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Open A new journey: Kien

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Heartgold456, Jan 21, 2017.

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  1. Name: Kien gold
    Age: 12
    Pokemon: eevee + togepi
    Ambition: Pokemon breeder
    From: johto

    Kien gold has just started his journey and has the amdition of becoming the worlds best pokemon breeder. He has set out on route 1 in hopes of finding new friends and pokemon.

  2. He gets attacked and his eevee jumps in to protect him. "eevee quick attack" Kien shouts. and eevee attacks the Pokemon who happens to be a rattata. he continues on and bumps into some one.
  3. Name: Landon
    Age: 15
    Pokemon: Chikorita
    Ambition: Pokemon Trainer
    From: Sinnoh
  4. "Ouch what the?" Landon asked as he was knocked to the ground, "Hey you got a lot of nerve there."
  5. "Sorry I didn't mean to" says kien.
  6. "Huh," Landon looked past the person who had just bumped into him to see a pack of Rattata's suddenly everything clicked. "Chikorita come on out and help," Landon through a Friend Ball out, and Chikorita burst out, ready for battle, "Use Razor Leaf on the Rattata, Now!" Chikorita shot a Razor Leaf attack at the Rattata's but that barely slowed them down. "Alright new plan, Chikorita Sweet Scent," Chikorita waved it's leaf and a sweet smell went over the Rattata, "Quick let's run,"
  7. "Ok" said kien as he ran with the mysterious person.
  8. Landon ran with the person he had saved until they reached a clearing where the could take a break, "Okay now that, that's over could you tell me what you did to tick off those Rattata back there,"
  9. " I have just started my journey and i bumped into one and had my eevee use quick attack and it did not faint" says kien "oh yeah my names kien and i want to be the worlds best pokemon breeder."
  10. "Hmm that does make sense Rattata can get aggressive, anyway my name is Landon I'm from Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh, I'm travelling to win a Pokemon League but so far I've been unsuccessful, it looks like we've gone pretty far off the path, how about I help get you get back?" Landon offered.
  11. "sure thanks" he says as he nods his head.
  12. as the leave the clearing kien says"wait i have to grab some thing" he go's and scoops up and egg.
  13. "Wow cool egg," Landon said examining the patterns on it "I've never seen anything like it,"
  14. "IT seems familiar"says kien " well i will carry it and see what it hatches into."
  15. "Nice, well good luck on it hatching," Landon replied "Whatever it is I'm sure it'll help you become a great breeder... So let's get moving." Landon and Kien began walking through the field until they were faced with a forest, "Um... I think we may have made a wrong turn, Hmm... well if I've learned anything it's that you keep moving forward and soon you'll reach your destination... most times," Landon said with doubt
  16. "Your right we need to keep going" say kien his eevee on his shoulder nods in agreement
  17. The two kept moving through the forest passing multiple bug-type Pokemon in silence, "So how did you and Eevee meet?"
  18. "When i was small i got attacked by a growlithe and i still have the burn mark on my back but if eevee hadn't stepped in i would have been a goner
  19. "Wow that's intense," Landon answered, "Chikorita hadn't had the best past either, when I had just arrived in Johto I stopped by a Pokemon Centre to register myself for the Johto League, that was when I saw a wild Chikorita being rushed in, apparently it lost a battle against a Sneasel and got hurt badly once it was healed I asked it to come along with me and it agreed although it wouldn't go in a normal Poke Ball so the Nurse there gave me a friend ball and since then me and Chikorita have been friends."
  20. "WOW that pokeball helps increase your friendship right" he says "eevee dosn't have a pokeball it stays with me on its own."
  21. "Wow, that's really cool," Landon replied. They continued to walk through the forest until there was another clearing ahead the two began sprinting towards it, until they were attacked out of nowhere. "Hey who's out there!" Landon screamed. "Looks like we've caught ourselves a good haul, didn't we," said a man, dressed in black with a large red "R" on his shirt, to some other people dressed like him, there were 3 of them and they each had 1 Pokemon out: Zubat, Koffing, and Grimer.
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