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Ask to Join Alola in the Sun!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DManArt&RP, Jun 23, 2019.

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    Hitoshi had been on the ocean for a while. He didn't get sea sick, but he wanted to get to Alola as fast as possible. Before the boat could get close to land, Hitoshi had already flown away on his Flygon after saying his thanks. He was flying over the beaches of Hau'oli City and taking a look at everything down below. "You see that Kyo? This is our vacation spot this summer!"

    In a few seconds, he landed outside of the Pokemon Center and hopped of Kyo. "You ready to have fun? Because I sure am!" Kyo cried happily as he nodded his head. With that, Hitoshi and Kyo started walking down to the beach side near the water. The sun was still shining out in the sky and plenty of people were around. "Remember, let's relax and make some friends."
  2. Saul Bradshaw had arrived in Alola from his home region of Kalos in relatively short order, arriving on a plane likely several days before Hitoshi had. He was disappointed to be parting with his beloved family for the second time in such a quick succession, though his preliminary journey had at-least served to acclimate him to the feeling of loneliness, of course accompanied by his sole Pokemon - though he preferred to keep Aulii within his Pokeball when he wasn't required. The plane had touched down just outside of Hau'oli City, where Saul subsequently secured a room and spent the first three days familiarizing himself with the layout of his new vacation area.

    And now, Saul was making his way to the beaches of Alola under the warm midday sun, toting a shoulder slung bag with his supplies for the day. Perhaps he could meet somebody on the way there, or simply wait until reaching the beach itself. Regardless, he was eager to make companions to stall the approaching loneliness of being set alone in a new environment without any familiar elements.

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  3. As the sun shone down upon what looked like a cruise ship that traveled across the blue open waters, Brain leaned on one of the rails of the bow with a smile on his face as he saw the region of Alola not too far in the distance. As the gentle breeze light blew across the sip, Brian put his hand on his fuchsia fedora so that the wind didn't take it from him whilst he slowly walked away from the railing and decided to get out his phone to make a call. As Brian heard the voice of a ringing phone in the background, he put the phone to the side of his ear just in time to hear someone pick up.

    "Hello?" A somewhat deep voice from the phone called. "Hey dad." Brian greeted with a light smile as the hand on his hat moved down into one of the pockets of his trench coat which had the same color as his hat. "Ah, Brian! So good to hear from you again? I trust you're doing well in reaching the path I foresaw?" He asked, should anyone have heard, it would have sounded weird, but Brian saw it as a normal conversation. "I am, yes... but I've had a bit of thinking and decided to take a vacation, I understand one needs to train in order to get stronger, but..." Brian said, almost unsure. "Ah, your mother told me you told her about that and like she said: You're at an age where you get to make your own choices. I understand unlike my predecessors and I, you don't have our gift for seeing where our paths end, but that doesn't make you worse than us, I've seen the passionate look in your eyes and I know your mother is as proud as I am." His father replied as if he read that off a script.

    Brian paused briefly before he responded. "I understand, and thanks dad. It's really great to have talked to you again... looks like the boat's about to dock." He said with a sigh. "Of course, do enjoy your vacation, Brian. Your mother says hello as well." Brian's father said a lot more cheerfully than the wise man he sounded like before. "I will, talk to you soon, dad." Brian said before he hung up and put his phone away. Once the boat reached the pier, Brian slowly walked down along with the many other passengers and began to inhale through his nose. "Gotta love that new region smell..." He said quietly to himself before he began to walk into town, the first thing that caught his attention was a cafe near the beach.
  4. As Saul methodically made his way through the winding, lively streets of Hau'oli city, the initial shock and awe of landing in such an unfamiliar location had finally worn off, after three days - Alola was exceptionally exotic compared to what the boy was used to, and it took a long time for him to healthily absorb the sweet sights and smells of the region. Now, as he was able to more logically assess the area, he felt a distinct hunger, as he had not eaten much more than stale cereal and a glass of cringingly sweet fruit juice for his breakfast. The boy searched for an area able to accommodate his sudden rumbling stomach - and came luckily upon a quaint cafe overlooking the vast, golden Hau'oli beach. Glad to have a reason to get out of the blistering sun, Saul shifted rather uncomfortably in his sweat laced khaki shorts, and carrying his blue duffle bag for the day, headed into the cafe.

