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Ask to Join A Rip In The Fabric of Space and Time (Multiverse RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Dapper_Cat, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. In every universe, it had been a normal day. That was, until a large black hole appeared in the sky. These black holes sucked in any sentient being nearby and dragged them in... to New York City on the planet Earth! Now, heroes and villains must make a decision. Who will they fight for? Will they fight for the growing darkness that has brought them here in an attempt to save themselves? Will some heroes and villains join forces in order to defeat their common enemy, or will they continue fighting themselves and ignore the real threat?

    Sergeant Johnson had just returned with the Master Chief and the Arbiter. While the UNSC personnel were not ecstatic to see the former enemy, it was obviously a huge morale boost to see a SPARTAN. Especially the Chief. Johnson quickly got a message over his comm from Miranda Keyes.

    "Sergeant Johnson, something strange has happened outside. We need you to investigate." Keyes said. "Roger that, ma'am. On my way." Johnson replied, taking his BR55 Battle Rifle and going outside. The first thing he saw was a black hole in the sky. "That wasn't there a minute ago..." Johnson muttered as he stuffed a cigar in his mouth. Then he felt himself being lifted up. "Woah.. Hey! What's goin' on?!" He shouted as he was lifted in the black hole. Then he saw nothing but darkness.
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  2. Jade was battling a large crystal slime,however,he was having an easy time fighting it"these things are too easy"he said jumping up and slicing right through it causing it to poof in a large cloud of smoke"well that should be the last of em"he said bubbling the gem and warping it away, suddenly a large black hole apeared in the sky"w...what the heck is that thing,it couldn't be homeworld right" the black hole began absorbing everything,Jade was sucked in to the black hole immediately
  3. Pablo had been minding his business, meandering about the solitary building upon the equally solitary island that was Zone 0. He had been about to lay down for yet another nap, as cats often do, before something snapped him back to attention. That "something" was a nagging voice in his head, one that seemed to tug on metaphorical strings. Perhaps this is what the merchant had spoken of? He thought. Something along the lines of 'being guided by a literary puppeteer?' In hindsight, it may have been insensitive to dismiss his conjecture as the rambling of a madman. Due to potential gratification having been given by his friend in allusion to the circumstance, the Judge decided to follow his sudden urge to go to the roof for the sake of, as the merchant would say, 'plot progression?' Whatever that means.

    Nonetheless, as soon as he reached the roof, he realised that nothing was out of the ordinary. No mysterious beings, no phantasmagorical occurrences, and certainly no multitudinous bags of cat food like he would've hoped. Instead, he was greeted with the same cheery, golden yellow floor that overlooked the pale sea of liquid plastic contrasted by the somewhat darker sky in which- wait, that was new.

    Above the white cat roared what could only be called a vortex. It started out small, but quickly grew in size and power, beginning to cause nearby objects (which happened to only be a singular bottle, filled to the brim with sugar) to levitate. Abruptly, the bottle shot itself off the ground, rocketing into the ever expanding black void in the sky. It was only then that the (quite literal) gravity of the situation began to sink in. The Judge had began to hover as well, but he was not about to get sucked into the hole without a fight. He scrambled for purchase at the metallic yellow ground, but doing so was an uphill battle, seeing as his relatively small cat claws were certainly no combat against the all consuming darkness above him. Finally, his grip slipped, and his tiny cat form skyrocketed into the gaping tear in reality itself. He let out one last distressed "meow" before his vision was engulfed in an inky shade of black.
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  4. Mr. E woke up just as the sun began rising. As always, he was up before any of his allies, so he decided to go for a walk to pass the time. He jumped down from the tree he fell asleep in, and started walking in a random direction. As he was walking, he listened to all the sounds around him. The birds singing, the wind rushing past the trees. The forest truly was beautiful, and it saddened him to think that others don't appreciate nature as much as they should. Suddenly, he sensed a large amount of energy, and looked up to see a vortex growing. The only time he had seen anything like this was when a portal to a parallel universe was opened. Not having time to react, Mr. E was helplessly sucked into the portal, surrounded by darkness, unable to resist.
  5. Batman glided through the streets of Gotham City. The Caped Crusader grappled up to the top of Wayne Tower. He surveyed Gotham. Bruce brought up his communication device. The Worlds Greatest Detective called his Loyal Butler, Alfred Pennyworth. "What is it Master Bruce?" Alfred calmly asked over the Communicator

    Batman responded,"There have been spacial disturbances all across Gotham, Research them." Batman dove off Wayne Tower and opened his cape. The cape caught the wind Batman glided across the city. Alfred reopened the call and said," Master Bruce, the disturbances have been appearing across Gotham City. I really don't think we can do anything about them-" Alfred was cut off by a black hole appearing behind Batman," Master Bruce, Lookout!"

