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Yu-Gi-Oh! Ryouken Yutori

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Shocari, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Episode 1- Beginning of Nothing

    Violet neon placed on almost every inch of wallspace illuminated the entire club, dousing everyone in a purplish-tint. At the far end was a bar that stretched about twenty feet long, made of highly-polished wood. About four or five people were sitting at the bar, while about fifty or so others danced on the floor as techno music played. One man sat at the far right of the bar, moving his head in beat with the music while occasionally taking a sip from his drink. He was dressed in black from head to toe; his messy hair that fell in front of his electric blue eyes with dark circles underneath, a long gothic-style jacket that was buckled up, gothic bat pants, and boots with metal rings on them. On his left arm was a small dark red apparatus that had a disk protruding from the side.

    A large clock hit midnight, and everyone yelled "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" and "WHOOOOOOOO! IT'S 2010, BABY!" Another man came by and purposefully bumped into the first's shoulder, making him spill his drink.

    "I was drinking that." the first man said in almost a whisper, audible now that the music was being switched.

    "So? Not my problem. I uh, tripped." the second smirked. He had short light brown hair and was dressed in simple blue jeans and an orange t-shirt.

    "That was my drink." the first whispered. "You owe me another."

    "No. I don't owe you anything." he smiled bravely as four more guys walked up behind him.

    "How about this: we can settle this in a Duel. If I win, you buy me a drink. If you win, I'll buy you and your friends a whole round."

    "Why should I do that when I can make your eyes black all the way around?"

    "Because, if you Duel, then you'll at least prove to everyone here that you can actually be called a man." The second man's expression turned to sudden nervousness. He obviously didn't think he'd get called out.

    "Okay, fine by me. We'll Duel." The bartender must have been listening to the conversation, because he knocked on the bar several times until everyone was looking at him.

    "Hey! This guy's gonna Duel Senka! Let's go!" he yelled in a rough voice. The crowd cheered and headed towards a small doorway that had long strands of beads for a door on the left side of the room. Senka was the last to walk in, and he took his time getting there.

    The second room was brightly lit, and was much larger than the bar. The crowd stood against the walls, forming a large rectangle. The second guy took one side, and Senka took the other. On the wall with the door, a large sign lit up, and had each Duelist's face on either side, each with a "8000 Life Points" underneath their face. Each drew five cards from the Deck inside their Duel Disk.

    Senka said in a whisper "I'll go first." and drew a card. "I summon Vampire-Eidolon." a humanoid creature draped in blood-red medieval noble clothing materialized on Senka's side of the Field, and the sign flashed "ATK-1700/DEF-1400." "I'll also set two cards face-down. Your move." Two large versions of the cards appeared behind Vampire-Eidolon.

    "Ha! You ready for this?" the other guy said. "I'm Parker Stephenson, the best Duelist around!" he drew a card.

    "Someone's overconfident too early in the new year." Senka mumbled.

    Parker grinned as he said "I activate Heart of Darkness! This Spell allows me to search my Deck for a Level Four or lower Dark monster, and Special Summon it!" he took his deck out of the Duel Disk and searched through it, then placed it back once he found a card. The Duel Disk sucked it in and shuffled it, then returned it to its original position. "Come out, SilverShadow Priestess!" A nun in a silver outfit came out to Parker's Field, and the sign flashed "ATK-1900/DEF-1900"SilverShadow Priestess, destroy his puny Vampire!" The nun raised her hand and sent out a silver beam at Eidolon, which stopped a few inches away and was deflected back at her, and she shattered into millions of pieces. "What?!"

    "Your attack activated my Trap, Sakuretsu Armor." Senka yawned. "Anything else you need me to get rid of for you?"

    "Why you little! I end my turn." he said with a defeated look.