    His nose was immediately almost overwhelmed by the strong smell of coffee and baked pastries, though once the young trainer adjusted it was quite the pleasant fragrance. Saul winded through the relatively small crowd, eventually managing to reach the very tail end of the line. He brushed past an older woman rather sharply, apologized, and began observing the menu. Some had Pokemon out - though Saul was obviously wary of the possibly chaotic consequences of releasing Aulii in an area. The line moved forwards sluggishly, though he eventually reached the front of the line, ordering a Croissant that sounded reminiscent of those found within Kalos, and a nice mug of Koala Coffee to wake him up for the day. After paying for his items, he retreated to one of the lounging couches in the room to enjoy his small meal before heading out onto the blissful dunes.
  5. The sun was shining, the Fish Pokemon were swimming about, and the cruise ship was headed for Alola. Sandra was sitting in a chair on deck, writing in her journal all the details of this cruise. Beside her, in another chair, was sitting her Shinx, by the name of Ward, who was slowly shaking his head. Sandra's eyes drifted to her side, noticing her Flash Pokemon, who appeared to be slightly judging her. She gave him a weak smile and petted his fluffy head. "Oh, come on Ward, my parents were clear that I have to write down every detail!" She said with a sweet tone. She looked back at her personal journal and resumed writing. Ward sighed disappointed and pushed aside her journal. As he got his trainer's attention, the Shinx pointed at her clothing. "Oh come on, Ward, you know I don't like walking around with beach clothing. Plus, this sweater and this jeans are really thin. You have nothing to worry about." She put her book in her bag and moved Ward onto her lap. She began stroking his fur, which made the little Pokemon smile. She looked across the railing, noticing that their about to arrive, and how many people were already on the shore. Her eyes went wide and started to panic. "Oh gosh, look how many people are there! What if I accidentally embarrass myself in front of them? What if one of them is a diplomatic in disguise? What if--" She was cut off by the sound of barking. She looked down and realized that Ward was getting annoyed by her insecurity. "I'm sorry, I should calm down." She took a deep breath and looked at the ocean. Then, another wave of insecurities hit her. "Oh gosh, what if I disappoint my parents? What if they--" Again, Ward was barking at her. She took another deep breath, which calmed her a bit. "Oh, my little Shinx, what would I do without you?" She picked him up into her arms, but then she panicked again. "Isn't this uncomfortable for you? I wouldn't want--" She didn't have a chance to finish, because Ward jumped on her shoulder and then on her head. "I guess that's a no... But, isn't this a little inappropriate for a public setting--" Her Shinx slapped her with his little paw. "Alright, I'll calm down." She began petting her Pokemon, and eventually the cruise docked. She jumped out of her seat and then took of running, since being stuck there between other cruisers would be uncomfortable for her.

    As her feet touched the warm sand, a wave of relief washed over her. The sounds of Wingull flapping their wings and calling out to their fellow Seagull Pokemon was quite nice. She looked around the beachfront. She took out her journal and opened it. "This is it, Ward, we finally arrived. Time to get writing." She walked toward the shopping district, writing every detail.
  6. Loki wasn't pleased about his family vacation to Alola, as he wasn't a fan of hot climates and no gyms... "Ooh! Ooh! Look at me!", his little brother Fremont made a facial expression that looked like a Wooper. "Dear Arceus I wish that we'll at least see one new Alolan Pokemon already...", Loki complained, ignoring his siblings. Usually, Candice would agree with him, but she moved to Sinnoh at least 12 years ago... Their boat arrived at Hau'oli City, and his brother, Colin, pushed him onto the beach. "Set course for Konikoni City!", the sailor on the boat called. His family abandoned him on the beach, what a classic, that's how they got him to explore Kalos, as well. He shrugged it off as he walked directly to the Shopping District. "At least I got my full team--", he began. He looked down at a PokeBall and an Ultra Ball. "Guess i only have these two...", he sighed. He took off his chullo and his scarf, which was very unusual for him. "Go! Serengeti!", he chanted, throwing his Ultra Ball out on the pavement. It opened and summoned a Dodrio, which were yelling at each other. "At least have some sort of public decency...", he horse whispered to the bird. He hopped onto it's saddle, which didn't seem to bother the people of this foreign island. "i think there's at least... six islands, if I'm not mistaken...", he whispered to himself. To his left he saw a girl with a journal. She didn't look like she was from this island at all...
  7. Saul savored the rest of his meal, concluding it in rather short order. Once he was finish, he disposed of the trash of the food, and strolled back into the sunlight, now much more comfortable with his hunger sated. In the clutches of the beautiful day, he decided it would be appropriate to allow Aulii to enjoy the scenery with him, as long as he could keep the Frogadier under his discreet control. He apprehensively clicked the release mechanism on the Pokeball, allowing the creature to leap out, the stored energy pouring from it now as it stood resolute in the sun.