    "What Alfred?",Batman asked. The Dark Knight looked behind his cape and saw the Black Hole. "Shi-" the World's Greatest Detective as cut off by the Black Hole sucking him in

    Link quietly stalked through the quiet woods of Hyrule Field. He had his eyes set on a stag. The Hero knocked an arrow and shot at the stag. Link stood up and skinned and plucked the antlers off the Stag. He picked up the meat. Link was about to start a fir to cook his game, but was cut off by a Black Hole sucking him inside.
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  6. Johnson landed with a grunt. He quickly pushed himself to his feet. He saw that he was in an alley. It looked of an older design, but it was definitely Human. On the ground near him, Johnson saw his BR55 Battle Rifle. He picked it up, but did not return it to the magnetic clamp on his back. He aimed around cautiously. The Sergeant-Major wasn't about to take any chances. He glanced up and saw that it was a clear, starry night. Compared to five minutes ago, it wasn't right. It had been the middle of day when Commander Keyes requested that he investigate the disturbance. He saw an exit from the alley and moved up to it cautiously and took a peak out. People were running in panic. There were things there that Johnson could tell didn't belong.

    There were Covenant soldiers, Brutes to be specific, terrorizing the people. Local law enforcement tried to step in, but their weapons were primitive, even compared to the UNSC. Compared to the Covenant? They may as well have been throwing rocks at them. The Brutes tore through - quite literally, in some cases - the opposition. Johnson rolled his eyes and stepped out of cover, firing a round into a Brute Chieftan that was about to execute a civilian. The Brute looked over at Johnson and redirected himself, charging the Sergeant-Major.
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  7. Batman would have landed with thud, but he was already gliding when was warped. Batman's cape went back into place and he slid down the wall of an ally. Batman imediatley heard screams and rushed to help. The things causing the scream were unlike anything he had ever seen before. The Caped Crusader rushed at one of the Brutes. The Alien fired it's gun at Batman, batman dodged and kicked the Brute in the face. The brute crippled to the ground.
    Link landed with thud in the streets of New York. He drew the Master Sword at the unfamiliar sight of New York. Link Moved through the crowds rushing to get away from the origin of the screams. The Hero of the Wild heard a familiar sound, the sound of a Guardian's Laser. Link put up his shield and was launched back into a Taxi. The driver rolled down his window and yelled," Get off my car,you damn Cosplayer!" Link looked at the driver with a confused look. Link turned back to to where the laser had come from, it was two Guardian Stalkers
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  8. The portal re-opened in the sky above the city street, sending the Judge careening to the ground along with the bottle, which smashed open and dropped its sugary contents onto the ground. Luckily, due to his instincts being feline in nature, he managed to twist himself around midair and land squarely on his paws with nary a hair out of place. For a moment, the cat remained completely motionless. What had just happened? He was used to traversing through and between the zones, but this was nothing like that. Inter-zone travel involved stepping up to a save cube and first walking through a dark plane known as 'the Nothingness' before one could reach their destination. But this? This was nothing like that. This was a massive vortex, devouring all that came near it, even shredding the laws of time and space to do so. This was the force that had torn him out of his home and ruined his chance for a catnap. It could only be considered impeccable luck that he was the only inhabitant of Zone 0. Otherwise, the Judge was doubtless that it would've consumed any others who came near.

