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Open Camp Terra

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by FroakiesFrubbles, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    This is Camp Terra, a place where all school-pokemon come to learn about the environment, and grow. There are so many different things to do. There are classes you can take, trails to hike, and walls to climb. Everyone is allowed to come here, if they want to. This camp is located somewhat high up in the mountains, so bring a jacket! There won't be any snow, but it can get to the thirties at night.

    OOC thread here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/camp-terra.18183/#post-545047

    After an hour and a half of being on a tour bus coming from his school to come to Camp Terra, the busses finally pulled in to the parking lot. It was sort of a stampede to try and get out of the bus, but the counselors managed to calm down the rowdy campers. James, who was sitting on the back of the bus got out last. He looked around. Lots of trees, a nice blue sky, a rock climbing wall were only a few things he could see. He wanted to shout out with excitement, but couldn't. He couldn't speak ever since he was born because of problems with his vocal box. Even though he couldn't speak, he was still going to have a ball.

    After an hour and a half of planning activities, and how students should be placed into their cabins, the busses arrived, and students piled in. Once everyone was in, Deja, the head counselor, yelled out, "Okay kids, go down to the bottom field!" There were two fields. One field, the top field, was only a few steps from where they were. The bottom field was down a few steps down the stairs away. The top field was natural grass, which was decently torn up, and the bottom was fake grass with soccer goals at each end. This week was going to be tough, but out all of her years here had taught her that camp would be fun for everyone.
  2. Hazel carefully wheeled down the middle of the bus, sitting in her wheelchair nervously. She let all the other students first and then went down a little ramp from the bus, her wheelchair carefully wheeling onto the grass. The weather was really nice, warm with little soft gusts of wind, set with a clear blue sky. Hazel noticed a lot of pretty trees, flowers on the grass, and a rock climbing wall nearby, excitement rushing through her mind. She was a bit nervous though, worried her wheelchair would stop her from doing some activities. She looked back at the rock climbing wall as her eyes drooped sadly, realising she wouldn't be able to go on it. She sighed, upset, and followed a stampede of students running to the bottom field, wheeling behind them.

    Emma quickly ran out of the bus before the flood of students came out, landing next to Deja, the head counsellor, her tail fluttering in the wind. She stood on fours, watching as students poured out the bus when Deja yelled for the kids to go to the bottom field. Emma helped by copying this. "To the bottom field, kids!" She yelled out, pointing a front paw to the bottom field. Emma was quite new to the camp. This was the first year she'd be helping with the camp, and she hoped she did well. She was quite good with children, one of the main reasons she got a job here.
  3. There was a Metang floating alongside the larger group, its red eyes flitting between the different campers as it took a tally of all of them and gathered some basic observations. It didn't know exactly what equipment would be needed for the first activities, but it took note of how much may have been needed in case certain options were chosen, including a select few sports. When the calculations were done (which was just a few seconds after the original tallies were made), it bobbed over to the head counselor. "Moving to field," were its only words before speeding off through the air toward it. When it did arrive, it noticed the soccer-themed setup and made note of where the balls were last stored, and how many were inflated properly. Metang wasn't always informed of every detail of the schedule, but the truth was that such courtesy wasn't always necessary. It could usually figure out what to do before anything went wrong. Usually.
  4. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Deja quickly took mental note of Metang. Deja quickly nudged Emma. "Make sure everyone gets off okay. I'm going to go take them down to the field to introduce them to the counselors." For Deja, this was easy. She had done this so many times before, that it was practically muscle memory. She ran to catch up with the kids flowing down to the field. Once everyone was there, Deja yelled out for them to sit down, and called the counselors with her walkie-talkie to tell them to come down. The counselors were going to introduce them-selves, then split up into different cabin groups, to talk about rules and such. This was an over-night camp, so the counselors made sure the kids knew where, and how they would sleep.
  5. Hero had listened to everything the councler sat down

    "Dude im sooo excited this is my first time going to a outdoors camp, aw man I feel great!"

    Hero was filled with adrenaline bouncing up and down with execitment.
  6. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Deja quickly made sure no-one was missing. There were a lot of kids, almost 200, but Deja and the others calmed them down. "Okay everyone! Welcome to Camp Terra! I'm Deja, and I will be one of your counselors for the week." Deja always made sure to say it as excited as possible to make everyone excited. "In a few moments, we'll split you up into your cabins, and you'll meet your counselors."

