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Ask to Join Arynthian Adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Fallen_Angel, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. This RP is about a kingdom called Arynthia, and all of its Pokemon inside it's struggle to keep the peace against the Nighthollow Army. Arynthia is a kingdom set in a medieval timeline (so without things like poke balls and stuff). The Nighthollow Army is an army of corrupted Pokemon bent on the destruction and enslavement of all civilization and Pokemon. You must pick your character in a format like this:

    Side: Arynthian(Good), or The Darkhollows(Bad), or you could be neutral, like a thief or mercenary
    Rank: (What you are in the kingdom, blacksmith, army-man, servant, e.t.c)

    You may pick any Pokemon that is not a legendary (obviously). You may pick any rank that is not a singular occupation like King, Queen, General, High Priest, e.t.c. Try to keep the sides even, but if you choose the Darkhollows you may attack Arynthia, or any of the encampments or minor towns. If you want to live in one of those, you may make it up with my permission. All righty, let's get started!

    Pokemon: Arcanine
    Name: Blaze
    Gender: Male
    Side: Arynthian
    Rank: King
    Personality: Serious, but not a bummer, a clever tactician, quick-witted but slow to judge, fun to be around, if you're on his good side, understanding and caring, but not soft
    Moves: Flare Blitz, Extreme Speed, Outrage, Fire Blast

    King Blaze sat upon his throne, in his empty throne room, in the center of The Winter Palace, the castle of Arynthia. It was empty because his queen went out for the day, and most of his servants were sent away to help fight in the war. He couldn't stand it anymore, the war was so taxing, his people are getting antsy, the food supply is shrinking, everything is just not working the way it should. He hopped up and strode out of the throne room, then the grand hall, then the courtyard, past the gates, and into the busy marketplace. He passed by the common folk, each bowing as he walked by, on his way to the monument of his father, King Molten III. As he neared the courtyard where it was housed, the people started whispering, but he just kept on going, not letting it get to him. He nodded to the guards that manned the gates to the monument and they opened the gates. He walked right to the edge of the monument and said "What am I supposed to do?"
  2. Pokemon: Sandslash
    Name: Paisley
    Gender: Female
    Side: Good at heart, but technically neutral, as she is willing to sell her skills and goods to either side
    Rank: Scavenger/Tinkerer
    Personality: Somewhat timid in the wake of the war, Paisley is a brilliant minded tinkerer when it comes to metalworking. If she can calm herself down just long enough to think straight, then her skills as a strategist are just as sharp. She's too kind for her own good, and prone to getting stepped on by the Darkhollows as they demand her skills. Loves plants, as she carries around a flower crown as a comfort object, and strives to keep a small garden wherever she goes despite the fact that she's a vagrant.
    Moves: Metal Claw, Rollout, Dig, and Rototiller

