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Open An Unusual Occurrence

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Il Fantasma, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. (OOC: The discussion thread's here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/an-unusual-occurrence.13898/#post-291753 You don't need to ask to join this, though, just hop right in! <.>)

    The day was gloomier than usual. Seemingly everywhere in the world there was rain that fell from the overhead clouds, and it got harder as every second passed. It was that odd time of the day, where the world grew more energetic- or, at least, its inhabitants did. Yes, the time was mid-afternoon, and school was just getting out. Many students fled from the buildings to their specified buses, while others held back, headed to the fields for sports.

    One specific person, though, knew exactly where she was going and why.

    Will it hatch today? Phantom wondered, plugging her earbuds into her ears and staring out a bus window as she headed back home. God, I hope so. I've been waiting forever! The freshman spoke in her mind about a very popular game series: Pokemon. Omega Ruby, to be exact. She'd been trying to hatch her first shiny after completing the game for the first time, and had been at it for only about 20 minutes before she had to go to bed, since school started at a way-too-early 7:20 for her, and she knew she needed to be at the bus stop on time. Well, way-too-early in her eyes, at least.

    Once her stop came into view, she collected her things, slinging her backpack over her shoulder, waiting for the vehicle to come to a stop to step off. Looking up the cul-de-sac her home resided on, she sighed, heaving her things higher onto her back and starting the trudge up the street, listening to My Chemical Romance instead of the silence of her neighbors who walked alongside her.

    Finally, she had made it to her house. Being the first one home of her family, Phantom took her house key out of her backpack's front pouch, using it to unlock the back door and gain access inside. Again, she hiked her things up so they wouldn't bother her as she walked upstairs into the main floor, and she proceeded to do so. Opening the door at the top of the stairs, the first thing the girl looked at was her dog- a 4-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. "Hellooo, Audrey, baby!" she greeted, playfully, voice cracking slightly as she walked over to the living room, moving the gate that kept the dog from getting out of the kitchen to the side, and dropped her stuff off next to the couch. "Y'know what, Audrey?" Phantom questioned, looking back to the tiny animal, who was wagging her stubby tail frantically, "Screw homework, amirite? I'm playing Pokemon! Besides, there's no one to stop me!"

    Plopping herself on the couch, Phantom scooped the Yorkie, placed her down on the couch next her her, then leaned over to grab her pink Nintendo 3DS. I only wish they'd gotten me, like, blue or something, she said in her mind, scrunching her nose up in disgust at the otherwise hated color of the device, remembering getting it as a Christmas present. Oh well... Better this than nothing, right? Turning the DS on, a random jolt of energy surged through her body as the shorter girl kicked around wildly, ecstatic that she was now able to play the game after seven-or-so hours of 'hell', as she called school. "I better get that shiny, Audrey! I better!" Glancing over to her dog, she slumped in her seat at her current position- as close to her leg as possible, snout buried between it and the couch's cushion. "Really, Dog? Why do you always do this?" she questioned, smirking as the game started up.

    Skipping the video that started the game, the light brown-haired girl used an index finger to re-position her red glasses higher up on the bridge of her nose, since they had slid down. Once she had clicked into the game using her stylus, Phantom got right to work, using her bike and Larvesta to make the egg-hatching process go faster.

    She had been sitting there for only about a half an hour when it started. At first, it seemed like another dud, another normal Pokemon. But, as she heard the sheep-like cry, she started, looking up to her brother, who had walked in not that long ago, for a split second before studying the purple Mareep that was shrouded in sparkles on her DS's upper screen. "Oh my God..." she spoke quietly, getting louder by the minute. "Oh my GOD! YES! IT FINALLY HATCHED!" Fist-bumping the air, Phantom deemed her new favorite Pokemon Audrey, after her Yorkshire Terrier puppy(?).

    The screen turned black, as it normally did after an egg hatched, but this time it did not brighten up with a picture of her character, May, again. "Uhhh... whaT."

    Instead of the picture she expected, the screen shined a brilliant white color, causing Phantom to shade her eyes with a hand. "This doesn't look good." Throughout the house, wind picked up, carrying papers, dirty dishes, and even Audrey with it. As quickly as she could, Phantom sprang up, caught her dog, held her close to her chest as she squinted her eyes up to her 3DS, which had moved directly to a spot in the midst of the wind and debris, unfaltering when it stopped its motion. The wind suddenly changed direction, moving counterclockwise seemingly into the DS's screen. Everything it had picked up fell to the carpeted floor just before it could get to the electronic- but by this time, the wind began to sweep Phantom off her feet. Eyes wide, she cried out to her brother: "Take Audrey! Quick!"

    Scrambling from his spot on the opposite side of the couch, awestruck at the scene in front of him, Phantom's brother grabbed the dog from her grasp. Before he could even reach out to his sister, though, she had vanished. "Ph-PhANTOM!" he cried out, placing Audrey down on the couch as he dropped to his knees, tears streaming down his face. "WH-WHERE'D-D YOU G-G-GO!?"

    Phantom was unable to hear him as she traveled in a void for at least a minute or so. As quickly as this had all started, though, it came to a stop, with the girl face-planting into the ground she had spawned a foot over. Picking her head up, she instantly recognized the terrain as grass, but was unsure where the grass was located, where the obviously possessed 3DS of hers had dropped her. She took her glasses off, wiping all the dirt from their lenses with the bottom of the shirt she wore under her sweatshirt. When she replaced them on her nose, her eyes widened in surprise at the bright, sunny view before her.

    Well. This place looks familiar, doesn't it?

    Behind her, a short road led off to a cute, little village. She could see people scattered about, but their positions reminded her of something she did not like to think of that much. In front of her, a massive building full of noise stood, but it was the shack on the side of the path that resided in front of a fenced-in field that got her attention. Using tiny footsteps, Phantom shuffled over to the fence, peering over the other side at the creatures that played within its boundaries.



