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    You can call me Pika, Princess, Pika Princess and (of course) Princess Pika!
    I like Pokemon, Touhou, MHA, Fire Emblem, sweets and several other things.

    I'm taking requests! See here for more information!
    Name: Okihira Miyasoku (pronounced: Oh-ka-here-ra Me-ya-su-kou).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 23.
    Home: A mansion somewhere on Utari-Cariia Mountain.
    Species: Unknown, supposedly human.
    Appearance: Tall and pale, with dark brown, slightly longer than shoulder length hair and hazel eyes; always wears a white linen dress with a rich, dark pink skirt; an extremely dark purple cardigan (of sorts) with three, slightly lighter purple buttons; a chocolate brown pair of knee socks and black shoes with white laces.
    Personality: Although she is often very kind and caring, she can be rude or haughty if someone angers her.
    Skills: Quick reflexes, amazing puzzle-solving skills and is quite a bit more agile than average.
    Family: Jukikata (Younger sister), Kuzatiai (Father), Kirasatia (Mother), Naimoyu Karusadia (Cousin).
    Love Relationships?: N/A.

    Name: Nico Ami (pronounced: Nigh-co Am-me).
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 16
    (in Werewolf years, this kind of Werewolf ages at about half the speed of an ordinary human so in human years she's 32).
    Home: Selenetos Forest, frequently visits the village of Solena.
    Species: Werewolf.
    Wolf appearance: Silky light green fur, piercing blue eyes and tiny ivory claws.
    Appearance: About 180cm tall, long and flowing green hair with a short side swept fringe, blue eyes and pale skin; wears a cyan short-sleeved top, sparkly purple knee-length skirt, 1/4 length bronze socks and light green Mary-Janes shoes.
    Personality: Kind and friendly, she tries to be friends with everyone, but the fact that everyone knows she's a werewolf drags her down quite a bit.
    Skills: Extremely agile and has an amazing sense of smell even when not in her wolf form.
    Family: Kurusolia (Mother), Darujaria (Father).
    Love Relationships?: Only a slight crush on Okasi.
    Overall favourites:
    Favourite Female character overall: Tsuyu Asui.
    Favourite Male character overall: Kaze.
    Favourite Main character: A tie between Twilight Sparkle and Izuku Midoriya.
    MHA favourites:
    Favourite character: Tsuyu Asui.
    Favourite Female character: Tusyu Asui.
    Favourite Male character: Izuku Midoriya.
    Favourite Non-student charcater: Himiko Toga.
    Favourite Student outside of 1-A: A tie between Hitoshi Shinso and Nejire Hado.
    Favourite Teachers: Best commentator duo ;).

    Fire Emblem Favourites:
    Favourite Female character (Fates): Elise.
    Favourite Male character (Fates): Kaze.
    Favourite Female character (Awakening): Lissa
    Favourite Male character (Awakening): A tie between Lon'qu and Chrom.
    Please don't talk about memes (other than nyan cat in a non-serious context), dumb ships, and certain characters I dislike, to me.
    I wish Virion and mineta didn't exist...
    Here, have a cookie for reading this far.
    Pokemon Showdown: PrincessPika102.
    GPX Plus: PrincessPika.
    PokéFarm Q: PrincessPika.
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    Oceanic Operetta/Sparkling Aria!


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      I hate when people mis-pluralise Pokemon names (eg: Pikachus, Dedennes), the plural of a Pokemon's name is the same as the singular!
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