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Ask to Join Avatar: The Years Forgotten (Discussion and Sign Ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Nukas, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Everyone knows about the breathtaking adventures of Avatar Aang and how he ended the 100-year long war with the fire nation, but nobody cares to remember the people and warriors who had to survive the terror that was the fire nation. Brave men and women fought off the fire nation for years before Aang showed up in the northern water tribe. These were the years without the avatar.
    I just want to make a few things clear before we get into the sign-ups.

    This takes place at the start of the war with the fire nation, just after the air temples were attacked.

    Not all Airbenders should be dead at this point in time: There is some leeway to have Airbenders who were not located in the air temples at the time of the attack. That said I don't want a ton of people wanting to be an Airbender, as it's not realistic for many to have survived. Also if you are an Airbender, know that it will be tougher for you since the fire nation is after any and all Airbenders it can find, due to the fact that they are looking for the Avatar.

    Remember that there are plenty of people in Avatar the last Airbender and Legend of Korra that are not benders: Feel free to make characters that are just regular people who want to fight the good fight.

    Metal bending had not yet been invented during this time period: Everyone thought it was impossible to bend metal at this point in time, as Toph was the first ever metal bender, and even she couldn't do it until the end of book 2. Same with blood bending as Hama was the first to blood bend, although this was in the 100 year time period.

    Advanced bending is rare: While it is not confirmed when magma, lightning, and combustion bending were created, we do know that only a rare sect can use combustion and magma bending, and lightning bending, while not as rare, is also not common. If you do really want some of the sub-sects of bending, you will need to ask me in a pm with good reasoning behind you having it, as some of them can be a little overpowered. I also don't suggest starting with this ability if you do message me.

    Each character will start out in their own nation: News about the war will spread fast and each character will periodically be affected by the war in some way no matter how big or how small. You have room to do what you want with your character in your village. The characters will not all start out knowing each other and will gradually find other people in rp.

    Remember the time period: While technology in Legend of Korra was abundant, technology in Avatar the Last Airbender was scarce. Blimps were revolutionary when Sokka and Teo's dad created them, and most nations besides the fire nation didn't even have ironclad ships during that time. Also, remember that the four nations did not mix much. For the most part, there were Earthbenders in the Earth Kingdom, Waterbenders in the Water Tribes, and so on. While there are exceptions to this rule, I would just like you to keep that in mind as you are creating characters. I do not mind a Waterbender or a Firebender in the Earth Kingdom if you have a good reason for it.

    It's a doomed goal: While the main goal of most of the characters will be to defeat the Fire nation and end the war, this obviously is not going to be possible. There is no way that our characters will defeat the fire nation.

    I think that just about settles that issue now onto the rules.
    1. Make sure to follow all global rules of Pokecharms.

    2. I'm placing a 2 Main OC limit for this rp at the moment. If the rp survives for a long time and we want some variety, I might raise it later on, but until that point, I don't want anyone to control more than two.

    3. If you want a certain sub-sect of an element, pm me with a good reason behind it to make sure it's ok. While I said this once in the notes, I wanted to reaffirm it here. these abilities are usually very strong and it wouldn't make sense for everyone to be able to use them. Also unless it's a region specific ability like sand or swamp bending, I would not suggest having any character start out with this ability.

    4. If you have read all of the notes and the rules, don't include the "other" part of the character sheet when posting your bio.
    Age (13 - 17):
    Current Nation:
    Element or weapon:
    Name: Tashi
    Gender: Female
    Age (13 - 17): 14
    Current Nation: Earth Kingdom, Kyoshi Island
    Element or weapon: Airbender, also uses Shanzi (the fans the Kyoshi Warriors use)
    Appearance: Tashi has brown eyes and pail skin. She is slightly taller than most of the other girls her age and has brown hair coming down to just below her shoulders, but she keeps it in a bun most of the time. She is usually found in the traditional Kyoshi during training, but outside of that, she ditches the dress and keeps the protective vest of the outfit while wearing a jade green sleeveless tunic underneath with forest green pants and black shoes.
    Personality: Tashi is a very rambunctious girl who idolizes the Kyoshi Warriors. On Kyoshi island, she was taught just how strong a woman could be and she took that to heart. She has a heart full of soul and cares deeply for her friends, but she has a hard time showing it. She likes to be seen as strong and can be somewhat self-assertive.
    Backstory: Tashi was born to two air benders who had been traveling the world at the time of the first Fire nation attack. They knew it wouldn't be safe for her in the world, so they found Kyoshi island which was not likely to be invaded by the Fire nation due to its lack of a big military. They dropped Tashi off there and went to try and find if any of the air nomads had been spared. They were killed about two months after dropping off Tashi in Sozin's search for the Avatar.

