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Ask to Join A Different World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kyu Gardevoir, May 6, 2017.

  1. She recalled Salazzle holding on to gardevoir shoulder as she looked around the area "I bet he fine as long as he is hidden you can't attack what you can't see"
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  2. She sighed "I....guess your right?" She said as she grabbed kens hand and she teleported to the middle of Maluhai "this is the town of maluhai! It's a nice place where we can be free from his rule" she said as she smiled "im the protector of this town so I gotta make sure nothing happens to it" she said smiling
  3. Ken held on to her. "Was that a blush I saw? That was a blush I see!" Ken said playfully. "Someone feels awkward. Also, I'll help protect, seeing as how those robots are bulky."
  4. However, little did they know that Damian wasn't safe. He wasn't coming back to the village. He wasn't ever coming back to the village. He wasn't dead, but he wasn't alive either.
  5. She playfully punched him "shut uuup! My stomach growled and it made things awkward!" She said playfully mad as she looked to the human beside her "so umm...you look sleepy,there's a few houses that are available and you could sleep in them,there not that big but there comfy" she said smiling to her
  6. "Riiight it was the stomach." Ken said sarcastically. "There's the Kyu I know! Anyways, why don't we go get something to eat, I'm kinda hungry myself." Ken said. "Maybe it could be like a date." Ken said playfully.
  7. She smirked as she rolled her eyes "sureeeeee,Whenever the earth explodes,a swing and a miss,try harder next time ken" she said as she giggled a bit,she then walked to the house with Rebecca "wanna come to your house? You look kind of tired,unless if you want to come with us and eat" she said
  8. "I still saw that blush, and it is a sign. I thought you couldn't remember me. That's the Kyu I know." Ken said. "Glad to have you back...or erm, glad to be back...? Whatever." Ken said.
  9. Steven was distracted by a Butterfree, he never really saw anything like it before. He shook himself back into reality. "Alright. At least one of these Robots has to have a manual." He said searching through them. "Here is one." he said picking up an old one. He blew off the dust and opened it up. He followed the instructions to get into the main frame. "All right, so Main Frame, where are the robots made?" He looked through the main frame.
  10. She rolled her eyes "that blush was because of my stomach rumbling,it was embarresing,that's it,nothing more and nothing less" she said as she then said "and I could t remember you because it's been years since I last saw you.....when I failed against Adrian I exiled myself until this town wanted me to be its protector" she said

    The manual was in multiple languages except English and it said "if you are reading this,congratulations,it has a tracker so good luck whenever I find you-by:Adrian corona
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  11. "Good thing I can read French. And wow, BOB you really are a jerk." He grabbed the Bob the Robot's head. "Alright. No robot threats. I am going to fly around, until I see high robot activity." He said sending out Guardian and boarding him. "Alright my friend, fly around the region!" His arms and legs retracted, and they became jets. He flew off at a great speed. He started searching, with a bag of chips, and a bottle of water. "My quest begins now!" Stan proclaimed. "Well even though they can track me, I have this Giant Titan to protect me, basically a better robot. Isn't that right Guardian?" He said, patting Guardian's head.
  12. Suddenly there were several middles headed towards him that came from a military base since no one is allowed to fly and they are proximity missles,plus they were installed with EMP effects

    The base had a lot of robots that looked a lot more tougher and more durable then the drones that were sent after him,all of them shot at him

    Adrian revived a notification from one of his scout robots that said a young boy flying a primitive looking robot was flying over a base

    Adrian sighed "another kid huh? Well just send out the sky destroyers,that should be enough,seriously,ANOTHER one who's acting like a hero?" he said chuckling to himself as he wondered on how Alice was doing and he checked to see if he received anything from her,when he found nothing he sighed

    Kyu then said "wait a minute....sayyyy is that your natural eye color Rebecca?" She asked
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  13. Ken sighed. "If I could go back to that time... Sun... Is Sun still alive?! Please tell me he's alive. Please tell me he made it. No..." Ken said. "I-I'm so sorry... I should've been there...Maybe then..."
  14. "Plan B." Stan said when he saw the missiles. He looked at the tougher Robots with guns. "PLAN B! PLAN B!" He yelled. Guardian dropped from the sky, and flew behind the base, so the missiles can hit the Robots. "I do not know if that worked." he said. "But use Dynamic Punch on the wall." He jumped off of Guardian. Guardian was tightening his focus.
  15. The missles didn't hit them as heat seeking missles don't work like that as they were still closing in on him and they were proximity bombs as well so they exploded if they were near it

