and his skin is tanned. What makes him different than a normal human is his two 5 inches long horns onto his head, close to his forehead. His ears are also relatively longer, reminding those of an elf. He is skinny, and his height is moderate. Jace only wears a black vest and his body could be seen underneath it. He wears a black tight trouser and a pair of sport shoes. He has two emerald shaped tattoos at his back, but those are normally his organs that he saves unused energy of his.
    Powers: Jace's body is immune to fire. If anyone dares to stare his eyes for long enough, they can be trapped in a fearful dimension.
    1) Lightning of Vengeance: Jace can charge his palms with electricity, sending those to any destination he can see.
    2) Void door: Jace opens a door, and anything passing through that door teleports somewhere within twenty meters.
    3) Words of blindness: Jace speaks a secret word, and anybody who hears the word is temporaly blinded.
    4) Dust of slaughter: Jace blows magical dust to an area, and people who are touched by those starts laughing for a long time, unable to do anything else.
    Special: Evil double: Jace summons his shadow to fight with him, who has exactly the same skills of his.
    Stats: ATK(attack): 5, DEF(defense): 4, SPD(speed): 3, SKL(skill): 4, MAG(magic): 5, TEC(technology): 0, INTL(intelligence): 4
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  10. This took longer than expected

    Name: Riley Blake
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Riley has reddish brown hair that is shaggy. He has pale skin, with a red tint, and green eyes. Riley wears a black t-shirt, and blue jeans. He ask weras a pair of tattered red and black sneakers. He carries a red backpack with him stuffed with paper, pencils, and other assorted items. He has a bit standard appearance, and always has a pencil tuck=led behind his ear.
    Personality: Riley is a goofy, fun loving, gaming, oddball. He acts a bit crazy, but he is a nice guy who cares. However, he doesn't care about what people think of him, and he is bullied at school. Hence why he's has four different creations.
    Skill: Writer, but is an occasional artist
    Characters: DJ, Rockefeller, Pancake, and Toby
    Extra: Pickledishlips is a weird word. And yet autocorrect didn't try to correct it.

    Name: DJ
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Class: Animalistic
    Sub-Class: Mechanical
    Appearance: DJ is basically a robot Dj pterodactyl. Let me explain. He has the normal shape of most pterodactyls but part of his neck and his wings are mechanical. Then of course his Dj touch is a pair of high tech headphones that hang around his neck. His normal skin tone is a mahogany brown, mixed with tan, while the metal parts are silver. The headphones are bright red.
    Personality: DJ is, well a Dj. He often talks like one saying things like "Good morning Glendale!" (Despite Riley telling him repeatedly that they are nowhere near Glendale.) and often plays music through his headphones, by using them as speakers. DJ is a people person, or more like people pterodactyl, and he loves to entertain.
    Powers: He can fly at supersonic speed, and he is immune to loud sounds.
    Skills: Sonic Beats: fires a blast of supersonic energy through his wings, by turning up the volume on whatever song he's currently listening to. Aerial Barrage: slams his opponent with his steel wings while flying.
    Special: Feedback Mayhem: Releases and earth shattering sonic wave in every direction.
    Stats: ATK:5, DEF:3, SPD: 5, SKL: 3, MAG: 0,TEC: 5, INT:4
    Extra: Was Riley's third creation.

    Name: Rockefeller
    Gender: Male
    Age: N/A
    Class: Mechanical
    Sub-Class: Fighter
    Appearance: He is a giant stone man. He is about 7 feet tall, and is entirely made out of stone, with bulky arms, legs and pretty much bulky everything. The stone itself is a light grey. His head is a square on top of his shoulders, while his body has a lot of corners.
    Personality: Rockefeller is a kind soul, and the voice of reason, for Riley and his friends. He often lifts Riley up on his shoulders as a sign of friendship. He's not the smartest, but is extremely loyal and protective of the gang.
    Powers: Super strength
    Skills: Stone Slam: Charges and tackles, Rock Smash: Fires stones at opponent.
    Special: Earthen Smash: Raised both fists into air, and smashes down causing a massive shockwaves.
    Stats: ATK: 5, DEF: 5, SPD: 0, SKL: 5, MAG: 3, TEC: 5, INT: 2
    Extra: He was Riley's second creation.

    Name: Pancake
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Class: Mage
    Sub-Class: Fighter
    Appearance: Pancake is short, and has a youthful face. He has tanned skin, and is always wearing white robes which are a bit too big for him. He also wears a pointed hat, which is also a bit too big. He always carries a staff, that is a twisted oak branch like staff.
    Personality: Pancake is hot-headed, and feels he desrves a lot of respect. Pancake has a large ego and hates short jokes. He often gets into fights with others, and acts kinda childlike.
    Powers: Magical blasts, can create doubles, basic magic spells.
    Skills: Magican's pride: Increase his stamina when using spells, Double Team: Can create temporary. Clones of himself
    Special: Magician's Fury: Fires a massive energy blast
    Stats: ATK: 5, DEF: 5, SPD:5, SKL: 2, MAG: 5, TEC: 0, INT: 3
    Extra: Pancake was Riley's first creation. His name is kind of a joke, off of the nickname, short stack. So cause he short and Riley likes Pancakes, Riley named this guy, Pancake.

