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Ask to Join Battle Royale

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by iVynm, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. Hi guys, this is the RP I was planning to make. It is quite obviously called Battle Royale, and it's about Pokemon trainers joining a tournament in hopes of winning it all. If you want to find out more detailed information, please go to the discussion page I have made. This RP says Ask to Join, but in order to, you must submit your form in the discussion, not privately just to me.

    Cole walked through the gates to the infamous Battle Royale. He carefully picked his team and their move sets in the hopes that this year would be the year that he finally won the tournament. He got really close last year, he made it to the semi-finals, and he was very proud of that. He strode over to a table next to the gates labeled "Registration" and a woman sitting behind the table looked up at him and said "Hello there. Welcome to the Battle Royale. Would you like to register?"
    "Yes please."
    "All right, would you please tell me your name, tournament of choice, and Pokemon"
    "Um...My name is Cole Arsmith, I would like to participate in the 3v3 tournament, and my Pokemon are Arcanine, Gardevoir, and Lapras" the woman typed some things into the computer in front of her and said "Okie-Dokie your all set. Please make your way over to the waiting area before the tournament begins." Cole looked in the direction she pointed at and saw another gate leading into a room where various trainers sat there waiting for their match to begin. "Mmmmk, let's do this" he said under his breath as he walked to the waiting area. He saw all kinds of diverse Pokemon interacting with their trainers like Primeapes, Kingdra, Bouffalants, and even a giant Snorlax sleeping in the corner. He noticed a table with an empty spot and quickly rushed to the seat before it was taken. He sat down and released his Pokemon. "All right" he said to his Pokemon "Let's go over the battle plan"
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  2. Gavin went to the gorgeous Battle Royale. He stood in the distance, in hopes of winning the
    tournament. "Altaria, come out!" Gavin commanded as he threw the pokeball to send out his Altaria. "We've got to do some training, there are types more effective." Gavin said to Altaria.
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  3. "We're going to the front gate and sign up." Gavin said to himself. He went to the gate and said to the lady, "I want to join the Battle Royale. Any spots open?" Gavin said to the lady. "Yes, there are alot of spots open. The sign-ups have just aired." she repiled. "Okay, I am in 3v3, and I have a Altaria, Dragonite, and Blaziken." Gavin repiled. He waited for the reponse.
    "Ok, so go thru the gates and wait till the Battle Royale starts." she commanded him.
  4. Margot sat at an empty table nearby, drumming her fingers against the polished tabletop anxiously. She watched everyone around her, giving pep talks and discussing battle strategies, though it only all served as a reminder that she had no real plan here. Geez... were none of these kids worried? Margot's usually chipper attitude was long gone as her stomach twisted up in knots. She eyed the Pokeballs of her crew, letting them clatter against one another as she contemplated sending them out.

    That was the thing. These were her pals, and they would support her no matter what. Time and time again, they'd remind her of that, but they'd worked so hard. What if they lost purely because of her?

    Margot sighed, deciding that she would force a smile until it turned genuine, and in due time, it did. These were her friends. She'd known them more or less her whole life, and they were just here to have fun. That settled it. She sent out her three Pokemon, Donahue the Jolteon, Schuyler the Vileplume, and Pyrei the Rapidash, and made sure that they didn't see her worrying.

    "Alright gang, you guys feeling alright?" They all nodded or grunted in agreement, and that was enough for her. With her truly genuine smile this time, a feeling of pride blossomed in her chest. Once more, for reassurance, she thought once more. These were her pals, and above all, they were here to have a good time. She patted them all on the head, or in one case, the flower, and awaited their call number together.
  5. "Dragonite and Blaziken, come out aswell!" Gavin commanded. "Let's think of a plan..." Gavin said. The pokemon nodded.
  6. The petite teenage girl walked away from the desk confident and proud yet terribly nervous at the same time. She had just given her information of entering the 3v3 tournament with her Dragonair, Glaceon, and Togekiss - so there was no going back now. Mira took a seat at a nearby table in the room packed with tons of trainers and Pokemon alike awaiting the same future of battling for the victory as she did. Her blue eeveelution partner curled up at its trainers feet, quietly murming a yawn as it lazed out.