    "Dier, Frogadier!" Aulii croaked in pleasure. Saul took a moment to re - adjust to the Alolan temperature, before making his way down to Hau'oli beach for the day, in the vague hope that he would atleast find a group that he could form a companionship with for the time being - in fact, it was actually quite plausible, he reasoned, in such a diverse region. After several minutes of wading through the midday crowds, keeping Aulii tightly under his watch, Saul eventually loosened, allowing the Frogadier relatively more freedom to explore as he pleased. Even then, he still maintained aware of the Pokemon, knowing that it would certainly be unwise to let the curious little ninja recklessly investigate to their every whim.

    Eventually, his sandals found themselves treading through the soft, warm sands of Alola. It was an amazing sensation, and he cherished it as he scanned the beach for others. Eventually, Loki and Sandra came into view, gauging the boy to be about his age, give or take - though the girl did look significantly younger.

    "Alola!" Saul called, unsure if they were native to the region or not, atleast from his moderate distance.
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  8. As Brian sat down and patiently waited for someone to take his order, he got out three Pokeballs and opened them, out of them came a Gallade, a Gothitelle and a shiny Metagross, the latter's skin gleamed in the sunlight. "Alright guys, we're finally here, we're gonna be getting something to eat before we can get started." Brian said to his Pokemon, to which they all nodded. While Gallade and Gothitelle sat down with Brian, rather close to one another, Metagross remained where it was, but tried not to take up too much room in the cafe... like one reason Brian chose to eat at one of the outer tables.

    After a few minutes of waiting, a waiter came up to him with a smile. "Alola sir, what'll it be?" He asked as he got out a notepad. "Hi there, may I get a little bit of this with a side of some tea? And some Pokemon food for these three as well." He requested as he pointed to one of the things on the menu. "Excellent choice, sir, we'l have that brought to you in just a moment." The waiter said after he wrote down the order and went behind the counter to prepare Brian's meal.
  9. "Wha?", Loki turned around and stopped Serengeti when he was about a foot away from Sandra. He glanced at the boy," Yeah, that's what region we're in?" Loki never took interest into the region, so he did not know how they communicated. Meanwhile, the 'sad' head of the Dodrio he was riding peered over to read the journal that Sandra was writing in. "Do you come form here?", he asked Saul curiously. He looked back at the Dodrio for a second, then yanked on the reins, making the head return to it's normal position.
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  10. Saul had a flash of hesitancy from the Lokis rather curt response, and tilted his head in a mix of confusion and embarrassment. He wasn't paying a great deal of attention to Sandra, assuming the girl to be much younger, though he continued his steady pace towards the two. "No - I just, well, it's a common Alolan greeting. I figured that you were a local. Sorry, I guess," Saul remarked, now in much closer distance with the two. He set his duffle down into the sand, glancing up. "Name's Saul, if that clears anything up. And you?"
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  11. Sandra had about nine pages filled with details by now, since she wanted to make sure nothing was left out. She was in the middle of the word 'rendezvous' when she heard someone saying 'Alola', the way to say hello in this region. She immediately looked up, seeing two boys coming up to her. She was about to walk the other direction when she saw a Dodrio looking at what she was writing. "Eek!" She cried as she quickly closed her personal journal. Ward shook his head at his trainer's dramatic reaction. "Excuse me." Sandra said with a shaky voice as she walked past the two boys. She wrote in her journal that the people here are way too friendly. She noticed a cafe up ahead. She sighed and walked in. She got a table and ordered a water and continued to write.
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  12. "Oh, I'm Loki, and this is Serengeti", he introduced, tapping the Dodrio's left wing. He hoped that he didn't upset the girl, as she walked right past them only saying 'Excuse Me'. "So... where do you come from? I come straight from Mahogany Town, in Johto!", he exclaimed. In his backpack, he felt something moving. Inside, Permafrost the Alolan Sandslash hopped out. "And here's Permafrost, my partner Pokemon...", he said, forgetful. He hoped maybe the three of them would go on a journey together. As he explored all the other regions alone.
  13. Saul was visibly startled when Sandra was so surprised by his presence, and watched after her as she hurried past him, perplexed. "Oh, I come from Kalos - Couriway Town, it's pretty small. You might not have heard about it much. It was a nice place to grow up, though. Johto sounds like a nice place." Shifting his gaze back to Loki, he had a friendly smile, and brushed a strand of blonde hair away from his light blue eyes. He squinted in the glare of the sun, and subtlety gestured to the now distant form of Sandra. "Uh, do you two know each other?"

