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Ask to Join Cafe Of Love RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Crystal1302, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. (Sinups/Discussion Thread Here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-cafe-of-love-romance-rp.22669/)

    "Tor-Chic-Chic-Chic-Chic" went the Torchic themed alarm. "God I hate that alarm." said Emma as she sat up from her bed and stretched. She got out of bed and changed into her cafe uniform. She grabbed her Pokeball and went downstairs "C'mon out Lily" she said as the Budew burst out of the Pokeball. "We won't open for another 2 hours so we have time to have breakfast," she said as she went into the Cafe's refrigerator and pulled out 2 poffins for Lilly and a sandwich for Emma, both on their own little plates. Lily dug into hers quite fast while Emma did the same. They both finish their breakfast. Lily finished eating and hopped on Emma's shoulder. "Do me a favor and wipe off the counter for me?" "Bud-Bud" said Lily as she hopped off Emma's shoulder and started wiping off the counter. Emma went into the back and pulled out the display deserts in the display case.
  2. The park, Clint was on his way when he heard that someone's crying. He headed that way and saw the kid.
    "What.. Happend?" He ask, as he doesn't have many occasions to talk, he was a bit stuttering. "My ball... Is on a tree and I can't reach it.. I tried to get to it but.." Kid sniffed and showed his injured knee. Clint sighed softly and reached for something from his suitcase, that he had with him at the moment. He took a Salicylic alcohol to decontaminate wound and put bandage on it.
    "Does it... Still hurt?" Clint asked.
    "No" kid answered immidietly. Clint then shouted and from the sky in second arrived Flygon. "Serpent! Take this ball down!" said Clint and Flygon with few fast moves took the ball and landed with it, then gave it to the child. "Tha-..." kid started but his mom arrived "So there you were for entire day, Johnny! Im sorry for..." his mom was saying and looked at Clint. She saw his cold aura that surrounded him, with calm, but in her opinion looked annoyed face. She thought that Johnny was annoying for Clint. She said "sorry" and quickly left with her child to not make any more trouble. Clint stood there for a while and then when he was about to walk away, he got hit by someone.
    "Um, sosorry, so sorry! I wasn't watching where I am going" said the boy that bumped at him and helped Clint to get up.
    "Its... okay..." said Clint, as always slowly and using only few words.
    "Hey,hey,hey! Mister! Want to search triangles with me as an apology! It's fun!" said the boy, full of energy.
    "Sorry... I am... late.." stuttered Clint.
    "Oh, okay then! See you again later!" said the boy and left as fast as he arrived.
    Clint sighed again and finally continued his little walk.

    When he arrived, the cafe was still closed and they were probably preparing to open it, but Clint thought that he may help so he walked up closer to the door and knocked "Hello?...Is anyone... here?" he asked loudly.
  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy was awoken very abruptly as her sister promptly jumped onto her. "Really Kiara, after almost 16 years you'd think you'd find a better way to get me up, like an alarm clock or something" she said looking at her sister who was already dress and had Ginger sitting on her shoulder. Daisy got up and dressed into the same work uniform as her sister and then kicked the foot of the snorlax next to her bed, "hey, Biscuit, get up" she said, the Pokémon opened it's eyes and heaved itself up and the after a hearty breakfast, the four of them all made there way to the café. When they arrived Clint was already there, Kiara gave a big wave and called out to him "hey Clint, you here early as well" she said as Daisy followed behind giving a small wave as she yawned loudly. Ginger pounced on Serpent playfully as Biscuit basically mimicked his trainer with a slight wave and a big yawn.
    @Clite of Dragonbow
  4. Clint made a wave as well as he saw girls approaching. "Hey there.. Kiara, Daisy.. How did you both sleep.. I hope that you didn't went to sleep late at night.. Just... It would be bad for your health, if you went to sleep late and wake up early..." said Clint making a break in each sentence, as he had as always slight problems with communication. Serpent seemed to as playfully as Ginger let her pounce on him then, sure that she want fall. He fly up and make a one round in air aroind their trainers, then landed.
  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kiara giggled slightly "Oh no, well at least I didn't stay up too late, Daisy on the other, I have no idea" she said pointing to her sister who had now taken to cuddling up to Biscuit as she waited for the café to open. Kiara turned back to Clint "so looking forward to work today Clint?" she asked in her usually cheerful tone. Ginger really enjoyed the small flight but instantly regretted it when they landed, due to the fact that as soon as she got off Serpent, she did a almost comical faceplant before standing up again clearly dizzied and disoriented from the little flight, but she shook herself off and went straight back to being bouncy as always.
    @Clite of Dragonbow
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  6. Emma finished the display shelf and unlocked the door. "Oh good morning guys. I didn't see you there. You can come inside. After all we're opening in an hour and a half." "Budew, Budew!" said Lily as he ran over to Emma. She jumped onto Biscuit's shoulder and took a nao while leaning on Biscuit's head. "I ask you to do one thing and you're already asleep on Biscuit," Emma said with a sigh. "Also one thing is I'm planning on doing speed dating since tomorrow is valentines day. I need you all to pass out these flyers," she said as she pulled out a stack of flyers listing details about the speed dating event. "also, I made Pokepuffs for you all. Come on inside and I'll give 'em out." said Emma as she went inside and pulled out a batch of fancy citrus, sweet, and mint pokepuffs. "Call it an early valentine's day present."
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  7. "As long as you had a good rest..." said Clint then he smiled at landing Serpent, who lay down and looked at the group. "Yeah.. I hope that I won't give you all any trouble and I look forward to work with you all" he said.

