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Ask to Join A New Age of Heroes (Superheroes in the Apocalypse)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by The Alright Attorney, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    The sun beat down on the wasteland ground outside of City 36, formerly l known as Las Vegas, but that was long ago and long forgotten. The highway the ran high above the ground over the waste land was filled with traffic as usual. No matter where Issac traveled in the waste land it was like this. Dust started to kick up, a sand storm soon to happen sometime soon. The young man adjusted his goggles and cloak to cover his face comepletly. He gripped his staff tight. He felt like something was gonna happen. He learned to trust his gut during his time in the wasteland. Never get comfortable, thats when you're most likely to be attacked.

    Sure enough, Issac heard some large thuds behind him, coming from the direction of the highway. "Hey! Asshole, turn around." A gruff voice called out to Issac, who did as told, facing them, his cloaked face hiding his expressions. There was man, wearing what looked to be a constuction mech. It was a heavy duty suit that workers used on constuction sites in the cities and highways. The man inside was wearing a constuction hat, and orange jumpsuit, but his most distingusing feature was how he was moving. Stumbling slowly and his face looked tired. The man was drunk. "Who the hell are you kid! My boss gave me a shit storm about some masked assholes stealing equipment from our work site and fired me right there! It was you wasn't it! Whats your name!" Spit flew everywhere as the man shouted. Issac could feel his rage.

    "I'm no thief, I haven't been in a city since-" before Issac could finish speaking, the man cut in again. "I ASKED YOUR NAME IDIOT!" As his fist's curled so did the large mechanical fingers of the suit. "...My name is Hero." The man's anger turned to bewilderment, before settling on laughter, his drunk howling filling the wasteland. "Hero?! Seriously? You know if Carlito's men were here instead of me then your head would already be on a pike. Anyone who calls themselves that has a death wish." He spoke of the man incharge City 36, Carlito. He was one of Repeat's lower ranking goons.

    "Well if you're not one of his men, does that mean you'll leave me alone?" Issac asked, wanting to get through this without having to fight. The man seemed to think for a moment, before chuckling again. "Nah, I'm still gonna beat the shit of you. I'm bored and you're still pissing me off." The large mech started to charge at Issac. Gripping his staff, he plunged it into the dirt below him. "C'mon c'mon..." He muttered out under his breath, eyeing the large mech that was quickly closing the distance between the two of them.

    "Get ready for this!" Just before the large mechanical fist could contact Issac, he pulled out the staff, which now had a large chunk of rock attached on the end, making it appear like a mallet. As it was pulled out, Issac swung it at the suit, making contact and sending both it and it's pilot on their back.

    They weren't moving, and Issac walked over. "Knocked out..." He muttered out, checking the man's pulse and breathing. With a few motions, Issac pulled the man out, and using his control over the wind, lifted man back up to the highway, leaving him on one of the many walkways. Finally, he took some pieces of the mech suit and pocket it, before taking some time to bury the rest. "Hmm, a radio..." He muttered, looking at his spoils. He attached it to his suit's wrist, trying to listen in for any signal. "Damn it...Can't get anything..." He muttered out. "Better keep it, might be useful." With that, Issac kept wandering, making his way towards the border of City 36.
  2. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jon woke up suspended in his box, he yawned and sighed, "huh, yet another day of absolutely nothing" it was pitch black in the cube and he hadn't seen light in 4 years, his regeneration was the only thing keeping him alive, he had been told that no one was ever going to help him, and at this point he was nearly certain that that was true, after 4 years of being in this box, alone he had basicalling given up hope, he had stopped receiving food after he nearly escaped one time when food was brought to him. Now he remained in place, waiting to see what random sounds today would bring.
  3. On the outskirts of City 36, a fairy-like teen trudged through the wasteland expanse, her expression as grim as the world around her. She looked around, keeping her eyes peeled for any threats.
    Another day, another living hell. That's just how it is on Planet Earth, apparently.
    She'd been on this planet for approximately a year, and it certainly came rather close to the hatred she had for her home. It was nothing but war and strife, just as the stories had said. She should have listened.