    Senka drew and said "I summon Vampire-Ebon Mist." a contained black fog appeared next to Eidolon, floating eerily. The sign flashed "ATK-1800/DEF-1900." "I'll use Ebon Mist's effect to send my face-down card to the Graveyard and draw a card." Ebon Mist shimmered, then the face-down card was destroyed and Senka had a new card in his hand. "I'll activate my Spell Card, Shadow Fang." The sign showed Eidolon's ATK going from 1700 to 2500. "If you want to know what just happened, my selected monster, Eidolon, just gained attack points equal to its Level, which is four, times 200. So, he gained 800 attack points just like that until the end of my turn. Eidolon, dispose of his nun." The noble ran towards SilverShadow Priestess and bit her neck, then she shattered.

    Parker's Life Points went from 8000 to 7400, while Senka's went from 8000 to 8300.

    "How'd that happen?" Parker asked, stunned.

    "Oh, that's the effect of all of my Vampire monsters. When they deal damage to you, I gain Life Points equal to half of the damage dealt. Now, if you please, Ebon Mist." The mist blinked out and appeared around Parker, shimmered, then returned to Senka's side. The LP meter read "Parker-5600, Seishuku-9100"

    Parker looked at the scoreboard and squinted. "Seishuku...Senka...." a look of terror appeared on his face. "You're him? Seishuku Senka? Owner of NightEdge Industries?"

    Seishuku yawned and said in the most bored tone "Yes. What about it?"

    "Nothing...nothing...." Parker drew a card and said "I'll set two face-downs, and a face-down monster as well." The cards materialized, then Seishuku drew a card.

    "Hmm...I think I'll Summon Vampire-Shadow Empyrean." A very regal looking king in shining black robes and extremely pale skin appeared next to Ebon Mist as Vampire-Eidolon disappeared. "ATK-2300/DEF-1600. "Mist, attack."

    "I activate Jar of Greed."

    "Oh wow. You're going to stop my attack by drawing a card? You must have talent."

    Parker scowled as his face-down monster shattered.

    "Empyrean, go." The king drew a sword made of pure shadows and struck Stephenson. The blow didn't even harm him, but the LP counters now read "Parker-3300, Seishuku-12050." "I'll also place a card-face-down...for later."

    "My go! I activate Lightning Vortex!" He discarded a card from his hand to the Graveyard, and suddenly, all of Senka's monsters were destroyed. "Bet you're scared now, huh?"

    "Yes. Scared for your reputation. Your little stunt just cost you the Duel."

    "Whaddya mean?"

    "By destroying my monsters you activated my Trap, Scorned Moon. You see, when at least one of my monsters is destroyed, this little trap activates. You then take damage for each card in my Graveyard x 700. So, I have five cards, which means 3500 damage." The counter for Parker went down to 0.

    "Sei..shuku...." Parker moaned as he fell to his knees.

    "Looks like my New Year's Resolution came true: I get a drink for free."

    Yes, every single card you saw minus Sakuretsu Armor and Jar of Greed are completely made up by moi. Oh, and Scorned Moon isn't overpowered. It only activates when a "Vampire" monster is destroyed, so it only works in limited situations.

    Also, this says "episode" instead of "chapter" because this is now TV show-styled. So expect about an episode a week. Reply and comment as you would talk about the episode :3
  2. I really love this!! >> -Totally wants Seishuku Senka- >>; But seriously, nice detail of the duel..I love it, and I love Senka's cards. I need to start reading your stuff moar.
  3. This is sweet! I can't wait to read more. I'm happy someone came up with a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic. I shall be following this. Go Senka!
  4. Episode 2- Identified as Potential, Part I

    "Attention, Duelists. This is a Special Announcement by NightEdge Industries. A Dueling Tournament will be starting tomorrow at noon, and is open to everyone that wishes to participate." a female voice rang from a radio. Numerous teenagers were sitting at various booths at a red and white diner, with cards strewn on the tables. The diner was fairly large, and the man at the counter turned the volume up when several of them looked at him.