    Kyu looked down "DONT remind me of sun.....just don't...." she said with a sad look as she then shook her head "just....let it go" she said
  16. "Right..." Ken said. He hugged Kyu, saying, "He will pay. I will make sure Adrian pays." Ken walked a bit back. "So...Where do we go to eat... I'm starving." Ken looked in his bag and pulled out a berry, giving it to Kyu.
  17. Stan looked up. "And they are heat seeking. So I suppose you can hurry up, but you can take your time." Guardian used Focus Punch, and broke a big hole in the wall. The building was shaky due to hitting a few supports in the wall. They came in. "Go Polygon!" He yelled, and sent out Polygon. "Distract them whilst I get the location!" He said. The two Pokemon started to take out some of the Robots, and then they toke out the guards at the main door. Stan ran in and went up to the computer and looked through the files to find the Location of the robot factory, and possibly where Adrian is located for future use.
  18. Then suddenly it was a trap as all of the robots stopped and a huge samurai looking robot and on his face a hologram of Adrian appears "seriously? Kid shouldn't you be in school right now?" He said mocking him as he said "pretty impressive team you have,too bad it's nothing compared to this robot,also behind you" he said as the missles exploded behind them and the EMP effect turned off his guardian robot "now see here's the thing I'm a busy guy,ruling the world with an iron fist does that to you,now give up and I'll make your death rather painless" he said "I'm not IN this robot I'm just controlling it,now let's make this fast" he said as he got his sword ready

    Kyu just accepted the hug and said "I have to wait for Rebecca and see where she wants to go so I could provide help" she said
  19. "Look at yourself." Steven said. "There are other ways to have power, and make others happy! Become a reigning champion of Pokemon! Also, why did you think missiles will hurt a Golurk, he would mostly resist the blast. Not well enough planning. And there is no school. You cut its funds, I can't even if I want to, and I want to." He went on. "Anyways, why can't we all just be friends? I mean, you need more compassion in your life, so here is some compassion coming your way!" He cleared his thought. "I appreciate all the hard work to achieve your goal, I am proud of you! Anyways. I have been mostly distracting you this entire time, but everything I said was true." Guardian's Focus Punch was fully charged. "Look, I am not even sure a Wailord can survive this kind of power." He went onto the computer and put pictures on the monitor. "Look at that power, pretty strong right? A normal Focus Punch can make basically anything faint, but most likely, not your Sword Bot. But, with my precious Guardian's ability, Iron Fist, it raises that power by 20%. Now add that up with his amazing attack statistics, would basiclly mean that your robot will blow up, along with this base, and I will go away with your Robot Factory's location. Don't take this the wrong way, but you shouldn't be doing this. I am pretty sure there are a ton of assassins trying to kill you. And if a 14 year old can get through a Military Base, it will be recommended to go the way of peace, and be my friend." The Focus Punch was done, and Guardian launched his fist at the Robot. Stan will quickly jump on Guardian, not checking if it hit or not, and fly off, holding a chip containing locations. "Return Polygon!" He said, returning his Porygon2 into its Pokeball.
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  20. All of a sudden all of the base was locked as it stopped there flight and a blue energy surrounded them "your such a stupid child,you miscalculated,now my NORMAL robots and maybe even my commandos may be destroyed,but a weak hit like that? This could hardly feel it,see it's made with a special aluminum that takes physical his and converts them into energy,basically the more you punch me the more powerful this robot is,and you have me ALOT of power" he said smirking as all of a sudden all of them felt ten times more heavy "I install gravity chambers in ALL of my bases,the gravity here makes you around a thousand pounds,no human could withstand that weight for long,and your golurk is surely many MANY tons heavier,I have several electric floors and ceilings all around you and even if your golurk could survive,YOU won't,so what's it gonna be kid? Stop being so cocky and actually fight my robot? Or I'll increase the gravity to one HUNDRED times and your spine will melt,in an instant,so don't assume you won a fight until you fought someone,you cant one hit everything kid" he said "as soon as I press this button you'll die from the gravity,now if you choose to fight me I MAY loosen it a bit,if you so much as get near another wall your spine and body will melt,what's it gonna be kid,check and mate" he said shaking his head "a mere teenager can't outsmart me,what do you think I took over the world by sheer luck?" He said as he scoffed "I have MANY technical advancements over the years,I AM a evilgenius after all,and you destroyed my REGUALR robots braaaavvvooooo,any kid could do that,that's why I advanced them and make them even more powerful" he said keeping his finger on the button "and I didn't cut any budgets from schools,seriously who teaches you these things? Propaganda?" He said rolling his eyes "I shouldn't even waste my time with insects like you but I figure I'll show the resistance SOME proof I'm not joking" he said
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  21. "Oh you are smart." He said. "And no one really knows me. So killing me will have no use to you." Stan said. "And also thank you for telling me the weakness of your robot." He sent out Polygon. "Polygon! Use Trick Room!" Everything was slowed except for the slowest thing in the room, Polygon. Polygon walked up, and destroyed the remote. It used discharge to break a hole in the floor. Then they walked out of the hole they entered with. "That was easy. I didn't even need to fight the robot." He returned Polygon to his Pokeball and flew off again with the chip. "OK. This better work." He said to himself.
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  22. He looked at them with a "really?" Look as he pressed the button and the gravity increased to twenty five times and the hole was patched up with nano technology and the gravity made him around two tons heavier "you idiot,I have the button with me! The robot never even had the remote so I don't know WHAT you destroyed" he said rolling his eyes "this weight should make you feel ALOT of pain,with this much weight it's a workout to even speak,seriously kid you CANT escape,nanotechnology makes repairing stuff a WHOLE lot easier" he said as he then said "so what's it gonna be? Stop messing around? Or should I press the button again" he said mockingly
  23. "Oh, Ow, that, Ow, Makes since." Stan said. "You know whats funny?" He said. "That I have the codes to launch the heat seeking missiles, and your current location. I will walk away if you walk away." He said hovering his finger over the button that was pressed that launched the heat seeking missiles from before. "Also, If you kill me. My Golurk will be mad. He is a ghost that you cannot truly kill. It would be a shame if it reeked vengeance, and smashed your skull in. I really don't want to hurt you, I will if I need to though." Guardian Nodded.
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  25. Ooc (well guys Monty is leaving the role play so basically we start where we were last time before THIS little incident happened,I don't want this locked and it was partially my fault for this little mishap,so let's just start over where there in the town and Damien is......between life and death I assume from what he said)