    Not far from where the king roamed, the scrape and clatter of metal on metal assaulted the ears of all nearby. From deep within the common rabble, a young Sandslash by the name of Paisley drags a cloth full of scrap material through the marketplace streets. Toting the makeshift sack was no small task given her size, but in due time, she managed to bring it all back to her own market stall as she dumped the bag's contents out behind the counter. It was a slow business day, not that everyday wasn't slow. In a kingdom full of creatures whose punches can shatter solid earth and whose flames can melt stone, none were ever too interested in the weapons and armor she had to sell. Regardless, she struck her claws once, twice against the whetstone, letting the sparks fall into her waiting handful of soft grass as she kindled them to a flame with a tinkerer's expertise. Pulling a broad sheet of scrap metal from her pile, she held it over the small fire, turning it over and over until pliable before she quickly set it down atop her work space's anvil. Carving into the metal from either side, she layered the excess back on top before smashing it back down with a hammer. After she'd repeated the process more times than she could count, the metal had lost width in favor of length, and after applying a few finishing touches, she submerged the now-blade into a bucket of cool water, polishing the bottom of the soon-to-be sword as she fastened a hilt with twine. Thoroughly satisfied with her work, she looked the blade up and over proudly, before sighing sadly as she threw it under the counter with all the others. She wasn't surprised, what good's a sword if not everyone has arms to wield it?
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  3. After a while of consulting to the statue when nothing happened, he decided it was time to go to bed. He strode through the marketplace and into the castle, fuming over his father's indecisiveness about what to do. As he passed by, he heard a servant call to him from behind him, "What is it?" he said with an obvious tone of annoyance "Sir, the Darkhollow Army is closing in from the north, and it looks to be a lot of them."
  4. During her life as a vagrant, the sounds of an approaching army were all too familiar to Paisley. If there were one thing she'd learned, it was that a metalworker's occupation meant that you could only carry so much. She plucked the cloth she'd used earlier off of the counter and hastily filled it to the brim with just about everything she could manage without overdoing it. With her whetstone, hammer, flower crown, and a few other choice pieces from beneath the counter, she prepared to flee, sadly leaving the vast majority of her crafts, including the newly-made sword behind. Wait... are they coming from the South or the North? Her reception of sound, particularly where the sound comes from, was poor for a Sandslash, and she shakily pulled a small metal token from the pile of soon-to-be abandoned scrap. After scratching into one side with her claw, she threw it into the air. Scratch side for go North, no scratch for South, and as the makeshift coin landed in her waiting grasp, the decision was made for her that she would go North. Then again, which way was North? Pokemon rushed every which way in a stampede, some to flee and some to fight, and it was impossible to derive anything from her surroundings when six-foot behemoths blocked her path. Slinging her bag across her shoulder while gripped tightly in her claws, there was only one way to find out, and on a leap of rare courage, she charged into the masses. However, the wind was quickly knocked out of her as creatures much larger than she shoved to get by. In a daze, she let herself be swept both forward and back by the the unintentionally violent assault of panicked civilians until finally, with one final bump sending her out of the crowd and into the ground, she stood up, dizzy and confused, before realizing to her horror that she now faced the oncoming army head on.
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  5. Pokemon: Banette
    Name: Echo
    Gender: Male
    Side: Darkhollows
    Rank: Squad 8 leader
    Personality: Crazy, Untrustworthy, split.
    Echo has been tortured to become his crazy self. Held by the Darkhollows for his natural ability in taking orders no matter what they are. He never trusts anyone and no one ever trusts him. He likes it that way and always worsens his profile amongst the army. Feared and admired, he has gained a split personality and can change in an instant.
    Moves: Thunderbolt, Gunk shot, Dazzling gleam, Phantom force

    Echo laughed maniacally." Left or right? I wonder what they'll choose." He whispered to himself and tormented the shuppet, firing a gunk shot at it." You need to get stronger if you want to be in the Darkhollows." He grinned and tossed the shuppet aside. They were nearing their first target." Duskdown village. With this place as a diversion for the Arynthians we can slip past and perform the pinsir formation, excellent." He mused to himself and shoved past various other Pokemon, occasionally floating through them.

    The army stopped and he cursed." What's the hold up?" He snarled and a Zweilous answered." Oh Echo sir we have came across an obstacle... sir." The zweilous backed away and Echo lashed out at him." If your so scared go join the Arynthians. Here I'll show you how." He grinned and the Zweilous began to cry." Sir I'm sorry don't hurt me." This only enraged Echo and he grabbed the dragon." Sayonara coward." And with that, he threw the Zweilous headfirst into the ground infront of a sandslash." Don't tell me this is the obstacle?" He laughed and walked to the sandslash." Scram or we'll burn this hole you call a village." He threatened and laughed." What's ya name scamp? If you live long enough I might tell you mine."
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  6. Still stunned and roughed up from the marketplace mayhem, only two things had immediately registered in her mind. One, she had somehow managed to hold onto her cloth of goods through the chaos, albeit it was somewhat lighter now, and two, a Zweilous had just crashed to the ground in front of her, lobbed to the side like it was nothing by the same Banette that was now interrogating her.

    "P-Paisley sir, I was just leaving"
  7. Pokemon: Espeon
    Name: Serene
    Gender: Female
    Side: Arynthian
    Rank: Court Wizard
    Backstory: Serene hates violence, like more than anything, but if it comes to it she will not hesitate to fight. When she was still a child, she would collect all sorts of flowers and decorate her mom's cabin out in the wilderness. She loved things that were pretty, as she had a crimson rose tucked in her ear.
    Moves: Psybeam, Heal Pulse, Swift, and Teleport

    Serene rushed out of the gates, as soon as she heard the clear sounds of battle. She quickly scanned the battlefield for any people that were in dire need of help. Her eyes landed on a match between a Scyther and a Trevanant, and just as the Trevanant was about to strike the finishing blow on him, Serene teleported to them and tackled the Scyther out of the way. She used swift, and a bunch of little stars appeared above her and shot directly at her opponent. As the last one collided with him, he crumpled to the floor. She shot a bright bolt of healing light at the Scyther, and he was immediately refreshed. "You ready?" She asked "Oh yes!" he replied "Then let's go!" she shouted as she and the Scyther charged back into the fray once again.
  8. Echo laughed." Well Paisley because you are obedient I'll let you live. Now SCRAM!" He yelled and walked past her." Follow me you cowards or I'll play my guessing game with you." That scared the army and they ran to catch up with the battle.

