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Best/Worst Shinies

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by courtcat, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. I think Tsareena, Ribombee, Umbreon, Sylveon, Lopunny, and Rayquaza are the best shinies. I'm not really a fan of shiny Ferrothorn or Slowking. Which Pokemon do you think have the best/worst shiny forms?
  2. Shiny Vanilluxe
  3. ... Erm, is that the best or the worst shiny in your opinion? You really can't tell if you just post two words mate...

    My overall personal favourite is Shiny Roselia, as the gothic 14 year old in me is a complete sucker for black and purple roses. I also tend to heavily favour shinies that have a black and a single bright colour, like shiny Carbink, Whimiscott, that kind of thing. Or one's that have inventive relations to other relevant Pokemon like Alolan Muk's shiny being the same colour as normal Muk.

    The worst one's though are the Pokemon that barely change colour, I hate them. It just feels so uncreative and way less exciting to find a Pokemon that's barely different from its regular colouration than something completely different. Not to mention its really hard to identify them as being a shiny if you miss the animation so that's even more of a dick move. I just don't understand the point of it really.
  4. I agree! The entire Roserade line has a really nice design and palette in both normal and shiny forms. And I definitely agree about the shinies with barely any changes at all. Garchomp and Komala are the most annoying ones that come to mind, as they could have had really awesome alternates if any effort had been put into recoloring them.
  5. Dammit, I spent too long thinking of one and forgot to put whether it's the best or worst. My bad. It's the worst because it's literally just one shade brighter.
  6. Omastar! All hail Lord Helix!

    Just kidding. Best shinies are Arcanine and Luxray, Tyrantrum, both Lycanroc, all Alolan starters when fully evolved, and Palossand. Palossand is the best out of these because it looks like it was made out of volcanic ash instead of sand.
    Worst shinies are Dratini and Jangmo-o. The pink color of them and their evolutions ruin the dragon-ness for me.
  7. Half of gen two is completely pink don't have anything against it but just herascross
  8. I have to say that shiny Ampharos will forever hold a special place in my heart, and will probably forever be my favorite shiny. I love the purple and silver combo in its shiny, too!

    My least favorite shinies are either the ones that barely change or the green ones. I don't have anything against the color, it's just that so much more could be done to these Pokemon to make them look better. I mean, just look at Espeon! It looks like it's been hanging out at some toxic waste site or something, the poor thing!
  9. I like shiny Rayquaza,Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre because they're black!And i hate the most Shiny Weavile because he looks like the king of the lollipops.
  10. Somewhat unpopular shiny opinion: I actually do like the pink or green shinies.
    Yes, yes, I know. It's just a shortcut fashion to making a shiny form using the exact same shade of pink or green, but are they really all terrible? Shiny Noivern and Swellow's green/red combinations look really nice without appearing like something pulled off of the discount shelf after the holidays, steel type and dragon type Pokémon can be justified by the fact that most people see dragons as green and copper turns green with age, and it's quite honestly impossible to hate the shiny Wailmer line in my opinion. As for the last point, shiny Furret, Ampharos, Vaporeon, Jumpluff, Lopunny, and Crobat are also very likable although their shiny forms are pink. Yes, some of them do look like the developers ran out of ideas or they just plain went trickster mode (I'm looking at you, shiny Weavile) but some can be nice.

    Those are far from my favourites, however, as my personal favourites are the ones that have actual researched significance behind them. Take shiny Palossand for instance. It is black due to the black sand on Punalu'u Beach in Hawaii, and overall looks nice as a shiny. Shiny Bewear and Stufful's colouration is a reference to the real-life sun bear... like Pokémon sun? There's a bunch more, but I'm not going to list them because this post is already fairly long as it is.
    This has been said by almost everyone on this thread, but the shinies that barely change colour are basically the worst. My younger sister is an avid shiny hunter (well not really, she's more of a shiny magnet. They all seem to just flock to her) but she's also very easily distracted. As she's rather young, she really likes Pikachu, but she accidentally killed a shiny one after momentarily breaking her focus on the screen to pay attention to one of our cats, who was scratching on the door and meowing loudly because she wanted to go onto the porch. She didn't notice the different colouration, and got really mad at herself when she noticed the slight shade difference as it went down. This was about a year ago, but I'm still salty to this day.
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  11. I think the Pokemon with the Worst and Best shiny has got to be Gengar,

    and, I think, I know what you might be thinking, "Why did you put the same Pokemon as the best and worst?"

    Well the answer is simple, my compadre. The worst shiny is Gengar, but the best shiny is Gengar, Mega Gengar!

    I mean, just look at shiny Gengar
    [​IMG] (barely any difference)

    breath taking, beautiful, WORDS CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE WHAT THIS IS
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  12. The best for me are Gigalith, Rayquaza, the Phantump line (Trevenant is probably my favorite), Torchic, Sandslash, Charizard, the Tangela line, Slugma, Umbreon, Cloyster, Metagross, Tangrowth, Chandelure, Greninja, Mega Gengar, and the Amaura line.