    She'd had no trouble defending herself, that was for sure. Any of the tyrant's goons that saw her were swiftly subdued.. and if they angered her, it would most likely be permanent. Not that she had any control of that... it was just how she was. She did feel slightly guilty for killing, but there were times when it was her only choice. No matter. She protected the innocent, and delivered justice to the evil. Whether it took their lives or not was out of her control.

    The times where her greatest cares in the world were her grades and her social status seemed so far gone now.

    The dust kicking up in her face, she growled a curse in her native language under her breath. Annoyed, she made a simple pair of goggles for herself out of ice - not very sturdy, she noted, but it would have to do for now. Until she could find something better. Focusing herself on the task at hand, she kept walking towards the city. Flying would be too risky if the wind kicked up, so she kept her wings tucked.
    Mira was keeping an eye on a section of City 36, she was walking around when she spotted two guards.

    "Skeleton!" The two saluted.

    "Get to your post, shouldn't you be making sure no one who is wanted, like Magnetic, wanders into the city?" Mira asked.

    "Understood," The two responded and ran off into their posts.

    She walked around the city, looking for any out of the ordinary people, as she was told by Repeat himself.



    Logan Masterson was trying to find a way into the city, encountering all sorts of ruffians and bandits, crushing each and every one of them in a pile of metal. He had his javelin on his back as he continued wandering. He had weighed himself down with some metal near his feet so he would be less likely to fly away when the wind kicked up. He then spotted a fairy-like teen, and suddenly stopped moving and attracted all metal he could nearby, just in case the fairy like teen would attack.
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  5. Jolting with shock, Allie noticed pieces of metal flying through the air, her gaze turning to what they seemed to be converging into: a javelin-carrying male, from what she could tell.
    Reacting in an instant, she formed two icy shields on either arm, making no offensive moves. A crest glowed on her forehead, as she prepared to defend herself.
    "Who are you?" she asked, her voice dangerously calm. It was clear that she was not going to attack first, but she would gladly fight back if attacked.


    "I'm not here to fight you, if you must know, my name is Magnetic." Logan responded to the fairy-like teen, loosening the attraction between him and the metal, and continued, "I have been tracking a woman known as Skeleton, she was responsible for the deaths of over two hundred people including my girlfriend."

    Logan had a tear hanging in his eye. He let the metal go and it landed with a very loud clang.

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  7. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac approached the edge of City 36. As per usual, there was a small group of wastelanders living just outside the city walls, selling and trading goods to other people who lived in the harsh place. Issac made his way to one, keeping his face hidden. These were not the kind of people you wanna show your face. You do something they don't like, they'll tell the city guards they have an in with.

    "Got some high quality machinery." He said, offering some of the pieces he just took from the construction mech. "Ehh...That'll get you about half rations." The man said, pulling out a small bag of food, only half the size of Issac's palm. He sighed, but agreed, taking the trade.

    Despite his covered face, the trader seemed to sense Issac's frustration. "Listen bud, why don't take a crack at opening the chest?" He suggested. "Chest? What the hell is that?" Issac as curioisly, noticing the man's grin. "Theres a box a bit out from the city, some of Carlito's men dropped it there a long time ago. No one has been able to open it. Maybe you wanna give it a shot. We started calling it the chest, because they all hope theres some life changing treasure in there." He explained. Issac stroked his chin through the mask and without a word headed in the direction of the box.

    After a short trek he found it. It certainly seemed thick but... Looking around, Issac touched his hands to the ground and the ground surrounding the box started to press into it, and after a few seconds, the top popped off, not able to handle the pressure. Thankfully the box didn't get to closed in so anything in there wouldn't be damaged.