    They marched over a hill and charged the enemy. Echo used dazzling gleam to break an entrance for him. He ran through the battle and used various moves on various different Pokemon, usually fainting them because of his freakish strength. He was an enemy's worst nightmare in a fight because he didn't fear death. He hit a Scyther in the face and used gunk shot to hopefully finish him. He laughed as he used Phantom force to appear behind an Espeon." I hope you like the afterlife. I'll visit you from time to time." And he brought his arms forward in a striking motion.
  9. Serene heard a sound behind her, like some sort of entity appearing into reality, and immediately her mind went to her book on ghost types, and to the page about Phantom Force, but it was to late, she felt something rake across her back and she flew forward onto the ground. She felt herself get a little dizzy as she stood up, but she said anyway "Ummm, it feels a little like nausea, but I'll live-giggle-but do tell me, how does this feel?" and with that the Scyther used X-Scissor directly onto the Banette's back.
  10. (OOC: Ah darn, looks like you got to it before me)
    Paisley was the first to admit that she wasn't the bravest. Sandslash by blood were meant to hide underground or so she had been told once upon a time. She'd just been spared! She should run, dig underground, whatever, just get out of there. Still, a ghost type move on a psychic type never ended pretty, and speaking of pretty, whether it was the rose tucked behind her ear or her hapless nobility, something about that Espeon entranced her in a way that she couldn't leave her and the Scyther to fight alone. She took aim the best that she knew how, as she had only used this technique so many times, before sprinting head on at the Banette as she purposefully tumbled. The momentum was enough, and with help from her quills, she rolled forwards with formidable speed as she smashed into the Banette from the side.
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  11. Echo cursed and turned after being hit in the back." You're a real pain ya know. I might keep you for my guessing game." He laughed like he was at a circus and wasn't in a life and death situation." Now do me a favour and die." He snickered and used thunderbolt directly at the Scyther and raked it along towards the Espeon.

    " Ya know that your living a lie. That King of yours is evil. He made me into this. I guess I should thank him though, I've never seen the world so clearly before." He grinned and used phantom force again. But this time he shot off a close range Dazzling gleam instead of actually using phantom force." Leave me alone." He whispered in the espeon's ear.

    Echo cursed and stepped to the side, a slight make from the attack." I thought I told you to scram!" He yelled and fired multiple gunk shots at Paisley.
  12. After the Scyther's move, she saw a Sandslash ram into the Banette's side, making him tumble away (Does that count as character-controlling?). Serene limped over to the Sandslash, and said "Thank you for that, we needed that a lot. Oh and um...I'm Serene, the Court Wizard to King Blaze, and you are?"
  13. Paisley didn't stop to answer. In fact, she didn't even hear the question being posed at her or notice the Espeon's presence as she frantically tried to escape the incoming gunk shots. She'd done her part, and now she wasn't sticking around. Recurling into her ball, she stuck her claws out from the gap in her quills, plunging them into the dry dirt as she dug quickly into the ground. So fast, in fact, that by the time she'd reached what she'd considered a safe depth, one of her claws had snapped in two as it snagged on a rock. She'd hardly noticed, as they were retracted back into the ball within moments. The sickening scent of the toxic sludge lodged between her spikes made it clear that she'd been hit a few times, and if she could think clearly, her heavy breaths would help her realize that she'd just been poisoned.
  14. ((Well now my dialogue doesn't make that much sense, so can we pretend those replies are switched?))

    The Scyther crumpled to the floor, dead, just as a thunderbolt arced towards her striking her chest. She fell to the floor and slid across it. I can't take anymore hits like that she thought Oh I know! And with that she teleported away. But she felt a sudden wave of guilt for leaving the Sandslash there, for she had helped her, but she ultimately decided she could get away if she had to, with dig, because she was a Sandslash and most Sandslashes can dig. So she limped inside that castle to warn the people.