    Door behind him opened and he saw Emma "Good morning, Boss..." he said. Clint never know how should he address Emma.. By name or by saying boss as he just did. He then took some flyers. "Speed dating event, huh... Well, sounds fun...I think that it will bring many people here... It can be a good occasion to get many regular customers.. " He said with his usual, cold/shy thone of voice. He was excited in fact, but he has a little problem with expressing his feelings. He went inside the cafe and took one sweet pokepuff. "For Serpent..."
    He also took one mint pokepuff "And... For.. Me..."
    He turned to Emma and said with a really little smile "Thank you.."
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  8. Isabelle was sleeping even though her alarm went off, but her Bellossom emerged from it's pokeball and woke her up. She halfheartedly got up and started to change into her cafe uniform. Looking at a pokeball she started to mutter. "Bliss, should I send Wingull to inform Emma that I won't be coming to work today? I really can't be bothered." The Bellossom glared at her, causing Isabelle to roll her eyes. "Fine then, I'm already changed anyways." She opened her refrigerator, pulled out some pancakes from the day before and put them on two plates. She sat down with Bliss and started to eat. Bliss finished quickly, and it took Isabelle a bit longer to finish. Isabelle stretched her arms as she stood up, and walked out of her house with Bliss right behind her. It was a short walk to get to the Cafe, and when she got there she saw that some others were already there. "Morning, people." She entered, spotting one of the flyers and sighing. "Employees don't have do participate, do they?" Bliss looked happy about it, though Isabelle looked like she would rather die. She took two sweet pokepuffs and gave one to Bliss, who smiled and nodded a thanks.
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  9. "Well, if you must know Missy Issy, no employees are not required to participate, but this may be a great opportunity for business so we will need some workers to help. Speaking of workers to help, now that we have everyone here, we can clean the cafe before we open. Clint can clean the guy's bathroom, Kiara, and Daisy, if she's done snuggling against Biscuit, can clean up the girl's bathroom. Isabelle, Lily, and I can wipe off the tables in the dining area," said Lily as she walked up to Biscuit and pulled Lily off of the Snorlax's shoulder. "You can clean a table sweetie." "Dew-dew," said Lily as she hopped on a table while she gave Lily a soapy rag. Budew started to push around the rag with her feet and Emma started to clean another one of them.
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  10. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy and Kiara nodded as they were given a job and made their way to the bathroom, Ginger followed after them but due to size reasons Biscuit went to his usual corner of the cafe and immediately fell asleep. In the bathroom Kiara handed a mop and bucket to Daisy "here you can do the floor and I'll do the actual toilets" she said as she put on rubber gloves and got to cleaning. Daisy nodded and began to mop making sure as always to leave the space furthest from the door for last so that the door area was dry by the time the customers arrived, as she mopped Daisy cleared her throat nervously "umm..hey Kiara, what do you think of this speed dating thing, are you gonna do it", Kiara stopped working for a second "why?..Are you?" she said with a sly smile, "uh..well..I mean maybe..I'm not sure" Daisy said as she got flustered all of a sudden. Kiara responded with a giggle "no, no, you should, he'll I'll probably do it as well" she said before returning to cleaning as Daisy did the same.
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  11. "Allright" said Clint and handed to Serpent his flyers.
    After this, he entered boy's bathroom and sighed.. Why guys need to have as big bathroom as girls? He began cleaning by mopping the floor. He thought about taking help from one of his pokemon, but then he thought that it won't be needed. After a 15 minutes or so, floor was so clean that it could be used instead of mirror. Now... Not as nice part... Toilets. Clint without giving it a second thought, put rubber gloves on and started to clean. "Speed dating huh... Maybe I should join..." he was whispering to himself as he continued cleaning.