    "WHAT," Phantom said out loud, loud enough to scare the old man that stood not that far away from her.

    "What's all the fuss about, youngster?" he asked, looking over to the freshman.

    "Um... Where am I? That probably sounded really dumb..." she asked, eyes wide as she slowly turned to face the man.

    "Why, Mauville, of course!" the man answered, simply.

    Backing up slightly, Phantom looked back to the people behind her, noticing the rustling in the taller portion of the grass. "What do I do?" she whispered to herself, turning to face the entrance to Mauville City. "What, will Audrey pop up next? My Mareep, I mean," she continued, quietly. "Well, let's go this way, I guess..." And with that, the girl who had no idea what had just happened to her, or how she would get home, shuffled off into the artificially-lighted city, dying to throw her hood over her head, but she restrained herself from doing so.

    (OOC: So that's a day in the life of me! Sorta. xD Don't feel like you have to go into this much detail. I only did for the sake of the first post. Plus, all the info above actually happened at some point in time, but it's all insignificant, so I felt fine with sharing it with y'all. Also, feel free to use your username for your name in this, okie? Unless you want to use your real name, but I don't think anyone really does.)
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  2. Kiri who was a sophomore in high school, slept on his desk in chemistry, the last period of the day he yawned slightly as he rubbed his spiky black hair which suited his tanned brownish skin he stood up on his chair as he looked to his partner sitting at the desk playing Pokemon, concealing it from the teacher Kiri's eyebrows raised as he spoke "Your playing Pokemon?" The silent kid nodded slightly as the bell ringed and Kiri got up as the flood of students dabbed him up on their way out Kiri has gotten more known by the school ever since he shaped up and started being more outgoing, abondoning Pokemon in the process, he lugged his backpack over his shoulder as he began to walk out as he was stopped by the silent boy who was playing Pokemon earlier as he simply says "T-Thanks for asking by the way.." Kiri paused for a moment, and with a quick nod he smiled brightly "Yeah don't worry about it!" Kiri said nicely as he walked away, the one thing he retained is his heart and kindness as a kid

    As Kiri was walking home, his phone rang as he picked up it could've been all the people that he's gotten to know but instead it was his little sister "Kiri! Since I get off from school later I'm going to my friends after and I'm bringing my DS there so pack it for me" Kiri sighed at his little sisters request he simply exhaled and said "Yeah yeah don't worry about it Sis, Dex and Ky right?" Kaito asked as he attempted to pronounce one of the games since he couldn't really keep track of any of the games past Unova Leauge aka black and white "X! AND! Y!" His little sister shouted as she hanged up Kiri kept on walking not really caring "Natalia is still no any less annoying"

    Eventually Kiri arrived home, he plopped his backpack at the entrance and took a cold water out of the fridge as he continued walking to get her sisters ds set up, as after a couple of minutes he was all set for her sister which still hasn't come "Jeez what's taking her so long..." Kiri stared at his sisters 3DS pouch which contained more then a 3DS in one of the pockets, as he unzippered it, revealing his old saved games "That girl...she saved them" Kiri says with a smile as he booted up the 3DS pressing the button to start the X version to X & Y that his sister got him when she got Y so they could play together which they never did largely part to Kiri's change when he started to try and become more "Calm" as he would put it

    As he booted up the screen he spammed the A button skipping through all the dialog and the easy stuff, when all of a sudden he remembered how he starts where he saved when he played the first minutes before ditching it for his sister, the screen showed three starters a Fox a weird green thing and a frog, the game began to show random numbers in the background behind the three starters he assumed it was part of the game

    He didn't really care at first but since his sister chose Fenniken the fire Pokemon starter Kiri got a smirk on his face "I'll choose the water one, I could always win against her no matter what hehe" Kiri tapped on Froakie as nothing happened, it simply acted as if he never pressed on a starter anything at all "Oi...you little shit let me choose you" Kiri said as he continuously pressed on the A button getting frustrated with every motion

    When all off a sudden the screen went black, as light began to emerge from the screen all white it began to blind him completely as he stood up in shock as he couldn't see anything everything was white from the heavy light he lets go of the 3DS waiting for a thump on the ground but instead, the next thing he knew the second he blinked the ground dissapered and almost like he teleported he was free falling in the sky the only sound he could hear was the wing rustling in his ears as he shouted "WHAT THE FUCCCCC" His shout was cancelled as all he could see at the bottom was a forest with green plains Kiri struggles frantically waving his arms around but ultimately did nothing to his position

    Off in the distance, in the sky just a bit higher from where he's falling he can see weird creature a blue creature on four legs with lines of white on its body, it stared at Kiri and dissapered in a blue light vanishing

    "WHAT....." Kiri said as he was inturupted, as his body crushed against a small pillow of a stomach, where he was supposed to be a splat his thoughts were inturupted by landing on a Snorlax's stomach, and like he's fallen on a trampoline Kiri goes flying horizontally his body crashing onto the grassy plains with a loud thud, not as bad as he would've beforehand his body fell limb as the only sound that could be heard was loud groan coming Kiri as other Pokemon began running away from the strange human Kiri hasn't noticed the Pokemon since his head is currently on the grass, with his plain white t-shirt and his blue hoodie, as he finished off his weird look with his blue jeans and red and white shoes
  3. Another day suffering through school came to an end. Walking all the way down his street, Zane was panting by the time he reached the hill which atop he lived. His heavy backpack was a burden, but he trucked on until at last, he was inside. His crazy untamed mess that he called hair was plastered to his head, his tan skin glowing with sweat. The heat didn't mix with his completely black outfit, such a smart choice he made. Throwing his backpack to the ground in frustration, he ripped it open and took out his massive chemistry notebook, heading directly to his secluded room. The air conditioner was off, him being the only one home at the moment, so of course Zane turned it on. He stood in front of it for a while, cherishing every second of cold air. Wildly shaking his head, he focused his attention on his chemistry homework.