    At just about this time, Aulii the Frogadier came dashing past, launching himself into the water, frolicking in the waves. "Oh, and that's Aulii. I met him back in Kalos - only Pokemon I've ever really trusted enough to catch myself."
  14. She and her partner Blue, a shiny Umbreon walked on the streets of Alola. She seemed to be in much thought about where to go and despite her mask and hooded cape hiding her appearance. She can see well through it. She felt Blue tap her leg with her paw as she looked down to her. "What is it Blue?" She asked the Umbreon. "Bre? Umbre? ("Can't we go to the beach, I like to play in the water with Gem and Delta and you") Blue said to her. "Oh is that so well, if you want to then I don't mind" she gave a smile to her. Blue smiled before they both headed down to the beach side. She only removed her hooded cape and changed to her swimsuit in the changing room before she let out two more Luxury balls as a Primarina and a Flygon appeared out. "Alright girls, lets have some fun shall we?"she told them.
    The girls cried in a happy mood before they all went to the water splashing each other as she just laughed as Delta was blowing bubbles in the air from her nose.-
  15. Loki laughed," No, I couldn't get this guy to get where I wanted..." He gestured to the Dodrio. He looked over at Aulii, confused. "Trusted? Why don't you trust Pokemon?", he questioned. He looked over at another trainer who was excited about this isle of wonders. She was lucky to have three Pokemon... he only brought 2, apparently. He turned back to his conversation with Saul," Pokemon are harmless, see?" He pointed to a Budew playing with it's trainer on the beach.
  16. Saul furrowed his brow, uncomfortable by Loki honing in on the topic, though willing to engage in discussion nonetheless. He heaved a sigh, ready to state his reasoning for a rather unpopular opinion."Well, they're essentially wild creatures, you see? Have you ever thought it weird that they're very quick to trust us? I mean, we have to basically force them into captivity, and all of a sudden it's like we're their best friends. They have instincts, compulsive motives, you know? I guess I'm wary of animals that could be. . . savage at times. Maybe I'm too skeptical about things, but I've just always wondered why." He waited for the response. "Maybe it's not that I don't trust them, it's just Aulii and I have been around each other for a while, and, well. . . to put it bluntly, some can create more problems than they solve." Saul took a breather, and resumed setting up some accommodations for the day from his duffle. He began applying sun screen to exposed skin, and took off his khakis, revealing a standard pair of floral swim trunks. The trainer tossed the clothing back into the bag.

    "Anyways, how old are you? Look about thirteen, fourteen to me." Saul asked, urgent to move off the previous topic.
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  17. Loki never really thought about it that way... He always spoiled his Pokemon and treated them well. He knew most things about them, as he worked at their family business for most of his life. "Oh, I'm...", he quickly counted his fingers," Fourteen! I mean, fourteen." It seemed that Serengeti wanted to cool off, so he lead him underneath an umbrella sticking out of the ground (is there even a word for that?). He also had a prepared swimsuit underneath his clothes, it's just what you do if you go to a beach. Loki wore a diving mask and a swimming suit with a Lure Ball pattern on it. He jumped into the ocean, looking at the sealife of Alola. A Luvdisc, a Magikarp, nothing unusual. He swam until he found a Bruxish. He freaked out, and swam to the top of the warm, delightful Alolan sea. He took off his mask to looked at the surroundings above.
  18. Watching Loki disappear into the waves, Saul took some extra time to prepare himself - he finished applying the sunscreen, and removed his thin polyester T - shirt, revealing a standard white rash guard he had prepared before coming to the beach. It felt pleasant to remove the extra layers in the heat, and he quickly followed after Loki into the ocean, past Aulii. He spent a considerable amount of time savoring the drifting saltwater, covering his mouth and nose to make occasional expeditions under the surface. Following this, he returned to the edge of the shoreline, and seated himself next to the Frogadier, soaking in the sun for several blissful moments. He watched as Aulii used his impressive surfing abilities to mount a small tide beneath him, gliding across the waves, effortlessly weaving between the sea - faring pedestrians. It was quite the sight, and Saul smiled in contentment.

