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Ask to Join A Different World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kyu Gardevoir, May 6, 2017.

  1. Kyu woke up in her tent as she stretched and yawned "ahh man.....morning already?" She thought as she walked outside and saw the town,all of the people running around doing there own affairs and some children playing with there Pokémon as she sighed "welp....time to see if I meet any interesting people,mark keeps on going on and on about meeting new people so I figure I should" she thought as she walked around the town

    Adrian slowly woke up in his bed as he sat up and stretched and looked around at his surroundings "man.....barley got any sleep last night,oh well I still feel great" he thought as he chuckled to himself,he was in a large mansion looking base which location was unknown as he sat in his bed and thought over what work he should do today
  2. Stan woke up. "I am currently awake!" He yelled. He realized he was in an alleyway. "I must have fallen asleep while training my Pokemon!" A robot came in since it heard the word Pokemon. Stan just threw a rock at it, and it deactivated. "Nice. Anyways. I should check the data frame for the robot to find the developer." He said to himself, trying to hack the robot. "Oh yeah. I forgot, I don't know how." He sighed. "I know! I will find someone who can!" He said. He attached a rope to himself, and the robot, so it will seem the robot is still activated. It ended up looking like a kid tied a rope around himself, and connected it to a robot.
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  3. Damian woke up to see that nothing had changed. He was still in the cardboard box he called home, and the box was still in the dark alley that no one ever entered. And most importantly, he was still alive. Seeing as this was a normal day, he began his everyday schedule. He jumped out of his box onto a ladder on the side of one of the buildings, and climbed up onto the roof. Once there he looked around, as always, to see if anything had changed in the town. He didn't like change. At least, he didn't now that Adrian had taken over most of the world. The way he saw it, if things don't change, bad things can't happen. He then saw a gardevoir walking around the town. He didn't know her name, or anyone else's, but she seemed quite strong. He had been monitoring everyone in the town ever since he arrived. He mostly focused on how powerful they were, since of course, he needed help defeating Adrian. He was hungry, as he hadn't eaten that day, but food could wait. He started observing the gardevoir, to see if she really was strong enough.
  4. several more robots came in and surrounded him,they were each around seven feet tall with large guns attached to there arms "Human.....state why your having a rope tied around yourself and another drone robot" one of them said as they each aimed there guns at him and cocked there guns ready for fire

    Kyu swore she could've felt someone watching him but she shrugged,here in Malohai they were safe from Adrian's rule as she was the guardian of this last safe haven from Adrian,she then teleported out of the town to an abandoned city and walked around there "huh.....NEED to scavenge for parts again" she thought as she searched some buildings and could've sworn she heard some voices a few blocks over
  5. "Well, this poor guy broke down." He said. "So I was bringing him to you guys to fix him. I think the problem is in his Data Base. I sure hope he is OK. Also hi Bob, hows the kids?" He asked one of the robots. He gave Robots names because he doesn't really want to be rude. "Its me, Stan, the guy who helps keep things under control here. So, can you help me fix him, pretty please?" He asked.
  6. They looked at him suspiciously "wait a minute.....your THE Stan? The one in our databases and your wanted for harboring Pokémon" they said as they aimed there guns to his head "you'll have to be questioned and come with us" they said

    Kyu heard the robots voices and then she sighed "can't let another guy die....." she thought as she walked over there

    Suddenly the robot that was pointing the gun at Stan was blasted away by a large shadow ball as it hit the building and got turned into scrap metal by the force of it

    Kyus eyes were bright red as she said "hey tin cans! How about you guys leave!" She said sternly
  7. "Oh neat a Gardevoir. Anyways like I was saying before I was interrupted." He said. "I, OK whatever they are all dead now." He looked around for a tech place. "OK, so Bob is still grumpy after is Divorce. I should ask around." He cleared his thought. "DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN LEARN TO HACK?" He Yelled
  8. Seeing as the gardevoir had teleported away, it seemed logical to find someone else to observe. So Damian jumped down from the building and to continue elsewhere. He then remembered there was an abandoned city not very far from the town. Wondering if anyone was there, he decided to go there, and started heading towards the general direction of the city.
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  9. She sighed "this guy is obviously either crazy or just weird" she thought as she sighed tiredly and she used psychic to pick up the other robots and to throw them towards the building and they turnt into scrap metal "well there we go,ok dude are you ummm.....sane?" She said as she had her hands on her hips and she looked overall rather a bit mad,she felt as if someone was following her but she didn't know yet
  10. Ken looked down from a tree, saying to himself, "How did this world come to this..." Ken then saw robots flying at a building and ran to the scene, finding Kyu. "Having fun there?" Ken said to Kyu. "Name's Ken, by the way. Reinforcements will be coming soon. You should run, unless you want to have fun."
  11. Alice smiled as she got out of bed her eyelids opening reveling her blue eyes as she was in the mansion with Adrian her feet touched the carpeted floor it felt good on her feet while she walked to the kitchen she grabbed her brush from the counter and started to brush her lush blonde hair smiling when she got done she put it back down and sat in a chair and took in a lot of air and yelled not that loud but it could be heard around the house "Adrian I'm hungry"
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  12. Adrian sighed as he walked to the kitchen "ok what am I your servant now? We already have grunts to do those sort of things" he said as he looked in the highly expensive refrigerator "well what would you like? Normally I would call a grunt over to cook but since im in a good mood today I guess I will,besides they'll probably burn the mansion down" he said as he brought out several plates