    Tashi never knew about her true lineage. She was raised by a kind family in Kyoshi with one older sister named Nuying who had been in the Kyoshi warriors when she was a teenager. Tashi was taught all about the Kyoshi Warriors and their history. She currently has no idea she is an Airbender or that she's adopted.
    Name: Haku
    Gender: Male
    Age (13 - 17): 17
    Current Nation: Northern Water Tribe
    Element or weapon: Non-bender, Hunter. Uses a Jaw Blade and a Whale tooth Scimitar.
    Appearance: Haku has light brown skin and grey eyes. He keeps his dark brown hair short to keep it out of his way. He has a muscular build and wears a dark blue fur coat with Navy pants with black boots lined with fur. He wears a scarf that covers his nose and mouth. He also has a scar on his left eye.
    Personality: Haku is a stoic guy. He is not the type of guy to make jokes, he likes to get down to business. He is usually calm and collected in any situation. He has a hard time making friends because of his stoic nature. The only thing that can get him worked up is the sight of a polar bear dog.
    Backstory: Haku used to be a very fun loving person. He had the most fun on hunting trips with his dad who was one of the best hunters in the Northern Water Tribe. One day he was out hunting when a wild Polar Bear Dog attacked out of nowhere. The vicious animal killed Haku's father and scratched Haku's eye out. Haku was able to kill it and his eye was healed using water from the spirit oasis, leaving Haku with his eyesight, and the scar. Haku lost his sunny disposition after that day. He became a good strategist to make sure nothing unexpected like that happened on a hunting trip ever again.
    Fire Benders:
    Haruko Sekitan
    Kazu Ryuga
    Senchi Hanatsu

    Water Benders:

    Earth Benders:
    Tatsuhiro Eiji
    Shimara Jou

    Air Benders:

    Non Benders:
    Tsusuke Atazugi
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  2. I might join this, sounds fun
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  3. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    I suppose I can get down with this, no advanced bending is perfectly fine with me.
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  4. Exactly what year will we be starting in? The main term I see being thrown around is AG, which stands for “after genocide”. The genocide being the assault on the air temples. For example, around 40 AG is when the Southern Water Tribe was first attacked.
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  5. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Well I think it would be best if it wasn’t too long before the water tribe was first attacked. In all honesty I should have looked up the timeline a little more before I posted the thread, but that’s ok. It looks like they first started invading the northern water tribe around 15 AG, so I’d want to say right around that event would be good. At that point the southern water tribe would be more or less unharmed, but the Earth Kingdom would already be somewhat invaded and almost everyone would be involved. This also gives a good amount of time for any surviving air benders to find a place to settle down and hide after they found out their home was destroyed. Since they were obviously not one or two when they left, I’d suggest that if anyone does end up controlling an air bender, that their parent or parent had been visiting another nation during the Genocide, and they were born shortly before or after the genocide. Of course I might take some liberties with timeline as not everything in this time period is set in stone. I hope that helps answer your question.
  6. Name: Haruko Sekitan
    Gender: Female
    Age (13 - 17): 17
    Current Nation: Fire Nation
    Element/Weapon: Firebending; wields a ko-naginata, a polearm ending in a short curved blade with guard.
    Appearance: 5'2", lean but quite athletically built; jet-black hair cropped above her shoulders.
    Personality: Haruko tries to have fun in life whenever she can, even though not much of her life is or has been fun. Caring for others allows her not to focus on her own woes and anxieties, so she's more likely to focus on her friends than worry about herself. Most importantly, she truly believes that the causes she fights for are worth it.

    No nation goes to war with the support of each and every one of its citzens. In fact, the Fire Nation's decision to invade other territories was made solely by the Fire Lord and his military council, and there were protests at first- which were swiftly and violently ended by Sozin's forces. Haruko's parents were among those who opposed war, but they moved and assumed new identities to protect their young daughter. From an early age, she was told to pretend to believe in what she was taught at school; in the comfort of their home, though, her mother and father taught her the virtues others lacked.

