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DPPt/HGSS Alice's Trade and Battle post (I breed almost everything!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Platypus, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. (New here, so if I make a mistake feel free to correct me!)
    If I don't have a pokemon listed that doesn't mean I can't get it for you!

    Pokemon for trade-

    5 Ponyta (lvl 1)
    (gentle, mild, bashful, relaxed, serious)
    4 Ponyta eggs
    1 legit shiny Ponyta (lvl 21, hardy)

    4 Charmander (lvl 1)
    (naughty, hasty, serious, relaxed)
    1 Charmander egg

    3 Mareep (lvl 1)
    (calm, lonely, naughty, hardy)
    1 Mareep egg

    5 Magby (lvl 1)
    (impish, relaxed, lonely, adamant)
    1 Magby egg

    5 Elekid (lvl 1)
    (quirky, careful, rash, timid, quiet)
    1 Elekid egg

    4 Feebas (lvl 1)
    (timid, relaxed, naive, relaxed)
    1 Feebas egg

    5 Smeargle (lvl 1)
    (relaxed, rash, naive, quiet, relaxed)
    11 Smeargle eggs

    3 Lapras (lvl 1)
    (hardy, impish, impish)
    1 Lapras egg

    4 Aerodactyl (lvl 1)
    (sassy, serious, relaxed, rash)
    1 Aerodactyl egg

    3 Turtwig (lvl 1)
    (naughty, lonely, naughty)

    4 Skarmory (lvl 1)
    (adamant, brave, relaxed, jolly, timid)

    4 Relicanth (lvl 1)
    (lax, docile, impish, bashful)
    1 Relicanth egg

    3 Riolu (lvl 1)
    (hasty, brave, calm)

    1 legit shiny Chansey (lvl 16, naughty)

    3 Squirtle (lvl 1)
    (gentle, relaxed, adamant)

    3 Dratini (lvl 1)
    (docile, jolly, quirky)

    3 Sableye (lvl 1)
    (calm, quirky, careful)

    I can also breed pretty much any Pokemon you want. Just ask!

    Only pokemon I'm looking for right now is a Skarmory with Sky Attack and Brave Bird (and spikes if it's over level 26).
    If you have one that only has one attack or the other I'll probably still trade for it.
    I most likely won't take any other pokemon unless they are legit ubers, legit shinys, or legit event pokemon.
    Also interested in rare items.
    Make an offer you think is fair.

    Not currently doing any battles. Sorry.

    FC: 4338 9946 0046
  2. if you want ubers i have some that i got off wifi and i would like to battle just tell me your rules of battling
  3. I'm good for a battle right now.
    Site rules, as started above.
  4. A battle with me would be nice
  5. Alright. When do you wanna do it?
  6. A.S.A.P I want to try my battle skills :p
  7. Awesome. What's your FC?
  8. More pokemon added to my trade list. ^_^
  9. Shocari

    Friend Code:
    I would like to request a battle. I'm available almost 24/7, so I'm not in any rush. Also, would it be a Lv50 or Lv100 battle? Single or Double? I'm game either way.

    EDIT: FC *points to the left*
  10. Hey, I really want that shiny Chansey of yours. I can give you a Shiny Skarmory, Shiny Pidgeotto, Shiny Duskull and Shiny Bagon. I also have a box of egg-moved Pokes.
  11. Lvl 100 singles battle. I should be free for the rest of the week. Just pick a time. ^_^

    If you have a Skarmory with Brave Bird and/or Sky Attack in that egg-move box I'd be more than happy to trade. If not I'm willing to consider the shinys. Are they all legit? (sorry, but I gotta ask)
  12. I have a legit shiny Skarmory. :3 I could breed it to get one with Brave Bird or Sky Attack.
  13. That would be great!
    The only pokemon I really want right now is a Skarmory with those attacks.
    Sky Attack is prefered, but if you get one with Brave Bird that's fine.
  14. Okay, it won't be shiny with either of those moves (most likely) but oh well. xP
  15. Meh. I don't really care if it's shiny.
    I've been trying to breed one myself, and I've pretty much run out of patience. x_x
  16. Mkay. :3 I'm gonna breed ASAP.
  17. Looking to battle, site rules, Code: 1204 5129 3367

  18. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    Alisth, you get a warning for hijacking someone else's thread - if you want battles, make your own thread.

    Read the rules.
  19. I got your Skarmory ready. I hope you wanted a male xP
  20. I did! Yay!
    Could you name it Cromis?
    and what moves does it have?
    (also do you want the Chansey named anything?)
  21. Chansey doesn't need a name, but Luckles would be nice. If I remember right, it knows Leer, Peck, Sky Attack and Fly (learned it at birth xD). I will name it right now :)

    EDIT: I named it and I'm ready to trade :3
  22. Ready here.
    We need to pick a time or it'll take forever.
  23. Hm. I dunno what your time zone is. What time is it where you are?
  24. I'll trade a Naughty Lv.20♀ red Gyarados for any Feebas; referably one that likes dry, but I can manage with any other flavors.
    It's moves are Splash, Tackle, and Bite...
  25. I'm afriad I'm not really intrested...
    ...but, since I have plenty of them, why not. ^_^
    If you could throw in a rare item or berry it's a done deal!
  26. What berry do you want?
    Salac, Custap, Jaboca...

    I can get you any berry
  27. Enigma berry would be nice.
  28. fc plz... Ready now
  29. FC is in my siggy.
    I'll head to the wi-fi room.
  30. I'm almost ready, I just need to pick some berries and get into the wi-fi room. Also, would you like a free Farfetch'd or Murkrow? I just caught a bunch.
  31. Alice, i'm a noob on this website, but I'd sure like a battle if that's alright. I already have you added, my friend code is on my trainer card in my signature.
  32. Alright, that'd be fine.

    When do you want to battle? I know from experiance if we don't pick a time and date it'll never happen. >.
  33. Hm...

    lonely mareep? I could trade you some egg moves (some listed in my topic). I could also get you a brave bird skarmory (I think I got you a sky attack one last time).
  34. Well, i'm in eastern standard time, so idk if u can convert it or somethin- hows about 4:30 on October 2nd?
  35. I can give you my Phione for an admant Skarmory (if you have a shiny, double sweet). It has Pokerus, so it grows strong quickly, and I can always rebreed my Manaphy (in Diamond).
  36. Yes to both trades.

    Also I don't think I'm going to battle for a while. I'm not on enough for it...

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