    "Previously, the Duel Identity Chips distributed to all Duelists registered wins and losses in Duels. The number of wins allowed for different kinds of access a Duelist had to different parts of the city. Now, NightEdge is currently transmitting data to these chips allowing for a Duelist to choose any Monster Card from their Decks and have it as a sort of Deck Leader, where a hologram of said card shall appear by the Duelist and advise them. The DI Chips will now also record a Duelist's wins and losses for this tournament separately, and the eight Duelists with ten victories shall be accepted into the Semifinals and Finals of the Tournament. From NightEdge Industries, all of you Duelists out there are wished good luck during your next Duels."

    A young man of around nineteen that was sitting at one of the booths quickly gathered together his cards. He had short messy blond hair, forest green eyes, and was wearing a white t-shirt with an open red jacket over it, gray university pants, and dark blue shoes. He left the diner without a word and made it around the corner before several people called out "Hey Keiji! Wait up!" He turned around and about three other people around his age were running at him; two males and one female.

    One male had spiky dark brown hair with matching eyes, and wore a white t-shirt with a brown and black vest over it, dark green cargo pants, and black tennis shoes. The other had on a dark blue T-shirt, black jeans, dark crimson sneakers, light brown hair, and green eyes. The female had blue hair that swept past her eyes and was shoulder-length in the back, had piercing violet eyes, and was wearing a light lavender hoodie with beige pants an light lavender shoes.

    "Keiji, why'd you just up and leave like that?" the guy in blue asked.

    "After hearing that broadcast, I decided that I might as well go get some practice under my belt as soon as I can. That way, I won't have to worry about getting completely annihilated during this tournament."

    "If you wanted some practice, all you had to do was ask, Keiji." the other male said. "You know we'd be more than willing to help you out."

    "Thanks, Sakaki. But I think I'll just go- Kasumi! Where are you headed off to?"

    "Oh, I just remembered. It's noon, right? I have to go visit my uncle, who lives a few hours away." she said quickly.

    "We'll miss ya, Kasumi. What were you saying, Kuroda?" Sakaki asked.

    Keiji took his deck out of his sapphire-colored Duel Disk and began to shuffle it. "I think I'm just going to go and hang out at the Duel Fields. There's got to be someone else who's willing to practice. That, and the calmatmosphere helps me think." He took off down a street that led towards a gigantic fenced-in area, and his friends followed. When they eventually got to the Duel Fields, its size became quite apparent. The place was large enough to hold ten full-size duel arenas, and accommodate for at least forty people on each side of the field at any given time, and having concession stands.

    The three friends entered, and headed to the Arena on the far right of the complex. The entire place was packed, but that didn't seem unusual. The three weaved between people with expertise, but Keiji accidentally knocked someone over as he avoided getting trampled by a giant of a man. The guy he knocked over was like a real-life vampire: dark circles under the eyes, gothic-style clothes, extremely pale skin...and he looked incredibly angry.

    "You should watch where you're going." the man said in almost a whisper.

    "I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." Keiji apologized.

    "Still, you knocked me down pretty hard. You also made me spill my drink. I think you owe me a new one."

    "Hey, I don't think I should have to buy you a new drink just because I accidentally bumped into you. I've got more important things to do."

    "...You're a Duelist aren't you? You plan on entering the tournament. How about this: we Duel. If you win, I'll forget I ever ran into you and give you some useful information on the tournament. But if I win, then you can just get me a new drink, and walk away like you never met me."

    "Sure. Before we Duel, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Keiji Kuroda."

    "I'm Seishuku Senka." he said with a sigh. Keiji's eyes widened at this statement. "What? Is it really that hard to believe?"

    "Um...no. Let's just Duel...." Seishuku and Keiji headed for the nearest empty Duel Arena, which just so happened to be conveniently right next to them. Each took their places, drew their Hand, and began. A billboard-sized to their left lit up. It read: Keiji-8000, Seishuku-8000.