    As soon as he recovered from the immediate shock, the Judge decided to look around. Wherever he was now, it was nothing like the world he had always known. The ground beneath his paws was still compact, but in a different way that almost felt... more natural? It was warm, unlike the bits of metallic scrap that formed the ground that he had become so accustomed to. Surrounding him were tall structures he presumed to be buildings, perhaps residence of some sort. Nonetheless, they were taller than any buildings he had ever seen, their roofs high enough for them to take on the appearance of touching the clouds. The sky itself was a brilliant shade of blue, bringing life to the otherwise drab, grey structures. The air was clean and easy to breathe, unlike the smoke workers inhaled in ragged heaves.

    However, the strangest part about the place was the light it gave off. Everything in his world had been lit by lamps and furnaces, where everything here seemed to emanate light and warmth. The Judge soon realised that the source of such was a glowing sphere amongst the clouds that was so bright it was almost blinding. 'How nice it must be to reside here,' he thought. 'It would probably be in my best interest to not get used to such luxuries.'

    Despite the hospitality the current setting was providing, the Judge was still lost and somewhat confused. He likely wasn't the only one, he quickly concluded. Seeing the force behind that vortex... he likely wasn't the only one affected. However, he also knew that he certainly wasn't the most dangerous creature that existed, and if others from his reality had been affected...

    As if right on que, he heard the first scream. That couldn't possibly be good. He ran across the sidewalk as quickly as his paws could carry him and skidded around a corner where he was greeted with a plethora of... what exactly? The Judge was taken aback. That wasn't at all what he had expected. These beings weren't anything he recognised at all. They didn't even appear to be of his world in general. Nevertheless, they appeared hostile, but what could he do about it? While he was far from powerless, it was unlikely his nimble paws would be able to do as much as scathe these beings through the chinks in their armour. Luckily, none of the beasts appeared to notice him, giving the Judge an opportunity to get himself into a more tactical position. Noticing a nearby fire escape, he scrambled up a flight of metallic stairs in order to further survey his surroundings.

    For once, he had absolutely no idea what to do. He knew the Zones inside and out, but here? Everything here was a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside of an enigma. Once again being a first, he swallowed his pride, deciding, like a fool, to ask the seemingly nonexistent voice inside his head. "For once, I am clueless. Why not use your cerebrum, for you seem to know more about my current surroundings than I," he was in turn compelled to jump off of the flimsy metallic platform straight into the fray, where he could possibly land a blow to their eyes. Of course, the feline gent wasn't having any of this. "Perhaps I was misinformed. It seems your intelligence is on par with that of the average kitten. Acting upon such a decision would surely cause me to be instantly slain as-" he was cut off as a frantic citizen had the same idea as he, accidentally pushing off the mildly disgruntled cat in the fray.

    The Judge plummeted to the ground for the second time in the past few minutes, this time his paws finding their way onto the roof of a parked car. One of the beasts, as was his luck, instantly noticed the clang of metal, quickly changing its course towards the odd-appearing feline. The Judge hissed as an intimidation tactic (which didn't help at all) before unsheathing his claws and preparing to strike. There was no possible way this could go wrong.
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  9. Jade was shot out of another portal which caused him to fall on top of a brute"aah,what was that and where am i"he looked around and saw the brute he fell on"aah! gem monsters,heh freeze"Jade rose his hand up and stopped time around him,he jumped off of the brute onto the street examining everything around him"jeese what in the world is going on,and who are these guys they don't look like gems,oh right the gem monsters"Jade started time once again as he lunged towards a brute with his sword drawn,he Sal's right through one and slashed at another,he was knocked back by one of the brutes,he landed beside Jonson,he noticed the gun he was firing"woah what kind of weapon is that"he said clulessly
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  10. Suddenly, on top of a building the vortex dropped Mr. E, who was very confused with what was going on. He appeared to be in a city. A very large one at that. Strangely, it seemed to be night when just before it was morning. Had he really been in that portal for that long, or was it something else? His thoughts were then interrupted when he heard a scream from below. Looking down from the building, he saw a group of boring looking creatures. They were the type of thing he saw on a daily basis, and though he never saw anything exactly like these, they were not what interested him. What caught his eye were the beings who he could only guess were humans. He never saw a human before, as they were extinct in his dimension because they were incredibly weak and probably very stupid. The closest thing to a human he ever saw was his friend, who is an android built to look exactly like a human. Regardless, he decided he should probably help them since they clearly needed assistance. Quickly, he teleported in front of one of the alien creatures, snatched it's gun away from it, and started shooting them, using his teleportation to avoid being shot.
  11. Luckily, someone had taken the charging creature's gun and began gunning down the horde.