    Kyu sighed "you seem familiar.....I don't know how though,we probably never met" she said with a shrug as she turnt to both of them "so you guys want to go back to Maluhai? It's hidden from Adrian's view and he won't find us there" she said offering her hand out "orrrr we could stay here and mess up a few more robots,might as well get my morning workout" she said with a lighthearted smile
  13. Damian then entered the city, and saw that the gardevoir was with a greninja and a human. The human appeared to be a trainer, and the greninja looked powerful enough. He hid in an alley not wanting to be seen, and listened to their conversation, thinking of how they might be able to help him. He was still hungry, but decided he could wait until he got back to the town.
  14. "Sure... Before the world went down...I remember a Gardevoir, named Kyu... You look like her." Ken said to Kyu. Ken then realized."You're her, aren't you?" Ken noticed Damian. "We should go. We have company..."
  15. "I don't know I don't want them to cook for me plus they always burn or freeze my food...I know Adrian you should make a grunt that knows how to cook that will be awesome" she smiled and leaned her chair back and put her feet on the table acting carefree but she was examining his mood and how far he will go since he in a good mood
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  16. He rolled his eyes "sure,that actually sounds like a good idea" he said genuinely and then said "next I should make one that does ballet" he said not so genuine as he then started cooking food and he was a bit mad since she had her feet up and he took a deep breath "she's only instigating you....let it go" he thought to himself

    Kyu said "hold that thought" she said as she used psychic to see Damien hiding "hey dude! There's something called talking,it makes people you know....NOT suspicious,come on out,you seem pretty cool" she said enthusiastically
  17. She saw his movements and it gesture that he was mad so she put her feet down "oh that would be so cool" walked over to him and started to message his shoulders "so how are you this morning commander"
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  18. Seeing as how they new he was there, he decided to do the sensible thing that any normal person would do in that specific situation. He ran further down the alley, not wanting to be caught. He could have talked to them, but he didn't feel like it. And of course, being the very serious pokemon he was, running seemed to be the logical thing to do.
  19. She sighed as she teleported a few feet in front of him "look more of those robots are coming,if you want you could join us in having fun destroying them?" She said calmly so that way he won't freak out

    He sighed "Alice I just.....I really want to find this town" he said as he saw a peanut on the counter and he crushed it while saying "so I could DECIMATE it and it's residents,they've been causing me issues and have been messing with my robots,I'm not worried at all though" he said with an evil smile "why it's because who better to help me find them then my most high ranking and prestigious generals,this little rebellion will end fast and soon" he said looking to her,he was still too proud to admit he had a liking to her but overall he felt like compared to there first meeting he's grown softer to her,which made him deep down a bit mad since he never wanted to show softness to the public
  20. Hearing that robots would be there, Damian started to get a bit interested. If he stayed, he could see them fight. He wasn't much of a fighter himself, but he could probably help in some way. "Alright," he replied. "I guess I could join you."
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  21. "Whatever you want commander" she sat on the chair waiting for the food "hey Commander where did you put my Salazzle I need it if you want to know where this town is at"
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  22. Ken dashed to Kyu. "You okay?" Ken asked. "Anyways, here they come!" Ken shouted as a robot landed. He slashed at the robot, knocking out the transmitter. "No more reinforcements!"
  23. (By the way I role play as the robots)

    Several more fell in as they seemed more aggressive looking and there was one that was around ten feet tall and had aggressive red marks all over his body,it was obvious he was the commanding robot as he held his arm out and the robots charged at them,swinging there blades in many different sword combat styles

    Kyu caught one of there blades with her psychic and she punched the robot hard with a power up punch and it launched through two other robots as she then started punching and dodging the other robots attacks

    Adrian nodded slowly "mmhm,..." he said as he handed her a pokeball ,he skillfully made the food,he then handed her the plate and the food smelled.....indescribably good "well here ya go,I should be getting the daily report from my commando robots any minute now" he said as he watched her eat
  24. She ate her food very slowly as she started eating faster "man this is good Adrian you should cook for me more" she kept eating finishing her last bite "thank you so much Adrian" she walked over and hugged him taking her pokemon she then walked away from him saying "see ya commander" as her blonde hair changed crimson red and her eyes bright yellow
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  25. Ken ran around the robots at a blinding speed, slashing at them. "Once we finish these, we need to run!" Ken shouted, trying to distract the robots. He then began to charge a Shadow ball, his dark power rising.
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  26. He scoffed "yeah yeah I know,don't expect this too often General" he said as he then rubbed his chin "say.....here you go" he said as he handed her a small three inch drone that looked like an ant "carry this with you and if you see anything that may intrigue me,place it and I'll take it from there,it can fly and it has a recorder on it,if you need to call me then press the red button" he said before quickly saying "i-its not like THAT it's just.....doing the job more effectively that's all Alice" he said as he coughed "well I'll be doing my job and maintaining fear and control,I trust you can handle this Alice?" He said as he raised his eyebrow "if you see anyone you are authorized to attack,however if you are in trouble or outnumbered,you will have to do a retreat,I want you ALIVE and WELL Alice" he said

