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Open Amalgamate War

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Eeveeon S, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. Rp https://pokecharms.com/threads/amalgamate-war.22153/#post-844837

    Uh my head, what the? Am I in the void? well i can reset though. Lets see what happened after Sixbones came alive. As Sans woke up on the bed of flowers where flowey was supposed to be, he thought to himself, Uh where's that geno flower. as he thought this he heard a sound come from the ruins. It sounded like an amalgamate. ah it's probably sixbones. Thought sans with his grin even griner.

    As he went through the ruins he wondered, where's toriel? As he thought this he saw a glimpse of toriel. "hey Toriel!" he yelled, but when he got to it he was wrong. it was an amalgamate of toriel and asgore combined. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled running to the the flower bed. as he got there he wondered. ok ok calm down sans. it's it's an just an amalgamate. what what. uh oh i think sixbones is creating more amalgamates. great what am I gonna do. i only have one HP. I can't fight sixbones on my own. I need to make a team.
  2. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Aspen carefully treaded through the ruins, carefully watching for fusions. They had invaded her refuge, her HOME. The girl's exposure to their sick and twisted magic had torn away most of her soul, and she couldn't believe she was still alive. Suddenly, she saw an amalgam of two boss monsters, and it saw her. Fireballsflew at her, and she ran to hide behind a cracked column. Calling upon the remnants of Muffet's magic, she trapped the monstrosity in webs and ran as fast as she could as the amalgamation struggled and roared. Eventually, she came upon a bed of golden flowers and a skeleton, who looked as panicked as she did.
    "I imagine you had an encounter with the double-goat?"
  3. Seeing the girl ask Sans said. "yep. that's asgore and toriel. I'm calling it the ParentMalgate. We just need to get to Sixbones and stop him." he thought to himself. oh i hope Paps is ok. "Sorry but I have to go." Sans said to the girl before running off to the ruins. when he starts to face the ParentMalgate. he uses gaster blasters to stun it and run. he got to the exit only to find a froggit Amalgamate. Sans destroyed it and ran to his house.
  4. Marko was asleep in a bed of flowers, his demon was trying to wake him up, and it worked, Marko woke up, and questioned his demon, "Demon, where am i?" Marko asked politely, his demon shook his head furiously, Marko turned his head and saw two figures, the other one was running, Marko stood up, and walked slowly to the figure lying behind a cracked column, as he neared the figure, it seems to be a human, Marko had never seen a human in eons, this made him question the human, "what is wrong human, are you feeling sorrow, or frightened?" Marko asked but it seems his questioned was answered, as he heard giant skeletal items, firing off beams of light, Marko faced the human once more, and assured the human, "Do not fret, human, Marko will protect you" Marko said creepily, as his demon slowly started to take shape as a shield, Marko chuckled and the shield grew bigger, "that will keep the monster away from us" Marko said while smiling at the human. @Pollen-Puff
  5. Unlike the others, Ace was chained to a broken column. "What the?" he said waking up. He looked around, he was in a small room with him being the main attraction. It had no doors or windows only a single beam of light coming from the roof. "What am I doing here?" he muttered as he effortlessly pulled the chains out of the column. He walked around the room scoured the floor for anything that could help him get out. "Fine have it your way" he shouted, as his fists were engulfed in flames and the skin of his hands were now scales. He jumped up punching the ceiling so hard it broke outwards. He landed outside the hole he made only to feel a hand grab his head. It lifted him from the ground, then slammed him back onto it. Ace let out a cry of pain as the monster threw him across the room. He couldn't fight this thing, whatever it was. As he ran towards it, he created his scales on his head. When this monster tries to hit me it'll just hurt itself, he thought. But it didn't hit him, instead it grabbed his leg and flung him away. "Shit" he spat, lying down. Only one thing to do now, he thought. His fists were engulfed in flames again and slammed down onto the floor. This made a column of fire shoot up and devour, the monster. That should do it, he thought. But from the smoke emerged the beast this him charging at him.
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  6. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Aspen looked around to see a boy, probably older than her, talking to himself and brandishing a shield. "Oh, hi. Did the Toriel-Asgore mishmash thing attack you too?" The human seemed a bit creepy, but she decided to trust him for now. "What's that creepy fire...thing?" The skeleton seemed to have vanished, and she was a bit confused. "Also, why are you talking to yourself?" Suddenly, she heard blasts of fire along with some shouts (probably of pain). "Nevermind that, we have to help!" I'm not gonna be strong enough on my own, and I don't know how powerful this stranger is. Could we help? "Wait... Maybe that would work," she muttered to herself, struck by an idea. "We might not be strong enough to fight that thing on our own, but I have an idea. WIll you fuse with me?"
  7. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Flowey was going to where he was, to trick whoever came down. However, he had been delayed by some sort of amalgamation of Asgore and Toriel. "The hell happened to this timeline?" He thought to himself while traversing the Ruins. Flowey saw what he thought was two humans in a room. "God, this timeline is so messed up. There's not even supposed to be two humans..." The flower moaned near the exit.