    Name: Toby
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Class: Swordsman
    Sub-Class: Fighter
    Appearance: A tall warrior with a face of stubble, shaggy black hair, and a scar over his left eye. He wears a gre t-shirt and grey jeans with a black trench coat over it. His weapon is a sword with a large blade. Like about a foot wide at the base, and three feet long.
    Personality: Toby is lazy, and would rather play video games then actually fight. He however will fight if he deems it necessary, but prefers challenging fights. Toby however is loyal and smarter then he seems always planning.
    Powers: Extreme speed, and video game skills. Able to figure out plans quickly.
    Skills: Speed Blur: Can increase speed to a blurr. Inferno Slash: Blade becomes coated in fire.
    Special: Warrior's charge: Transfer all his stats to attack, but feels tired afterwards
    Stats: ATK: 5, DEF: 3, SPD: 5, SKL: 2, MAG: 3, TEC: 2, INT: 5
    Extra: Riley's latest creation.
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  11. @Aon A few things. Shaman's not a class, as that would fall under either Mage or Spiritual. Neither is Warlock - that'd be a Fighter. Otherwise - Approved!
    @Ry_Burst Awesome! Just one thing. I noticed in Rockefeller's bio you said he was the only one that was drawn. All Creations need a written and drawn transcript to be created. Otherwise, approved!
  12. Okay then I'll fix it.
  13. Aon


    I was thinking both shaman and warlock as more specified versions of mage. Mage sounded as a very general term to me ^-^.

    By the way, I thought we can't spend more than 5 skill points on anything. If we can, I want to change my skill points too.
  14. 'Tis indeed a general term, which is why it encompasses all things. If you want to specify, do that in Powers.

    ...and thanks for pointing that out. Ry, do a bit more balancing please.
  15. What do mean by balancing?
  16. Each stat can have five points at maximum. Nothing over that, as Aon just pointed out.
  17. That ruined a chunk of my plans. Anyways fixed.
  18. Looks good! Approved for the final time!
    Oh @Aon you read the RP rules right?

    So now that we have four people (myself included) we can start up the RP thread! I'll make it in about an hour, since I'm nowhere near home at the moment...
  19. Aon


    Oh, hopefully I did not annoy anyone by reading them :D. I did not aim to fink on anyone ^^.
  20. No, it's just that I never saw you type down Picklefishlips like you were supposed to.
  21. Name: Daniel Grey
    Gender: Male
    Age: (Be reasonable with this - don't be, say, two years old.) 24
    Appearance: Danny has a navy blue Utah Jazz flat-rimmed hat with a navy blue Utah Jazz Shirt. He has navy blue shorts and black sandals. He is Caucasian and has brown hair with brown eyes. His eyebrows are boarder line black.
    Personality (Optional): Daniel is a major extrovert. He is kind, sarcastic, and funny, and overall just loves talking, you can hardly ever get him to shut up. He loves basketball and music, so the Utah Jazz component him perfectly.
    Skill: (Writer, Artist, both, none) Artist
    Characters: Thunder Blade, Mei, James,

    Name: Thunderblade (goes by T)
    Gender: Male
    Age: (Optional) 23
    Class: Swordsman
    Sub-Class: Mage
    Appearance: T wears a black trench coat with and electric blue dress shirt under it. He unbuttons the top two buttons and wears black pants. He has black hair and blue eyes, combed onto the gentlemen's haircut. He wears black dress shoes and has a electric blue-bladed Katana
    Personality (Optional): T is edgy as crap. He enjoys the dark and loves to hate. He tease and put downs others and is rude. He can be kind to his friends, but not often.
    Powers (Optional): Electricty Magic.
    Skills: (Max of four per character) Deadly Slash, Lighting Strike.
    Special: (Takes a lot of energy, max of one per character) Storm of Blades
    Stats (overall max of 25, max of 5 per stat): ATK(attack): 3, DEF(defense): 2, SPD(speed):5 , SKL(skill):5 , MAG(magic):5, TEC(technology):2 INTL(intelligence):3
    Extra: None