    Saul checked his watch, realizing that it would likely be wise to get something else to eat for lunch. He waded more fully out of the water, wrapping a towel around him and drying off. He called out to Loki, cupping his hands around his mouth to emphasize the sound of his voice:

    "Hey, Loki! I'm going to go grab something for lunch from the cafe, do you want to come along for some company?"
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  19. Loki shuddered at the thought of seeing a Bruxish again, and walked onto the beachfront. "Yeah!", he yelled back. He held the reins of Serengeti and directed him to the cafe. He tied him up on a post near the building, and joined Saul. "Let's see... I have 705 Pokedollars...", he mumbled to himself. Loki walked over to the cashier," I would like a... Big Malasada and a Lemonade, please." The cashier returned his extra 5 Pokedollars, and he walked over to a window table. He realized that the same girl from before was sitting in the booth behind him, though he ignored the fact and awaited his order.
  20. Saul was pleased that Loki shared his hunger, though remained silent most of the way there, hoping to not bring up anything that could lead to another uncomfortable topic. Regardless, he would likely feel better once he had eaten something - and once he arrived, simply ordered a grilled sandwich, and lemonade to quench his thirst. He sated himself across from Loki, taking not of the girl who had stormed off so suddenly from the beach. Saul stuffed his hands in his pockets, waiting for a waiter to deliver his lunch.

    "So, how are you liking Alola so far?" He inquired, rather pointlessly, to initiate some kind of mutual conversation.
  21. "Eh... I personally hate warm weathers...", he began," Speaking of Alola, maybe we could travel across the entire... uh... six? islands." He took a bit of his malasada, then looked out the window at Wingull circling high above the beach. Permafrost entered the store, then hopped next to Loki. "Oh...", he realized, giving a piece of his malasada to his Pokemon," We better save some for Serengeti, as well." He put the pastry onto a napkin, then looked back at Saul, hoping to hear a response.
  22. Sauls lunch arrived rather quickly, as the morning crowd had begun filtering out of the quaint cafe that clearly had experience in this field. His sandwich arrived, and he contemplated what Luke said as he ate, slowly and methodically. He washed the food down with several thirsty gulps of lemonade. "I do prefer the cold. Wonderful winters in Kalos . . . we could. I wouldn't be against doing some sightseeing around here. Perhaps it would be better to gather a larger group before we should embark on something like that? Strength in numbers, you know?" He finished, standing to purchase a bag of food for Aulii, who was now sitting hungrily under the table - Saul hadn't noticed throughout the entire meal. The Frogadier was, eccentric in that department, one could say.
  23. She looked at the time seeing it was the afternoon as she felt her stomach growl. "Alright come on girls, lets get your stomachs filled up" she told them as she went to wash up and changed back to her regular clothing. She had put back on her hooded cape before the girls followed her into the cafe. She ordered a Big Masalada for her and a small one for Blue since she loved anything sweet before placing it down for her. She gave Delta and Gem one as well as they both smiled eating it as well. She sat on the chair with a table eating hers after she had gotten her Moo Moo milk as she drank it slowly.-
  24. "That sounds terrific. Maybe we could invite her...", he pointed with his thumb at the booth behind him," Or the person who just came in with her Pokemon. She seems to have a pretty good team... Or that guy over there, just to name a few of the people we could invite..." He walked outside of the store by his Dodrio. "Good boy...", he horse whispered. He broke up the rest of his malasada into three piece and fed it to Serengeti. The "happy" head of the Pokemon nuzzled it's head against his own, making Loki chuckle. He walked back inside and sat next to Permafrost. "Did'ya decide yet?", Loki was quick to rush with travelling companions, which is why he had none before.
  25. After a few minutes of waiting, the waiter returned with Brian's meal which consisted of eggs with some bread and butter with an added Malasada, Brian looked at the latter with a raised eyebrow. "I'm sorry, I don't remember ordering this." Brian said. "You didn't, but I can tell you're new to Alola, we tend to treat them to one of our Malasadas; a popular Alolan delicacy." The waiter said as he gave three bowls of food to his Pokemon, as they began to dig in, Brian smiled and gave a bit of money to the waiter. "A little tip for the warm welcome then." He said as the waiter smiled and took the money.

    "Of course, enjoy your meal, and welcome to Alola." The waiter said as Brian looked back at is meal and ate it calmly, when he looked at the Malasada, he too a little bite out of it and widened his eyes in surprise to the amazing flavor. "Wow! No wonder these things are popular here." He thought as he proceeded to eat his food while the shiny Metagross ate its food like a dog and Gallade and Gothitelle teasingly fed each other their food.
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  26. After Claud exited the seacraft somewhat later than everyone else, the man walked around the pier for a brief moment. Myles blinked and blankly stared at the caretaker's arms that kept him in the air. The Mudkip's head fin shook after taking in the gentle breeze. The little Pokémon winced after a sharp pain pinged his brain just a fraction of a second later.