    In her teens, her parents were ratted out by former comrades and sentenced to work camps, where they quickly perished. Haruko was forced into a military academy, where she trained and was pushed to conform to Fire Nation propaganda, but she refused to and eventually managed to escape and join a band of underground freedom fighters and saboteurs, living under constant threat of being discovered and killed.
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  7. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Looks good to me, accepted.
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  8. Name: Kazu Ryuga
    Alias: Crimson Shadow
    Gender: Male
    Age (13 - 17): 17
    Current Nation: Fire Nation
    Element or weapon: Fire Bending and Twin Dao swords
    Appearance: 5’9, extremely agile with a slim-muscular build. His eyes are a fiery Orange hue while his hair is as black as the night sky.
    Outfit: simple Fire nation robes, around his neck hangs an amulet in the shape of a fiery sun. While his right middle ring bears a fire nation insignia on a simple steel band.
    Costume: Jet Black robes with a fabric cowl, his swords sheathed and slung over his back to minimize noise
    Personality: quick to anger and anti-social Kazu sees most of his peers as mindless sheep to the Fire-Lords lies. Thus he trusts no one.
    Backstory: Kazu’s family was relatively well off, his father a government official, while his mother was a talented firebending performer. As such Kazu grew up mostly in luxury and comfort, his elder brother Hiro his only real companion. The elder teaching his brother the basics of fire-bending and how to read, the two were inseparable so when Kazu found his brother crying having just been conscripted to be sent off to war Kazu knew that something was wrong, this supposed great Honor wasn’t what it seemed to be. This feeling of mistrust for his home nation was further twisted into hatred when new reached the family that Hiro had died.
    From that day Kazu took up the alias of the Crimson Shadow. Attacking the odd outpost or supply caravan in an effort to disrupt the war effort
    Extra Info: He will occasionally utilize both his blades and fire bending simultaneously to intimidate and overwhelm opponents.
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  9. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    I’d check through the notes and rules one more time to see if you’re missing anything.
  10. I know what you mean and I only just found another word for what I was trying to say.
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  11. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Perfect, accepted
  12. Also what do you consider thermal bending to be in regards to normal fire-bending. A complete advanced-set? or just an additional skill much like ice bending?
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  13. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Exactly what do you mean by thermal bending? Are you referring to just generating heat. I’m sorry that I am slightly confused.
  14. It’s ok, it’s a more obscure Fire bending technique that involves redirecting and controlling heat without actual flames. We see it in 3.6 when Sozin redirects the heat away from the volcano
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  15. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Hmmm, I guess I want to treat that as an advanced form of bending since only one person is shown to do it in the show. I wouldn’t mind someone having this ability late game, but they would have to talk to me about it just like other advanced bending. Although this one seems like it would be harder to exploit so I might be more lenient with it.
  16. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    My two chars
    Name: Tsusuke Atazugi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Current Nation: Earth Kingdom
    Element and Weapon:Non-Bender; Brass Knuckles
    Appearance: Black Haired, fair skinned and light green eyes . Usually seen with a green headband with a set of tan robes with green highlights.
    Personality: Prefers to distance himself from others, especially benders. As such, he is usually standoffish and rude to cover up a deep-seated jealousy for people born with the gift of bending.
    Backstory: The Atazugis were a lower class family, so when he was younger, Tsusuke had tried to earn money for his family in whatever way he could. Unfourtunately, without bending, he was told that he couldnt do anything of value. So, to prove those who've doubted him wrong, Tsusuke tried to learn how to fight with nothing but his fists. With the Earth Kingdom being invaded, he decided that he should find a way to fight back.

    Name: Ryuki
    Gender: Male
    Age (13 - 17): 14
    Current Nation: Water Tribe(Northern)
    Element and Weapon: Waterbending; Broadsword
    Appearance: Ryuki has light brown skin witb blue eyes and dark brown hair. Usually, he is seen wearing a blue hoodie with black pants
    Personality: As of late, Ryuki has been under constant stress, causing him to be uneasy and unsociable. However, his usual demeanor is that of a cheerful kid who had a good life.
    Backstory: Like most families, he was able to live a decent life. Of course, that changed when the fire nation attacked began their conquest. His parents were forced into hiding and due to this, they sent their only child out in hopes of finding a way to travel to a safer place until the Northern Water Tribe can properly fend off the Fire Nation.

    Let me know if I need to fix anything.
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  17. Name: Senchi Hanatsu
    Gender: Male
    Age (13 - 17): 15
    Current Nation: Fire Nation
    Element or weapon: Fire bending. Is also skilled with a bow and arrow.
    Appearance: Senchi has short, scruffy black hair that tends to stick up more often than not. His skin tone is lightly tanned and he has silver grey eyes.

    As a fire nation soldier, Senchi wears a common grey undershirt and pants underneath the red and black armor. His armor includes a cuirass, tassets, a combination of shoulder pads and armored collar, and heavy boots. Along with his chest armor, the shoulder pauldrons, forearm bracers, and boots are also shades of red. The shoulder mantle goes over the grey undershirt but is worn beneath his helmet. The helmet has a neck guard, a flame-like crest and an intimidating faceplate shaped like an abstract skull.