    "Oh Glaceon, you're such a slump." Mira spoke to her partner. Although the Pokemon was a bigger fan of relaxing then anyone else Mira knew, the ice-type could surely throw down in a battle - attacking with grace and stealth with ease.

    Mira checked her poke-watch tight around her wrist, awaiting when the tournament would start. She went over her plan many times in her head, although could never really stick to a single strategy - changing up her battle decisions every time she thought about it. Overall, she trusted her Pokemon and herself to know the wisest decision when time come.
  7. Margot watched another girl out of the corner of her eye. Out of everyone in the room, this girl and her Glaceon had managed to catch her attention.

    Eeveelution trainers were especially interesting to her, if that weren't pretentious to say. They say that Pokemon take after their trainers, likewise, some trainers are partial to Pokemon that they can relate themselves to. Take for instance her very own Donahue. Spry and chipper, as Jolteons are, and to say nothing of Margot herself. Would a Flareon trainer be dozily hotheaded? Would an Espeon trainer be proud and omnipotent? Would this girl be cynical, yet reserved like a Glaceon? Appearances hardly meant anything, but something about the girl's small stature and tight-lipped smile told her yes. Margot had the confidence to be here in the first place, so she could certainly find the confidence to strike up a conversation.

    She approached the girl's table with a surefire gate, Pyrei audibly clopping at her heels behind her as she spoke.

    "Hiya. Neat Glaceon you've got there."
  8. As Cole finished up explaining his plan to his partners a loud voice came over the intercom "Please have Alia Thomas and Taik Akins report to Arena 1 for their matchup" immediately two people stood up, one, a beefy kid with really strong looking Pokemon, and the other, a small, quiet girl with some clever looking Pokemon. As they headed out the voice came back on "And now have Cole Arsmith and Tom Foren make their way over to Arena 2 for their matchup....." Shakily, Cole stood up with his Pokemon behind him and slowly made his way over to the gates. Another kid stood up, most likely Tom, with his Pokemon and walked through the gates. Cole noticed his Pokemon were pretty tough-looking as they were a Trevenant, Tyranitar, and a Malamar. As the pair made their way to the arena the kid shouted out from behind him "Hey! Wait up!" So Cole stopped and looked behind him only to see the kid hastily make his way over to Cole. "You've got some pretty cool Pokemon" he said as he arrived "Well, thank you. And you too." Tom stopped and his face lit up "You really think so!? I trained them so hard to get them here, and no one ever said anything about them looking cool." They reached the gate to the arena and Cole turned to Tom and stuck out his hand "Good luck" Tom took his hand and said "Good luck to you as well"

    ((If you all want to battle now just say they want you down at the arena, and there are only four arenas, so make sure you read and not accidentally send four people to an arena))
  9. OOC: Ok then, Atlas lets battle)