    Unluckily, they had evidentially missed the one in which they had stolen the gun from: the one that had decided to make the brilliant decision to charge the cat.

    The Judge responded by using the car as a springboard, leaping somewhat acrobatically onto the creature's (helmeted) head. He clung on for dear life as the beast charged, taking a loping swing with its monstrous hand at the car, which was evidentially its actual target. It quickly learned of the cat's existence, however, swatting at the feline perched upon its head. Before it could land a hit, the Judge prepared an Untypical Sclerosis, slashing his claws across his opponent's face. Having inflicted the blindness status effect, the Judge leapt down whist his adversary stumbled around with no sense of where it was going. The white-furred feline prepared himself to deal the final blow. The Judge charged at the vision-impaired foe, deciding that, given the fact that it was already injured, a low damaging attack would likely do. He struck at the alien-like creature with the full force of a Conniving Aneurysm, which was enough to bring it down.

    Proud of his success, the Judge sat down. This was no time to rest, he quickly realised, seeing as there was still chaos in the streets. He had fell but one enemy, whereas tons more still ran rampant whist other creatures (supposedly here due to similar circumstances) fought them off and yet more fled from the scene. Realising what he had to do, he dashed off into the torrent of madness, slashing at the ankles of what he presumed to be enemies. It likely wouldn't do much damage, but would still catch them off guard (or just cause an annoyance). He was still fairly clueless as to what was going on, but he supposed this was at least sort of a help.
  12. Johnson could see others taking the fight to the Brutes, and there were other enemies, too. Large machines that the Sergeant-Major didn't recognize himself. He saw them gunning down civvies though, so that was enough to convince him that they were hostile. Oddly enough, though, he noticed the Brutes and the machines were assisting each other, rather than it being a three-way battle. That didn't stack up in their favor. Adding on to the list of weird things Johnson had seen today, he saw a cat running amongst the brutes, clawing at their ankles and the like. While they were distracted by the feline, Johnson continued to fire into the crowd of Brutes with one hand, while his second swiftly grabbed his M6G Magnum Pistol and he fired at the Brutes the cat was attacking.
  13. "whatever,I'll find out after we take these thing wait,is that a cat"Jade scratched his head confused until Jonson pulled out another strange weapon and began firing at the brutes"oh, right, monsters"Jade jumped up and and stabbed down onto a brute,he slashed his sword through the brutes that tried to attack him and cutting through the shots they fired at him"huh, these things don't have gems,but if there not corrupted gems then what are they"he jumped back as a brute tried to hit him with his weapon"let's see how they like this"he slowed time and swung his sword through brutes one by one,from a normal persons perspective it would look like he was traveling at blinding speed,almost as if he was teleporting,his ability wore off,and left Jade exausted"*pant*pant* at least I took out most of them,I hope these guys can handle the rest"he said as his sword disappeared and his wisp circled him
  14. Batman engaged with another one of the Aliens. The Brute pointed at Batman an shoited something in it's native tongue. Batman pulled out his grapple gun and disarmed the Brute. The vigilante leapt at the Brute and engaged in a fist fight. The Brute threw a punch, but Batman countered it and and knocked the alien out.
    Link raised his shield towards th Guardian. Link deflected another laser and charged at the ancient Robot. The Guardian reached out it's hand to entrap Link, but Link slashed it's limb off with his divine blade. A Brute tried to take on Link after he amputed the Guardian's limb. The Brute fired his Plasma Repeater at Link, but Link blocked it with his shield. The Hero of the Wild stabbed the Brute through the stomache. Another Brute fired at Link while his back was turned, but remaining police officer shot the Brute. The Brute fired while he was distracted by the cop. The plasma bullet hit Link's leg.
  15. "maybe I can use wisp's telepathy to talk to them,ok"Jade's wisp began to glow bright"hello,is anyone there,don't be alarmed it's my wisp allowing us to talk like this,first of all who are you guys,and what the heck are these things,there certainly not gems" Jade said telepathically,a brute tried to jump on top of Jade and shoot at him,he drew his sword once again and cut right through it, however one of the but bullets pierced Jade's arm
  16. "Um... Hello? Is this how this thing works? I'm going to assume it is. I've dealt with these bastards before. They're called Brutes. Not the actual name of their species, but it's a common term for them amongst both their faction and mine. To answer your first question, son, I'm Sergeant-Major Johnson of the United Nations Space Command." Johnson (hoped he) replied via the telepathic link. Wait, what the fuck was a Wisp? And a gem? "Um, a question for you. What in Sam Hell is a wisp, and what do you mean by gems? Like, gemstones like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds?" He mentally inquired as he shot down another Brute. Their numbers were starting to thin.
  17. "well that didn't help at all,and to answer your question,a gem is a magic being composed of light and are gem my gem in spacific is a Jade,and a wisp a little ball of light that follows me around everywhere wait a second what the heck do you mean by factions like what factions and what in the name of homeworld is the U.N.S.C"Jade said cutting through a brute that tried to shoot Jonson"for a Sargent mayor whatchamacallit you can't guard your own back for the life of you" Jade grinned jokingly said as "I have one more question when are we it looks like one of the cities I've been to,wait are we even on earth anymore"
  18. The Judge ducked and weaved his way through the crowd, delivering nasty scratches to the ankles that would make any housecat proud. Although the other vigalantes that he had been fighting alongside (presumably) appeared to be more equipped to deal with the monsters, the cat was still determined to be of aid. He sprung up once more, clawing his way up one of the monsters and delivering it a hefty slash to the face. He continued this pattern (although tiring, it appeared to wear them out more and prevent him from exhausting his competence) for a while, using each beast as a springboard to pounce upon another and inflict the same damage. At least, that was until he heard the voice.