  8. Marko was new to this idea called "fuse", this made him quite enraged, as this only means, he will be sharing his own powers, "I do not need your help to defeat this monster" Marko stated, as the shield started to take form of a giant blade, his eyes glowed white, as he walked slowly to the amalgam, repeatedly slashing it, but his powers seem to not affect the monster, instead it just threw him back at the broken column, making it shake a bit. Marko thought about the human's offer, and had made his decision, "if it means defeating this abomination, and making you feel safe, then i will do it" Marko said as he stood up and reached for the human's hand.
  9. hmmm. maybe I should get back to that human. sans rushed back only to find now two humans, and the ParentMalgate. He knocked out the Parentmalgate quickly and rushed over to them. he looked at the boy, and saw with his spectral eye and saw a demon with him. "hey kid." he said to the boy. "i'm hoping you do good with that demon. I don't trust demons." after he said that he standed guard and lookin for any more amalgamates.
  10. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    "So, uhh... I guess we don't have to fuse since that 'thing' is now knocked out." Aspen looked at it's collapsed form, concentrating and using more of Muffet's power. She used this magic to communicate with the spiders, telling them that they could do what they wish with the amalgamate. To the rest of the group, this sounded like "kshhhhhhklllokaakmmm". As she ended the magic, her voice returned to normal, and a large mob of spiders lifted up the being and carried it away, probably to eat. The girl walked into the ruins, where she saw a human in strange garb in the ruins. "Hey, I think I found someone!" she shouted to the others.
  11. Hearing the girl yell that there was another human, Sans teleported to the strange human and sixbones near. "Uh oh." said sans as Sixbones screeched and charged at Sans. "Oh no you don't!" he shot blasters every witch way at sixbones until he retreated. "God. gonna have to watch out for him now." sans looked and the human. scales? who in the whole timeline of AUs has scales? Sans was perplexed by the scales on the human. wondering it he tried to wake the human up. with several taps on the head with a bone.
  12. Ace woke up spitting fire from his mouth, as he did so. "What the hell? Where is the thing that thought he could beat me around". He looked at the skeleton and then to the human. "Who are you guys?" He asked brushing his shoulder. Really he just wanted to beat up the guy that beat him up, but he knew that he was long gone. He ignited his fists and punched a hole into the ground, how could he let him beat me up? He thought. "My name is Sanshoo Hicken, just call me Scales" he mumbled, getting up. "I'm gonna look for the Jack-ass who thinks he can lock me up and expects me to deal with it" he said. He walked up to one of the walls and ignited his fists, then punched a hole into it. " Here's the exit you guys can come if you want, but I'm out" he mumbled.
  13. It seems that monster is already knocked out, by a skeleton?, but good news is Marko doesn't have to fuse anymore, but this skeleton is rather suspicious and familiar, that is until he said he didn't trust demons, "well, my demon doesn't trust you", Marko said creepily while a much bigger blade started to take form, but their conversation was cut short, because the human said they found something, or someone, Marko rushed to Aspen's side, with the skeleton teleporting near the scaled being, Marko didn't bother to fight the amalgam, since Sans already made it flee, but this scaled being turned out to be alive, Marko just laughed as the scaled being awoke, but he had a name, and it seems he made an exit for them, Marko stared at Scales, "why is it that you don't want to come with us, Scales?" Marko asked with a frown, while his demon let out a sad screech.
  14. "One I don't like working as a team. Two I got someone to find and Three you guys are better off without me" he said mumbling the last part. He looked at the flame next to the person and went to reach out for it. "Shit" he said shaking his hand. "Why do you have hell fire following you?" he said. He tried his best not to show the pain he felt on his hand. The burn left a mark that resembled a flame. He grabbed Marko by the collar of his shirt and turned his hand into scales. "If you don't tell me I will give you back a burn mark like your fire gave me". Flames appeared at his elbow, they slowly started to creep down his arm. It was at his wrist, when a blue ring appeared around, Scale's neck. "Not again" he said as the collar electrocuted him, making him drop to his knees. He was now writhing on the floor, as he felt the electricity climb down his back. It lasted for two minutes, but it felt like hours. When it stopped he lay on the floor, exhausted. "I hate the shock collars" he spluttered. "Anyone got some fire?"
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  15. Marko frowned even more as Scales explained the reason to why he doesn't want to come with them, but Scales went out to reach for Marko's demon, he tried to warn Scales, but it was too late, he had already burned his hand, revealing a burn mark shaped like a flame, Marko felt sorry, but Scales was not having any of it, he grabbed Marko by his collar, and told him the consequences, "Demon, has always been with me, and if you don't let go of me, demon will be angry" Marko replied as his demon started to take form of a chain, but Scales did let go of Marko, but it was because something shocked him, he asked for fire, but obviously Marko's demon won't help.
  16. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Aspen witnessed the argument, worried it would turn into a fight. She got scared as Scales' electric collar triggered and she started to silently panic. Oh crap oh crap ohcrap ohcrapohcrapohCRAPoh - oh, it's over. "I think I have a lighter in my backpack..." The girl reached behind herself to take off the straps, but nothing was there. Suddenly, she realized that she didn't have it. "Oh, no..." she said, worried about where it might be. That backpack had food, water, supplies, and even a couple of "weapons" that she had picked up while exploring. It had some important personal items as well.
  17. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Excuse me, but unless Eeveeon S got permission from Schrift007 to damage their character's shock collar in advance, we've got some pretty serious autoing here, and that is strictly disallowed under our RP forum rules.