    "... Okay, basic continuum mechanics... can't forget to do the math... P times V over T equals k, so... if T equals 317 Kelvins, and V equals ... okay... aaaaand done! God, finally!" Zane said, sticking a hand into the air triumphantly.

    The second he was finished with his homework, he got right to work turning on his electronics. He booted up his computer, turned on his piano and fiddled around with it for a few seconds, then headed straight over to his prized 3DS XL. He shoved the Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire cartridge into the slot and turned on the game. Okay, so let's see. Last I left off, I was right in front of Wallace's gym, ready to take it- huh?

    For whatever reason, Wallace's sprite didn't look right to Zane. It looked just a bit... off. He messed with the 3D settings, thinking that was the cause, but it wasn't. He shrugged it off. continuing with the game. He finally beat most of Wallace's Pokemon, getting to the final one before something weird started to happen. Several random numbers erupted from behind his Milotic. Huh, weird... am I trippin'? Might be, after walking through that heat only to dive straight into Chem, Zane thought to himself. He messed with the 3D settings again, but as he turned them all the way up, his screen suddenly went black. "Wait, huh?" He said aloud, looking at the 3DS XL in shock.

    A blinding light erupted from the screen, causing Zane to fall backwards onto - nothing!? The last thing he heard was a strange voice saying: "Save file corrupted, backing up to previous state..." before he was completely blinded by the light, falling into the nothing.

    ... ... ... WHAT THE?- OW!

    Zane landed head first onto a tile of some sort in God-knows-where, his eyes jolting open. He looked around, still lying on the ground. It looked like he was in some sort of mall or something... wait a sec. This mall looks too familiar. Where?... Zane asked himself rhetorically as he struggled to get up. He felt his pockets, feeling absolutely nothing aside from his wallet. He took it out, inspecting the contents. What the?! These aren't normal dollars! They are PokeDollars! What the heck is going on here?! He ran aimlessly until he was outside of the mall-like area, then he walked until he was absolutely sure that he was lost.

    "What's all the fuss about, youngster?"

    Zane heard a voice, thinking it was addressing him, but it wasn't. Someone else was being spoken to.

    "Um... Where am I? That probably sounded really dumb..."

    "Why, Mauville, of course!"

    At this point, Zane had lost it. "Hold the phone right there, sir. Mauville? As in, Mauville City? How in the heck did I go from my bedroom straight to freakin' Mauville!? This place shouldn't even exist! I'm dreaming! This is a cruel dream! I'll wake right on up now!... Right now!..."

    He walked around the girl and the man in circles, constantly hitting himself in the forehead and hoping he would arise from his slumber - that is, until he tripped, falling face first onto the ground. Refusing to get up, he mumbled to himself. "No, no, this isn't happening, this is a lie, this reality is an illusion, this universe is a hologram..." Zane repeated over and over, hoping that at some point everything would correct itself.
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  4. Chris suddenly started to shut his studying and homework all behind him as one of his college roommates, Juilana said to him, "Why you skipping your homework and studying to give better play your 3DS nonsense pokemon gam--?" she said when she got interupted by Chris saying, "None of your business... I'm playing right now, and this game is cool." he said, starting to play his favorite game, pokemon x and y. He moved to right, trying to get to Snowbelle City, for his eighth gym badge. His other roommates glared at him as Juilana talked about his nonsense. Good thing his so called 'crush' was in the room, or she would be mad at him.

    He ignored his roommates, continuing to the city. He finally arrived there, sighting in a relief. "Now it is time to heal his pokemon," he thought. Chris went to the pokemon center and healed his pokemon.
  5. ( Is THIS how it works..? )

    Violet's eyes glazed open as she stared at the puddle with her food splattered on it. She silently sat down beside the puddle, sniffing. Without thinking, she brought out her Nintendo 3DS XL and had logged on to her Pokemon X. She decided to just go with the flow. She realized where she was and flipped. "WHY AM I OUTSIDE THE ELITE FOUR'S PLACE AGAIN!?" She cursed. She calmed down as she saw the number of children gaping at her, and she smiled sweetly and looked back at the game. But instead of the Elite Four's place now, it was just a black screen, motionless and colorless. She slammed the device onto the ground.

    "Broken already, to the gods!" She whispered furiously, holding back tears. That game meant so much to her. It had been her only source of happiness ever since THEY left her...no. She stared at the screen, as if daring it to start exploding. It didn't. Slowly, she realized she was being dragged slowly towards the 3DS. She grabbed the 3DS and put it inches near her face. To her surprise, something happened.

    She woke up, feeling disgruntled. "Wha - ?" A bird sound broke through the window and she screamed and punched it with her pillow. "GAH!" She stopped. "Wait.." She heard the music. She knew the music in this game and quickly knew she was in the start of her X and Y journey. She gulped, frantically looked around and slumped on the bed. "Please..please, don't let my badges and pokemon disappear.." She let the tears out, and they came at once, tearing out of her.

    "HONEY!" That voice..it was Sierra Veniles, her mother! What was her mother doing in X and Y? She looked up, still crying. But she was bombarded by the sprite version of her mother, as she hugged Violet tightly. "Why are you crying?" Sierra said, looking in Violet's eyes. Violet just gaped at herself, realizing the same exact look she had drawn and colored on a paper and pictured on her 3DS. She suddenly looked up.