  8. ~Allie, City 36 Outskirts~

    She waited a moment after he dropped the metal, before retracting the shields, watching the icy crystals float away on the wind. A sparkle of beauty in this desolate landscape.
    "Zero. That is what I refer to myself as, now. The woman you speak of..." She searched her memories, trying to recall. Vague bits and pieces came to mind, and her eyes flickered.
    "The name is familiar, but I cannot say I know her location." She lowered her head slightly. "I'm sorry for your loss. I cannot empathize... the people of my race have shunned me for ages, so I haven't made any.... attachments." Her chilly facade seemed to falter, as the sensitive topic of her people came to conversation.

    Mira O'Malley, also known as Skeleton, was walking the city when a guard appeared.

    "Skeleton ma'am!" The guard saluted.

    "Yes," Skeleton asked.

    "A strange electromagnetic pulse came from the outskirts of the city," the guard responded.

    "Tell Carlito that I'm going to the outskirts to investigate the pulse, it could be the one known as 'Magnetic'," Skeleton responded to the guard, "Go now."

    Skeleton ran to the edge of the city, and spotted nothing in the immediate area. She went further away from the city and hid behind a large Boulder, hearing a conversation.



    Logan noticed her face falter, and tried to get closer. He stopped about ten feet from Zero.

    "Thanks for your help with this matter, I'd be very careful if I were you, several of the city guards or possible enforcers could be in the area." Logan responded, holding back tears as some of his memories of his deceased girlfriend played through his head.
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  10. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jon glanced up as light came pouring in, he winced, before feeling a rush of power, the intense air pressure had trashed the power dampener, he tore off his chains and shackles using his tendrils and crawled out of the top the the box, he looked around wincing in the sunlight, he saw a boy standing by the box, he floated himself down using telekinesis, "did you open that" he said pointing at the box, he then noticed something a flashing light, "damn, you triggered the alarm, Repeat's men will be here soon, we can fight if you want, I mean your the first human I have seen in 4 years so I would rather you didn't die right away, the name Jonathan by the way, Jonathan Greenhardt" Jon said seeing several trucks closing in.
  11. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "You can just call me Hero for now. Just don't let those guys hear it." Issac muttered with a sigh. Not only was there no treasure in the box, now he has to deal with some of Carlito's men.

    "Lets just get this over with quickly. I already got in one fight today and all I got out of it was a measly half ration." Issac pulled out his staff, and got in a slight fighting pose, ready for whatever may come his way.
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jon chuckled, well I'm a little rusty, but I haven't had the chance to have any fun. He shot one of his tendrils forward imposing on truck straight through the engine causing it to explode, the other trucks stopped letting men poor out of the, "all this for little old me, I'm flattered", Jon said jokingly. He shot forward propelling himself with telekinesis as the men started to shoot, the bullets crashed into Jon's body tearing him to pieces, but he reformed as he was blown apart, he began to send men flying while stabbing many with his tendrils. "You gonna join me Hero" Jon called back.
  13. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac narrowed his eyes, not that it could be seen behind the goggles. "Don't kill them. Some of them are just doing what they have to do to survive." Issac spinned around to face the other truck that was fast approaching.

    He stabbed his staff into the ground, causing spikes to grow out and punctering the tires and causing it to skid out and crash. He ran towards the the crash, sending gusts of wind at the men crawling out the truck, knocking them back and into some stones, knocking them out.

    Mira noticed the chatting reducing and decided to make things interesting. She took out her bow, pulled an arrow from a quiver she kept hidden, and shot the arrow past the girl's face. She figured now or never.

    "Magnetic and Zero." Skeleton sneered, "I heard your conversation from behind this boulder."