    "You alright there? It sounds like something's really bothering you," Claud asked the Mudkip after the man took in the mud fish's heavy cry. The guardian carefully patted the young Pokémon on his back, while he took a careful account not to touch anything that had bandages around them.

    "Here, I think you should have this. It's probably not a great idea to be so thirsty if you are," Claud added, before he took out a small bottle of oran berry juice and handed it over to the Mudkip. The little Pokémon slightly nodded and slowly formed a slight vaccum between the infant friendly spout and his mouth.

    The Mudkip watched the caretaker walking on the pier for some time. The infant noticed a Café that was near the beach, as his eyes rapidly blinked in response to the unfamiliar area.

    "You know, we should go inside there. There could be people to talk to, and you do seem a bit cold out here," Claud said, before the Mudkip shook his head in a swift response. The man strolled in the Café with the little Pokémon in his arms. He took the seat near a man with a Metagross that had the appearance of its shiny variant. Myles continued discreetly sucking on his bottle, before he turned away from the Metagross that consumed their meal without much apparent manners.
  27. Saul returned bearing a rather blandly smelling paper bad of Pokefood for Aulii, giving the Frogadier some of the food, who began eating it in earnest. The trainer had always thought of the taste of such mundane sustenance, wondered if it was perhaps a product of differing tastebuds between Pokemon? An interesting subject for research or discussion later. Returning to the table, he silently listened to Loki's suggestions. "I suppose that we should be cautious in how we go about suggesting such a thing. After all, these people are strangers. Well, of course, we are too, but . . . well, you get my point." He finished, leaning back in his seat.

    "Alright, you think about it. I'm gonna go change." Saul concluded once again, heading to the bathrooms of the Cafe and switching back into more casual clothes. After a couple minutes, he emerged back, returning Aulii to his Pokeball. "So, what'dya figure?" He asked Loki, much more comfortable in the neutrally tempered clothes.
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  28. Sandra was on the twelfth page by now, since she was in a relatively good mood. She knew that her parents were going to be proud of her, even though she had a whole year ahead of her. But, she knew that she was up for the challenge. She looked around the cafe, noticing some interesting individuals. She began thinking. "One of them has a Metagross. Weirdly big Pokemon to bring into a cafe..." She said, looking at the Shiny Metagross. "There's also a Gallade that seems to be in love with that Gothitelle. Cute. Weird pairing, but cute." She took a sip of her water and resumed writing.

    Ward gave Sandra an unimpressed look. He put his paw over her journal so she couldn't write in it anymore. "Hey!" Sandra looked at him with a surprised expression. "What was that for?" The Shinx pointed with his paw at his open mouth. "Oh Ward, I'm not hungry." Ward sighed and pointed at himself. "Oh, you. I don't know if this food is even good for a Shinx. Here have this." She looked through her bag for one minute before pulling out a small PokeFood container and gave it to her little Pokemon. Ward gave her a displeased expression and began eating. "Hey, we'll have plenty of time to try out the food here... After I know that this food isn't poisonous for you. Wait, can human food even be poisonous for Pokemon?... Oh well." She scrathed him under his chin and resumed writing.
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  29. After she finished eating she stood up placing her items in the trash. Shs saw the girls were done as well before she bought a Big Masalada to go as she placed it in her side bag. She returned Delta and Gem only leaving Blue out of her Luxury ball. As she was about to go out she stopped for the moment as two Team skull grunts walked in. "Yo Yo if it isn't the Masked Trainer" one said. "Yeah yo, we were looking for you to take your Pokemon"another said as they threw out a Sandit and an Arbok. "-Annoying....-"she thought. "Blue...Psychic.." She told her partner. Blue nodded as her Gold eyes went complete white lifting the Sandit and Arbok up before throwing them out the door. "You lose..."she said sternly as she walked out the door ignoring them. "To come back here!" They said running after her.