    The worst are probably Garchomp (and every other shiny that barely changes the original's color), Nidoqueen, Excadrill, and Moltres.
  13. BEST:
    The Blue flames look freaking gorgeous. I also like how they kept a little bit of Emboar's original colouring on it as well. The blue and orange look nice together.
    Looks better than the original Reshiram in opinion. I especially love it's purple flames and red eyes.
    What can I say, the Gold and Silver colouring really suits shiny Ho-oh. Has been one of my favourite shinies for years now.
    Don't have much to say about this one, other than it's FREAKING AMAZING. Seriously, look at it! Blue shinies are always cool.
    My first favourite shiny, and my most wanted one for many years of my childhood. I was so thrilled when I finally caught a shiny Ninetales in Pokémon Y a few years ago.
    The black and yellow go really well together. I also think Electrike has a nice shiny as well, because, you know, it's blue.
    Um... Yeah, I'm totally not biased with this one in any way, haha...
    I usually hate pink shinies, but shiny Virizion is beautiful. Instead of using that icky magenta colour Game Freak puts on a lot of shinies, they instead went with a nicer pink. I also like how they swapped the colours around from regular Virizion.

    WORST: Basically anything that is green or magenta in colour, or barely changes from its original colouring (looking at you Garchomp). A few that spring to mind are; Espeon, Blastoise, Dragonite, Swampert, Vaporeon, and Sharpedo.
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  14. My favorite of all shinies go to Umbreon and Zorua, love those colors

    my most hated are the shinies with the bright 'aqua green' coloring
    (one example that comes to mind) as much as I love the kitty Espeon, that bright green shiny coloring, really hate it
  15. Shiny Roserade, and shiny gardevoir are my favourites. Roserade's shiny colour palette is so pretty, and I can't help but love the fact that shiny gardevoir gets a black ballgown when it mega evolves.

    As for the worst...Shiny persian, hands down. There is virtually no difference between its normal and shiny forms. It's so lazy
  16. i almost ko-ed a shiny pikipek, it's barely noticeable... Then the lil guy evolved into trumbeak and all i wanted to do was kill it with fire... Shiny Toucannon is acceptable but it resents me for how judgemental i was on it as a trumbeak.
  17. Shiny Umbreon and shiny Vikabolt are some of my favorite shinys

    Firox Those are also some of my favorite pokemon but not my absolute favorite
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  18. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Screw all pink shines My favorite shiny is litten, it gives off a kind of light vibe even though it will eventually be a dark type (had to edit due to autocorrect don't you hate autocorrect also to anyone that thinks that pink is a god color on any Pokemon aside from fairy and psychic types, get better taste also y the hate on green shines?
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  19. let's start with favorites, since the list will be way shorter...

    first, we have charizard, and although i'm not a fan of it as a pokemon, man is that an epic shiny. i'll put aside my dislike for a moment and admit, it's probably one of the coolest shinies ever. a flippin' black dragon (that looks like it could kill you) - that's dope as hell.
    my next choice would be tsareena. let me just say i love tsareena, my favourite from gen 7 & probably got to my top ten favourite pokemon ever too ?? love her. and thank god her shiny form isn't anything unworthy of her. i love pastel colored shinies and hhhh tasreena's design is so nice and aesthetically pleasing, elegant but deadly. love her.

    i also like toucannons shiny form. the beak reminds me of the bi flag, ayy

    none else really come to mind. lapras is pretty cool, and umbreon is also badass, lilligant too.

    now that i'm done with my favorites, let's talk least favorites.

    how about every damn green shiny ever what the actual f*ck.

    i can't even begin with this.
    actually, let's start with the one that probably comes to mind first - espeon. WHY did you have to ruin it, game freak. i don't even mind green, but this one. the green looks like it's gonna jump out of the screen and stab your eyes. what is it even, neon green ??? whatever it is i hate it.

    dragonite too. it looks even dumber than it's regular form. dratini and dragonair don't look bad as shinies but game freak won't let us have one nice version of dragonite, for some reason. a blue dragonite would've been better + it would make sense, it's pre evos' regular form is blue.
    kind of like what they did with the nidoran lines - nidoran m, nidorino and nidoking are blue, like regular forms of nidoran f, etc..., and nidoran f, nidorina and nidoqueen are purple like ...
    oh wait
    nidoqueen isn't purple. she's green. again with it. why is she green ?? nidoran f & nidorina are purple, the male line is all blue... why is nidoqueen green ? this doesn't make any sense, but i wouldn't mind if it wasn't ugly as hell.

    i'll stop with the green ones.

    other shinies i don't like are the ones who don't barely differ from their regular forms (cough garchomp, glaceon, elektrik). they're just lame.
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  20. I'll precede this by saying that I've never caught a shiny before, not even the shiny Gyarados from Gold/Silver.

    I'd say that my top three fave shinies are Miltank, Ampharos and Floatzel. I guess I don't really have any that I hate.
  21. Once there was a shiny Barbaracle. It was so ugly, that everyone died. The end.


    Shiny Ninetales is the best, though.
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  22. Really any shinies that are dark in colour (etc, Rayquaza, Greninja) They look sooo good.

    Also shiny gengar (Not the mega) is the worst shiny. Barely any difference.
  23. I like shiny gigalith or mega gengar's shinies. I also like toucannon and umbreons. Don't forget azumarills. Ones I hate: Dragonite, mega charizard,and Groudon, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 9.47.54 PM.png jjjj

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