    This voice wasn't the same one as before. It was louder, less direct, and more... real, in a sense. Startled, the Judge fell off the brute mid sweep. Landing on the ground (miraculously, without any damage besides the dirt and grime that had now coated his fur), the Judge figured it would only be appropriate to respond in some sense. Unfortunately, he never got the time to do so as an alien foot kicked him aside, presumably taking revenge for his crappy cat antics earlier. He slammed against the concrete, standing up shakily. The beast cornered him, giving the Judge only one option: to once more use one of his competence-fuelled abilities. He activated a Malicious Aneurysm and struck with quivering claws, luckily downing the monster in one fell swoop. Quivering, he desperately hoped that there weren't many more. After all, he was just a cat. How much madness could he take?
  19. "Well, hello to all of you. I'm Batman. That's the only description you need and the only discription you'll get." Batman wasn't exactly in the game to make friends, just to get the job done. He disarmed and and defeatbex another Brute. The second Guardian noticed Batman. The robot set it's laser on Batman. Batman threw a Bat-a-rang at the Guardian's eye, disabling it for a brief moment.
  20. "wait Batman,like in those comics Batman,woah what was that"Jade stopped when he heard a shreik coming from where the brutes were"wait,what happened to that cat,oh crap"he saw the injured feline and sprung to action,he sliced through a brute and withdrawn his sword,he picked up the cat and jumped on and off of a building back to the area wear everyone else was"aww,who's the cutest thing,wait who are you,your definitely not a normal cat, right"Jade said as he sat the cat down and scratched it's chin
  21. Johnson fired wildly into the Brutes. Eventually, the Sergeant-Major realized the Brutes were actually falling back. "First time for everything, I guess..." Johnson murmured, as he magnetized his pistol to his hip. He removed his cigar to let out a puff of smoke, then shoved it back in to his mouth. Johnson turned around to see the Guardian. "Aww, son of a bitch." Johnson muttered. "Frag out!" He shouted as he threw a Fragmentation grenade at the machine. He then fired at it until his current magazine was empty.
  22. Due in part to being in no position whatsoever to protest (or even move, for the most part), the feline put up with being picked up by a strange... man? He couldn't be too sure, especially considering the stranger's green form.

    That did not get a good response from the Judge. He was a lot of things, but he was not cute. However, he chose to set such aside, turning his head towards the being that was now cradling him in its arms. He found it needless to offer a remark, seeing as, evidentially, the stranger had already noticed.