    James was very excited, with no way to show it, other than just looking happy. He was looking forward to this week.
  7. (OOC: Yep, this is long... I know. I love to make first impressions hehe.)

    While the introductions and other things were about to commence for everyone else, Charles and Claire were meanwhile inside a warm building with many medicinal tools and other comforting things to offer. The walls were an elegant cloud white with nothing too dramatic that could possibly startle even the youngest Pokémon. The door was a dazzling pink with the pale bluish sign above reading to the analyzing eye, "Nurse's Office." Charles silently sat on darkly blue, cushioned examination table that was as soft as cloud nine while blankly staring at Claire and her clipboard she was holding with a telekinetic force that reminded him of one of those sci-fi films he saw with her yesterday. He noticed her placing the clipboard gently on her desk while hearing her state, "Okay Charles, so after checking your health and other things, you don't seem to look too good. Your weight isn't exactly the best for someone your size and well... from what I'm having to guess since no one else could tell me anything... I would have to assume that you're maybe a bit young from how you act, look and yeah. Now, I could be wrong, but that's what I'm having to go with for the time being since you couldn't exactly tell me a lot about yourself and other things."

    Charles's tail perked up after seeing Claire open the medicinal drawer to grab a syringe and a tiny jar full of medicine, as he emitted a slight growl and backed away towards the wall. Sensing his noticeable consternation, Claire attempted to ease his anxiety by using her body to synthesize a small amount of soothing chimes that could calm a raging Jangmo-o with some strenuous effort involved. She gently kept Charles still with her telekinesis in a soft manner while slowly moving the syringe towards his left arm after filling it with the correct amount of medicine. She closed the windows in order to mask his constant bawls and asserted, "Look Charles, I'm sorry, but there's no way out of this. I'd wish that there was the drinkable variant, but the shot is the only way. Either you take the medicine and feel a bit of pain or continue to be ill and be in a lot more pain."

    The needle slowly made its way into his arm while his legs flailed about like a helpless Magicarp relentlessly pleading to not battle against another Pokémon. After the medicine was carefully injected into his arm, the needle came out and his left arm was subsequently lovingly wrapped around in a light layer of bandages after being cleaned and disinfected. Claire's body emitted another series of comforting chimes in an attempt to pacify him after getting the medicine over with for the day to start with at camp. She gently lifted him with her psychic force and slowly rocked him back and forth as if he resting was on a hammock in Seafolk Village. She slowly opened the windows halfway and peered through in an attempt to see everyone else at the field already.

    Knowing that Charles would not be too keen to go out to the field and meet with other strangers, she decided to get out her book about the camp and turned towards the fifth page. She placed him down on the brown tiled floor that was smooth to the touch, handed him a bottle of apple juice and calmly said after seeing him drinking it at a snail's pace, "Alright Charles, I know that you might be a bit upset right now, but it's all over. Anyway, let's just cut right to the chase since I already know that you're going to be putting up a fight with me if I take you over there. In case if you haven't known already, I'm one of the counselors of the camp and well... I'm actually more of a guardian for you since I've been taking care of you ever since you stumbled upon my house a few months back. I decided to come over this camp and apply for a counselor and have you as a student so you could umm... maybe spend some time with other people instead of just sitting in your cot all day."

    Claire heard her walkie talkie buzzing off after just finishing with her brief explanation, as she said, "Okay, I have to go right now since they're calling for me. Do you want to come over to the field with me? Nod if you want to say yes, shake your head if you want to say no and do something else if you didn't get anything I said. Now, since you don't exactly know what they might mean, nodding is when you turn your head up and down while shaking your head is turning it left and right." Charles had a bit of a puzzled look towards Claire, as he shook his head in a vertical motion and then in a horizontal direction a few seconds later.

    Claire asked, "You seem to be confused there, so look at me carefully alright?" Charles's gaze was placed on her intensely, as he patiently waited for instructions.

    "Okay, look carefully, nodding is when you do this. This means yes in body language," Claire stated before moving her head up and down at a steady speed.

    "This is when you're shaking your head, this means no in body language. Do you understand, or do you need more clarification? Nod if you get it and shake your head if you don't." Claire stated after moving her head towards the left and right slow enough for Charles to process the information.

    Charles slowly moved his head up and down like Claire did, even though it took a good two minutes to get the entire thing down since he had a hard time figuring out which direction it was. Claire patted Charles's back with her tail and said, "Alright Charles, there you go! You're getting it now! Okay, let's head over to the field. Do you want me to hold you or are you okay with moving on your own?"