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  12. Isabelle frowned. "Don't call me that." She took a soapy rag and started to wipe. Bliss copied her, but kept staring at her in the process. At first, Isabelle didn't really care but it started to bother her. Once Bliss had gotten her attention, the Bellossom pointed to a flyer. Isabelle sighed. "If you want me to do it that badly, I guess I can try it." She continued to wipe the table. Isabelle started to wonder whether the speed dating wasn't entirely bad, but decided that she was only doing it because of Bliss. She paused for a bit, then remembered that she was supposed to be cleaning and continued to do so.
  13. " Sorry Issy, love the nickname way too much and it's sticking," said Emma as she helped Lily wipe off her table. Emma overheard Isabelle talking to her Bellossom and about how she wanted to do the speed dating. "Ooh. Isabelle, I never thought you were into that kinda thing. You always seemed like you just generally didn't like other people." she said as she helped Lily up who slipped on the soapy water. "I'm happy for you, though I'm a little peeved since I will be running the event with one less person," she said as she grabbed the baking tray with the pokepuffs on it to take back to the kitchen. "Reminder, the Couriway Cafe is opening in half an hour so wrap it up!" she yelled for the whole cafe to hear as she washed off the tray. and put the leftover pokepuffs in a Tupperware container in the refrigerator.
  14. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy and Kiara exited the bathroom, Daisy placed a wet floor sign inside and Kiara took the cleaning supplies to the storeroom. Ginger was perched on Kiara's shoulder. Daisy then took up residence behind the counter ready to make coffees and teas and all that, she liked being here, she got to interact with the customer and it didn't involve too much walking around. Kiara on the other hand much preffered being a waitress and bringing the orders to people's table and having small interactions with each customer. Kiara gave Ginger a scratch behind the ear as she sat on her shoulder. Daisy didn't mind that Biscuit couldn't really move around much but she didn't think that really bothered the Snorlax, in fact she was pretty sure he loved sleeping in the corner, occasionally waking up to entertain a child who had climbed onto his stomach.
  15. Isabelle turned quickly, and slammed her rag on the table. She thought for a moment, then started to shout. "That's because I don't like other people! I wouldn't have asked if I could sit it out if I actually wanted to do it!" She calmed down a bit, then finished wiping the table she was on. She started to help Bliss clean the other table. "If it was that much of a surprise for me to do it, then I'll just help out with the event instead. i didn't want to do it in the first place, so don't act like I did." Isabelle stood up and stroked Bliss after they had finished wiping.
  16. Emma was startled by Isabelle's sudden outburst. "Sorry, I didn't mean to assume anything, it's just I wanted to see you have fun and meet new people. That's all" she said as she finished with her table. "If you don't or do want to participate it's your decision and once again I'm sorry," said Emma as she walked up to the open sign and spun it around. "Alright, guys we're opening up! Clint, Daisy, and Kiara make sure to wash your hands after cleaning up bathroom," she said as she went behind the counter waiting for the first few customers to arrive.
  17. Sashi was being led down the street by Aegislash when they finally came to the door of the cafe. “Is this where you wanted to drag me to so early in the morning?” He started, groggily, “well forget it. You know I don’t like waking up this early.” Aegislash didn’t look very happy with that answer, and smacked his trainer across the face with his sword. “Ouch! Ok, ok. I’ll go in, but only because we walked across town to get here. Don’t you think for a second that I’m gonna enjoy it.” He responded, somewhat angry. Aegislash, now satisfied, went through the door first, Sashi following suit.