    "Arbok! Sandit!" They both said as they blocked her path to stop her. "Annoying..."she said again facing then outside. "Gem!" She said as the Flygon appeared out. "Flygon!" "You want a battle that badly I'll give you one!" She said annoyed as Blue and Gem got ready for battle.-
  30. After Saul left, Loki began thinking about who they should travel with. He turned to his left. "How does Serengeti's digestive track work...?", he started to forget the topic he was pondering, but then he saw a Team Skull grunt walking down the street. "West coast rappers?", he immediately assumed. Before long, he saw one of them use a Drowzee against Serengeti. "Hey!", he exclaimed. He saw Saul walking back to the table. "C'mon, Saul! We need to teach these people about messing with other's Pokemon!", he shouted to him. To his right, he saw another trainer who was willing to fight them. Permafrost hopped out of the booth to help aid the two trainer's battle. "Great. Permafrost, use Gyro Ball, stat!", he commanded. The Alolan Sandslash curled up into a metal ball, ready to attack the Arbok.
  31. Saul returned to Loki yelling to him about teaching some people about 'messing with other's Pokemon', and before the boy could even process the situation, he found himself stumbling back as a battle unfolded in the confines of the Cafe. "Wh - what? Somebody get the police. Loki, what are you doing?!" He called, reaching for Aulii's Pokeball in an impulse of self defense. A jolt of blue energy was lay launched from the capture mechanism, a Frogadier springing out. The creature saw the Arbok, and immediately leaped in front of Saul. Before the thoroughly confused trainer could even issue a command, Aulii began indiscriminately flinging water shrikes towards the presumed opposition. "SORRY!" Saul screamed, as the attacks began to ricochet around the cafe, causing utter chaos.
  32. She saw another Pokemon join her, an Alolan Sandslash. "Blue Psychic on the Arbok, give the Alola Sandslash an attack opening! Throw him in the air!" She commanded. "Umbreon!" Blue said using Psychic to lift the Arbok up before throwing him in the air for the Alola Sandslash to hit. "Gem Dragon Pulse on Sandit!" She commanded. "Flygon!" She said as she used Dragon pulse as a dragon formed with the dragon pulse hitting the Sandit with a direct hit.-
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  33. Saul leaped forwards, roughly grabbed Aulii by the waist, and began sprinting towards the door, hearing the water shurikens simply turning to puddles of water on the floor. He arrived outside besides Loki, seeing the battle now taking place. "A - Aulii, return!" The Frogadier disappeared once again into the Pokeball, unable to cause anymore nonsense. "Loki, what's going on with these guys? Are you involved in a gang? Am I involved in a gang?" He shook uncontrollably, shocked by the sudden hostilities. He attempted to compose himself, and receded somewhat from the conflict, though kept his question sufficiently aimed at Loki, hoping for an answer.
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  34. As Brian watched a group of thugs by the name of 'Team Skull' enter and start to harass and cause a few trainers present to get their Pokemon out and attack, Brian simply stopped eating and looked at the chaos with clear annoyance, when the Frogadier's attack began to bounce across the cafe, Brian ducked lightly and held on to his hat. "Gothitelle, Protect." Brian said semi nonchalantly, the Gothitelle nodded and held her hand out to form a light barrier around Brian and his team of Psychic types, due to the small size compared to the large Metagross, one of its legs stuck out of the barrier, yet the Metagross simply stood there and waited for things to die down.

    Once they did, Brian simply got up and put some money down on the table. "Let's go guys, I think this warm welcome just took a cold turn." He said as he got out a Poke ball and began to return his Metagross, then Gothitelle, then his Gallade. His hot pink eyes focused on the people who battled as he walked out of the cafe. "Not the best place for a battle." He thought as he simply stood outside the cafe and held on to one of his Pokeballs, ready to let out one of his Pokemon in case things went awry.
  35. As the new arrivals came, Sandra didn't even look up from her journal. But, when she heard how they talked. She recognized the 'yo' and the other 'yo'. She turned towards the door, seeing some Team Skull Grunts. "That's Team Skull!" Sandra pointed out to her Shinx. Ward just gave her a confused look. "Team Skull, the mediocre gang that causes some minor inconveniences." She explained to her Pokemon. "I'm getting out of here." Ward barked at her just as she was about to leave and pointed at the journal. Sandra's face lit up as she realized what he meant and began writing about this gang.
  36. The Alolan Sandslash used Gyro Ball on cue. It charged at the Arbok, knocking outside of the building. Loki looked back," What? No, they just let my Dodrio loose in a large city! And, that girl said that they're Team Skull'!", he replied. It seemed that the Team Skull grunts were retreating, making Loki sigh with relief. Wait... Usually he would have his Sudowoodo, who was fascinated with cleaning, do the repairs... Loki went up to the clerk and apologized," I'm sorry, It's just... uh... well, you know, an evil organization was going to rob your store?" He walked to the girl who helped them fight. "Me and Saul, over there were looking for a travel companion to go all around Alola, would you mind travelling with us?", Loki said as calm as possible to the trainer.
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  37. Hitoshi was walking around for a while with his Flygon as he was looking for other things to do. "Well, not much time has passed and all I have done is look around this town. Although I did get a good aerial view of the island with you Kyo." Kyo was still walking next to him looking around. Many people were walking around, but they were mostly at the beach so that gave Kyo some space. All of the sudden, Kyo stopped walking and looked around at a faster pace. "You okay?" He stopped for a moment too and felt a rumble. "I felt that too, but I can't tell from where." He jumped on Kyo and flew up to get a view.