    She revealed herself to Magnetic, bone forming out of her right shoulder. When it grew to its maximum length, she broke it off, and grunted in pain. When the pain was lessened she wielded the bone fragment not unlike a sword. She looked at Zero and Magnetic.
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  15. Kia was walking round the outskirts of city 36 when she saw trucks surrounding a box. A chest. The chest. There were two boys standing by it. She assumed that they somehow managed to open it. She wondered what was inside it. She sprinted towards it, as quietly and quickly as she could. She skidded to a halt behind the boys. She didn't say anything and looked inside the chest. "What? Where is the treasure?" She suddenly exclaimed.
  16. Her eyes suddenly glowing like two matching blue orbs, she teleported over in a flash, between Magnetic and Skeleton. The crest on her head would be recognizable only to those familiar with her race: the crest emblazoned on all who had been exiled from the Luxien homeland.
    "Now." A blade of ice appeared in her hand. "We do this the easy way or the hard way." Her other hand began to glow brightly, as she prepared a sphere of icy energy. A blue aura appeared around her, as she readied to defend if Skeleton attacked.
  17. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    "No treasure, only him." Issac said simpily, pointing towards Jon as he examined the passed out guards for anything valuble. "Pieces of that box and the truck would be good trade for junkers through if you want to take a chance."

    As Issac leaned down to examine the other guard, he heard the radio go off. "Skeleton is engaging with two supers on the outskirts of the city. Keep your distance if you don't wanna get your ass killed." Issac let out a heavy breath. He heard of this Skeleton but never met her. She sounded like one of the proper supervillians of old. For once, he got excited for a fight. Ever since hearing those old stories of the golden age of heroing, he wanted to be one, to face a villian in a true battle for good or evil.

    Without a word, Issac sped away from the scene, and back closer to the city's edge, on the look out for Skeletons and whatever other supers might be there.

    "My flight's with him, not you," Skeleton yelled, "But still, we can go at it!"

    She then prepared a bone shield out from her left forearm, placed it in front of her and started moving forward.

    "Zero, I suggest you surrender, I won't hold back!!" Skeleton yelled, pissed off that this girl was between her and the target of her grudge.



    Logan noticed Zero had moved in between him and Skeleton. He then attracted metal to his arms, and prepared his javelin.

    "You have caused so much pain and suffering for over two hundred families, including my own, and took MY GIRLFRIEND!!" Magnetic roared, and suddenly metal started attaching itself.
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  19. She looked unimpressed, not even moving out of the way until the last second. "Won't hold back, hmm? Doesn't really look like that to me. I've seen Empowered children put up a better fight than this."
    Her eyes glowed brighter, as several glowing ice spears appeared in the air. Whenever her target moved, the spears moved to take aim. Suddenly, they fired, homing in on their target.
  20. Skeleton expanded her shield as the icicles hit off of it, causing them to shatter on impact.

    "Now take this!" She called out.

    She suddenly jumped and went to drop on Zero, shield first. She had her sword follow behind, prepared to land the shield straight on Zero's head.
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  21. In one swift movement, she swung her arm, creating a force field of blue energy. Anything contacting it would be hit with ice energy, which would likely stun the enemy for a second or two.
    As the villain headed towards her force field, she summoned ice daggers behind Skeleton, specifically making them with thicker ice, and sent them hurling towards her back.
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  22. Skeleton was stunned, as the stun wore off, bone sprouted from her back, catching said daggers. She felt slight pain from the daggers in her surprise bone back. She put the sword away and pulled out the bow, shooting two arrows. They flew towards Zero, one aimed for the chest and the other for the head.
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  23. "Agent Phoenix, you are being sent to Earth. There have been disturbing amounts of violence in the century or so. The council fear that there might be a lot of trouble brewing for the humans. You missions is to go to Earth and help stop this evil." The being speaking was a young looking creature. They had light blue skin, and long dark blue hair. Though most would not guess it, the being is almost a thousand years old. Compared to the one they were talking to, he is still an adult.

    "Of course. I will do my best to right the wrongs that the humans have caused to their planet and help the Earth Heros right the wrongs of past generations." There stood a young being with dark pink hair, and glowing green eyes. They was in a relaxed stance, with their arms to the side.

    Phoenix waited until they were dismissed to walk out of the room. As they walked, flowers sprouted out of the grass floor it was a sign of happiness for any of the Vundal race. Phoenix was happy to be going off world for a mission. It is not the first time Phoenix had been to Earth, though it had been a long time since they were there last.