    BIC: Gavin said to in his pokemon, "We've got to trust each other. We'll try to make it to the finals. Just trust in yourselves." Gavin said. "Current Matchups, 3v3, Gavin vs Magrot.' the announcer annouced.
  10. Cole and Tom each set themselves up in the specified area for trainers just as the referee started announcing the rules " Ok, this is a 3v3 match between Cole and Tom. Each trainer may switch out there Pokemon at any time. And the use of items is prohibited. All right, pick your first Pokemon....And go!" Cole decided to send out Blaze first and he decided to go with his Trevenant. "All right Blaze, let's start out with Flare Blitz!" Blaze's body lit up in flames and he charged at the Trevenant. But at the last moment Trevenant stuck out his hands and Blaze was lifted into the air. The flames on his body dissipated and were replaced by a glowing purple light. As he was floating Blaze started to freak out, he was shaking his paws randomly throughout the air and roaring occasionally. "Blaze! Calm down, it's ok!" Cole called out "Use Extreme Speed and mess up its concentration!" Blaze started shaking uncontrollably and the Trevenant fell to the floor with defeat. Blaze then fell onto the ground as well, but was unscathed. "Let's finish it off with Fire Blast!" The Arcanine leapt into the air and released a blast of fire in Treveneant's direction. Trevenant then collapsed to the floor unconscious. "Trevenant is unable to battle! Arcanine wins!"
  11. Akela burst in through the gate, she had just entered. She and her partner, Mightyena, got to a seat and sat down "DAMMIT we missed the battle!"
  12. She noticed how weird she looked, then she realized she was sitting at a lone table. "Come up here boy!" Akela said to the Mightyena. He immediately wagged is tail and jumped onto the seat. "Good boy" she said. She looked out the window, waiting for the next battle...
  13. Akela got out her Gallade and Flygon, then discussed a plan with the boys.
  14. While talking, Mightyena sniffed the air and saw a glaceon at the table next to him. Something about the glaceon interested the male creature. But he paid no attention to the glaceon.
  15. After bursting in, Akela was puffed out, so was Mightyena. She finished her plan with the pokemon and got a bowl of water and gave it to her partner, then she got up and got a can of fanta for herself.
  16. "Haha yes!" Cole cheered as he jumped up into the air "One Pokemon down, now let's finish this!" Tom looked at him and loudly said "And finish this we shall. Go Malamar!" The upside-down squid appeared on the battlefield glaring at Blaze. "Malamar use Mean Look!" This time the Malamar glared at him with a heightened intensity "Now your Arcanine can't escape to let your Gardevoir out and use its most likely super-effective moves on my Malamar." Tom called out. "Ok then, I guess I can't do anything but....Blaze use Outrage!" Blaze roared and rushed at the Malamar "Malamar counter with Foul Play!" So then the Malamar disappeared into a shadow and hurled itself at Blaze. As they collided, each of them recoiled back, and each significantly hurt. "Blaze quickly use Extreme Speed!" Blaze then disappeared into a blur of movements and smashed into Malamar. Dust rose into the air completely covering the area. Cole worried that something unexpected happened to Blaze, like Malamar using a move at the last second making Blaze faint, or something like that. The dust settled after what seemed like forever, and everyone saw Malamar standing there, tentacles flaring and eyes glowing, and Blaze on the floor, fainted.
  17. Isaiah lazily walks into the room filled with trainers lazily and seemingly care free. The form took longer than expected and it seemed like the first battle had already finished. "You just had to get something to eat, huh?" He asked the Machamp that towerd over him, who responded back with a big cheesy grin quickly followed by a loud belch. "Smoooooth."

    Not wanting to be bothered by the trainers fussing and worrying about what battle plan to use. "God, this is such a drag." Isaiah announces through a slow drawn out yawn. Releasing his two other pokemon; a Toxicroak named Tyson and an Electivire named Rocky. "Y'all try and behave. I'm going to take a nap before our battle starts."
  18. As Mira sat there quietly, she noticed a girl come closer to her. The white haired trainer avoided eye-contact, unsure of which direction the stranger was moving, until she approached her directly. Mira couldnt help but notice the quite large and majestic flaming horse pokemon behind her - and she wasn't the only one to take note of it either. Her little ice eeveelution instantly sat up, quietly hissing at the Rapidash and leaping up on to the table.

    "Now now, Glaceon. Dont be so rude, she's speaking well of you." Mira softly spoke. Standing up, she smiled at the girl before her, who had just complimented her pokemon. "Thank you so much, thats nice of you to say. Your rapidash looks beautiful as well." She commented, admiring the strong stature of the horse.

    "I'm Mira." She introduced herself, crossing her legs giving a mini-courtesy.

    However she then realized how strange that must've been towards this stranger, as Mira was merely in her street wear. Breaking the habit of the rich and noble etiquette was hard to break whenever she was away from her family, who had long raised her to act that way.

    "I'll be competing in the 3v3 tournament, which are yo-"

    As she was about to ask the ice-breaker question of which battle style she will be competing in, the answer was given when the speakers boomed - an announcer requesting to see 'Margot and Gavin' in one of the 3v3 arenas.