    Charles thought back to the time when he was constantly laughed at for Claire carrying him like a infant in the past, as he attempted to do a gesture for walking about on his own. Claire concealed a giggle after seeing his silly movements and attempts to make the gesture she knew he was already making in his thoughts, as she said, "Well, either way I think that it's best if you don't get lost, so let's go over to the field!" She gently lifted Charles off of the ground and went out of her office after locking her door with the keys, grabbing her bag and making sure that she had all of her items ready to go. She made her way towards the field with Charles floating along on her right and her bag also floating along on her left.
  8. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    OOC: I think I read it, after like 10 minutes...


    "Okay, I think we have everyone here." Deja then asked the counselors via the walkie talkie that they were going to start. The walkie talkie made a buzzing noise. "We're going to split them up now. Head on down. Emma, I need you, you're part of my cabin." The walkie-talkie buzzed off. Deja worked with almost all of the students, but when it was dark, and there were no activities going on, Deja and Emma were to work with Cabin 2, which was named 'Hood Cascade'. "Okay campers," She yelled. "Come with me if your name is Chu, Hazel, James" She continued on with a list of names. Charles was in that cabin, but Deja didn't know yet if he was able to come with yet. She walked over to a corner of the field and waited for the 24 young kids that would be in her cabin.

    James walked over to where Deja was. He heard his name called. He looked to see who he was with, some faces he had seen before, but it was mostly kids from other schools than the one he went to, Ocean View. He liked the name of the cabin, Hood Cascade. He did worry about his luggage, but he knew it would get off the bus safely.
  9. "Okay!" Emma replied back into the walkie talkie, turning it off after. Emma sprinted over to Deja at full speed and stood next to her, waiting for three students by the name of James, Hazel and Chu. She suspected that 'Chu' was either a Pikachu or Pichu and watched as an Oshawott approached them, walking over to where Deja was. She smiled cheerfully as she waited for Chu and Hazel.

    Hazel nervously wheeled over to a Raichu that called her name, as well as 'Chu' and 'James', an elegant looking Kantonian Ninetales beside the Raichu. She stopped her wheelchair next to an Oshawott, assuming this Oshawott was named James as she didn't think an Oshawott would be named Chu - probably a Pichu or Pikachu. She looked up at the Oshawott. Her little wheelchair made her a bit taller than the small Oshawott, although if she wasn't in her wheelchair she'd be quite a bit smaller, though it depended on how she was standing. She was about 14cm tall on fours and 19cm when standing up. She gave the Oshawott a warm, friendly smile and then turned away, excited.
  10. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "I'm going to go double check the cabin, and get it ready for the campers. I'll be right back, just watch the kids for me." Deja headed over to the cabin, which was by the parking lot, and up a small trail. It wasn't really a trail, but it was a dirt path up a hill.

    James noticed the 23 other students heading their way, and turned back to see the Quilava smiling at him, but did nothing but smile back. He turned back to look at the cabin in the distance that said "Cabin 2: Hood Cascade." That was their cabin. James thought it looked pretty neat, but he wanted to look in the inside, where he'd be sleeping. He wished he could talk, to ask the counselor, Emma, what the cabins would be like, but his wishes did nothing. He couldn't ask questions, answer them, talk to people, and there would be no way to meet new friends without talking. James sat down on the corner of the field, waiting for them to go to their cabins.
  11. An Absol watched from the treetops, watching the events unfurl beneath him. The reason why he wasn't there with the kids was because a higher vantage point led him to see all the kids, even ones who were left behind or stuck in between taller Pokemon. He could see all kinds of kids from different species, and all across the world. He huffed when his walkie-talkie had buzzed, the cords wrapping around his neck and velcro above his left shoulder to keep the thing on his vest. He decided to come down and landed gracefully and powerfully on the ground right after the Emma and Deja left. He knew he was supposed to get children into his own cabin that he was in charge of, but he didn't remember if he had even gotten the papers. He probably was training on his obstacle course when they were giving out instructions and he had forgotten. He decided to run gracefully to the other two counselors, hoping that he didn't make himself look like a fool. As he got there he already saw Deja leaving. He rushed after her, as he asked in a soft tone, so the kids wouldn't hear: "Do you have the clipboard with the kids' names for Cabin 3? I didn't exactly get it, and I probably was gone while you were telling everyone what to do... Sorry, about that."