    ((Again, it doesn't make much sense))
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  15. Echo cried out in pain." I'LL MAKE YOU PROUD DAD! I'LL BE A GOOD SHUPPET!" He was losing self control and ran head on at the espeon. He used phantom force to strike from behind. He didn't know if he hit but he kept going, appearing everywhere and using gunk shot, thunderbolt and dazzling gleam wildly, occasionally hitting an ally.

    He ran head on at the espeon and crumpled to his knees as he was half way there." I.. J-just wan-t to make him proud." He cried and assumed a ball position.
  16. As she walked through the gates, she used heal pulse on herself, and all her wounds closed simultaneously. Once she was healed enough, she charged into Kingdom Square where Pokemon were still running around frantically with there personal belongings clutched to there body. She slowly climbed to the top of the fountain, as she was still sore from the battle wounds. When she reached the top she started talking "Everyone! Calm down! Even with an army at our gates we will still stand tall! There is no need to panic! The only thing you must do is, go inside a shelter, lock the doors, boards the Windows, and stay quiet, if you do those things, you will be safe! Oh and I almost forgot...Who are we!?" she chanted "We are Arynthian!" All the Pokemon in the square chanted back "All right," she silently whispered to herself.
  17. Echo lost his mind and went beserk. He killed many more Pokemon before running at the gates of kingdom square. He used phantom force to throw a gaurd off of the gate and jumped into the square." Left or right." He called and the crowds turned into a frenzied panic. He pushed his way through the crowd and destroyed 2 more gaurds.

    " What's so special about your evil King? Answer me or I'll play the guessing game." He stared at the espeon and smiled." Pleasure to beat... I mean meet you again." He grinned a sickening smile and grabbed the body of a guard." You really post a Crocanaw on you gates? Pathetic." He tossed the gaurd and laughed.
  18. "Who are you calling pathetic? At least my kingsom's people like and trust me." She replied with extra emphasis on the word trust, as she knew about his no-trust relationship with his army, for one of the things she read from his clouded mind was that.
  19. Minutes pass as Paisley lay hidden in the ground, the poison hadn't quite taken its toll yet, but she'd calmed down long enough to realize that the effect was definitely there. The clashing sounds of war still raged all around her, though as far as she could tell, the fighting in her direct vicinity with the Espeon and Scyther and Banette has ended, for better or for worse, and she climbed cautiously out of her bolt hole as she peered at her nearest surroundings. Before her lay the Scyther, charred to a sickening crisp, with the slightest audible sizzle from the blackened corpse as heavy rain began to fall somberly to the ground. She turned her head, tears clouding her vision as she tried to get the bodies, the fighting, just everything out of her line of sight. Wiping her eyes, she spots the dark form directly behind her, and her heart stopped as she failed to draw breath. There, within mere feet of her, lay the Banette from before, curled into a ball not unlike how she herself does it. He sobs not-so quietly with his back to her, and Paisley gets that feeling again. She knows that she should run, or slash at him, or dive back underground, but she can't bring herself to do any of those things, much less think straight. However, this time the decision is made for her as the Banette suddenly snaps back upright, charging the gate in a berserk fury while massacring all that stand in his path. If the instinct to hide wasn't there before, it most definitely was now. Diving back into the bolt hole, she digs directly forwards into the ground, frenzied with fear after watching the rampage. She's an impressive distance away from the fight before she finally stops, catching her breath.
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  20. Echo spat and laughed." I don't care if they trust me or not. They will be treated how I would be treated. I don't trust others and they don't trust me. Anyway, I lived a nice life until the last King decided to punish my family for their ancestors actions. King Molten took me and made me into THIS! My father is merely acting out of what is right. I just need to prove to you." He grabbed the Croconaw and absorbed its soul.

    " I shall always hate the King." He said and grabbed part of the gate. Tears appeared in his eye and he croaked." Just help me, someone." He opened the gate for the army.
  21. The Darkhollows poured through the gates and into Kingdom Square attacking any and everything that moved. Surprisingly no one yet had noticed her, so she used that to her advantage. She launched Swifts, Psybeams, and Healing Pulses in every direction, because if she still had a living breath in her body, no one would die again. She soon spotted the Banette in the midst of the battle, so she teleported to his area and said "Call. Them. Off."
  22. Echo laughed. He grabbed her front paw and threw her at a wall. He was bored and walked out of the gate." My jobs done. But I want more, need more. I'll get it now." He turned back and jumped on a guard. He immobilised every guard and the earth shook around him." CRUSH IS HERE EVERYONE MOVE!" He heard someone shout and smiled." Now time for our handy little brick smasher." He laughed and a Rhyperior broke through the wall. He charged towards another gate and collided. The gate stood and he tried again.