    "Ah, is that you? Good luck ~" Mira spoke, before re-taking her seat, softly brushing her hand down the Galleon's back.
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  19. "Aw yikes. Yep, we've gotta run. Nice meeting you Mira, and your Glaceon too." Margot tried a sort of mini curtsy of her own, giving a polite nod farewell with a slight and simple bend of the knees, before sauntering off with Pyrei and the rest of her team in tow. The arena looked simple, with hard-packed dirt under her shoes and walls on every side. Across from her stood a boy who looked equally unremarkable. What was remarkable however was his team. Margot whispered frantically to her team, making sure that her opponent wasn't listening.

    "Two dragon types and a Blaziken? Oooh boy, this is gonna be a fun one. Donahue, Pyrei, those things are capable of basically anything moveset-wise, so at the first sign of ground moves, you need to bolt, and let Schuyler take over." They nodded in agreement, and Schuyler crossed her stubby arms. She was definitely not fond of dragons.

    Seeing as pre-battle courtesies are customary, she waved to the boy, Gavin she remembered, from across the field.

    "Hiya! Guess you're my opponent here?"
  20. "What?! How could you have beaten Blaze?!" Cole called out "He is so fast! He was even using Extreme Speed!". Tom replied with a smug look on his face "We did some serious training, especially Speed and Special Attack, so we can counter things like that." Cole calmed down and said "Well now I can use Gardevoir to take down your Malamar once and for all. Ok, go Caster!" A brilliant light shone throughout the arena, and a Gardevoir stood in the middle "Hehehe, that won't be a problem if, Malamar use Poison Jab!" The Malamar charged forward just as Cole yelled out "Quick dodge it and use Moonblast to finish him off!" Caster leapt out to a rock formation near the side, put her feet on it, summoned the Moonblast, and pushed off. She rocketed forward so far and so fast she passed the Malamar, but not before she let go of the lunar energy and letting it cascade into the Malamar, making him faint. "Haha, looks like your plan didn't work,"
  21. The sound of battle stirred Isaiah out of his sleep and gave him a what resembled low level of curiosity. "Ali, leave the Glaceon alone." He calls with eyes half closed both hands comfortably placed under his head. The Machamp seemed to have found interest in the Glaceon that didn't seem to want to be bothered. Eyes staring in wonder at it's icey blue coat.

    Ali tried it's hardest to be subtle but being a 6'7" fighting pokemon made it that much more difficult. Trying to slink closer everytime the Glaceon looked away. Isaiah's two other pokemon seemingly keeping to themselves. His Toxicroak Tyson deep in meditation and Rocky his Electivire chuckled to himself as he created sparks between his two tails.
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  22. While Mira was distracted watching the spectators screen, admiring the battles and how each trainer went about with their technqiues, it took a couple hisses emitting from her Glaceon to catch her attention.

    "Hm?" The girl hummed in confusion, turning her head to seeing a large Machamp disturbing her little ice-type. However the tall four-armed pokemon took Mira by surprise herself, causing her to slightly squeal while jumping out of her skin.

    After re-couping herself together, she took a breathe, before laughing to herself. The Glaceon leaped into her trainers lap, its blue coat being stroked shortly after. The eeveelution was always so reserved, and tended to be quite snobbish at times when it came to being touched or involuntarily communicated with - occasionally acting up with Mira as well at times.

    "I apologize," The trainer spoke to Isiah and his pokemon, who were only a short ways away. "She's friendly at times, but lately she's been pretty unresponsive - the battles ahead have her tensed up." She explained, glancing back at the television every now and then, observing most tactics and moves the trainers she would possibly be battling against would make.
  23. "Aw boo!" Tom shouted "Your Gardevoir has surprising Speed. But I still have one more Pokemon, and it's my strongest. Go, Tyranitar!" Caster took a few steps back when she saw the Tyranitar in front of her. "Uh...Use Psybeam!" Cole said hesitantly. So Caster launched the ray of psychic energy at her opponent and it hit, but even with her high Special Attack, he still took almost no damage. "Hahaha, looks like your Gardevoir is no match for my Tyranitar. And now let's use Iron Tail!" The Tyranitar jumped into the air and slammed it's tail down onto Caster. He lifted it off and there Caster lay, fainted. "Darn! Now it's a 1v1 battle. But that's fine, you see my final Pokemon, will be your downfall. Go Glacier!"
  24. He took a few moments before answering back to her apology. "Don't have to apologize, He tends get distracted easily. Ain't that right big guy?" Isaiah calls out to his Machamp who was still focused on the Glaceon. "He's a teddy bear when we aren't battling. Sometimes I think he's too nice." Isaiah gave the white haired girl a quick once over before introducing himself. "I'm Isaiah by the way." The words came out with another yawn.