    A Pichu, as the buses stopped, was instantly rushed out by the much bigger Pokemon. She tried her best to regain control of her movements, but the ensuing rush to get to the bottom field had caused her just be swept away like she were on some water rapids. She was able to regain herself when everybody stopped at the bottom field and managed to push her way out of the crowd. When the Kantonian Raichu called her name, she felt a spark rush through her body, and she didn't know if it were her pouches secreting electricity or the familiar rush of anticipation and adrenaline due to her excitement. She saw the Raichu and the Kantonian Ninetales and rushed over to them, not wanting to be left behind like last time. A faint spark of electricity fell behind as she ran, a stream of it leaving her cheeks as she was unable to control her own excitement. She then jumped quite high in the air, squeaking: "HEY! I'M HERE!" quite loudly before landing wrong, quickly tripping while she tried to regain her balance unsuccessfully. She got up quite quickly and sat in the front of the crowd, craning her neck to look up at her superiors and waiting for more instructions. Due to her excitement, her cheeks are making sparkling noises from the pent-up energy, and the sparks were quite visible and audible. She then saw Deja leaving after giving the Ninetales with the responsibility of the children and she then saw an Absol run toward the leaving staff member, asking for something she didn't quite hear. She shrugged it off as nothing, and instead focused on the Absol's rippling muscles and fur. She had no idea any Pokemon, other than Fighting-Types, could look so ripped. As he got further away, she then focused on the Ninetales' elegant fur. She wished she could pet it, as it looked extremely soft.
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    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    OOC: Just saying, Deja just left the second you came. <.>



    James noticed the Pichu running through the crowd of Pokemon to get to the cabin line. He would of questioned what was going on, but again, could not speak. The Pichu's sparks almost touched James, so he backed off a little bit, and smiled.
    Deja checked on the students' luggage, and came back. She noticed the Absol asking Emma for the student sheet for Cabin three, and so she rushed over. "This is cabin 2, but the clipboards for 3 are in the front office, right where the busses pulled in." She smiled, and then motioned to Emma. She counted the kids. 24. She wasn't missing anyone. "Emma, let's get these kids into the cabin." She then started off for the cabin, leading the way.
  13. OOC: I edited accordingly. XD


    Chu's excitement caused her tail to wag quickly and send off more sparks. She ran to keep up with two members, making sure she didn't trip again. That was when she had remembered seeing someone behind her on a wheelchair, and another Pokemon that was eerily silent. She decided to lag behind and found a Quilava on a wheelchair and another Pokemon she hasn't seen before. She walked up to them and began talking to them, asking them their names. She then introduced herself with the same exuberance she had joining the group: "My name is Chu! What's yours?"


    Sol thanked the Raichu by bowing his head and headed off to the main office. He didn't exactly pay attention to the main office building, beside it being constructed with wood with a cute chimney on top. He found the clipboard for Cabin 3, grabbed the top metal clip with his teeth, and ran back to the group. He then panted a bit before regaining his composure. He then set the clipboard down on the ground and held it up with this right paw. He then listed off the 24 Pokemon that will be resting in Cabin 3.

    "Metang, Riolu, Shade..." as he continued down the list, he took a mental note of each member.

    When he was done, he motioned for everyone to come to Cabin 3, and he walked toward the Cabin. The Cabin was on the opposite side of Cabin 2, he knew that much. He hasn't exactly explored this much of Camp Terra, however, so he tried to play it cool and guide the children along.
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    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    OOC: Camp Terra is the name, Camp Marston is the real life equivalent...


    James heard Chu ask him, and the others, their name. "Oh shoot..." He couldn't speak. So it seemed like James was ignoring Chu, but James did hear Chu. He turned around, and then made an awkward, stressful, but happy smile. James did almost get shocked by Chu's sparks, so he kept his distance, but he wasn't that far away. He just kept walking.
  15. Chu looked at the Oshawott strangely. She then wondered if his species could even talk. She smiled when he gave her the strange smile. She then said: "It's okay if you can't talk or too shy to talk. I understand."

    She then walked with the two Pokemon, as she had made a mental note that this otter-thing was weak to Electricity since he was keeping a distance away from her wild sparks. Maybe he was a Water-Type, she thought. She didn't care too much about it, though and stayed with them.