    The Judge was definitely glad to have been set down, and expended yet more of his competence in the form of a Cunning Purr, which healed some of his wounds. "Whist I have naught to say about your standards of irregularity, from my perspective, yes, I am indeed a normal cat," he attempted to shove the green being's hand away from his chin with his paw. "As for my name," he flicked his tail towards the mechanical beast that was still in action, despite the ape-like beasts having retreated. "I believe any pleasantries can be spared until after the battle, can they not?"
  23. If Guardians had feelings, they would be unamuzed. The Robots moderately effective. The real kicker was the frag grenade. The explosion of Grenade knocked one of the Guardians of balance. The other Guardian pointed it's eye at Sergeant Johson and fired it's blue laser. Then, the titanic robot turned and followed the Brutes. The second Guardian lost all it's legs in the explosion. Link Drew his bow of Light and knocked an arrow. The silent hero fired at the eye of the Guardin. The robot exploded with a burst of blue light.
  24. Wheatley sighed. He was floating around in the abyss of space after being banished there by Chell and GLaDOS. "Wonder what she's up to?" the blue core said aloud, getting nothing but random mutterings from another core that had been accidentally sucked through the portal with him. "Reckon she's testing with HER?" Wheatley suddenly realized that he was being pulled backwards and calculated that he was going surprisingly fast. "I can't look! Or maybe I can?" He turned around and saw the black hole and was consequently pulled through.

    "Ninjaaa-GO!" Ari shouted, and made another attempt at doing Spinjitzu. She had it for a second, then totally lost control and spun into a nearby tree. Cole walked over to her and helped her up.
    "Keep trying, you'll get it eventually," he told her. Ari brushed herself off.
    "One more try, then we can take a break," she said. Cole nodded. Ari closed her eyes, trying to concentrate. "Ninjaaa-GO!" she yelled for a second time. Her Spinjitzu was more stable that time, but a black hole appeared in the sky and began sucking Ari in.
    "What the--Ari!" Cole shouted, jumping in after his pink-clad teammate.

    Two black holes appeared in the alley. One hovered over Sergeant Johnson, spitting Wheately out at him. The other was in the middle of the alleyway. Ari spun out of control, but did not cause any casualties. She stopped and looked around. Cole asked the question first. "Where the heck are we?"
    "That's a good question, but I think we can narrow out 'space' and 'Aperture Labs'. Down here!" Wheatley said. Ari looked down at him.
  25. As the brutes retreated Jade gave a sigh of relief"well glad that's over I don't think I could've lasted much longer,oh I've never properly introduced myself,I'm Jade a gem"he said as he sat on a price of rubble"now that you know my name I suppose you should do the same"he grinned cheerfully
  26. Johnson had managed to narrowly avoid the laser, but it did leave a mark on his armor. He groaned as two more blackholes opened nearby. He narrowly side-stepped the one that dropped Wheatley and looked down at it. He raised an eyebrow. The thing looked familiar, sort of like "Guilty Spark." Johnson could tell this one was different, however. He looked over and also saw someone emerge from the second black hole, as well as a... mini pink tornado? After a moment, the tornado vanished and was replaced with a woman.

    "Well, to answer your questions in order. Judging by the looks of the area, this looks like an older variation of New York City. Probably somewhere in the twenty-first century. I'm Sergeant-Major Johnson. Everyone else can introduce themselves." Johnson stated. He let out a puff of smoke from his cigar. "I got a few questions myself, but I'll save those questions for later."
  27. At the moment Mr. E was very confused. He wasn't sure what even just happened. Seeing as a few creatures appeared to be introducing themselves, he assumed they were passive, and teleported over to them. Without saying anything, he pointed to the name tag, displaying what he is known as. He always did this when meeting others, so he hoped they would understand, despite some of them being humans.
  28. Stepping out of the shimmering piece of matter, Sombra shook her head, then pulled up one of her screens. "What in the hell was that?" She muttered to herself, nearly instantly connecting to a local server and linking to the internet. "What is this... 2017? Jesucristo, that sent me back far. I wonder what this place has to offer?" Waving her hand, her form shimmered, then disappeared as she dashed through the streets, only before throwing one of her translocators onto the rooftops and disappearing into a purple stream of code. Once orientated, she sat down and tapped the air lightly, many screens glowing in the air around her. A news update from one, was showing many different signs of things similar to what had happened to her.