    Kyu hugged him back as she said "it's ok you could keep the berry" she said with a smile before turning to Rebecca "so would you like to come with us? Or would you like to sleep at your new house" she said smiling brightly at her
  26. Ken looked onto the town. "How long did it take for this to be built? Impressive town." Ken said as he looked back at Kyu. "Guess we're all the resistance, huh? The residents of this town." Ken said. He ate the berry and asked, "Could you show me around, perchance? I don't actually know where anything is.."
  27. She nodded "yes,I'll show both of you around,follow me" she said as she waited for Rebecca to follow her as well "well first I should show you to mark,the leader of this resistance,he was the one who made me the protector of this town,he'all be the one who accepts you in " he Said
  28. "Alright." Ken said as he walked with Kyu and Rebecca. "Where'd you go hiding to for all these years anyways? I roamed the world, staying in hiding. Adrian's control...This may be the only place left..."
  29. she said "well after i failed against Adrian when he took over the world,he basically exiled me since he for some reason didnt wanna kill me,i then meditated and trained alone in the wilderness and then i was approached by mark,he said he heard of me and my abilities and said i was the few people who Adrian knew would be a major problem for him,he then asked me that he built a safe haven which is here, and he wanted me to be the protector and evidence that Adrian is not all powerful and he can be beaten" she said before she smiled softly "im not that much of a leader,never really was but i agreed to his offer and now i live here in Maluhai, i help save those who are in trouble" she said

    Adrian was smiling as he drank some wine and was typing a few things in his computer "huh....seems global warming wasn't that big of an issue if i stopped it,cant rule a doomed world after all.....and this resistance is really starting to annoy me,they keep on destroying my technology.....but soon they will kneel before me" he thought to himself chuckling evilly as he was thinking on how Alice's mission was going along
  30. "I can feel that your strength increased. We need to form an army and storm Adrian. I heard that robot say it recorded us. Guess our old friend knows I still exist. Guess he knows I will crush him, huh?" Ken said. He began eating berries and began to relax. "Good thing he doesn't know where I am."
  31. She sighed "we arnt gonna attack him head on ken,me and mark already formed a plan to defeating him,if I gave him problems years back then you think now I can handle him no problem,but his technology has advanced far beyond our comprehension and if he beaten us in the past then who knows what type of things he has,plus he's not alone,he has thousands of followers who believe in his ideals and will die for him" she said sighing "no one can defeat him alone or head on,there were hundreds of people like you who failed trying to stop him,alone and together,but we all are gonna gather and discuss me and marks plan of ending this once and for all" she said as she walked with them around the village and there were many happy people around minding there own business
  32. "I want to at least see him face to face. I'd like to have...a "word" with him."Ken said. "He betrayed us. He needs to pay." He noticed the happy people. "Guess I need to cheer up a bit, huh? I need to relax, but he could attack at any time..." Ken said. He then sighed.
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