    The Absol looked behind him, making sure the kids he had called were following them. He stayed there, contemplating on whether he should ask someone where Cabin 3 was held. He then looked at the clipboard and saw that it was opposite of Cabin 2, in the main residential area. He gave a sigh of relief and fitted the clipboard in a pocket on his vest. He then sat down and waited for the kids to follow him.
  16. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    James sighed. He was shy, but not that shy. He would be talkative, if he could talk. He was kind of outgoing actually, it's just that he can't really make new friends because he couldn't speak. He seemed to like that little Pichu. She was so full of energy, way more energy than James ever had, and she just leaked excitement. James kept walking.

    "Before we get to the cabin, we're going to need to get our luggage." Deja lead them to the parking lot to quickly let them get their stuff, which was hard to carry for some of them. Deja took Hazel's stuff, and helped James and Chu with their stuff. They got to the cabin. Deja told the kids to put their luggage on the side of the wall outside, while they learn the rules of the cabin and whatnot. Deja opened the door to the cabin. There was a long hallway, with the floor being carpet. There was four doors on each side. Deja opened the first door to the left, which opened up into a living area, with a few couches and seats. "Sit down everyone." She told the kids. She was going to tell them the rules soon.
  17. The Absol took a mental note of what Deja was doing and copied her. He told everyone to follow him to get their luggage. He had helped a few of them carry everything, the burden of carrying such heavy items caused him to bounce more on his feet to keep himself upright when walking. He then led them all to the cabin that was opposite to the cabin that Deja was at, and he allowed everyone to set their luggage down in the living area, the first door on the right Luckily for him, the cabins were mirror copies of each other. He told everyone to sit down and listen carefully as he stood up straight with a slight foreboding presence. He told everyone that there were rules they had to follow and he awaited them all to be seated and listen carefully


    Chu smiled as the bigger species of her evolution line took her luggage for her, as she was quite small for her species. She walked along while staying with the Quilava and the Oshawott. She even offered to help the Quilava to wheel her around, but she was too late, as she was cut off from the large cabin in front of her. She looked up and she felt that it was looming over her, but it didn't budge an inch. She gulped a bit, the sparks on her body calming down a bit, before she looked forward. She saw that the others were leaving her behind, so she hurried up, running toward the gaping maw of this beastly cabin. She then went into the living area and found some cushy cushions on a couch to rest on. She quickly jumped on one and took it as her own. That's when she saw there were 24 other Pokemon, and she decided to just wait and took the arm of the couch instead. It was less comfortable, but she felt better being on something that resembled a branch. Her ears began to perk up and towards the Raichu, listening in on the rules of the place. Hopefully, there were a couple she could bend to pull a prank or two.
  18. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Deja announced the rules, while writing them with erasable markers on the windows. Most of them were just minor ones, like "Make as little noise as possible while going to the bathroom.", while some where kind of shocking, like "There are two showers this week, each are only 2 minutes." After Deja said the rules, she told them to find one person they wanted to be in their room. There are 6 people in a room, but that person would be with them, 100% certain.
  19. Absol restated the rules, some of them hold some common sense, while others seem a little outlandish, even for the Disaster Pokemon. He figured out how to put a marker in his three-clawed paw and began to write it on a window, his booming voice and the handwriting making it almost impossible for anybody to forget the rules, although there will be a few who'll forget.


    Chu thought it was odd there was such a short time limit to the showers. Maybe they were cold? She didn't know, but she knew that she would have a bit of a harder time showering if the water was cold. She sounded a little privileged when she asked this, as she was quite used to warm water when bathing. She raised her hand and asked in her characteristic squeaky voice: "Is the water heated? Or is it cold, and that's why it's such a short time limit?"
  20. Shade walked into the camp area. Looking around, she couldn't see anyone around. Walking around, she looked for the pokemon that worked at the camp.

    Darkus layed at his shack by the gate of the camp. He worked at the night, so the day he slept and relaxed. But now, he sharpened his horns. Not many pokemon liked that practice, but he wanted to keep these pokemon safe.
  21. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Deja chuckled a bit. "The water is heated, and we have to make the showers 2 minutes long because of the drought down in the valleys. We use the water primarily for the toilets and drinking. You won't need many showers. Okay, now go find a partner you want to be with."

    James didn't know anyone here, so he looked to the closet Pokemon, which happened to be Chu. He forgot that he had no way of telling her at all. So he just kind of sat there, awkwardly.
  22. Sol felt a disturbance, and told the Pokemon to stay there and choose the Pokemon they would like to share a room with. He then recounted and found he was missing a few Pokemon. He then knew what the disturbance was and headed out toward the fields. That's where he found the Zorua. He presumed her name to be Shade, and walked over to her. He asked: "Are you here to stay at Camp Terra? Is your name Shade?"