    Name: Mei Fukishima
    Gender: Female
    Age: (Optional) 22
    Class: Spirtual
    Sub-Class (Optional): Mage
    Appearance: Mei is ghost, Here whole body is ghostly white and clear, she has her hair tied in pigtails and is wearing a dress with heels. Her skin, hair, clothes, and shoes are all the same color, but her retinas are light blue
    Personality (Optional): Mei is nice. She loves to help and save people. She is overly polite and doesn't tolerate bullying
    Powers (Optional):
    Skills: (Max of four per character): Wraith Storm, Banshee Shreak, Heal Pulse
    Special: (Takes a lot of energy, max of one per character) Puppiteering (She attaches ghostly strings to her enemies and throws them around.)
    Stats (overall max of 25, max of 5 per stat): ATK(attack): 2, DEF(defense): 3, SPD(speed):5 , SKL(skill):3, MAG(magic): 5, TEC(technology):3 , INTL(intelligence):5
    Extra: None

    Name: James
    Gender: Male
    Age: (Optional)
    Class: Mechainical
    Appearance: James is incredible pink. He wears a pink suit with pink dress clothes and tie. His hair is died pale pink and is styled with a large group of pink hair dangling from the top of his head.
    Skills: (Max of four per character) Fab Fan, Magnifcant Mark, Beaty Beating
    Special: (Takes a lot of energy, max of one per character) Sparkling song
    Stats (overall max of 25, max of 5 per stat): ATK(attack): 5 , DEF(defense): 5, SPD(speed):3 , SKL(skill):5 , MAG(magic):2 , TEC(technology):3 , INTL(intelligence):2
    Extra: none
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  22. @Asriel Hydreigon-murr Looks good, but I'd recommend giving T two more moves to round it out to an even 4. Otherwise, approved!
  23. Thanks, Danny has two more Characters that I'll add before I post on the RP.
  24. Alright.

    BTW folks I'm working on the RP right now.
  25. Then I'll get to making those two characters.
  26. I just noticed that at the moment we're suffering from a severe lack of female Creators...
  27. OMG @Ry_Burst did you read my mind? I was literally thinking earlier "they should meet up in a park for a thing to happen"!
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  28. Yes, because I'm secretly a wizard.
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  29. Looks good, and I know you're RPing skill! Approved!
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  30. Aon


    Am I the only one here who thought to lie characters and not telling them the second option? ^^.
  31. Well Jay never lies, so he wouldn't anyways.
  32. Name: Therum Callidia
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: You will never find Therum in full formal wear, as he's quite uncomfortable in it. He will wear almost anything, as long as it allows him to move freely.
    Personality: Therum is a caring fellow, whose upbringing makes him protective and kind to his friends, but cold and distant to strangers.
    Skill: Writer
    Characters: Gregor, Levistus, Azeema, Coridella
    Extra: Grew up on the streets and made stories as an escape.

    Name: Gregor
    Gender: Male
    Age: 30
    Class: Fighter
    Subclass: Spiritual
    Appearance: Gregor is a bear of a man, and as such, wears enough fur, leather and wool to make a PETA activist faint.
    Personality: Gregor's ego is of such massive size that he has taken the title of 'The Mighty'. He is caring about the wild places of the world, especially mountains.
    Powers: Might, his fist-sword skills, being angry.
    Skills: Primal Rage (Enters a state of fury), Primal Charge (surges forward), Primal Shield (Create a wall made of... something?), Primal Blessing (Gregor's wounds heal, but return in five minutes)
    Special: Primal Guardian (Gregor becomes a defender of the wild, as he becomes an aspect of the ground he walks on. Effect varies dependent on what the landscape is.)
    Stats: ATK 5, DEF 5, SPD 4 , SKL 5, MAG 3, TEC 1 , INTL 2
    Extra: Is mighty.

    Name: Levistus "Levi"
    Gender: Male
    Age: Never counted
    Class: Mage
    Appearance: Levi
    Personality: Levi is cold. He is selfish, but has grown to see those around him a less 'resource' and more companion.
    Powers: Magic, knowing Infernal.
    Skills: Chillrend (A burst of frost is released upon an area), Tomb Of Frost (Entombs Levi in ice, granting him armour.), Wall Of Frost (Generates a wall of ice at the target location), North Wind (Turns Levi into a cold wind, allowing him to move freely.)
    Special: Hellfrost (Levistus reveals his true form, turning him into a hellspawn. His skills gain extra potency, and, he generates an aura of fear around him. He may select who is affected by the aura.)
    Stats: ATK 5, DEF 2 , SPD 3, SKL 3, MAG 5 , TEC 2 , INTL 5