    Echo grabbed a soldier and pinned him to the wall." Left or right?" He asked and the watchdog wheezed." Llleft." The Pokemon said and Echo laughed." Wrong." He used dazzling gleam and the Pokemon slumped to the floor.
  23. And for the first time all day it seemed, the world around Paisley was silent. However, while she took a moment to revel on the fact that her exhausted mind was finally clear, she'd broken out into a cold sweat. The air around her felt heavy, impossibly heavy, and it was hard to breathe. With the memory of the Banette and the gunk shots hitting her like a brick, her stomach lurched as she realized that the exertion must have sped up the poisoning process as her body was suddenly wracked with violent shivers. Weakly, she resurfaced, and climbing out of the hole took more effort than usual as a sudden wave of pins and needles almost made her fall back down. With her body firmly above ground, she looked desperately every which way for help.

    Like the sight of a lantern in total darkness, a single dot on the barren landscape stood, clearly a shelter of sorts as Arynthian Pokemon flooded in for safety. She stood upright, wobbling on her legs as all the blood rushed to her head. White dots appeared behind her eyes, and she cried out weakly, almost falling down a second time as it finally registered that she was dying. The line of Pokemon headed for the bunker was only getting shorter, and she knew very well that when kingdom shelters get locked, the doors don't open for anyone or anything. With newfound haste in her steps, she sprints the best that she can in her condition as her claws suck into the moistening earth. Her bag of possessions is long gone, she realizes, before focusing back to the task at hand. The line's dwindling. There's no way she can make it. She watches the final Pokemon, a Breloom, frantically hop forwards to get inside. With the very last of her strength, she curls up into a ball one more time, jetting herself forwards to the best of her ability until she feels herself get carried with rapidly growing speed down the hill. Seconds pass, her stomach lurching painfully again as her quills catch at the very bottom of the hill. She falls face-first into the mud, forced to uncurl from her ball, and she's made it just in front of the shelter. She looks up with the last of her hope, not even raising her head as the inevitable is clear: the door is shut. It's a miracle that she even managed to pick herself back up again, much less summon the strength to knock on the door even once.

    "P-Please," she cried. "Help me."

    But no one inside could hear her, and even if they could, the door was staying shut.
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  24. Serene woke up against a wall in the Kingdom Square, feeling very light-headed. The fighting was still going on, but luckily she wasn't noticed yet. She sat up and slowly crept over to the bushes, it was there where she noticed the only fighting going on was between the Darkhollows and the Royal Guard, which was made up of the best of the best guards, for they protected the king. All the civilians must be either dead or in some sort of shelter, most likely the big one in the outskirts of the castle she then decided to head out there, to help protect the civilians. She teleported to the gate and slipped out silently. As she snuck out to the shelter, she finally took in the whole, that was the battlefield. Hundreds of Pokemon lay dead scattered around, some friends, some foes. As she neared the shelter, she tripped over some sort of spiky rock. She looked down at it, and realized it was breathing. She quickly tipped it over and realized the supposed "rock" was the Sandslash that helped her earlier. "Oh my gosh! Are you ok!? Here let me help you." She said as she let out some healing light onto her. The poison started dissipating and the wounds closed. "Hello?" Serene asked.
  25. Paisley was sure that by now she was dead. She felt so light and rejuvenated, and the pain that was slowly leaving her body was quickly replaced by a comfortable warmth. Before her, an angel stood.

    Wait! Maybe the girl before her was an angel, but Paisley was most certainly not dead. It was the Espeon from before, blue eyes aglow as she shed some sort of healing light onto her. Breathing hard, and with growing discomfort in her quills, she realized that she was turned lamely over onto her back. Rocking herself forwards and back a couple of time, she managed to turn herself upright and on her feet.