    Chu knew who she wanted to be with and walked up to James, only to see disappointment and sadness on his face. She then said: "I'll be your buddy! Besides, Pokemon like us need to stick together. Hey, seeing that you can't exactly communicate with words, how about we play a game of charades later? That way, we can figure out nonverbal cues and such and make communication between us easier."
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  23. Shade jumped at the sound of the pokemon walking up. "Eep!" She said in shock. "Un, yes... I'm Shade." She said kinda still in surprise. If this some kind of danger, she was ready to make an illusion to scare it off.
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    James nodded. By some magical way, Chu found out what the heck was going on in his brain. James was shocked. James heard Deja tell him and Chu to go to room 1, which was the first door to the right. Deja also told them to bring their stuff inside to make their bed. James took his stuff inside, and plopped it on his new bed, in his new room. For a while, people where still getting their stuff, so it was just him and Chu in this room together.
  25. Metang was soon joining the two separate Pokémon, and took note of the newcomer. "Zorua, female. New entry added to attendance tally," were its only words before it turned and floated back toward the meeting. Many numbers would have to be redone with the inclusion of another member to the group, and its mind was already working through them.
  26. The Absol saw her frightened expression and chuckled, sighing in relief. He shook his head to dispel her worries, and said: "No, I was just worried I left someone behind. Follow me," he then walked calmly over to the cabin. He relayed over the rules to her, hoping she'd understand and not cause too much trouble. He saw the Houndoom from afar and smiled at his general direction before leaving the area of the field. He also ignored the sudden appearance of the floating metal Pokemon, but swiftly smiled in its general direction to not seem rude.


    Chu gathered her stuff and left for Room 1. She plopped hers on a bed next to James and began to take her essentials out of the bag, which contained a toothbrush with sweet-tasting Pechacrest Toothpaste, a little comb specialized to brush her hair and fur, a cute little jacket and scarf tailored to her body, and a blanket with an Alolan Raichu motif, as well as an epipen, to make sure she doesn't accidentally eat any Leppa Berries and get horribly sick. She then talked in a softer tone to James: "I have a brother, who had a speech impairment. He couldn't talk very well and it'd hurt him every time he tried, so I figured out a system with him to help us communicate. Ever since then, he's always found a way to explain something, all because we just loved to play charades. I want to help you, too. Plus, I also have a few problems. Mainly when I try to sleep and, if I don't let out a lot of energy, my arm starts to twitch. Sometimes it hurts. So I play charades to let it all out and to reduce stress to make it easier to sleep."
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    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    James nodded in agreement, all though he didn't really have fingers, so charades would be a bit hard, but he could manage. He looked out the window. All he could see was the beginning of a hill. Oh well. He didn't take out much out of his bag, except for his sleeping bag and a pillow. He didn't bring much. He didn't need much. He looked back over at Chu.
  28. Chu put everything back in the bag after taking a mental note on everything she brought with her, but left her blanket out. She put the little bag of stuff beside her bed and snuggled up in the blanket. Chu then looked at James and looked him over to see which things would be difficult to in charades. She saw his lack of fingers, but she and her brother didn't exactly have fingers, since her brother was a Raichu.

    "Don't worry. Maybe you can make slash marks in the air with your shell or hand. My brother and I didn't have fingers, and we survived."

    She then noted that the shell on his torso was removable, since she swore she saw a creature similar to him before.
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    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    James took his Scalchop to show it to Chu. He looked at it, and then put it back on his torso. "Cool idea..." he thought, smiling. James didn't know that there was actually less people coming then expected, so no-one else would be in this room, which was cool for James. He didn't like to sleep in a crowd.
  30. Chu saw how desolate this room looked, as it was just her and James. She smiled at the thought, seeing that she will have a lot more room to goof around. She then saw that the Oshawott had a tail. It reminded her of a certain other Pokemon with a flat, broad tail. Excited with the new discovery, she pointed it out: "Maybe you could also use your tail to hit the ground to denote numbers and such, and with higher numbers, you could use your shell."
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    James shook his head. He actually couldn't control his tail like that, it just kind of drooped down. Tails on Oshawotts were for stability, and to help with swimming, rather than other things. James still liked the idea of somehow drawing numbers in the air.
  32. Hazel nervously wheeled into the cabin, looking around in amazement. After listening to the rules said, the Kantonian Raichu counselor told everybody to go find a partner, while Emma nodded, standing next to Deja with a bright, warm smile. "Okay everybody, go find a partner! Six people in a room! There is four different rooms, and twenty-four different people." She repeated what Deja said in a vibrant, cheerful tone and added the little fact onto the end to reassure a few worried looking students they would definitely have a partner. Hazel was one of the most worried. She sat in her wheelchair looking a bit upset and shy of everybody around her, backing her wheelchair away from everybody and into a corner of the room, staring at the floor nervous.
  33. Chu saw that James shook his head and sighed. She thought he had a stronger tail, like the other Pokemon she saw, but then realized that she couldn't do that with her own tail. She giggled, saying: "Well, I can't exactly do that either. Maybe stomping your foot on the ground or clapping could work, too."