    Slowly getting up he gives his body a quick stretch before leaning against the wall behind him. "You startle easy." If that came out rude Isaiah didn't seem to notice or maybe he just didn't care. The latter being the most likely choice.
  25. "Yeah, are you ready to battle?" Gavin said to Margot.. "Grass type, fire type and electric type.. ok.." Gavin thought. He sent out his Blazekin out and got ready for the match of a lifetime..
  26. Mira blushed, a comical sweat coming down the side of her face. He was right - she was a scaredy cat.

    "I'm Mira." She spoke, brushing her little scare behind her. "Nice to meet you, and you're right - I do. Although it isn't everyday I see a Pokemon twice my size, and I can say the same for Glaceon" She giggled.

    However the ice-type on the lap of her trainer just curled up into its sleeping position, it's eyes remaining closed. It's icicle-like tail swayed back and forth, like an illusion tactic, as Glaceon normally did when resting.

    "But it's good to know he's sweet at normal. I love a good teddy bear when I see one." Mira admitted, slightly smiling at the large Pokemon seemingly so interested in Glaceon.
    "She'll come around, big guy. Give her some time."

    As one of the battles on the spectator television ended, she turned back to Isiah, who looked to be just as tired as Glaceon.

    "So, what type of style did you enter the tournament in? I chose the 3v3 myself, decided to give the other half a rest for a while."
  27. "Sure am, Donahue! You're up." The Jolteon shook his bristles from head to toe, getting himself ready for the battle. At the announcer's countdown, Donahue awaited his trainer's command while watching the Blaziken carefully. "Use agility. He can't hit what he can't see."

    Quick (no pun intended) to comply, he dashed this way and that, revving himself up for speed as the yellow blur practically ran circles around the firebird.

    "Alright! You know the old strat, pin missile!"

    As Donahue darted this way and that, speed unmatched, he changed his course, running in an actual circle around the Blaziken. Without warning, bevies of electric-charged needles came flying towards the ensnared fighting type in clusters. They weren't doing much now, but Donahue kept up the assault.
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  28. Omega sighed as he walked to the room where the trainers were. As he entered he noticed they all seemed to be 3v3 battlers which was a pain. He cursed as a thought came into his head." What should I do if the cameras are here? I'd lose my focus if they find me.." He cursed his luck for being a celebrity son and walked in the room. Most of these people were probably not from Johto or Blessed so he should be fine. Siren, without warning, emerged from her Diveball and Omega smiled, shocked at first." Hey girl, you getting cramped from the ball?" He asked and stroked the Milotics head. He looked around and spotted a girl with a glaceon. He approached her and smiled." Hi. How are you? Names Omega. Nice to meet ya." He grinned and Siren bowed at the girl and let a faint smile show towards the Glaceon." Are you a 3v3 battler as well? I'm out of luck finding a 6v6 battler so far." Omega noticed Sirens slight dislike to the glaceon and smirked." It's not zero you don't need to be a rude."
  29. "Glacier use Ice Beam and slicken up the battlefield!" Glacier curled her head back and let loose a ray of ice onto the floor around Tyranitar. "No worries Tyranitar, use Earthquake to clear the ice." Instantly the ice shattered like glass, and the shards launched into the air temporarily making Tyranitar invisible. He used that opportunity to use Hyper Beam on Lapras, sending it sliding across the floor. "Glacier quickly while it's resting use Surf!" A giant wave formed and rushed towards Tyranitar. It submerged Tyranitar and washed him away. As the wave dispersed, Tyranitar lie on the floor, unconscious. "Yes! We won our first battle! Good job Glacier!"
  30. Blaziken went out of the the circle. (Blaziken is fast)"Flamethrower!" Gavin commanded Blaziken. A shot of fire hit the Jolteon. He still got affected by Agillity and Pin Missle minorly due to the non-effectiveness, but hit by much. Blaziken took damage harshly. "Blaziken, return! You did great enough." Gavin said. "Dragonite, let's go!" Gavin commanded Dragonite. "Dragonite, use Earthquake!" Gavin commanded.
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  31. As Mira carried on her conversation with the Machamp trainer, she was somewhat interrupted by yet another trainer who showed up to strike conversation with her. It was a boy who was fairly recognizable, but after he introduced himself as a name she didn't recognize she put the thought behind her. She noticed how a quite majestic Milotic was behind the boy, intently focusing on Glaceon, who was slowly starting to seem like the most popular pokemon in the room with all the attention she's been gaining. However the eeveelution just seemed to not mind, attempting to yet again drift into a sleep.