    He noticed a battle going on at a cafe. He examined the situation and noticed it was under control. "Oh? Is that another Flygon? Well whatever, the fight is just about wrapped up, and I don't think that Team Skull can do anything about a Flygon, am I right?" Kyo cried happily and nodded. "Welp, no need to get in their way. Team Skull are just a bunch of idiots thinking they can do whatever, not like Team Rocket was much different, right?" He patted Kyo to take them down, and they soon started to descend.

    Hitoshi hopped off of Kyo and petted him. They were now at the entrance to Route 2 so they could hear themselves think. "As much fun as it would be to fight someone for fun, I don't have a reason to fight Team Skull." As if his wishes were answered, a Dragon Pulse was shot at them. "What!?" He just narrowly dodged the attack and so did Kyo. "Hey, whats the big idea!" A bit of smoke cleared up and he saw a Salazzle and a Team Skull grunt. "I heard you talking about fighting Team Skull, huh? You won't even get the chance to touch me before this battle is over." The Skull grunt was annoying but she seemed skilled from the looks of her battle ready Salazzle. "Hey wait, are you with those idiots fighting over at the cafe?" At this point he was calm but masking his readiness to attack.

    The grunt laughed. "I wished you never had to bring that up. I don't know them but I saw them and wondered what they thought they were doing. I guess they really did go after the Masked Trainer. Well, I no longer need to be here, later loser." Hitoshi snapped his fingers and Kyo shot a Dragon Pulse at them. "Wait right there. Did you mention the Masked Trainer? I heard stories but why are they going after her?" The grunt turned around and shrugged. "You tell me, I have no idea. Now if you will please just let me leave and neither of us have to fight, got it?" She walked away and Hitoshi didn't care. He was just standing there with a puzzled face. "Now what is going on around here?" Kyo had a puzzled face too, as if copying his trainer. "No use thinking about it too hard, probably just useless trouble." He turned around to walk back into town.
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  38. Gem saw another Flygon but had heard one of the grunts being so rude which irritated her. She acted without her trainers order and knocked them both down as she opened her mouth to use a Flamethrower. She acted quickly standing right in front Gem. "Hold on easy girl, I know they said something about me that angered you but let them go Gem" she told her. "Flygon...." Gem obeyed before letting the grunts go. Gem had a guilty look on her face looking to her trainer. "Hey its alright, but don't do anything reckless without my order alright.."she told her. "Flygon....("Sorry...JC....") She told her.

    She gently petted Gem but had caught the eye of Team Skulls leader Guzma before he approached her face to face. "So your the Masked Trainer Hm? So your as good as they say" he said his Golsipod stood right beside him.

    "Step away from my face Guzma" she warned arms crossed against her chest. Gem on the other hand glared at the Golsipod being in a protective stance for her trainer. Blue didn't like him either as she growled. "Umbre!" "And what will you do if I don't" he asked her. "You don't want to know what I will do!"she threatened as they were on eye to eye with each other even if she was wearing her wolf mask to hide her face.-
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  39. Claud walked out of the Café after he heard foreign voices of some members that were likely from a shady organization of some sort.

    "Ouch, looks like we gotta be careful here. Let's just get out of here if we can," Claud whispered to Myles, after the man patted the Mudkip's back. The little Pokémon cowered in the man's arms, while the guardian attempted to look for the easiest means of escape.

    Meanwhile, Ethan discreetly hovered towards the Café's relative location after he adjusted his lab coat for a brief moment.

    "Umm... I got a call from around here saying that there's a fight going on or disturbing the... whatever it's called, or something like that. Would you happen to know anything about that there... the big thing over there and that huge green Pokémon too?" Ethan inquired in a lengthy telepathic message to an unfamiliar person with a Flygon.
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  40. (JC is wearing a white wolf blue streaked Mask and hooded cape so you can't actually see her face)

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