    She then felt like this room was too empty. She then wondered if she should bring someone else in, and she immediately thought up of the Quilava in the wheelchair. She wondered if she would like to be with them. That's when she questioned James: "Should we have that Quilava stay with us, too? I'm pretty sure she'd like that."
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    James was okay with it. He simply nodded, and then plopped down on his sleeping bag. He was tired, the bus trip was tiring. He was tired. He also wondered when lunch was, but again, had no way of asking, so he kept laying down.
  35. Chu smiled and hopped out of her blanket. She rushed around the living area, trying to find the Quilava. That's where she found her, sitting alone in a corner, trying to get away from everyone. She walked toward her and asked if she would to stay in their room with the Oshawott and her. She looked up at her with cute, adoring eyes, hoping to help calm down Quilava and to secretly charm her into staying with them.
  36. Hazel, looked up shyly, a little cyan tuft of fur hiding her face a little. (The cyan parts on her are quite fluffy.) Her eyes looked quite nervous and a bit upset, but a little smile appeared on her face when she listened to the Pichu. She opened her mouth to speak but then closed it, then opened it again and then let out a little stammer. "U-um, u-uh, s-s-s-sure!" She stuttered, smiling at the Pichu warmly. She noticed the Pichu had very cute eyes, it reminded her of a book she read of an adorable Joltik who secretly was a criminal mastermind. It made her feel a bit suspicious of the Pichu, but she knew the book was just fiction and ignored this feeling of suspicion.
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    James heard Hazel agree. Another bunkmate. "Cool." He thought. He was still thinking of ways to speak with Chu, but for now, he thought of Lunch, and the days to come. He really, really, really wanted lunch. Really badly.
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  38. (OOC: The Aipom is a minor NPC character and as such it will not be counting towards the character limit since its part in the RP is rather small. Also editing the status part in my signature since I am bringing back his old main ability that he had from his past as a result of something.)

    After a brief amount of time walking, Claire and Charles were now at the second cabin. Charles gulped after taking a brief peek through the window only to notice other Pokémon that could potentially be a threat. He took a deep breath in an attempt to gather up as much adrenaline as he possibly could for his tiny body to stand, as Claire slowly made her way into the cabin. Charles did not exactly know what to do after barely picking up the last line of having to find a partner. He thought, "Partner... What partner? I don't even have that word in my vocabulary anymore since I can barely work with my caretaker!"

    He was softly placed back on the ground, as Claire said, "Well, you heard what they said didn't you? Now go find one. I'll be waiting right here if you need anything okay?" Contrary to her assumed beliefs about what Charles would do, she saw him standing right next to her like a lost little cub not knowing what to do whatsoever. His body shivered like the quivering leaves on the outside trees, while his stomach tightened like a band undergoing mass tension. It seemed as if he could not utter out a word to anyone in the living area, as the rather harmless flame on his tail burned at a noticeably colder rate.

    He attempted to hide his bandages and especially his bonnet he had on after recalling his former memories of others ridiculing him for his clothing. His arms faintly glimmered in a purplish hue soon after he clenched his hands into fists, as he prepared to tap into his state of utmost darkness. Claire's yellow suction cup slightly rose in a combination of concern and slight confusion, as she thought, "What's with his arms? I've never seen anything like that before... not even in his medical files or anything. Could this have to do with that one thing that I read in that secret document of his? Maybe I missed something big when I was reading over that earlier... this could be bad if I don't do something about it now. I might need to step in before this turns into a problem."