    "It's your first day of being a trainer! Why are you crying?"

    said her mother. No. No. No,no,no...
  6. (Vio, if you redo the post, please delete the first.)
    Zach groaned as he got up the couch to get some medicine, sickness washing over him like the thunderclouds overhead. After just dumping one or two of the pills in his mouth, he wobbled back onto the couch and loaded up his Pokemon Alpha Sapphire game.

    The character was standing back at his house. Of course, this was because he just defeated victory road. His trusty Shiny Metagross stood at the front of the party. Suddenly, Zach noticed a small "poisoned" symbol next to Metagross. "What! That can't happen. Is the game glitched?" Zach moaned. The health slowly started draining, even though he was just in the menu. The character flashed onscreen, going from black to white. It made Zach more sick than he already was. "Metagross fainted!" Showed onscreen before Zach fell into darkness.

    When he woke up, the first thing he noticed was a bright light. A tall person, which he assumed was a paramedic, was checking his eyes as a pink ball sat on the side. Has his vision cleared, the nurse left the room as the pink blob followed out. "Chans-chansey..." It seemed to argue with the nurse.

    Am I hallucinating? No, this seems so real..

    Suddenly, Zach felt a small nudge from the side. He looked over at the source to see a Beldum sitting there. Wait, a Beldum? And it's shiny as well... How? He pondered on this until he noticed a small red ball hanging from his neck. Flipping it over, he saw white as well. This is either a very elaborate prank or this is real. So far, I am leaning towards the latter..
  7. ( Actually, i did, is it not working on yours..? Gotta go tho, sorry.)
  8. (OOC: @DaVioletElite ?? If you have any questions, place ask in the discussion thread.)

    (I'll just use my go-to fake name, then.)

    A male had approached her and the man, almost as surprised as she was. At the sound of the references, Avalonia smirked, looking at the male. "I suppose you're not from around here?" she asked, leaning on the fence. "Neither am I. I'm from a... A faraway place. I think. Hey, sir." Ava turned to the old man. "Have you ever heard of America?"

    "A...merica? Can't say I have, youngster."

    Eyes re-widened, the freshman turned to face the male that had just arrived. "Uh-oh... Um, where are you from, might I ask? It seems like we're in the same pickle... So sorry if we're not..." she asked, tugging on the collar of her sweatshirt awkwardly, sweat beginning to form on her forehead from the heat shining down from the sky.
  9. Kiri slowly got up, as he rubbed the back of his head as the new bruise on the side of his ribs began emerging, Kiri slowly got up with his grass stained hoodie and jeans he began to look around the strange forest around him, as he saw a strange Yellow like duck stare at him shouting PSYY when they made eye contact as Kiri's jaw dropped "a PsyKuck?" Kiri pronounces poorly as he began to finally see the other Pokemon around him, Kiri was in shock as he began seeing what only was his childhood coming back for him, Kiri looked up at the sky and shouted with all his might "WHERE THE HELL AM I!!!"
  10. Zach looked around as he petted the small steel-type. The whole building was white and a bright red. Suddenly, a gentle voice came into the room. 'You seem to be a-ok. Zach Ray, you are free to go.' That message repeated itself before the intercom shut off and the door opened into the main center. People were rushing around, small Pokemon following beside them.

    Zach walked to the door, which automatically opened for him. He saw a small, grass filled plaza with a replica tower in the center. Exploring the nostalgic place filled him with excitement as he walked past the shops and up and down the stairs. The Beldum seemed really happy as well, floating circles around him. Suddenly, the Beldum- no, his Beldum floated to two other people as an old man walked away from them like they were insane.

    A small spark lit inside himself as he heard what they were saying. He ran towards them as his Pokemon followed beside him. "Hey, I might be insane, but... I think I am in your situation as well." Zach admitted, feeling quite nervous.
  11. Kiri exhaled a lot since he was out of breath from his rough transition, he got up and rubbed the back of his head once more as the Pokemon began going back at their daily activities, Kiri looked up at the sky then at the trees "I can't be..." Kiri couldn't help but crack a small smile at the nostalgia he's witnessing as he claps both of his palm to both of his temples expecting to snap out of it "I'm...in..Pokemon?" Kiri says confused but not completely hating it, as suddenly he's reminded of his responsibilities in the real world "What's gonna happen when Nat gets back!?" Kiri looks around and sees a dirt road commonly used for traveling "That better lead to somewhere out of here" Kiri said as he began sprinting despite the pain in his side heading towards the small dirt road, with grass stained clothes that cause him to stand out
  12. Soon a big flashing light appeared in the 3DS. Chris didn't look directly, closing his eyes. When he finally opened his eyes, he appeared in a very strange world of Pokemon (his opinion). "Uhh... is this the world of Pokemon?" he asked himself. "Maybe...." Chris saw some pikachus up up ahead from him. He didn't notice anyone else that looked like they came out. "HELLO? ANYONE?!" he shouted out. 'This is just great, he thought.
  13. "A-America? O-oh, I'm from there t-too." Zane spoke, somewhat softly.

    Interacting with other human beings face to face (what he referred to as "peopling") was always a difficult task for Zane, as he preferred to stay alone. Considering the situation he was in, he felt it would be better to find a few people, thinking maybe they could find a way to explain what in the heck had happened to them. "So, uh... um... names! What's name your- er, name is- ugh! Gimme a sec."