    With their preparations done, Phoenix was ready to go to Earth. Flying up high with their bag over their shoulder, Phoenix soared through a portal that appeared right in front of them. Once on the other side, Phoenix could see the Earth from space.

    Flying down to Earth, did not cost the Vundal much strain as they are used to this type of travel. It took them only thirty minutes to reach their destination. Though the purple skinned alien was surprised to stumble across a fight with a fae type creature, that they knew from the races that are allied with the Vundal.

    From Phoenix's vantage point they were able to see the battle from the air. If someone looked at them, they would see glowing neon green energy trail behind the slender hero.
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  24. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jon turned to Hero "don't kill them, I was locked in a metal box, for 4 years, I don't care if they're just trying to stay alive in this screwed up world." Jon was breathing quite heavily, he took several deep breaths and said, "sorry about that, my primal instincts kind of just took over, and also, I'm gonna head off now, this villain sounds interesting". Jon the using his telekinesis raced off. He stopped when he reached the two heroes fighting Skeleton. "Well, well, well what do we have here, hello Skeleton. Bet you didn't expect to see me again, got to say Repeat to me that box was impregnable but guess he was wrong.
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  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Darkness showered a part of the wasteland, as a duo of bandits unknowingly just sealed their fates. The tall, skinny figure set with a robe had suddendly vanished within the darkness, and it was at that moment when it was over within a moment. One of the two bandits had gotten pierced on a bone spike that emerged beneath them. Another was jumped by Reaper, the very same who created this blinding darkness, and sliced open by the throat as the strange robed figure performed a somersault over the person. As the darkness faded again, and light broke through the cloud of shadows, the robed creature stood over the two dead bodies of its assailants. The creature stood for a couple seconds, looking down to the sound of the blood gushing from the bodies. As it vanished again, becoming a cloud of darkness, the bodies had begun moving again. Slowly, but surely, they had gotten up, and begun wandering aimlessly around the wasteland, to find living beings to feast on. The robed creature, having become a cloud of darkness, roamed around the wastes until it heard a fight it found interesting. Silently as the night, it hovered as the cloud of darkness around the two fighters, up to a small hill. There, the creature turned back the way it was, and a throne made out of bones was summoned from the ground beneath it. It sat down on it, silently listening to the ongoing battle.
  26. ~Zero, Outskirts of City 36~

    Though the headshot arrow managed to just barely graze her skin - not enough to severely injure, but enough to startle - she managed to divert the chest-aimed arrow with a well-timed ice spike, cleaving the bone arrow in two.
    Growling, she formed a blade in her hand, the hilt ornate and carved with strange markings. She raised the blade up high, before slamming it deep into the ground. A ripple of energy surged through the dusty ground and towards the bone-wielding villain. Suddenly, the area where the ripple had formed cracked and released a powerful surge of blue ice energy, right below Skeleton.
  27. Nanouk didn't like cities, they were too crowded and filled with people who would sell her out to Repeat the moment she used her power. She already drew attention with her outfit and spear, and she did not want any more eyes boring in the back of her skull. Everyone in her family had to go to the city to get rations, and this time it was her turn. She sighed, most of the people here probably weren't bad but she could not risk getting caught. She looked up at the sky and wondered what life was like when Repeat was defeated, would it be a life of happiness and freedom? As her gaze was on the sky, she noticed a neon green energy stream in the sky and she struggled to keep a gasp of surprise hidden. Someone with powers that showed them in the open? She had to check that out now! Her mind set on her new goal, she made her way over towards the estimated location of the source of the neon streak. She didn't run though, suspicion was something she did not want to arouse as it could get both her and this unknown person in danger.
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  28. With the fighting happening on the the outskirts of City 36 attracting some wanted Supers, and the Case being broken, Aria was alerted of the situation. "I will go...." she said aloud to no one in particular, she was flying in the middle of seemingly nowhere, the highway below her was barely visible as a line in the middle of the Wastelands. Aria faded from existence.