    He looked around the room and quickly realised he and Aegislash were the only ones there. Of course they were. He’d dragged them out of the house so early that they probably just opened while they were arguing outside. He walked to one of the tables near the window and sat down, his Pokèmon sitting opposite him.
  18. After Clint finished his work in the bathroom. He heard Emma's voice to wash his hands and did so. After a longer while, he came out from a toilet and changed his clothes into his work outfit. He saw someone close to the window with Aegislash and approached them. "Welcome in the Couriway Cafe. How can I help you? " He said and made a small bow. He had a small smile on his face and soft thone. He also seemed to speak a bit more open than he usually do, but in truth, He put a lot on effort on this as it always was just hard for him to express his feelings.
  19. Sashi had been sitting down for about five minutes, kinda staring down Aegislash when he was approached by one of the employees. “Uh, yeah hold on just give me a second, I haven’t looked at the menu yet.” He said as he picked it up. He flipped through it for about thirty seconds, he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted but he knew he wasn’t all that hungry.

    He finally decided and gave his order to the waiter. “Ok, I’ll get four pink pokepuffs for my Pokémon, and a hot cocoa for myself please.” He said with a smile, though he was still pretty mad about being dragged here so early.
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    Jun wandered the streets of Couriway town, with groggy eyes and a hunched posture as she walked. The girl looked like she was ready to fall to the ground and catch some sleep right then and there. She carried on her right shoulder a large brown leather bag, while her left arm was wrapped around a Gulpin. "I think I'll pass out if I don't get some sort of sugar in me soon" she said to her blobby companion. Jun pulled her head up and looked at the surrounding buildings. As she wiped the crust from her eyes, Jun spotted a cafe in the distance. The girl took off in a rush. She now stood in front of the building. "Couriway Cafe? I've never heard of this place." She looked down to her Gulpin who's stomach was growling up a storm. "Well it'll have to do" Jun said as walked in.
  21. Leonardo calmly walked down the streets of his home town, Couriway Town, it was a while since he came back after his Pokemon journey, but he figured after such hard work with his training, his Pokemon deserved a break just as much as he did... with a few battles from time to time to keep the thrill of battle alive. Behind the trainer was a rather bulky Chesnaught who seemed to enjoy the quiet as much as his trainer did. Leonardo let out a sigh as he put his hands in his pockets and looked around, his eyes eventually caught the sight of Couriway Cafe, he thought for a moment and decided to have breakfast there. Plus he knew his Pokemon would likely enjoy the food there rather than the usual Pokemon food he got, even if he added a few berries in to the mix.

    "What do you think, big guy?" Leonardo asked as he looked back at his Grass Type Pokemon partner who responded with a nod and a thumbs up. Leonardo smiled and nodded back as the two began to make their way towards the cafe, he noticed a lady with a Gulpin walk in before him, but paid it no mind as she was several seconds before he entered as well and looked for a table by a window, Chesnaught sat nearby and made sure to stay out of everyone's way.
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  22. "Four pink pokepuffs and hot cocoa" Clint whispered as he repeated client order to not forget then left Sashi, giving him a little bow. As he was on his way to go behind the counter, a girl with gulpin and man with Chesnought entered the cave, he stopped and with a small bow and with soft thone in his voice said "Welcome to the Couriway Cafe!"

    When he was about to get pokepuffs, he thought about getting a bit of help "Emm.. Could someone help me and make hot cocoa?"
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  23. "Remember, try to make sure the customer knows about the speed dating, but let it flow," thought Emma as two more customers walked in. She decided to go to the one who looked like she was a dead girl walking ( @Ridleymon ) with Lily on her shoulder. "Hi, and welcome to the Couriway Cafe. I'm Emma and I'll be your server today." "Bu-Budew!" "That's Lily," she said as she handed the girl a menu with a bit of a bow. "Is there anything you or your friend would like?" she said motioning to the gulpin resting in her arms.
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    Jun took a seat at a random table, and waited to be served. A women came over to her table and introduced herself as Emma before handing Jun a menu. At a normal hour, Jun might've greeted Emma and introduced herself, but she wasn't functioning at her highest standard this morning and all Jun could manage was say "Thanks."