    Zane picked himself up, only to notice another person. If he was wearing his precious grey scarf, he would've hid in it. Considering the heat that beat down on him from the sun, he actually might not have, but there was always a chance. From the sounds of things, this new person was in the same boat as them, the difference being this guy had a Shiny Beldum with him. While Zane might not have been the best with "peopling", he was practically a living Pokedex. Stats, Abilities, Movesets, Egg Groups, Egg Moves, etc., you name it, he probably knew it. Discarding his previous shy attitude for a nerdy opportunity, he rushed over to the Beldum. "Ah, Beldum, Pokemon #374. A Steel and Psychic type, known as the Iron Ball Pokemon. If I remember correctly, Beldum keeps itself floating by generating a magnetic force that repels earth's natural magnetism. When it sleeps, this Pokémon anchors itself to a cliff using the hooks on its rear. Or at least, that's what Alpha Sapphire says... oh my gosh- uh..."

    He stepped back a bit, realizing he just had a super-nerd moment. He pushed up his glasses - surprisingly in tact despite the apparent fall - and coughed awkwardly. "Names, what are yours?" Zane asked quietly, shifting in place.
  14. Kiri began to wonder along a bunch of routes, just waiting to meet someone little kids running past him seeing he's not a trainer Kiri sighed "If this is the Pokemon world where the hell are my Pokeballs" Kiri says in disbelief as he waits for someone to at least get what he's going through as exhaustion
  15. Simon stared disdainfully down at his sheet music for a piece called "A Canadian Trilogy", saxophone in hand and both a Ventolin and Flovent on standby just in case. He'd been trying to switch out of music since he'd been diagnosed with a somewhat miraculous case of asthma, but, to his misfortune, elective changes were closed for both freshmen and sophomores in the first semester of a very long term.

    As a way of coping, he had a rather banged up 3DS to his side, as well. He'd loaded up Pokémon: Omega Ruby because it was the only game he could find, and because he had sent all of his good Pokémon from previous games into the sleek white cartridge. He was taking on the Elite Four for the umpteenth time whilst cranking out a crude G Major on the alto. Eventually he gave up on the music entirely, much more immersed in defeating Drake than wrestling with I's The B'y.

    It was only when he'd noticed a small corruption error in the background of his game that he frowned and lifted his glasses to further inspect what looked to be a Trojan virus his computer had contracted months ago. He had taken a course on basic engineering two semesters ago and he knew that there was no possible way someone could remotely interfere with his game's coding. He was contemplating texting his dad a picture of the strange glitch when his throat suddenly contrasted without warning. Stunned and gasping for breath, he lurched for the small blue inhaler that withheld his Ventolin.

    Although he'd reached for it, Simon found that he was clutching at nothing. The room spun and he savagely beat at his ribs in hopes that it'd jumpstart his lungs, theatrically regretting every decision that lead up to this point and melodramatically wondering if this would be his end. Daft and lightheaded, he fell into darkness.

    Simon woke with a wheeze and with his glasses askew on the bridge of his nose. He felt like he was waking from a coma, vision blurry and head filled with fog. His heart raced with a dull panic as he realized he was no longer in his room and he shot up, looking around wildly. Had he been drugged and kidnapped? Was he having a lucid dream? Was he slightly more schizophrenic than he'd previously reasoned?

    He cursed under his breath, rubbing his face with the heels of his hands. He stood shakily and took a deep breath through his mouth. The air tasted sickly sweet, like exhaust fumes.

    He looked around at his familiar surroundings and cursed again.
  16. (OOC: "Peopling"? Omg xD My new favorite thing. Lol)

    The male seemed to be in the same situation as Ava was, but she couldn't be so sure. Sure, it seemed that everyone in the Pokéverse didn't know about the real world, and this guy did, so she assumes there was a connection. When the male suddenly stated all of the PokéDex info about Beldum, her eyes widened in both amazement and confusion. "How did you remember all that? I dunno anything about Beldum other than it's a rock/steel-type! That's incredibly amazing!" Looking from one male to the other, Ava contemplated taking her bright orange hoodie off, the heat getting worse for her by the second. "Oh. Names. Right. Well, mine's Avalonia. If you wanna, you can call me Ava. I mean, that's usually what I go by, but..." Trailing off, the freshman's brow furrowed again. "How- why- what just happened? I just came home from school, and now I'm here! I'm pretty sure my DS is possessed..." she added, quietly, looking down to the grass for a moment, wringing her hands together. "What happened to you two? Are we having the same problem here?"
  17. ( Ah, it makes a bit more sense. It's okay. )

    Violet rubbed her eyes as she sat on the couch. Her mother was cooking behind her in the kitchen. "You know, darling, I don't understand why you've been acting so strange." Her mother said. Violet nodded. She had to get used to this. "Yeah, sorry ma."

    A few minutes later, Violet had worn her trainers outfit, (Or her mom had washed it.) and was waving bye to her mother. She walked over to the next city, and had sat down at a cafe table. There was Serena, Tierno, Shauna...everybody. She finished all the talking with pretend optimism and made them call her 'Via'. Soon, she had gotten her Fennekin and was still at the cafe table, staring at a few more people conversing about they're 3DS's being glitched -- Her eyes widened. She continued staring at them, muttering Greek curse words.
  18. "Th-the PokeDex thing? U-uh... that's nothing really, j-just memorization, I-I guess..." Zane said, partially looking away from the girl who introduced herself as Avalonia, or Ava for short.

    Ava explained - sort of - how she ended up in the Pokemon World. Crazy DS, basically the same thing that happened to him. He nodded to answer her question, then turned back to the Beldum. He mumbled some other Beldum facts, not focusing on monitoring his volume. "It's normal ability is Clear Body, while it's Hidden one is Light Metal, and according to Omega Ruby, instead of blood, a powerful magnetic force courses throughout it's body. This Pokémon communicates with others by sending controlled pulses of magnetism. Normally it can only learn Take Down, but through some events it can learn Iron Head, Iron Defense, and Zen Headbutt. It evolves at Level 20 into Metang, which evolves further into Metagross at Level 45..."