    Staring at one of the many feeds, there was a small image Sombra noticed on a screen. "Aww... It looks just like one of those guardianes. I used to love that vintage as a kid.", she thought fondly to herself, before suddenly kicking her brain back into gear. "But, this is the news. And," she tapped a command into a screen, quickly accessing the servers of the information website, "this is streaming live. I think I have some investigating to do." With that, the screens disappeared, and a translocator had already been thrown in the direction of the data stamp of the camera. Once it had landed, she jumped over to it, then camouflaged herself and sprinted over to where Sombra could see smoke.
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  29. Ari was still confused. "What's 'New York'?" she asked. "Oh, right, my name. I'm Ari," the ninja introduced herself.
    "And I'm Cole," her ally said, glancing at the others.
    "'Ello, my name's Wheatley." The core rolled around a bit. "Er, could someone pick me up?" he asked. Ari used her power to allow Wheatley to hover a few feet off the ground. Kinda looks like Zane, but smaller and round and presumably without the power to freeze things, she thought.
  30. Noticing that the remaining guardians had fallen, the Judge realised that the battle had been won. At least for now, that was. He turned back to face the beings before him. After all, they had been the Ines eliminating the threat, correct? He definitely owed them his name.

    He first turned towards Jade, the being that had helped his recovery (though he doubtlessly could've done it himself, in his own opinion). "Greetings. I am the Judge. Jade, did you say it was? A fine name, though I must confess I haven't the slightest of ideas as to what a 'gem' might be." He then glanced around to everyone else "Seargeant-Major Johnson? Such a lengthy name does not easily roll off the tongue. Perhaps just 'Seargeant' will do?" The Judge wasn't about to take a no for an answer in that department, instead phrasing it as a rhetorical question and moving on to the next figure. "Ah, yes. I see, 'Mr. E.' Such an esoteric name for an equally enigmatical man. Incredibly fitting, I might add."

    Of course, he wasn't about to forget the new arrivals. He turned towards the three beings that had recently fallen from their respective vortexes. He flicked his tail toward the two humanoids. "I can only assume you are a duo. Seeing how—Ari was it?—already appears to be demonstrating her prowess in wind manipulation as well as her entrance, I feel it is appropriate to refer to you collectively as the Tornado Twins," he chuckled at his own joke, despite the fact that it was based primarily off of assumption and he was likely very wrong about the other ninja's abilities. "As for you, Wheatley, I don't believe I have familiarity with anyone even remotely similar. But no matter." He turned back towards the seargeant-major, "Would you mind elaborating as to what 'New York' is? Is there perhaps an 'Old York' as well that we can reach through some form of riftway traversion? Such a place is certainly intriguing, so would you mind immersing us with the expanse of knowledge you appear to possess?"
  31. "woah,for a cat you are smart"Jade turned his attention to the the three newcomers "ninjas huh,and what are you supposed to be,you kind of like like a smaller version of a gem eye,well we should find a better place then a destroyed street to talk all this stuff out,maybe find an apartment
  32. Johnson nodded. "Sergeant'll do just fine. Or Johnson, if you'd prefer that." He stated as he looked over at the people nearby. "Mr. E. Got it. Ari and Cole, Wheatley. The Judge, and Jade. Shouldn't be that hard." Johnson said as he deposited his BR55 onto the magnetic clamp on his back. "I like that Tornado Twins nickname. You remind me of someone, and for that, I'll switch between the names of lightbulb and Tinkerbell." Johnson stated. "The reason this area is called New York is because it was named after York. However, the original York is on a completely different continent. New York itself is a city, this city, as well as a state, which we are also in. And I agree with Jade, we need to find somewhere else to talk. An apartment would do, but I don't believe any of us have the money used here."
  33. Cole lifted an eyebrow at the Judge's nickname, but didn't say anything. After all, he could do Spinjitzu as well, and it resembled a tornado. "We're not twins, and Cole is pretty much the exact opposite of me power-wise, but whatever floats your boat, I guess," Ari put in.
    Wheatley swiveled to and fro, then said, "Well, ah, I'm not exactly seeing anywhere we could go, are you?"
  34. The Judge first turned back to Jade. "I thank you graciously for your comment. However, is an association between cats and low intelligence commonplace here? Then again, I suppose we aren't considered to have the highest of intellect..." having answered his own question, he moved on to speak with the Sergeant.