    Personality: Strategic but sometimes a bit careless. Senchi is quite overconfident in his abilities and feels it’s unnecessary for him to prove anything. He tends to remain calm and relaxed in most other situations. Truthfully, at times he has his doubts about the war but covers most of it up with his aggressiveness on the battlefield.

    Backstory: Both his parents were members of the military. His mother was part of the Yuyan Archers, a group of elite, highly skilled fire nation archers. His father is a general in the fire nation army.

    Senchi was born around the same time the same time the Fire Nation had began their conquest. He was part of the first generation of students who were taught the new imperialist ideology. The one that betrayed the original idea of a peaceful, cooperative world order. Students his age were taught the fire nation was the greatest civilization that has ever existed and the war was its own way of sharing its greatness.

    Being the child of parents who strongly shared this ideology, Senchi really had no choice but to go along with these beliefs. Both his parents made him take education seriously and pushed him towards the path of becoming a high ranking officer in the military. By the age of ten, he was already far above his classmates in both tactical and bending skills. However, it was only when Senchi became 13 that he was allowed to join the military. Much to his dismay, he has been under the same Captain ever since...
  18. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Both look great, they add some good diversity to the cast, accepted.
    Accepted. Welcome to the fire navy, the greatest military force in the four nations o7.
  19. Name: Zimata "Z"
    Gender: Female
    Age (13 - 17): 14
    Current Nation:
    The Water Tribe (Northern)
    Element or weapon: Water Bending
    Appearance: Has lighter dark skin with a pair of emerald green eyes and some freckles. Has long black hair tied into a single ponytail and has a slender but athletic frame with a flat chest. Wears a blue, single sleeve top when she does not have it underneath a classical water-tribe style hooded jacket along with a blue skirt covering a pair of black underpants
    Personality: Has a fiery personality and passion that would make her fit in more with the Fire Nation than of the more tranquil water tribe. As someone who had to help care around the house with an responsibility and greater "provider" share came a sharp tongue as she is quite critical of her limited learning as a Water Bender; wanting to be like her father and a true master, rather than just a healer.
    Backstory: Growing up with a mother who was a respected healer and a father who at one point had been a bender of skill and great admiration, things changed when he begcame plagued with injuries, an infection and general fatigue which made him limited as the chief provider of his home. As such Zimata grew up having to help around her home due beyond general chores to her father's ailments becoming a bit mature early as well as a co "provider" thanks in part to her companion Aqua a trusty Polar Bear Dog; naturally this caused her to become a bit disinterested with her mother's desire to honor village tradition as a female water bender. As she wanted to be like her father, a great bender and a true master at the art rather than her limited role causing fights between the two to become frequent and her to seek secret self-training to try and become more skilled. With limited success, but when the war broke out things changed and it only caused her drive to rise in a time of growing conflict.
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  20. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Accepted, I will get my two ocs out later tonight but our cast is starting to look pretty nice.
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  21. Name: Sorro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Current Nation: Earth Kingdom
    Element or weapon: Earth bender who specializes in Bo Staff fighting.
    Appearance: Tall for his age, standing at about 6’1, with a nimble yet lean build, and white skin lightly sun-kissed from lots of exposure to the outside world.
    Shaggy burgundy hair that leans to the left in a bundle of messy spikes. Bangs are kept out of face via a long white sash tied around his forehead.
    Wears a thin, sleeveless, chocolate brown leather jacket. Dark grey arm wraps that begin around the base of the fingers, and end just below the elbow. Baggy dark grey pants on lower half. Matching brown, leather skin boots to protect feet.
    Has small black leather pouch attached to belt tied off on his left hip, and pale stone-grey Bo Staff tied off in a homemade holster on his back.
    Personality: Harsh and analytical on first greeting, but surprisingly warm once you get to know him.
    A confident and determined young man who takes nothing for granted. Outgoing and rather open minded. (Will be expanded upon in rp)
    Backstory: Sorro is an orphan of the Earth Kingdom with not the faintest clue of who his parents may be, nor does he care.
    He was raised in a small orphanage, and as he grew older, he decided to remain there and help take care of the new arrivals.
    Sorro was used to hearing that Earth benders were ‘common folk’ and ‘predictable’. And growing up in an orphanage, he was overlooked even more often than your average Earth bender.
    This never caused the young mans spirit to waver though, as he grew up with close ties to everyone who raised him, and had a simple yet relatively happy early life surrounded by his ‘brothers and sisters’.
    Once he was old enough to begin making decisions for himself, Sorro chose to pursue a title. He wanted to be better than average, and prove his worth as a warrior. On top of this, he wanted to be strong enough to defend the family he’s come to love.
    This young man strives for greatness each day, and won’t let anything or anyone stand in his way.
  22. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Can’t wait to see him in action, accepted.
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  23. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Just so everyone is aware, my characters are up on the first post of the thread, along with a list of accepted characters I will be updating as we get more people to join.
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  24. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    So when are we starting?
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  25. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    I will try to get the rp thread up later today so that we can officially get started.
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  26. I'm interested, but I won't be able to get my bio up until later tonight. Do you have enough room for one more?
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  27. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    I think we still have plenty of room, please feel free to submit your bio. Can’t wait to read it.
  28. Sorry for the wait! Here it is.

