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A quick Team overview

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Electabuzz_65, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. I just made a new Heracross and Swampert.

    Heracross @ Life Orb/Choice Band
    EV's: 252 Def / 128 Attack / 128 HP
    - Megahorn
    - Night Slash
    - Close Combat
    - Aerial Ace

    Heracross is just my main attacker/revenge killer and i'm hoping for some good feedback with him.
    Now for Swampert,

    Swampert @ Muscle Band
    EV's: I didn't really focus on EV training for Swampert...
    - Protect
    - Waterfall
    - Earthquake
    - Hammer Arm

    This is what i need help on: how to use Swampert. I dont know if he should be a revenge killer or what but he is an offensive poke so if you can figure something out tell me.

    Thanks :)
  2. I may not be able to offer much advice, but, no matter how hard you try, Heracross will break in two. His job is revenge killing right? Since revenge killing is pretty much what it says, why do you need Defense and HP EVs? Moreover, his Special Defense is higher than his defense.

    Anyway, since you want him as a revenge killer, I'd suggest that you drop the Choice Band and instead grab a Scarf, possibly. Heracross' Speed isn't exactly beautiful compared to a lot of other sweepers, and if he's not fast enough, he'll get smushed. you might also want to acquire an Adamant Heracross, seeing as that's the route in Natures most people go. If you have a faster revenge killer by the way, feel free to keep the orb and band. Also, replace Aerial Ace with Stone Edge. It helps stab pesky flying types in the face, and quite frankly, Aerial Ace isn't too amazing.

    I think your Swampert needs a little help. Muscle Band doesn't actually do much but hurt him, but I can't say I know much about Swamperts. There's a similar thread with advice given on Swampert. In fact, you even posted in it!
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  3. KoL

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    Heracross is an attacker, and should be utilized as such. Jolly + full Attack/Speed EVs are the order of the day with Heracross, although a bulky Rest/Sleep Talk set could work alright thanks to Guts boosting Heracross's Attack while he's asleep.

    Speaking of Guts...Flame Orb. Flame Orb is the standard choice for Heracross's hold item since it activates Guts automatically and gives you a massive Attack boost that makes both Life Orb and Choice Band obsolete. As for moves:

    Heracross @ Flame Orb
    6 HP/252 Attack/252 Speed

    - Megahorn
    - Close Combat
    - Night Slash/Stone Edge
    - Protect

    If you're revenge-killing, you generally want as much Speed as you can manage. Heracross can do alright for himself there although his Speed isn't really what he's known for. Anyway, Protect is your opening move - Flame Orb won't activate until the end of the first turn Heracross comes out, and Protect will ensure Heracross's survival for that one turn. Once you're Burned, it's standard Heracross fare from there on - Megahorn and Close Combat for STAB, and your last slot is mostly for striking down Ghost-types who resist both Bug and Fighting. Night Slash does that particular job best, but Stone Edge is handy to smack down Flying-types (who also resist both STAB moves on Heracross) despite the extreme risk present in trying to beat down something you suffer a 4x weakness to.

    Note that Heracross's stats and ability aren't really made for revenge-killing - a Guts-boosted Heracross will likely take down any sweeper that doesn't resist both of its STAB attacks in a single hit regardless of how close to death said sweeper is.

    As for Swampert, Sandile's Swampert is the best one, so I'll post it here too:

    As I said, I picked Roar for the last slot myself. The reason Waterfall isn't used here is because Earthquake is stronger and Swampert doesn't really need two physical STAB attacks when you have something as powerful as STAB Earthquake in tow. Note that Earthquake and Ice Beam will, between each other, hit for super-effective damage on everything Water would hit super-effective on and more, making Water-type offense on Swampert quite redundant really.
  4. oK, Thanks you guys, i'll be sure to run your advice with my Hercross and Swampert, thanks.
  5. Hey guys, i need some more help, just got a Torchic and i need you to fill in the blanks

    Blaziken @ _____
    EV's: ____ / _____ / _____

    And then a good moveset.
  6. Shocari

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    well...what exactly is it that you're wanting Blaziken to do? He can perform quite a few roles.

    There's Physical sets, Special, Mixed, Swords Dance, Agility, even Baton Pass. Blaziken's got quite a lot going for him, so we'll need to know what you want him to do so we can maximize his potential for that role.
  7. I guess a Physical set would be for the better, i have enough specials in my UU party.
  8. Shocari

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    Blaziken@Life Orb/Expert Belt
    252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 SpD
    -Flare Blitz/Fire Punch/Blaze Kick
    -SuperPower/Low Kick
    -Thunder Punch
    -Lots of Options

    You'll want either Adamant or Jolly, depending on if you want Power or Speed. For Fire STAB, take your pick. Flare Blitz has sheer power, and can get you into Blaze range nicely, although, the opponent can do that for you, if not outright kill you. So if the recoil turns you off, you have Fire Punch, or, if you don't mind the lower accuracy, Blaze Kick, which has higher power as well as a nice crit chance. SuperPower is great for raw power and STAB, and with whatever item, you can use it a couple times before the Attack and Defense drops get you. However, if you like, Low Kick is almost as good, hitting heavy enemies for major damage, and you'll find that most of the heavyweights are weak to Fighting. Thunderpunch helps your Flying and Water weaknesses. For the last slot, there's a lot that can work. Stone Edge also fixes your Flying weakness, but also hits other Fire-types instead of Water. Rock Slide makes a good Stone Edge replacement, and has a flinch chance at the cost of power, but with better accuracy. Earthquake is just a great move in general, and doesn't need an explanation.

    There's a few more moves that Blaziken could use, but they don't help as much with coverage. As additional item opitions, a Choice Band/Scarf can work nicely on the set as well, with Band increasing your power even further while Scarf fixes your somewhat-lacking Speed. Life Orb increases by 30%, but at the cost of 10% HP, which might not be too pretty. That's why Expert Belt is there, to add on 20% damage to super-effective hits, which this set should have no trouble doing.
  9. Thanks Sandile, your suggestions are really good and i can't wait to get this torchic to a blaziken and test him out.

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