    She attempted to pick up Charles with her telekinetic force, but it seemed as if it was not working anymore oddly enough. She gave another try at lifting him up with no result at all much to her disappointment. Her long tail twitched in a masked fit of frustration, as she thought, "What's this now? He's not being affected by my psychic powers! This isn't right... usually Pokémon are affected by these kinds of things! Does this have to do with his arms that are now in some sort of weird color?" She attempted to push him out of the cabin with high resistance met, as Charles simply stood on his feet while gently pushing her back with his left hand. She said, "Come on Charles, we need to talk outside now!"

    Charles's chest flickered in a dark purple tone, as something could be felt to those who were very close enough to sense his darkness slowly coming back together. Claire took swift notice of an Aipom outside that seemed bold enough to be calling Charles various insulting names and such. She quickly floated over towards the Aipom and asked in a stern tone, "So, what do you think you're doing kid? You can't be calling someone names you know! It's not nice and what if his feelings are hurt!"

    The Aipom wiggled its tail and gave a light chuckle, as it replied, "I'm not calling someone names... I- I'm just giving him a compli-"

    Suddenly, the Aipom was interrupted from a salvo of scorching fireballs swiftly rushing in his direction! The fireballs exploded upon contact with the Aipom, as it staggered to the ground and screamed with utmost pain! Charles stomped over towards the Aipom and let off a roar towards it, as his right hand glimmered in an purplish hue. The Aipom attempted to get back on his feet, but it seemed as if the likely powerful move inflicted a significant amount of harm. It attempted to shield its face of rushing tears, as Charles swiftly clawed its body at an almost invisible speed!

    As Claire was attempting to think of what to do while Charles was brutally assault the poor Aipom that just called him various names, she attempted to get Charles's attention by making some soothing sounds at him. She saw him lifting his leg towards the Aipom; almost as if he was feeding it another kilogram of trauma. The Aipom sobbed and pleaded, "O- okay... maybe I lied there! I'm sorry for calling you that dude! Now please stop beating the living heck out of me! I really don't wanna go to Chansey again!"

    Charles kicked the nearby pebble and shoved the Aipom without a word, as Claire facepalmed and thought, "Alright, I guess sometimes, you need to fight in order to stop a fight! I'm not doing this for the Aipom... I'm doing this for Charles; he needs to stop being like this now!"

    She took a deep breath in order to gather a huge amount of energy, as she stated, "Charles... I can't believe I'm saying this, but I do believe it's nap time for you right now." Her body flashed with the brightness of several stage lights, as Charles tumbled from the extremely bright light! The infernal aura in his body took a considerable hit from the light attempting to purify him from the darkness within. She saw him attempting to run back to her office, as she asserted, "Where do you think you're going little lizard? I said it's nap time and I do believe that you've been a bit too cranky already."

    While pursuing Charles back to the office, she thought, "This is quite odd... isn't he supposed to be resisting that kind of move? Usually only someone like an Axew would be falling before my hands from that move. Oh well, I suppose I don't have to look too closely in that document now hehe."
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    Deja quickly ran out, because the racquet caused was quite large. Deja noticed Claire taking Charles away, and the injured Aipom. "What happened!?" Deja screeched, but only in her mind. She quickly lifted the Aipom up. He looked very injured. "Emma!" Deja called out. "Can you help this little guy get to the health center, I need to find out what happened." Deja picked up her walkie talkie. She pressed a button, and said into it, "Claire, what were you doing with Charles outside, and why is this young Aipom seriously injured?" Deja, and the directors of camp would have to investigate this. Luckily, almost none of the kids in the cabin noticed the fight, somehow.

    James heard a loud thump coming from the hallway, but thought nothing of it. He had been to a few camps, and there were always bumps like that. He wondered if Chu, or Hazel noticed the thump as well. He would of asked them, but once again, he couldn't talk. He again wondered when lunch was.
  40. Hazel heard a roar outside and some slashing noises. She couldn't really tell if she was imagining it though, but then she heard the Raichu counselor outside asking what happened and calling the Ninetales counselor to take the Aipom to the health center. Hazel's eyes widened in fear. Hazel wheeled her wheelchair away from James and Chu and outside of the cabin. She looked down and noticed a very injured Aipom on the floor, the Raichu counselor and the Ninetales counselor running over to the Aipom, as well as a Chimecho chasing after a Charmander. She raised her eyebrow in confusion and fear, watching as the Ninetales counselor nodded to the Raichu counselor and used its tail to lift up the Aipom, holding it gently as her tail formed into a bed kind of shape as she ran off towards the health office.

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