    She scanned through the menu swiftly. "Yeah, I should probably start with a coffee. Oh, and could you put extra EXTRA sugar in that? Also could we get some of those Pokepuffs? Six should do." The girl then looked down at her Gulpin to confirm that would be enough. "On second thought, could you make that eight?"
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  25. Isabelle hung up her hoodie when she saw some of the customers entering. She walked to the man with a Chesnaught and put on a very convincing smile. "Hello, and welcome to the Couriway Cafe! I'll be taking your order today. I'm Isabelle, this is Bliss." She pointed her thumb to herself, then to her Bellossom. "Is there anything you would like? There's a menu here if you want to look through it." Isabelle pointed to the menu on his table, and took out a notepad and pen from her shorts and wrote down 'Young looking guy with a Chesnaught'. She knew she would probably forget who she was supposed to be serving if more people started coming, so it would be better to keep track of who was who.
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  26. Leonardo smiled as a lady greeted him and asked for his order. "Morning, I'll have a couple of pancakes with some eggs and bacon if possible and a couple of waffles for my pal, Chesnaught over here." Leonardo said with a smile as he lightly gestured to Chesnaught who gave the Breloom a small wave. "Is there a good place for me to let out my other five Pokemon so they can also eat? I should warn you, one or two are quite large like that Snorlax outside." He added.
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  27. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Daisy liked to work in the kitchen making food, she only ever really worked out the front as a waitress if someone was ill, she received the orders thanks to Ginger who despite being her sisters partner helped Daisy out by hanging around the cafe listening to people order then pointing out the items on the menu to Daisy, when she had made the food required she left it on a counter by the door so that it could be taken to the tables.

    Kiara watched as people started coming in, she hadn't realised she was doing it but she was checking out the customers as a casual interest wondering if these people would be coming to the speed dating. Currently it seemed like everyone was being served so she made herself busy by giving the unoccupied tables a wipe down.
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  28. Isabelle nodded and thought for a moment. "I don't know, the big Pokemon can go to that empty corner and the rest can just stay at the table with you." She wrote down his order so far. "What are you getting for your other pokemon, and do you want any drinks?" She smiled more, and Bliss started dancing. Isabelle looked down at Bliss, but though she was still smiling, it looked like she was about to trample the Pokemon. However, Bliss knew that Isabelle wouldn't be able to do anything, and continued dancing.
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  29. Without receiving any help, Clint made hot cocoa and took pokepuffs and bringed them to Sashi's table "One hot cocoa and four pink pokepuffs" he said and smiled "Is there something else that you would like? If not then I hope that you will enjoy your order" Clint said.

    Meanwhile, to the cafe another person has arrived. Young boy with huge smile and dazzling eyes entered to the cafe. "Woo~aaa! This place is bigger than I thought it will be.. Nothing better than visit in a cafe after triangle hunt~.." His voice was soft and free from any troubles or problems on this voice's person mind. Misumi searched for a free table and Ponyta followed him and Misumi sat down, humming a nice melody.
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  30. Emma heard the "A lot of sugar" request and instantly knew what to do. After all, she would be lying if she said she didn't have a sweet tooth herself. "Coming right up!" she said with a bit of jingle in her voice. She went to the coffee machine and added a whopping 8 packets of sugar and stirred it in with a nice splash of milk. For the gulpin, she head to the back and grabbed 8 frosted spice pokepuffs. With her food in hand, on a semi-large platter, she delivered the coffee (with a milk gulpin latte art). "Here you go!" she said while placing the sugar-filled meal in front of her. "Call me over if you need anything else."
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  31. Leonardo smiled slightly and nodded. "That sounds good, one sec." He said as he reached in to his jacket and got out five Poke balls which immediately opened for his other Pokemon to emerge. His team consisted of a quiet Aegislash, a well mannered male Meowstic, a cheerful blue Florges, a lazy male Pyroar and an intimidating Noivern who looked almost a foot taller than average, all of whom immediately went to rest near the empty corner apart from Meowstic, who went to join Leonardo at the table and sat formally as if he tried for a job interview.

    "As for my team, they can have Pokemon food with a berry or two, they're not picky about which kind." Leonardo said as he smiled at Isabelle before he jolted lightly in realization. "Where are my manners...? My name's Leonardo, but most people call me Leo. As for my team... I've never been good with names." He said as he put one hand behind his head with a slight look of embarrassment.
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  32. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane made her way down the street as she checked her phone for a nearby place to relax. She had always been a morning person and now that she had the next few weeks off, she didn't know what to do with her free time. So she decided to find a nice place where she could meet people and enjoy a good meal, maybe read a book or enjoy a series on her phone. Her Talonflame flew above her, making sure Akane was okay since watching her walk with her phone on her hand made the bird worry.

    The redhead girl eventually walked up to the cafe, she looked at her phone and then at the building. "This place has a good review." She looked up as her Talonflame landed on a nearby tree. "Stay put girl, I might be here a while. Let me know if you get hungry."