    In City 36, over the middle of the city, a massive bright cone of light appeared from above, bathing the area in blinding light that could been seen from miles. Aria phased back into existence, her back falling towards the ground, she seemed to be falling extremely slow, almost like shes slightly floating. Aria rotated her self over before she fully faded back into existence. As she did so, two massive wings of light appeared behind her that gave off a purple glow around the edges. The cone of light over the center of the city faded as well. All the lives of the people in he city and outskirts flooded her senses. She looked to the direction of the battle, there was no further information given to her, but she knew where the conflict was, she could feel their life forces battling, the conflict. She began flying towards the outskirts, as many people below her gasped and ran into buildings and various other forms of cover to hide away from her. "IT'S THE ANGEL SHE'S HERE!" someone shouted from below in the city. Aria flew on to get into range of the conflict, not paying any of the denizens any attention.
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    Skeleton made skates out bone from her feet, and jumped to avoid being frozen, and directed herself towards Zero, avoiding any flying metal from the berserk Magnetic. She brought her shield outward as she brought her sword forward, aiming to finish her.


    Magnetic finally had enough, and threw his javelin behind Skeleton, causing metal to go to it. Along with it. He was about ready to kill Skeleton.
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  30. The sword stabbed through a near carbon-copy of the ice-wielder, shattering to pieces upon contact. The real Zero had dashed out of sight and was now somewhere in the mist that her attack had generated.
    It was clear that the Luxien was beginning to slip into the deep end. Her eyes had a harsher glow, and her movements were growing stronger. Suddenly, she did something that seemed rather counter-productive. She created a powerful ice barrier in front of the javelin heading towards Skeleton, than manipulated it so that it completely encased the metal-wielding hero.
    Her voice was strangely metallic and inhuman as she spoke, her voice being heard even through the thick ice dome.
    "Stay out of this."
    She stood strong, staring directly at Skeleton. Her eyes were glowing brighter than ever before, as the Crest of the Fallen seemed to flicker on her forehead.
    "If you have any idea what this symbol means... I suggest getting out of here. Or do you seek the same fate as those who were ignorant to it?" For a moment, it sounded genuine, as if it were an actual warning. Her free will slipping away, she twirled the blade in her hand. It appeared some of her sanity was fading. "You have two options. Leave, and do not let me find you. I will allow you to leave this place unharmed. Or... you can attack me right now, and understand why, exactly, a member of my species is on Earth."
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  31. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jon was offended that he had been ignored, so out of frustration he launched himself into the sky and crashed down in between Skeleton and Zero creating a small crater, "why hello, ah Skeleton I see you are still working for Repeat, I don't know who you are though" he said motioning to Zero, "also, it isn't very nice to trap your fellow hero" he stated send his tendrils crashing towards the dome, shattering it, now that's just cold" he added smirking at his pun. "Now let's see if power users having gotten any stronger in the last 4 years".
  32. (O.O.C - Assume for now that the Crest appears similar to the Delta Rune. Google it.)

    Annoyed, she turned to the newcomer. "Forgive me if I am currently caught up in combat with this psychopath and didn't notice a complete stranger making relatively uninvasive contact. Also forgive me if I believe that this guy is going to do something that he'll regret. Killing is not something you want to do, no matter how much you hate a person. It will haunt you forever, regardless of whether the person deserved it or not." From the looks of her face, she was speaking from experience.
    "I understand your concern. But take a warning from me: you do not want to get involved. Any more of this bulls--- and the reason I have this mark on my forehead will become very evident." The temperature suddenly began to drop harshly.
  33. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Issac arrived to the scece of the fight later than the rest, cursing at the sight of so many people using powers. The sight of broken bone weapons, ice, and craters filling the landscape. "This is bad this is bad..." Issac muttered out under his breath, trying to think of a way to get everyone's attention.

