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DPPt/HGSS Byron is eating me alive help </3

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Tangrow, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. Okay so, I just can't beat him, and I kinda want an evaluation on my team for recommendations to help with this, if you can and all. Keep in mind my options are limited as I have not beaten the game yet xP They are all Level 37-38 at this time, although I am going to Fuego Ironworks and other such training places for leveling at this time.

    Feraligatr @ Nothing
  2. Well this Team looks good enough for the main game. You should get feraligatr some Physical Water move to use with Dragon Dance, but the rest is more than good enough.

    What level is Byron? Havent played the Main game for a long long time. I mean you have 2 Pokemon with a major typical Advantage(ok Plat uses Magneton), and most of the others can hit them neutral so that shouldnt be a problem actually. So it might be that you're kinda under leveled.

    You should start with Tangrowth, Paralyse, get the gatr in, dragon dance 2-3 rounds and then Brick Break till you win. that should actually work good enough.

    [EDIT] Well I think you should somehow take care of Magneton and then let the gator in. It should be easy to set up on Steelix.
  3. To beat Byron, Feraligatr seems to be the only useful Pokemon. I would change water gun to surf or aqua tail or something more powerful than water gun. With dragon dance, Aqua Tail could be devastating.

    You need to catch and train a fighting type in my opinion. Byron will cringe when you KO his pokemon in one hit. Fighting is the way to go, but if you just can't train one, I'd teach a fighting move to someone like Brick Break (located in Oreburgh Gate) to Feraligatr.
  4. Feraligatr is a good choice. If you can get Tanegrowth a good Grass-Type move, that will help. And as Blisk said, a strong Fighting type is good.
  5. Shocari

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    Tan: I already told you in chat, put Earthquake on Feraligatr.

    But, if you're that worried about him, then go to Iron Island and catch a Graveler(which are extremely common) at Level 33 MINIMUM. It will definitely know Earthquake by then(learns it at 33), and can DESTROY Byron. The only thing Magneton can really do to it is use a Steel Move on it, but AI is usually stupid, so you can probably fire off a STAB x4 SE EQ on it and kill it like that *snaps fingers*
  6. KoL

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    Platinum Byron is pretty strong, but there are ways you can beat him down:

    - Tangrowth can paralyze Magneton to slow it down a bit - its Thunderbolt and Flash Cannon give it two good methods to damage your team members as it stands.

    - Steelix is probably the least dangerous of Byron's trio, since the only move it really has to harm you directly with is Earthquake and to a lesser extent Ice Fang for Tangrowth. Feraligatr's Water Gun should actually be able to take it down reasonably reliably, although if you have a stronger Water special attack to use such as Surf or Water Pulse, go with that instead.

    - Bastiodon's an evil beast - Metal Burst will let it punish you severely if your attacks fail to OHKO it, and Taunt can ruin any status moves and setups. Iron Defense is one to watch out for as well, especially if Steelix has popped up a Sandstorm to boost Bastiodon's Sp.Defense up by 50%.

    The best (and probably only thing you can do besides grind a few more levels) would be to do what Sho said and grab the Earthquake TM from Wayward Cave underneath the Cycling Road and use it on Feraligatr. Although it's valuable indeed, it'll probably be worth it here, since your team currently has very few tools to deal with Steel-types, and there's a ton of other useful items in there too if you haven't already been there.

    Bronzong and Gible also pop up in there too, if that helps. :p
  7. Oh, um, thanks for all the replies!

    Anyway, I would put Aqua Tail on 'Gatr, Blisk, if you know, it didn't learn it on Level 58 >>;
    Sho, as useful, as it sounds, I don't think I'll be doing that, as the AI exploded to smart in Platinum >< Of course, if I still can't beat him, I'll try this out
  8. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Magmortar's hideous visage will be evenly matched against Bastiodon's ugly mug, that's for sure.

    Magmortar would definitely do away with both Magneton and Steelix very easily though - STAB Flamethrower/Fire Blast should OHKO both of them very comfortably, and if you're feeling lucky, Focus Blast can smash Bastiodon to bits as well. Magmortar should be more than enough to roast Byron's whole team, potentially by himself as indicated.
  9. I coulda sworn that the tutor for aqua tail was in reach, but it wasn't sorry. :-\

    Magmortar would help with steelix and magneton. It would be a OHKO if you get a hit in first. I still think a fighting type would be better than a Fire because even though Fire would also beat 2 of his Pokemon easily, Bastiodon will be a pain still. Fighting will be super effective against all 3. 4x against Bastiodon because of double weakness. That's what I say.
  10. I think it should be doable with this setup.

    Sacrifice some pokemon till you beat Magneton, then set up 3 Rounds of Dragon Dance on the Gatr while fighting Steelix and then go for the Brick Breaks.
    With some Potions that should be no Problem imo, but sure Fire/Fighting Pokemans would to 100% win.

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