    Akane walked into the cafe and saw plenty of people already there. She looked around for a free table and took a sit. The place seemed nice and the people looked friendly. She put her phone away and pulled out a tablet. She finally got inspiration to draw and the current scenery looked perfect. She opened up her sketching app and began drawing the outlines.
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  33. Ridleymon

    Ridleymon Previously Ridleymon226

    Once Emma had gone to get the order, Jun laid her arms crossed on the table and then rested her chin on her arms. The girl nearly went to sleep as her eyelids slowly fell, but the scent of coffee made it to her nose, and her eyes lit up. Emma had brought both the coffee and the treats.

    Jun snatched the coffee and brought it to her face. Before she had a chance to guzzle it down, the latte Gulpin caught her eye. She didn't know how to express her appreciation of the adorable art. "Thank you, thank you" Jun said before she put the drink to her mouth. She slurped the sugar filled coffee quite loudly and viciously as her Gulpin pulled himself onto the seat next to her, and peered at the pokepuffs.

    Energy levels now refilled, she looked back up to Emma. "Jeez, I never introduced myself. I'm Jun." She glanced over to her Pokemon partner who was in the process of scooping the pokepuffs from the platter into its mouth. "Dude, you couldn't have saved me one?"
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  34. “No that’s fine, thanks.” Sashi replied, this time with a genuine smile. He didn’t mind being here now as the place was beginning to fill up, and honestly he’d been craving a hot cocoa for a while. He pulled out three more pokeballs and opened them, releasing a Noivern, a Lanturn and a Mareanie. “There’s a pokepuff for each of you guys, so enjoy!” He told them, as he began to slurp down his drink. “Oh, and no fighting over them.”
  35. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kiara saw a few more customers enter and made her way over to a redheaded girl who was currently drawing, "hello there miss, welcome to the Couriway Cafe, what would you like to order" she said with a nice smile as she waited.

    In the kitchen Daisy had stopped for a bit to checkout the customers, she often did this, she liked to people watch, particularly if a speed dating thing was going to happen. There was an interesting collection of customers and she wondered how many would be coming to the speed dating, she then returned to work.
  36. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane looked up with a smile Kiara. "Good morning." She then looked at the menu quickly. "Um, I can't really decide what to get I'm sorry. I should've done this before getting distracted by other things." She laughed at herself. "Well can I get a blue berry muffin and do you have cold coffee? I'm in the mood for something cold to drink." She placed her tablet down and continued. "Also, do you have any pie?"
  37. Isabelle watched him send out his Pokemon. She started to think, 'Jeez, I thought he said one or two large ones...' She shrugged after Leo had finished talking. "It took me a while to come up with Bliss's name so it's understandable. I'll be right back!" She walked to the back and put some eggs and bacon on a plate, then put some pancakes on it. She took a plate of waffles, and snatched some random pokepuffs. She put the pancakes and waffles on a tray, then put the pokepuffs on a large platter. She walked back, and placed the tray of food on the table, along with a couple of pokepuffs. She then walked over to the rest of his Pokemon and placed the platter of pokepuffs. Bliss waited at the table, continuing to dance. Isabelle returned to Leo's table. "Enjoy! Also, here's a flyer for the speed dating event being held tomorrow. If you need anything else, just tell me."
  38. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Kiara listened to the girls order and smiled "Yup I'll get that for you and we do have pie, anything in particular" she asked before remembering the flyers "oh yeah and here, this is a flyer for the speed dating event happening at this cafe" she said as she passed the flyer over to the girl. She happened to glance at the tablet, "oh you like to draw" she said mostly to herself.
  39. "Well... Call me over if you need anything else" said Clint and left Sadhi and his pokemons. Many new people arrived to the cafe and the place started to look so lively. He remind himself about flyers and that he didn't give one to Sashi, he walked up to Serpent, who was close to entrence outside "Serpent, give those flyers to whoever leaves or enters the cafe, okay? I count on you" said Clint. Flygon noded and took the flyers.

    Meanwhile, Misumi waited for anyone that could take order from him and was playing at the moment. He was simply counting all triangular or triangular-similar object in the room, after a while he said aloud "49!" with his big smile and continued to hum melody as he waited.
  40. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Lemon pie would be the best. If not apple is good also." Akane took the flyer and read through it carefully. Speed dating? She did focus too much on her work and didn't have time to date. Maybe this was the right way to find someone special. "This looks fun. Does this mean you won't have regular service?" Akane asked but she noticed her drawing was being looked at. "Oh it's just a hobby, nothing professional. I like capturing moments, sometimes with my phone's camara and other times with my drawings."
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