    Eeveeon S's rule-breaking post and Schrift007's post that interacted with it have been removed. Try again, this time without breaking the rules.
  18. When the pain died down to a irritating tingle Scales sat up. "Hey I'm sorry for trying to attack you" he said to Marko. He attempted to stand up, but he couldn't instead he sat up and cracked his knuckles "That collar is there to control my flames, when they over take me I lose control and become very violent.". He tried to ignite his fists but the most he could do is get a light cover of scales and a small flame at the tip of his knuckle. "I feed off fire, it replenishes me. It's sorta like food". He finally stood up but his knees felt weak. "I'm gonna stay with you guys for now, only cause I don't think I will make it on my own out there until I get fire. But that doesn't make us a team got it I'm only staying with you till I get my flames".
  19. Pollen-Puff

    Pollen-Puff Previously Ampharos' Dragon Blood

    Aspen heard the conversation and slowly nodded. She realized that her backpack must be in the Snowdin base. If we squeeze, it should fir everyone. Thinking about it some more, she realized going there could benefit everybody, including her. "Well, I have an idea. I have a sort of base in Snowdin. It's overrun by amalgamates now, but there are all sorts of supplies inside of it, including a lighter and some wood. If we can make it there, take it back, and get to my backpack, Scales gets his fire and everyone else gets food, water, weapons, and a place to stay."
  20. Marko was enlightened at this new idea, well not really enlightened by the 'idea', he was enlightened by the word 'food', mentioned in it, which means if they follow that human, they can get food, and water, and a place to stay, sounds like a plan, and it seems Marko's demon is a bit tired too, maybe because Scales touched him, Demons get tired too, but if they go to that place called Snowdin, Marko's demon will probably be exhausted, because of the snow, judging from the name, but Marko's demon, was to do everything to keep Marko safe, even if it means sacrificing itself.
  21. "Ok then,sounds like a good idea to me" he said. He clambered out of the hole he made then turned back to the others. "Actually, where is Snowdin?" He said, embarrassed. He looked at Marco's demon, why the hell does he have that with him it's like an A class demon if it can burn me, he thought.

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