    "H-Hi" she croaked and stuttered, still exhausted from the exertion of near-death. Raising an unsteady claw, she points at the Espeon's ear. "Your rose is really pretty."
  26. Pokemon: Mienshao
    Name: Sung-sun
    Gender: Female
    Side: Neutral
    Rank: Thief
    Personality: Mischievous, laid-back, a bit uppity when it comes to her fighting capability, independant
    Moves: Fake out, U-turn, High Jump Kick, Stone edge

    Munching on an apple, Sung-sun observed the Sandslash and Espeon from a nearby rooftop, perching silently and remaining completely unseen. After the Darkhollows had managed to breach the gate, she took advantage of the situation and stole goods from several market stalls while managing to slip away from any battles. Curiosity almost drove her to interact with the two pokemon as she was impressed by the healing ability of the Espeon, however she recognised the Sandslash as the seller behind one of the stalls and stayed right where she was. Sung-sun grinned to herself as she opened her cloth sack to take another peek at her spoils. She was fully aware that there were injured pokemon that could benefit from the various items she had stolen, but as always she kept all for herself. To her, nothing was more important than her own well-being.
  27. "Aww, thank you." Serene replied "If you would like to, I know a place to get flowers just as good as this, so we could go get a whole bundle of them, you know after this whole war-thing ends. Oh wait, I forgot to ask...actually I think I did before, but you must have not heard it at the time, but anyway what's your name?"
  28. Echo smiled and looked at the Mienshao." Are you pleased with our work? Runt." He laughed and jumped down to the floor." Well hello Paisely and the espeon that was a bit mouthy." He looked at Paisely and smiled." So I did hit you. I fell sorry for you. I'll tell you my name." He grabbed a guards helmet and threw it across the square into a window, smashing it." I am son of the Darkhollow Emperor, oldest and heir to the throne, captain of squad 8." He bowed and laughed maniacally.

    " Who the hell was that Mienshao friend of yours on the roof? She looked like she knew you." He frowned and walked closer to the duo." I feel like I know the epseon from somewhere. Yes your Serene. The court wizard I used to know before I was chained up." He laughed and grinned." Do you remember me, Serene?"
  29. Startled, Sung-sun shivered upon being addressed by the Banette. Being noticed by him was very surprising as she prided herself in her awareness of her own surroundings and was sure she would be able to sense anyone approaching her. She had observed his merciless killing from earlier on and immediately felt threatened by his presence. Not wanting to be caught with her stolen goods, she quickly slinked further out of sight and abandoned her perch.
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  30. "I do. But this has got to stop. Now. You're hurting innocent Pokemon, and for what revenge on a Pokemon's ancestor for what they did to you all those years ago?"
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  31. Echo laughed and drew a map of the kingdom in the soil and labelled various places." 2000 years ago, give or take a few centuries, Arynthia was in ruins. Disorder was caused from the death of the first king who colonised this land. In the chaos two Pokemon seeking to set the land right stood up and united the land. They rebuilt settlements like these." He pointed at a mark in the south labelled Trevine Town." When My ancestor started to suspect his companion, the King, was insane he tried to murder him. The people of the land saw it the other way and my ancestor was executed. Now to the present." He changed the map a bit, adding more towns and expanded the map to include the land controlled by the Darkhollows." When you present Kings father was still on the throne he saw that my family were still to be blamed. He took me, the oldest, as a hostage and... experimented on me." He paused briefly and spat at a statue of King Molten." My father was wroth and started this war. In the end this is just a vengeance story that will most likely dishonour my family even more, without the Arythians knowing the true past." He finished and cursed." I shouldn't have told you that."
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  32. "I'm Paisley." she said abashedly, embarrassed to apparently not have listened the first time she asked, before clearing her sore throat to speak clearly again. "I'd like that a lot. I love flowers too, I even have a flower crown that I always—" she suddenly remembered that it, among her other possessions, were in the cloth sack that she'd dropped along the way. "Well, I guess I don't anymore. I dropped it and all my other stuff too when I hid underground."

    "Well hello Paisley..."

    Speak of the devil, Paisley's heart sank when she heard the voice from before grow too close for comfort, and the Banette even addressed her personally as he sauntered up. From what he had told them, he's the Darkhollow Prince, if that's how their ranks worked, but a Mienshao though? It was clear that Paisley had a soft spot for pretty Pokemon, and a Mienshao certainly fit the bill, and while she'd always wanted to meet a Mienshao, she sure didn't know any right now.
    Still, as the two argued, it was clear that a fight was ready to break out if something didn't happen soon. With the Espeon, Serene as he had called her, by her side, Paisley felt as if she could take a chance. This Banette was the most powerful force she had ever known to exist, but at the same time, she had seen him at his weakest, and she knew how to strike a nerve. Cutting their argument and his ancestry spiel short, Paisley said aloud with more assertiveness and solidity than she had been able to manage in a while, directly to the Banette's face.