    Zane realized he was once again ranting about Pokemon facts to nobody in particular, immediately halting his words and backing up even more. This was about the same time he realized that it was hot. Rather than taking off any clothes, he simply trucked on through it. Then a thought occurred to him. "Hold up... i-if you have a Beldum, then... do we have P-Pokemon?"

    Zane instantly shot his hands into his jacket pockets, fishing around for anything spherical. His phone was in there, or so he assumed. His wallet was also in his pocket with the phone. In the other pocket was a whole lot of absolutely nothing. He checked his pants' pockets, and right off the bat, he felt a sphere. He pulled it out to reveal a Great Ball. Okay, Great Ball. Either this thing is empty, or it could have one of my Pokemon in it. If I remember correctly, by the time I hit Mauville, I had a few Pokemon in Great Balls... my Pelipper and my Tentacool, I think.

    Rather than throw it or open it to see if he was correct in assuming that there was, in fact, a Pokemon inside, he looked at Ava and the other person. "D-do you guys... have any?" Zane asked, pointing at the Great Ball in his hand.
  19. ( Oh wait. I keep forgetting about DIFFERENT GAMES! Sorry. )
  20. He wandered around with an expression of half-shock, half-disbelief, occasionally muttering things like "Oh, man" and biting his chapped lower lip to see if the pain would snap him from his stupor. He had a hard time to formulate an opinion, as he passed by the well-known shops and smiling faces of their clerks, on his situation. On one hand, this had been his dream since he'd been 8. On the other hand, however, he was trapped in a digital world with no means of escape or grasp on reality entirely.

    He'd made it to the city's heart where the authentic sign read
    "Square Tower
    This monument was built to commemorate the friendship between Mauville City and
    Luminose City in the Kalos region."
    in immaculate red paint. He felt his heart throb into his throat and he simply stood in front of the post with a lost look about him.
  21. Her mouth turned dry as she stood up and walked away. She looked up at the sky, as if expecting a 3DS XL's screen to look back at her. No such luck. She grumbled. "I am not going to accept that i am stuck in the Pokemon world, which isn't even supposed to exist." she said. She saw a couple staring at her with they're sprite - y eyes. She remembered dreaming, daydreaming, about how she wished she could live in the Kanto region. And now she was cursing it, as if she thought Pokemon's Izama's worst work. She turned. Maybe she could find a life.

    But how could she live knowing she had left that life behind? Her father would be worried SICK. Her mother would be so worried and alone. Her mother WAS alone. She would be left behind. At least her father had a baby son and a wife. How could she do that?

    ( I'm actually serious when i talk like my mother and father are divorced. They were never even married. My dad was caught cheating with somebody else. Rest is personal. Please don't ask. )
  22. Zach listened quietly as the other two confirmed his suspicions. "Ok, so if we are in Mauville, that means we have two badges," Zach said hastily, "so we need to each fight the leader and then one of us can fight Wally." Suddenly, he remembered the two other Pokémon he had. "I believe I caught a Nincada and a Breloom. All my Pokémon were also close to evolving, around level 18-21." Zach said before realizing something else. "Hey, wow, I forgot again... I'm Zach, what's your names?"
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  23. "Whoa..." Ava breathed out, eyes wide at the fact that she, too, could have her very own Pokemon. "Do I?" Feeling around in the front pocket of her hoodie, she didn't really expect to find anything in there other than her phone and earbuds, which was exactly what she felt. Trying the pockets of her jean shorts, a small ball was felt in the leftmost pocket. Pulling it out, Ava's eyes widened tenfold, amazed at the black ball that sat in her hand. "Since when did this get in there...?" she questioned, looking up to the two boys. Without uttering any sounds, she simply held the Luxury Ball out in front of her, pressed the button, and squinted at the bright light that appeared after she had done so. Not expecting much, she thought of any Pokemon she had caught with a ball like this one, which was basically all of them. This could be anyone, she thought, as the light formed into a short, fluffy creature standing on four legs. Once the light faded, the creature made a sound.


    In front of her stood the Pokwmon she had been dying to hatch for what felt like the longest time.

    "Audrey!" Ava said rather loudly, shrinking back ever-so-slightly as she didn't want the attention of all the people on the route to be on her. "This is insane! How are you doing, you cutie?"


    "Awww!" Getting down on her knees, Ava pat the sheep Pokemon's fluffy head, musing. "Oh, I love you already, you big softie! You really do remind me of Audrey from re..." Not finishing her sentence, she suddenly hugged the Pokemon, face buried in her wool. "Oh, Audrey! I miss you, baby!" she said, face full of purple fluff.

    From her kneeling position, Ava looked up to Zach, who had just introduced himself, a small blush on her face from the little show she had just performed in front of him and the other male. To add on to this, her glasses were also foggy. "Sorry..." she apologized to both him and her Pokemon partner, who sat on the grass and looked up to the others. Standing, the girl re-introduced herself. "I'm Avalonia. I-If you want, you can call me Ava, though."
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  24. "Z-Zane..."

    Zane shifted his weight onto his left foot from his right and watched as Ava let out a Mareep from a Luxury Ball. Interesting... my turn, he thought to himself, throwing the Great Ball up into the air. At first, it looked like it was a dud, but once it came about halfway down, it sprung open. A blue light shone, a single beam of it arching onto the ground. Zane looked at it excitedly. Okay, when I was at Mauville, I grinded my Pokemon up a few levels, so this has gotta be Pelliper, Tentacool, or-

    The blue light faded, revealing a Kadabra in it's place. Zane gasped in surprise, but it wasn't a sad or angry surprise by any means. A small smile appeared on his face as he listed the facts once more. "Kadabra, Pokemon #064. Pure Psychic type, known as the Psi Pokemon for appropriate reasons. I remember that this guy has Inner Focus, making him unable to flinch. According to Alpha Sapphire, Kadabra holds a silver spoon in its hand, which is obvious by looking at it. The spoon is used to amplify the alpha waves in its brain. Without the spoon, the Pokémon is said to be limited to half the usual amount of its telekinetic powers... So cool!" He stated, motioning for a high-five with the Kadabra, who simply responded by poking his hand awkwardly with the spoon.

