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Ask to Join Zachary's Kanto adventure ( 2.0 )

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Berd, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Here's the sign up link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/zacharys-kanto-adventure-sign-ups.15674/

    All posts must be the minium of 5 sentences.
    No Mary Sues
    Romance is okay, but keep it PG
    No mythical/legendary Pokemon
    You can use out of gen Pokemon, but only if you are from a previous region.
    You can't counter attack or dodge every single attack. Seriously.
    You cant be like " I caught all 151 Pokemon yesterday and they're all shiny and lvl 100 "
    Don't join if you haven't posted your RP name on the sign-up page.
    And have fun!

    Your very own Pokemon adventure is about to unfold! Now, let us venture into the world of Pokemon!
  2. (are we starting now?)
  3. ( Sure, one more thing, anything from now on in parenthesis is to be posted on the sign up page.)
  4. " Now fast! Sandslash! Use earthquake! "
    Zachary was commanding his Sandslash to use Earthquake on the wild Gravler
    in the tall grass.
    " Sanndd! "
    The Sandslash said as doing the move his owner had told him too.
    The wild Gravler had been sent down to 13 HP and it did their move, Rock slide.
    " Quick dodge it! " Zachary yelled to his Sandslash
    The Sandslash tried to dodge the attack, but failed, yet it only took 13 HP from him.
    Zachary threw a great ball at the wild Gravler.
    The wild gravler escaped and ran away back into the wild.
  5. Melissa was sitting in the forest spending time with her pokemon. Enjoying the beautiful day watching some of her pokemon play with wild pokemon. She smiled and laughed happy about her pokemon's happiness rather then her own. " Guys its time to go." She said a little disappointed and got up returned all her pokemon but charizard.
  6. Zachary was walking to a Pokemart to buy some Pokeballs and potions.
    He went up to the Cashier at the pokemart and asked for ten super, regular, and hyper potions.
    He also asked for 30 Pokeballs. He paid for his items and stopped by the pokecenter.
    He healed up his Pokemon and saw a girl sitting in the forest. He decided to say hello.
  7. She brushed off some dirt from sitting on the ground. She saw a boy approaching her. "Hello" She said and waved. Her charizard eyed the boy to make sure he didnt make any sudden movements and stepped infront of me and roared loudly. " Charizard stop." Charizard did not listen to her and breathed a few breaths of flames.
  8. " Hi! " Zachary said energetically, he hadn't seen another trainer in a while.
    " Everyone, come on out! " Zachary said. His Sandslash, Ninetails, beedrill, and Raichu came out o their pokeballs energetically.
    They all immediately started playing with the Charizard and other wild pokemon, as Zachary
    started striking up conversation.
  9. She sent out her pokemon to play Piplup, dragonite, hydreigon .Finally charizard left to play with the other pokemon but now and then watched the two trainers. " I'm Melissa." She reached out her hand to shake his. " And you are?" she said and then looked back at the pokemon playing together.
  10. " Zachary. " Zachary said shaking the girls hand.
    He noticed some glowing bird flying in the sky, but didn't bother to mention it
    " So, how many Pokemon have you registered in your Pokedex? I've got 59. " Zachary asked, and asked another question. " And, where is that little blue bird from? "
  11. " Huh? Oh piplup its the Sinnoh region water starter." " And i have 67." She smiled as she continued to watch the pokemon then looked back at Zachary. " I want to see how strong you are. Lets have a 3 on 3 pokemon battle" " Do you accept the challenge or are you scared." She teased and looked back at him.
  12. Zachary had a small grin on his face and revealed his gym badges.
    All 8 badges were in their correct spot.
    " I Accept your challenge! " Zachary said, returning all of his Pokemon except for Sandslash, Ninetails, and Raichu. Also putting away his badges case.
  13. " Great and don't underestimate me." She said as she returned her pokemon. She then took out hydreigons pokeball. " Do your best hydreigon i chose you." Hydreigon burst out of the pokeball ready to battle. "And your pokemon?" She smiled and waited to see who Zachary would chose to battle her hydreigon.
  14. " Alright team! Go on ahead! " His Sandslash decided to step up first.
    His best lvl 59 well trained Pokemon .
    " I Choose Sandslash for my first pokemon. "
  15. " Ok then let the battle begin!" " Hydreigon use tri attack." A thunderbolt, Flamethrower and darkpulse were shot at the Sandslash at hydreigons full power. " Good job hydreigon." " Hydreigon hy" Hydreigon said proudly. She waited for Zachary to attack with his sandslash and smiled at him.
  16. " Alright! Now Sandslash! Use Brick Break! "
    The Sandslash did what he was commanded, and the attack was Super Effective!
    "Great job buddy!" Zachary said in excitement.
    "Sannd! "
    Sandslash said as he waited for the opponent's next move
  17. " Hmm...." she mumbled she decided to switch out hydreigon with piplup so she would have the type advantage. She returned hydreigon and threw piplups pokeball in the air. " Piplup bubble beam go!" Piplup fired the bubbles at sandslash increasing the damage since it was a water type move.
  18. Max awoke from his nap with a yawn, stretching his arms as he rose of the grass. Beside him was his partner feraligator who was resting leaning against a tree. Him begin out of his poke discouraged wild pokemon from venturing to close, allowing them to enjoy there nap. Max stood up and could here that the forest was more lively then when he went to sleep. He let feraligator catch some z's and found a verity of pokemon playing, then over hearing a back and forth between to trainers. "This should be entertaining." Max said as he leaned himself against a tree and released his elekid from his pokeball. "Ele!" Elekid sprung out, ready to battle. "Watch this battle carefully" Max instructed as his elekid calmed himself.
  19. " Sannd..." Zachary's sandslash said weakly, it started twirling around and fell over. " Argh! Sandslash return! " Zachary said, Sandslash returning to his comfy pokeball. " No go! Raichu! " Zachary said, " Now use Volt tackle! " Raichu used the move and the opposing piplup fainted, due to the type advantage.
  20. " Piplup return you deserve a long rest." " Hydreigon come back out." She threw the pokeball into the air and out come hydreigon. " use Tri attack." A thunderbolt, flamethrower and darkpulse were fired at raichu throwing it at a tree. " Hydreigon" Hydreigon said proud at the damage it had done.
  21. " No! Raichu! " The raichu stood strong, and Zachary gave it a hyper potion, it was now at 40 hp. " Alright, now Raichu! Use Volt tackle again! " The Raichu did what he was told and the hydreigon fainted due to the damage Sandslash had done earlier, it looks like Zachary was on the bright side of things now.
  22. " Alright then your my last hope Charizard I chose you." Charizard bursts out of its pokeball and roars " Charrrriiiizard" " Ok charizard ready to win this." she said "Char" Alright then use blast burn go!" Charizard obeyed and used it slamming raichu into a tree weakning it. " Now finish this with dragon tail."
  23. Raichu couldn't take it anymore. Raichu fainted. " Raichu return! " Ninetails was his last hope at winning. Zachary grasped Ninetails' Pokeball and held it with two hands for a second. " Ninetails! Go! " Zachary threw the pokeball with determination flowing through his vains. He didn't want to loose, but if he did, that's okay, he had a good, clean fight.
  24. As Nathan arrived at the Pokémon Center he saw out of the corner of his eye two fire type Pokémon fighting. He then went to a near by bench and watch the two of them fighting while the trainers were shouting out commands.

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