    Name: Tatsuhiro Eiji
    Gender: Male
    Age (13 - 17): 17
    Current Nation: Earth Kingdom
    Element or weapon: Eiji is an Earthbender who also wields a daisho; a katana sheathed against his back, and a shorter blade strapped to his waist.
    Appearance: Eiji stands at about 5'7 and has a slim but muscular build. His hair is black and smoothed back and to the left, aside from one or two bangs hanging in front, and his eyes are a deep gray. His usual outfit consists of a black tunic, trousers, and boots, and a dark green sash down the front of his torso. The sash is designed with a spiral pattern with a brighter green and kanji characters reading 不撓不屈 (Futou Fukutsu: Indomitable, Unyielding)
    Personality: Eiji may originally come off as cold and strict, but among trusted friends, he is shown to be extremely loyal (to the point of trusting them more than himself) and rather friendly.
    Backstory: Eiji was originally born to parents in the Fire Nation who opposed their philosophy and authority. When he turned two, his parents joined a resistance group that was quickly crushed by the superior army. In an attempt to save their son, Eiji's parents moved to the Earth Kingdom, where Fire Nation occupation of the land led to their demise, leaving Eiji alone starting from the age of 10. Suffice it to say, Eiji is rather opposed to the Fire Nation army and does what he can to assist resistance movements. Searching for ways to become stronger in order to fight back, he learned and trained himself in the art of Earthbending along with wielding his daisho.
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  29. Name: Shimara Jou
    Gender: Female
    Age (13 - 17): 16
    Current Nation: Earth nation
    Element or weapon: Earth Bending(prefers swift and free flowing movements), hand to hand combat
    Appearance: She stands at below average height with medium length black hair tied in two buns on top of her head. She wears a beige undershirt under a green armour vest with the earth symbol on it, a green skirt, open toed dark green boots and dark green fingerless gloves
    Personality: Does not like being told what to do, Shimara values her own freedom above all else. She is generally a very laid back person who from an outside view might seem lazy. Shimara is usually friendly towards new faces unless they try to boss her around.
    Backstory: Born to a noble family with a history of serving the emperor as temple guards, it almost seemed like Shimara’s destiny was written before she was even born. Growing up within the walls of the earth kingdom temple, Shimara spent her days studying and training to one day take up the mantle of guarding said temple. There was but one issue wth this plan, Shimara wanted to write her own destiny. She didn’t want to be forced to submit to others’ expectations of her. With this in mind, Shimara would often sneak out to explore and practice unconventional earth bending styles as opposed to the traditional style she’s forced to practice at the temple.
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  30. Lots of high contrast differences and similarities between us Earth Kingdom warriors.
    Should be fun to rp out.
  31. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    I better see Sorro make a pocket sand joke.
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  32. Nukas

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    Both accepted

    Finally got the rp thread up here's the link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/avatar-the-years-forgotten-rp-thread.21244/

    Feel free to use your first post as a way to just introduce your characters and their personalities.
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  33. You know it
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  34. @Nukas Are we gonna RP out the attack on the Northern Water Tribe or are you just going to describe what happened?
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  35. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    I was going to let everyone get their characters introduced and my next post was going to start the attack of the Fire Nation on the Northern Water Tribe.
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  36. Are we just waiting for everyone to introduce their characters?
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  37. Yes.

    Also I am not sure i'd call "seismic" sense a "basic" skill. Seems to be an advanced technique.
  38. Yeah, thinking about it now, the fact that it was shown that only Toph had it would probably make that something more advanced. I'll fix that right up; thanks for pointing it out
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  39. Toph and Bumi are the first earth-benders to use Seismic sense.

    Just incase anyone was interested in a little trivia nugget
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  40. Thanks for the fun fact
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