    Quickly regaining his composure - or lack thereof - Zane spun on his heels to face the group again. "D-do you guys h-have any more? I-I think I do... hold on," he asked, reaching into his pockets once more and pulling out a completely normal Pokeball. He shook it, expecting something to happen, but when nothing did, he simply turned back again to face the others, wanting to see what they do.
  25. Zach sat in a nearby bench, thinking about what to do. "So if I'm correct, we are in Mauville city where we saved, with our Pokémon from the games. However, as we aren't May or Brendan, we can't get Rock Smash or the go-goggles. Maybe the rocks are already gone?" Zach ranted, possibilities rushing through head. "Sorry for talking so long.. What do you guys think?"
  26. ( I have got myself stuck. Nah, i'll make a story out of it. )

    Violet continued onwards, still muttering her harsh Greek curse words. She was still in the forest. "What's the way.." She muttered, getting herself in trainer battles every few minutes. She distinctly remembered having to save somewhere to find a path open, but she couldn't do that, could she? Her Fennekin, however, was still bright and cheerful in the dark and gloomy forest. Seeing it so happy, Violet started to feel happy herself.

    Soon she was laughing and dancing through the trees of the Viridian forest (Is that the name? I forget, my 3DS has some sort of problem.). Morning was nowhere throughout the forest, but she still sang and played. Her Fennekin alongside her. The two finally reached the end.
  27. Kiri began trailing towards the other people as he soon came in vision, as he had been exhausted mentally and physically, he still hasn't been properly dressed yet with his normal blue hoodie being stained green by the grass along with his jeans and shoes as Kiri walked a bit dehydrated as he slouched a bit from the scorching sun as he saw a bunch of other people conversing "What the.."
  28. Simon shot up at the conversation he'd been eavesdropping on, a flutter of hope pounding through his chest. He quietly approached them, veins running with adrenaline.

    "Excuse me," he said quietly to the mismatched band of Pokémon trainers, all of which had sprites he'd never seen in Omega Ruby before. "Uh, are you guys from, uh, Earth? That sounds weird, um..." He was flushing a deep red as he stumbled over his words. He felt incredulous that his social anxiety was cross-dimensional. "Earth, like, I mean... North America, Europe, Asia, right?"
  29. Another one?! What is happening right now!?

    Zane looked at the newcomer, nodding at his question, then immediately looking back at his Poke Ball. What's in here, I wonder... Zane thought to himself, pushing the button on it gently. A blue light, much like the one from before, shot out of it. As the light faded, a Mightyena slowly came into view. "Wow! I remember you, you evolved just before I got to Mauville. Mightyena, Pokemon #262, the Bite Pokémon. Mightyena travel and act as a pack in the wild. The memory of its life in the wild compels the Pokémon to obey only those Trainers that it recognizes to possess superior skill... well, let's hope that you listen to me!" Zane mumbled to himself, petting the Mightyena on the head.

    The Mightyena barked, which startled the Kadabra. Zane looked at them both in confusion, then gasped. "Nicknames... hm..." he mumbled again, straining his brain for ideas. "For you, Kadabra... oh yeah, I remember. You're Gates, and you, Mightyena, you're Banzai." Zane said a bit louder, pointing to the Pokemon when he mentioned their names.

    The two Pokemon nodded in agreement before being sent back into their Pokeballs by Zane. He turned back to face the other people, clearing his throat. "S-so... now what?... D-do we go find more Pokemon, or just head t-to the gym?... I don't know..." Zane asked everyone, voice still a little bit shaky and raspy due to him not actually getting anything to drink back at home.
  30. The flannel-clad skeptic analyzed each of them with a confused glance. He held the back of his neck inelegantly, squinting ever-so-slightly.

    "Shouldn't we be... trying to get back?" he asked cautiously. Even though he was presenting himself as doubtful, he was more than ecstatic about the whole situation. "I mean, if any of this is really real, shouldn't we be a little bit more concerned?"
  31. Audrey now standing by her side, Avalonia glanced up to the boy who had just spoken. "Yeah, I'm from America, and yeah, we should look for a way outta here. As amazingly cool as this is, I have homework to do for tomorrow, and I need to work on it. I doubt my teachers would believe me if I told them I was sucked into a video game." She chuckled awkwardly, looking from person to person, resisting the urge to throw her good on and back away.
  32. He cracked a toothy grin, nodding at the stranger's words. He was trying to hide how taken aback and miffed he was at the situation since everyone else seemed calmer than he was.

    "My name is Simon," he offered. "I'm from, uh, Canada."
  33. Kiri finally met a traveler, as he saw the group up ahead conversing like they're from another world up ahead the traveler looks at him with a concerned face "Hey kid, what're you doing here without a Pokemon??" The traveler asked as he placed his hand on his shoulder as he placed a bottle of water into Kiri's hand as Kiri looks up at him "r-right! Pokemon, y-yeah I don't have any..""

    The traveler shakes his head and clicks his toungue, as he looked at the young boy "Your clothes are so..exotic where are you from Young-in?"