    "O-Oh, hi. I'm Mira. Nice to meet you. And thank you! You're Milotic is gorgeous. My Dragonair would love her." She laughed, referring to her dragon type, whom she just realized was very similar in appearance to a Milotic.

    "And yep, I'm a 3v3 battler as well. 6v6 Sounded interesting but also a little tiresome on my entire team, and we just returned from a lot of training so I only entered the ones interested." She explained, "Even though this one seems to be having second thoughts."

    Laughing, she looked down to the curled up snoozing Glaceon who's tail continued to sway. The trainer hoped, but knew the pokemon would come through for her when the occasion rose.
  32. Donahue was inclined to stick to the plan, before stopping in his tracks as Margot frantically shook her head.

    "Go for the back, hold on and use thunderbolt! Hurry!" The ground had just begun to shake beneath them, as small fissures grew larger and longer across the battlefield. Donahue, panting hard from the last hit, tried to avoid them, only catching his paw on the last one as he stumbled forwards and roughly to the ground. Still, he thought he knew what his trainer meant, and with some of the last of his energy, he lunged up, scrambling onto the airborne Dragonite's back with his claws, and releasing a thunderbolt directly into the massive form with all of his strength.
  33. Dragonite got weaked harshly, but due to Mutliscale, he was still in for this.. "Dragonite, are you okay?" Gavin asked. Dragonite nodded no. "Dragonite, return." Gavin ordered. "Blazkien, beat them up!" Gavin said. Blazkien appeared. Gavin had to trust him. "Blazkien, use Sky Uppercut and Flame Charge at the same time!" Gavin commanded. A super strong Flame Charge and Sky Uppercut damaged Jolteon quickly and powerfully.
  34. And Donahue was finally down for the count, skidding back to his trainer's feet, unable to continue. Margo scooped him up into her arms, stroking his bristles as she recalled him back to his ball.

    "You did great pal, we're gonna win this for you, don't you worry." She whispered to the little sphere, tucking it safely away in a shirt pocket. "Alright Pyrei, lucky for us, you're not nearly so nice as Donnie over here." She patted the massive Rapidash on the back, who in turn glowered at the competition. "Knock him down with wild charge, and then stomp him into the ground."

    Crackles of electricity pierced the air around Pyrei as her mane grew a menacing blue and yellow. Forming a full-fledged gallop, she charged into Flarebird, and the force of her weight as well as the jolts of pure electric energy did indeed knock him down. Pinning him below her, she raised one hoof, smashing it down hard into the Blaziken's torso, and he flinched once, letting her smash down hard onto his chest one more time.
  35. "Blazkien, return!" Gavin said. "Dragonite, let's go again! Earthquake again and fly up super high!" Gavin commanded Dragonite. Dragonite flew up in the sky and did a super powerful Earthquake. "Finish that weak one with Dragon Pulse!" Gavin said. Dragonite shot a Dragon Pulse from the air.
  36. Pyrei, with little hesitance, stuck to the original plan, dashing out of the field as Schuyler leaped in to take her place. She was their go-to switch in for earthquake, and she could certainly take a hit better than anyone else on the team. The arena quaked roughly, knocking rubble this way and that, but gripping what little solidity she could find in the ground around her, she kept her balance, while her flower served as somewhat of a hardhat.