    "Ah, yes. I believe I understand completely. Thank you for that rich explanation."

    The cat struggled to keep the confusion out of his voice, maintaining his usual calm tone. He didn't understand. At all. This was not even remotely close to how the laws of his universe functioned. What was a 'continent' and a 'state?' Of course, he was familiar with concept of a city, but for the other two, he was clueless. Perhaps a continent was similar to a Zone and a state would be a subsection of such? That made a lot more sense, to him, but as to why someone would name a state and a city (which was named after yet another city) so similarly still baffled him. Have they no creativity?

    "Well... then I suppose it shall still be maintained as being within the realm of possibility," he responded. He was close... kind of.

    Finally, he decided to add his two-cents to the location problem. "Unfortunately, I do not think I could be of much help. Whilst I do have a few spare credits, I am doubtless that a land with perplexing principles such as these uses an entirely different currency. In addition, where would a ragtag group such as ours even manage to fit in? Even I am familiar with the 'no pets allowed' regulation that often comes along with most areas of lodging in my own universe. Additionally, judging by the apprehensive glances and terrified vocalizations we have been greeted with so far, it is unlikely that we would even be offered a place to stay, much less without any viable means of pay. Nonetheless, I do not have any suggestions, seeing as I still know very little about this universe in general. Perhaps someone else has a solution?"
  35. Cole thought for a moment, then had an idea. "I could make something like a miniature house out of the ground," he offered.
  36. "I'm Batman." Bruce chided. This by far had been the weirdest group he'd ever been with, and he worked with a guy named Plastic Man. The vigilante surveyed the group. A cat, two Ninjas, a little eye robot thing, a green guy, some other dude, a guy with a sword, and space army guy were some of the weirdest thing he'd ever seen.
    As the grouped talked, Link leaned up against a wall and folded his arms. He whistled a merry tune, but just listened to the others talk.
  37. "closest thing I have to money is my gem and I can't sell that,heheh"Jade said snickering"wait a second,he's Batman isn't he like a millionaire or something like that,I mean if he wanted to he could probably buy a whole apartment building"Jade said,he noticed link and gave a remark"hm,so I'm not the only green guy with a sword"he joked
  38. It had had been one of the somewhat rare peaceful moments in Reynard City when what appeared to be a black hole appeared in the sky. Achilles Kitsuno, A.K.A Variant Fox, looked up at it in shock."What the -" The fox didn't get a chance to finish the sentence before he was sucked into the vortex. Then it was black. Seconds later he was in the sky and started to plummet towards the ground. His eyes glowed a light blue. Then in a flash of light he changed into his Flight Variant, Flying Fox, which resembled a large Burgundy fox with bat-like wings that extended from his front legs, like a bat's. He flapped his wings and carefully made his way to the ground. Once he landed, he changed back to his normal form. Achilles had landed near a strange looking group, most of whom he had not seen before, but there were some familiar faces (in a sense). The red fox nodded to the group.
  39. The Judge glanced at the newcomer, "It appears we have yet another to drift down from the void we were all drawn into, and yet more potential problems along with it." He sighed. They were getting nowhere fast.

    Listening to the Ninja's offer, he shook his head. "Unfortunately, whilst that would certainly provide lodging, such would also be vandalism, which, I assume, there are laws against. As for you," he looked at Jade. "I'm still not quite clear about what a 'gem' exactly is. Is this possession of yours at such utmost importance that you have made it a part of your being?" Finally, he turned towards the vigilante. "It is nice to meet you as well, Batman. I assume you use an alais just as I. Is the green be- Jade, pardon me, true in his assumption?"
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  40. "well according to the comics my free gave me,Batman may not be exactly like he is in the comics,and my gem isn't a possession of mine it actually is me,the Jade gem has used it's magical abilities and light to create a physical form which is what your looking at,I'm sure it's more complicated than that,but I never paid attention so yah"Jade guessed and scratched his head

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