    "You were crying."
  33. Echo laughed." Crying is natural. I cried because of the pain in my brain, not my weakness. Hehe that rhymed." He remembered where he was and frowned." You'd be like me if you had to live my life. No matter who you are, you can break in an instant." He drew to arrows. Each pointing in the opposite direction." I won't play it properly but here's the game that caused my so much pain I snapped." He grinned and looked at Paisley with psychotic eyes." Left or right?"
  34. She wasn't here to play his games. She just wanted to live her life, and the realization that he's the reason she hadn't been able to do that awakened a rare reserve of anger within her. "Me and my life," She snapped, imitating him in an over-gravelly voice, "Is that all you can think about? I wear down my claws day after day trying to make a living, yet every time you people show up, I have to leave it all behind, again and again as the cycle repeats itself. You've got it rough? Yeah, well so do I." She thought about what she was doing, but she was too fed up, and she wouldn't stop now. "Oh what, are you gonna cry now? I know it's only natural, I cry, and I cry because of you. Why not go on another rampage? Terrorizing innocent civilians will solve all your problems I bet, and you can start right here with me."

    The look on Serene's face snapped her immediately out of her tangent, and Paisley realized with horror the wrath that she's surely just evoked on herself. Her ears flatten, fear returning, as she stutters out one final word.

  35. Sung-sun continued to watch curiously, her tail swishing rhythmically like a pendulum within a ticking clock. Now more than ever, she felt like joining in with the action. A high-ranking Nighthollow with that kind of background? If she could manage to overthrow him in a fight, the loot she would steal could be ridiculously valuable.
    'If I do that' she pondered 'That Espeon and Sandslash would feel like they owe their lives to me. Or at least the Sandslash would never suspect me of having stolen her goods. Sounds like a plan.'
    Tying up her cloth sack, she tucked it safely away among some shrubbery and jumped down to join the fray. Landing expertly on her feet between the Banette, Espeon and Sandslash, she instantly thrust both arms upwards to extend several rocky pillars from the ground using her stealth rock move and arranged them in a protective circle around herself and the other two female pokemon.
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  36. "Who are you?" Serene asked with a look of pure confusion "Where did you come from? And why are you doing this?" She couldn't see what they were doing from beyond the rocks, but she was still worried for the mysterious Mienshao.
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  37. Echo smiled and looked at Paisley." If we were playing the game you would have just gained 20 lashes. Wrong." He giggled." Do you like the game? I spent half of my life playing this game." He coughed and sighed." This Mienshao is annoying." He used phantom force and stood behind the Mienshao." Go away." He said and walked off to Serene.
  38. As he appeared behind her, she instantly felt those same chills.
    'He is a ghost type, I suppose' she thought to herself 'That's going to put me at a disadvantage'
    Quickly, Sung-sun snapped back to attention. Using U-turn, she dashed up to the terrifying Banette and wrapped her flowing sleeves around him, swinging him straight back round and slamming him against the rocks.
    'Nevermind about me! I can hold him off for a while' Sung-sun panted as she spoke to the Espeon 'You're a psychic type right? Do some of that teleporty stuff, take the Sandslash and get out of here!'
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  39. "All right!" She said as she bolted to Paisley placed her hand on her back and teleported fifty yards away. She could still see the Mienshao and the Banette fighting, she decided it wasn't far enough away so she once again placed her hand on Paisley's back, and teleported away. By now they were almost on the other side of the castle, as she decided to drop Paisley off somewhere safe and then go help protect the king. She turned to Paisley and said "You stay here and be safe, unless you want to help with the king, which is what I'm doing. But it's all your decision."
  40. (Btw @mienscapone thats character controlling and its against the rules. Just don't do it next time please.)

    Echo cursed." Damnit I wasn't trying to fight you get lost!" He shouted and destroyed the rocks around him with Dazzling gleam." I'm not here for a fight. Unless you want to die." He walked past the broken rocks and saluted." See ya." He snickered and vanished.

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