    Name: Azeema
    Gender: female
    Age: 39
    Class: Mechanical
    Sub-Class: Mage
    Appearance: Azeema has gone through extensive technical modifications, allowing her to control many machines, provided they don't already have an animating spirit. Also, she wears plate so, yay?
    Personality: Azeema is obsessed with learning.
    Powers: Technology,
    Skills: Tech Blast (fires a blast of energy), Tech-Savvy (controls machinery), Tech Wave (creates a barrier that then surges forward, dealing damage and grabbing projectiles) Tech-Bomb (A timed explosive)
    Special: Tech-Upgrade (generates more power to all enhancements, turning her into a human-sized tank)
    Stats: ATK 3, DEF 5 , SPD 1, SKL 2, MAG 4, TEC 5, INTL 5

    Name: Coridella (AKA Midnight, the esteemed bounty hunter.)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Class: Fighter
    Sub-Class: Swordsman
    Appearance: Coridella has been known to wear many things, mission-dependant. Typically, she wears leather armour pieces, with her gun in one hand and a blade in the other, along with a cloak.
    Personality: Coridella was once greedy, caring about nothing more that her next paycheck. Now, she is a selfless, heroic individual, focused exclusively on whatever is at hand.
    Powers: Stealth, one-on-one combat,
    Skills: Midnight's Cowl (become invisible), Midnight's Blossom (a toxic cloud of venom is released), Midnight Surprise (sends herself backwards, and leaves a toxic explosive behind her), Midnight's Shadow (Releases a cloud of gas. Not poisonous, but great when used in conjunction with Midnight Surprise.)
    Special: Heroism (Becoming a beacon of hope, Coridella runs into combat, moving faster, attacking swiftly and doing the same to her allies.)
    Stats: ATK 5, DEF 3, SPD 5, SKL 5, MAG 1, TEC 2, INTL 4
    Extra: All skills are based around pieces of her equipment.
  33. Neat. I'm choosing themes as we type.
  34. NAME: Nikola "Niko" Valie
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 15
    APPEARANCE: Clothing is below. Around 5'3 and around 130lbs.
    PERSONALITY: The isolated upbringing that Niko had underwent had made her a bit reclusive and antisocial. She is also quick to snap at others, and her mood often swings from one emotion to the other. Despite this, she has her own messed up way of caring for other people, and will often do anything she can for her friends. Niko also has a tendency to defend herself and her actions for no real reason, but will try to warm up to strangers. Her personality often depends upon who she is talking to.
    SKILL: Artist
    CHARACTERS: Chance Volstrum
    EXTRA: Picklefishlips
    SONG (I guess...?):

    NAME: Chance Volstrum
    GENDER: Female
    AGE: 17
    CLASS: Spiritual
    SUB-CLASS: Fighter
    APPEARANCE: Around 5'7 and 155lbs. Actual appearance with clothing would be here.
    PERSONALITY: Chance is casual in nearly every situation, and also easy-going. The least likely to really ever get involved with a conflict unless it involves her directly. However, she hates being told what to do, and will react violently upon that. A lone wolf at heart, and only has a loyalty to Niko, she's the basis of Niko's story of growing up. Chance is very tough to ever sway, and more stubborn than a mule. She holds many beliefs that prevent her from acting immorally most of the time, unless Chance views it as beneficial to herself. She is also slightly selfish.
    POWERS: Able to channel holy energy through her staff.
    • Healing: A very weak form of holy energy that can be tapped into by most humans, and can be use to heal wounds much quicker than they normally would. Chance's version could even heal major life-threatening wounds, but this is very hard for Chance to achieve.
    • Home-Run - Named by Chance herself, this is simply a glob of holy energy that had been gathered into a ball and used much like a baseball to hit the target. She uses her staff to achieve this.
    • Regular Attack - Chance beats in whoever she is fighting with her staff. It's kind of hilarious.
    • Shield - Not named by Chance, and given a name here for simplicity's sake. A shield of holy energy that can block any melee attacks, or projectiles. Cannot prevent magic attacks from hitting.
    SPECIAL: Ally Assist (Heals most allies of any small wounds, or poison.)
    • ATK: 2
    • DEF: 4
    • SPD: 5
    • SKL: 5
    • MAG: 5
    • TEC: 1
    • INTL: 3
    EXTRA: Chance is Niko's only creation, solely due to the fact that she has just started making creations. Chance also has heavy symbolism towards Christianity for a reason. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

    I wouldn't know what exactly you would want as examples, but I do have some older material, and a thirty page short novella I'm working on...
    Anyways these are all from a Miiverse roleplay I did in 2015, and I know that's old, but most of the roleplays I do right now are in a chat room but I still follow the same format.
    RIP me I don't know what happened to the original IMGUR links.

    And please tell me if these don't work.
    Note that the character used in here isn't the same I am going to be using for this roleplay, nor do I have any plans to use her because she was a beta character for something else.

    I hope that it's alright if I come in, since you were wanting a female creator.
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  35. Um... the links didn't work, @project07. But everything else looks good. As soon as I see some RP sample work, I can approve you.

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