    As the tempature dropped, his goggles began to fog and he had to lift them off, the first time his brown eyes met the world uncovered in some time. "Think, think..." Issac muttered, before stabbing his staff into thr ground. His hands gripped it tight, and using all his power, started to build up a small tornado. This has got to stop them...Please... He thought to himself, his body shaking slightly from how much he had to put into this attack
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  34. Aria had moved close enough to be range to start bombarding though she was still over the main city. Thirty vortexes of light appeared spread across the front of her two wings, within two seconds thirty fifteen foot long light spears had shot out of each vortex in rapid succession. Three seconds later thirty more light vortexes appeared across the wings one more and another volley was fired, again, and again. All the while she was still flying towards the location of the conflict with unhindered speed while continually launching volleys of spears, thirty at a time, every three seconds like clock work. With the rate of fire the entire settlement of the outskirts was going to be showered by these spears, anything not in decent cover would be impaled and burnt by the spears.

    It would take about ten seconds for the first round of spears to arrive. They were not aimed at any particular person, the spears would just completely rain down in the area.

    "Demon, how are you out of your prison!?" Skeleton yelled, then explained to Zero, "I started working for Repeat around the time of the snuff out of the supposed rebellion, Magnetic is one of three survivors of that invasion, where I killed two hundred and twenty six, alone, now this is why."

    Skeleton suddenly started manipulating the bone structure again, until what seemed to be a suit of armor made of bone appeared around her. They had one foot spikes on random places.

    Spears were falling from the sky,

    "The Angel, get back, this is Zero, and the one survivor of the invasion four years ago, Magnetic, is in the ice crystal." Skeleton responded.


    Magnetic tried getting out of the ice encasement he was in, but it was no use.

    "ZERO, LET ME OUT!!!" Magnetic yelled, as the metal around him started hitting the encasement.

    Several tendrils broke the encasement, he suddenly repelled the metal in front of everyone.
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  36. Aria did not hear Skeleton's words, nor would she care is she heard her, The Angel's orders were clear. The constant bombardment of spears continued, the heat from them causing the temperature of the area to substantially rise to an oppressive degree. As the first few barrages of spears began to land it pulverized the area and instantly impaled several denizens killing some and injuring many. The first barrage of spears landed and faded as the second barrage were following closely behind.
  37. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Reaper could hear the spears approaching from the moment they took their course onto the area the combatants were in. He could hear them in different directions, guessing that they were flying not aimed directly at someone, but rather to cover the area in a hail of them. Reaper stood up, his bone throne disappearing. He turned and looked up, to a spear that was directly heading his way. He turned into a cloud of darkness to evade the spear and re-materialized. He leaped up, forming a bone platform underneath himself, and used his telekinesis to fly high into the sky, to the person throwing the light spears. He lept off the platform, making it disappear, and turned into a cloud of darkness again. More dense darkness spewed from the cloud, completely disintegrating the light in the area temporarily. In the sky was now a large cloud of sheer darkness, not even a sound escaping from it, completely surrounding the spear-throwing being. He'd hope that this would interrupt the random firing of this being, or atleast get them to move away. Silently, he awaited in his cloud form for the person to do something.
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  38. Aria was unfazed by the darkness, she wasn't using vision or sound to locate her targets so she carried on with her barrages through the darkness. Her wings began to emit even more light than before with growing intensity before pulsing with a powerful shock-wave of light that broke and pieced the cloud of darkness around her. Aria carried on flying, and continued her siege. A second slightly smaller pair of wings were now present.
  39. The two left her and she stood there confused. "Villain? Where?" She suddenly realised how quiet it was. Except for the odd sound of a boom. Wait, what? She spun around, and saw a bright light, and then it faded. She couldn't see it clearly, but she thought she saw many little specks aiming at nothing in particular. She knew that had to be the fight. She rushed off as fast as she could.
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  40. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Jon was very frustrated by this whole ordeal, 'Angel must we go through this pitiful fighting, I have just escaped my prison and was looking forward to fighting some of Retreat's followers, but you I have fought too many times, and I think the whole demon vs angel thing is getting old" he said as he was torn to shreds by her barrage, he slowly regenerated, cracking his neck, before floating up using his telekinesis, he hovered in front of her sending his tendrils towards here attempting to wrap them around her and bring her to the ground.
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