    Two of them noticed what he was doing and they locked arms and spun at him,there blades sticking out and they spin extremely fast towards him,trying to cut him

    Kyu then looked to the commanding robot and saw he only had a few robots protecting it,she then punched through several robots and got a cut on her arm from there blades and she grimaced in pain before punching him
    The commanding robot was just standing there,secretly recording all of what is happening and is sending it to headquarters but it has no indication of any of them noticing
  27. Damian was starting to have second thoughts about this. These robots were way bigger than he was and he was way too weak to destroy one. If he had been on his own he would have undoubtedly died. But it was worth it to see these pokemon fight. He had to admit he was very impressed. These pokemon could maybe even help him kill Adrian.
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  28. "Oh I know I can handle this" she grabbed the ant and hid it when she walked out and closed her eyes and said "how can I find them" as she heard the fighting and ran to it as fast as possible she wasn't insanely fast but she was fast
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  29. Kyu then went up to the commander robot "want some of this?" She said as she threw a power up punch but the commander robot caught it,there were several electrical sparks from the robot as Kyu just said "ummm.....talk?" She said as he suddenly threw her up and hit her with his shoulder,she hit a building and it cracked as she groaned "ahhh that hurt....man,normally I could dodge that,guess I slept TOO late yesterday" she said as she got up and the ten foot robot with aggressive red markings flipped her off and she growled
  30. Ken launched his shadow ball at the commanding robot. "Take this!" Ken dashed back to recharge. "Kyu!" Ken ran to Kyu and drew his water blade. "You okay?" Ken asked.
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  31. The robot was barley effected,it only had a burnt back as it just stood there "ACTIVATE OFFENSIVE PROCEDURES" it said as suddenly there were more electrical sparks around it as it was in aggressive mode

    Kyu sat up "im fine I'm fine.....you seem more familiar but I don't know how you know my name,anyways,don't worry about me,I've been hit harder and I've fought stronger things then this robot guy" she said as she then said"Adrian's made them more advanced though....last time commander robots were just cannon fodder to me,now they're really formidable"she said
  32. She saw them and brought her Salazzle out and said *ready Salazzle use venoshock* her bright yellow eyes seeming to glow when Salazzle attacked the bot
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  33. The robot was surprised as it got blasted back by the venoshock and was sparking slightly

    Kyu saw the opening and she fired a massive shadow ball at it,but before it hit the robot said "SENDING DATA TO ADRIAN.......SENT" it said before the shadow ball hit and it turnt to ash

    Kyu looked at Alice as she was a bit tired from what happened "umm.....thanks?" She said as she rubbed her chin "who are you exactly? And seriously,thanks for that" she said as she studied her "ken can you check up on Damien? We kind of left him in the alley alone" she said
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  34. The Salazzle glared down Kyu as Alice said "I am Rebecca it nice to meet such a kind gardevoir" she smiled holding out her hand and the Salazzle turned and walked away and Alice said "wait Mei cone back" she said picking up her Salazzle
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  35. She shrugged "well I guess I'm just a nice girl after all,I'm really tired.....let's say we all head to maluhai? You could come as well Rebecca,you never know if Adrian will ever come personally to fight" she said as Shen then said "I guess your friend doesn't like me,it's alright" she said lightly giggling "say,how old are you?" She asked
  36. "13 almost 14 also it fine Mei don't like any other Pokemon she wants to be my only partner but she can't I have to have more friends" she smiled and said "what this maluhai place that you said I never heard of such a place"
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  37. She said "ummm.....it's kind of umm.....a safe haven.....the only one from Adrian" she said as she studied her eyes,seeing if there was any deceit or unusual behavior from what she just said as she studied her
  38. Her eyes were shimmering as she smiled "yay a safe haven I can finally rest without being hunted down by robots" she yawned deeply acting like she hasn't slept in days
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  39. "Kyu. You don't remember me?" Ken asked. "It's me, Ken. We knew each other before...this happened...How did the world get to this? How did Adrian get control?" Ken asked. "Everyone's gone. We aren't safe..."
  40. She sighed "Adrian he....I....I couldn't beat him" she said with a sigh "he was too smart and he tricked me....I lost against him and lost a few people....but we'll stop him" she said as she smiled "I've gotten a lot stronger so he won't beat me so easily like last time" she said as she then said "this here is Rebecca,she helped against the robot,let's all head to maluhai so we could get something to eat and rest" she said as her stomach growled and she blushed and rubbed the back of her head sheepishly "u-umm...hold my hand or shoulder and I'll transport us there" she said as she also waited for Damien

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