    "Use sludge bomb to counter!"

    Hardhat-flower or not, even a full force sludge bomb couldn't completely dissipate the blast of energy, and that was enough to push her back a ways, but at the same time, effectively raise the stakes and her spirit. She knew her trainer well enough to guess the next command, and rays of harsh sunlight suddenly beat down on the arena with sunny day. Her flower scrunched inwards, before opening up to allow the beams of sun to re-energize her, filling her with the desire to run.
  37. "Dragonite, use Dragon Pulse from the air while she is asborbing energy!" Gavin commanded. A purple blaze shot at the grass-type pokemon. "Fire Fang!" Gavin commanded Dragonite to use. A fire shot up in Dragonite's fangs. He charged directly at the grass-type pokemon.

    "Come on Dragonite! Hit him best!" Gavin cheered.
  38. Invigorated by chlorophyll, rolling to the side to dodge the second dragon pulse. She felt about twice as fast now, and as the Dragonite swooped down to bite her, she retaliated hard with a sludge bomb, blasting him right in the face with a stream of purple gunk. Still, with the sun overheard, the fire fang did take a lot out of her.

    "Schuyler, grab onto his foot. Don't let him fly off without you again!"

    With another skillful roll, she made it behind the Dragonite, making a grab for his left foot with her stubby arms. Weren't she so speedy from chlorophyll, that definitely wouldn't have worked. Again, she knew what her trainer would've said, and acted on her own, using giga drain on the dragon's bulky form to just regain a bit of her strength.
  39. Omega grinned as his name was finally called across the loud speakers." In arena 4 the battle between Omega Carvine and Tom Conad shall now be held." He laughed and ran towards the arena, The wind flowing through his odd hair.

    As he entered he was nearly bowled over by a boy and his pachirisu. The boy gasped and bowed." So sorry Mr Omega Carvine. I didn't mean to bump into you." He cringed as Omega grabbed his shoulder. Omega laughed and the boy looked more relieved." Don't worry Tom I'm not going to hurt you. I doesn't matter that you bumped into me we're about to battle. Let's have some fun." The boy called Tom smirked and ran to the other side of the arena. A referee stood in the center and shouted to them." This is a 6v6 Pokemon single battle. Items are not allowed. You may swotch out whenever you want." He looked at the trainers and raised his hands." BEGIN!" He shouted and Omega threw a Quickball. The ball opened and the electivire stood before the pachirisu." Bolt use Iron tail!" Tom yelled and the Pachirisu sped towards the electivire." Blitz Order 6. Before he jumps!" Omega asked and Blitz nodded. He timed the pachirisu a landing perfectly and before it could bring its tail down he used Earthquake. The ground erupted around the Pokemon and the pachirisu was knocked high into the air." Blitz use Iron tail." Omega said and Blitz jumped." No Bolt do something. Discharge! Discharge! Discharge!" He yelled but Bolt was smashed towards the ground blindingly fast. Blitz landed next to the fainted pachirisu and carried him to Tom." Bolt! Thank you Blitz. Bolt return." Tom encased the pachirisu in his pokeball and cursed." Go Spore!" Tom sent out his Breloom." You'll pay for Bolt."
  40. Dragonite got hit again super hardly. Thanks to Mutliscale, Dragonite received half of the damage. He still was weak, almost about to faint. "A high five for Mutliscale!" Gavin cheerfully said. He growled at the grass-type pokemon to try to scare it off."Use Dragon Pulse to make her fall!" Gavin said in horror. " A pulse went on the grass-type pokemon to make it fall. "What a relief. Safe after all.." Gavin gasped. "Dragonite, return!" he said. "Ally, let's go!" Gavin commanded. A swoop of feathers went around her. "Fly!" Gavin commanded Ally. She flew in the air gracefully. She swooped down and hit the grass-type pokemon.

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