    Kiri panicked for a second he had barely any knowledge, but then he remembers the region where he played his first Pokemon game Diamond Version, Kiri looked up at the traveler "S-Sinno, yeah that's where I'm from!" Kiri says while looking at the other people he has no idea were from earth as well

    "Oh Sinnoh you mean" the traveler thinks for a second and then pats him on the back "One of the regional professors' assistant is in the town just by the road, I can't leave you out here so I'll escort you and we can get you all figured out and maybe even get you a Pokemon!" The traveler says while patting Kiri's back urging him to go down the path to the next city
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  34. "Well, honestly, I'm not even sure if time is passing right now in our universe. This is impossible without some sort of divine intervention." Zach said, thoughts flying in his head. "Honestly, I never was really into space and things like that, more into medical crap. It's not like Arceus wanted to pull a prank on us or something."

    Finally, he took the two other balls out of his pockets. Two bright lights shot out and formed his Breloom and Nincada. They were quite happy to be out. "We may as well appreciate it while we can, guys." He said, looking up to the others.
  35. The traveler escorted Kiri down the road as Kiri and the traveler eventually passed Zane and the others, Kiri kept walking still in shock possibly foreshadowing their meeting "A-and which city are we in?...." Kiri asked the traveler since he was clearly confused on what and where he's in, as he sticked out like sore thumb with his grass stained clothes and attire that's only recognizable from people from Kiri's world and he had no Pokeballs

    The traveler laughed "It's a town just up ahead, we'll get you all situated and maybe you can become a trainer and journey around here you know, it's a good pass time"
  36. Simon nodded in begrudging agreement, fumbling for the Pokéballs looped through his belt. After mishandling them for a couple seconds, they burst open simultaneously, causing him to jump in surprise. The three to bolt from their tiny spherical prisons were Nuzleaf, Mightyena, and Azumarill, which he had nicknamed Leaf Erikson, Lame Lord, and Terminator respectively. He stared at them numbly as the one called Lame Lord cocked its large canine head at him. He patted its coarse hair awkwardly.
  37. Kiri eventually got to a strange town, not after passing by the other travelers from another world, Kiri admired the townsfolk discussing about certain Pokemon, myths about a red beast as Kiri gets abruptly stopped by the Traveler "It's just up in this lab here, I'm sure the professor wouldn't mind talking to you and getting you setup if your looking to travel

    Kiri simply nodded he didn't know what to except to be honest, his sister knew all this stuff and Kiri was all alone as he followed the traveler
  38. 11:39.... so if I sleep in about 6 minutes, I can get a good 6 hours and 15 minutes of sleep.. heh
    In the darkness of Micah's room, a bright light shone under the blanket. He was playing Pokemon X and Y. He was running back and fourth, trying to hatch eggs. He ran and ran around the Lumiose Gym.
    Micah let out a squeal of delight before listening to his mom outside. Turning down the volume, he quickly closed the 3DS and closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep. Just as he though, his mother had peeked into his room to make sure he was asleep before she closed the door quietly. Micah listened as he heard his mom enter her own room for the night before opening the DS back up. It was a Eevee! A large smile came across his face. He quickly put the rest of his Pokemon in the PC before he quickly navigated through the city. However, at some point he had gotten lost and now a blue portal had appeared on his screen. He went up and examined it.

    A glowing portal leading to Mauvile. You many only bring one Pokemon. Are you sure you want to go inside?

    Micah's curious eyes scanned the text. Was this a Easter egg? A new generation of Pokemon within a generation? Clicking A, the portal had gotten brighter on his screen, almost as if it was real. Suddenly, he felt a rush of air before he hit his head against the wood bunk bed above him. He put his hand on the 3DS, but instead of him pushing the screen back, his hand fell through, causing the rest of him to follow through.

    Wh-where am I?

    Looking around, he saw countless kinds of colors. Sometimes the waves around him was black, but sometimes it was filled with shining lights. A flash of movement came from both corners of each eye. On one side, he had seen some kind of purplish orb while the other one had a more jagged white gem with blue around it. However, they had disappeared before he could see what they were. Suddenly, he felt as if he had hit something. He opened his eyes before he noticed something was in front of him. He tried to get up but he accidentally rolled and fell once more, causing him to let out a groan of pain. Whatever was watching him had gone with some kind of unique sound. Where was he and what had happened?
  39. There was a trainer battle JUST after Violet had hope. Soon as they almost tried to head to the next city, there was someone waiting there for a battle. Soon after the battle, Violet checked her stats and team. She smiled at all the first evolutions of her team. A Fennekin she'd named Felly, a Pidgey she'd named Hermes, A Bunnelby she'd named Razzy, a Pikachu.. she never used this Pikachu. She'd actually kept it in her PC. But for the sake, she'd caught one. She didn't even give it a nick name. And of course, her prized Charmander, Chara. ( Someoneee here might know who this is. )

    But there was still two empty slots. She knew what to do with these ones. She smiled softly and continued forward to rest for a while.

    ( Welp, you guys, i'll just stay at the second town of Omega Ruby. Which i've never played, excuse me.. T-T. )
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  40. (I'll be in the same I guess, since I haven't even played it in a while)

    Kiri who sticks out like sore thumb gets taken to the laboratory, a spare one as the traveler he recently met escorts him past all the people in lab coats doing god knows what, as at the end of the laboratory a slightly tall skinny man with a labcoat, with a purple vest underneath smiles at the traveler with a nod and then looking at Kiri

    "Hello, I'm professor Sycamore my friend here brought you in meaning you aren't prepared to travel just yet" Sycamore reaches over to his desk and pulls out a paper and hands it to Kiri "Since your from Sinnoh you'll have to fill out this form while I get everything you need....including a starter if you plan to journey through Hoenn & Kalos, and your name?"

    "Kiri...that's what I go by Professor" Kiri was a bit hesitant as he reached over to grab the paper, as he wondered why he had to pick a starter and what not

    "Frank, I can take it from here feel free to go and look for any other people like Kiri over here" Sycamore says kindle as Frank nods and walked out after waving to Kiri goodbye

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