    "I'll start things off." Keiji said. He drew a card, and looked at his hand carefully. "I'll Summon Morning Warrior of the Astral Plane!" A man with flaming red hair dressed in Roman Battle armor appeared on the field. The sign flashed "ATK-1900/DEF-1300." "I'll also activate my Spell, Astral Projection! This card allows me to send a Spell or Trap from my Deck to the Graveyard!" Keiji selected his card, then placed it in the Graveyard slot, then returned the Deck to the Duel Disk, allowing the machine to shuffle it. "I'll set two cards face-down...for later." Two images of cards appeared behind the Morning Warrior.

    "Let's see..." Senka drew a card, and he too stared at his Hand with great interest. "I activate Call of the Mummy. With this, I can Special Summon any Zombie from my Hand as long as I lack a monster on the Field. I think I'll choose... Ryu Kokki." A huge figure made of bones and skulls appeared on the Field, prompting the sign to say "ATK-2400/DEF-2000." "Now, since I Special Summoned, I'll Normal Summon Vampire-Eidolon." A medieval human draped in blood-red clothes appeared. "ATK-1700/DEF-1400." "Eidolon's effect allows me to Special Summon Vampire-Revenant from my Hand when he's Normal Summoned." A female vampire in medieval queen's robes appeared next to Eidolon. "ATK-1400/DEF-1700." "And when she's Special Summoned, I gain six hundred Life Points." "Seishuku- 8600." "I'll also have two face-downs. I guess that's it for now."

    As Keiji drew, a feeling of dread crept over him. He had only one monster, while Seishuku had three...one of which could crush his with relative ease...that and his two face-down cards were kind of scary. This wasn't in his favor, and it was only his second turn. Was this the power of the best Duelist in the city?

    "I'll summon Starous, the Astral Armada!" a tiny dim star appeared on the Morning Warrior's right. "ATK-1400/DEF-0." "Since I control at least one 'Astral' Monster, I can Special Summon Mystic of the Astral Realm!" A priest wearing beige appeared on the Morning Warrior's left, and the sign flashed "ATK-1300/DEF-1000", and Starous' stats changed to "ATK-2100/DEF-0." "Starous' Attack is equal to the number of 'Astral' monsters on my Field times seven hundred." This confidence didn't do much to alleviate the fact that Ryu Kokki still had three hundred more attack points. "Starous, destroy his Revenant!"
  5. Oh! I can't wait for Ep 3! This is awesome!
  6. I concur^^ I can't wait.

    I think you need to be more specific with what kind of cards are being played. When Senka played Call of the Mummy, I was kind of confused at first whether or not it was a monster because the sentence didn't say that he activated a spell card.

    Also, there's an error. When Keiji is thinking to himself about how it's only the second turn and things are going bad, it says that Senka has 2 cards that can defeat his Morning Warrior of the Astral Plane when really there's only one because Senka's Monsters' attacks are 2400, 1700, and 1400. Morning Warrior of the Astral Plane's is 1900.

    Other than those two things, you did a great job writing this and I can't wait til Episode 3.
  7. Thanks for the comments ^__^

    Episode 3-Identified as Potential, Part II

    The 2100-Attack point monster fired a lavender burst of energy at the female vampire, shattering the monster on contact. Seishuku's Life Points fell down to 7900, but he didn't seem to have noticed.

    "Now, Morning Warrior, attack Eidolon!" The Roman warrior attacked the noble, but Seishuku decided that now was the time to intervene.

    "I believe I'll stop you with Enemy Controller. Sorry, but monsters can't attack when in Defense mode." Morning Warrior halted, then got down on one knee and raised his sword diagonally in front of him.

    "Fine then. I'll end my turn." Keiji said.

    "My go, then." Senka drew a card, and then very quickly came to a decision. "I'll Tribute Ryu Kokki in order to Summon Vampire-Shadow Empyrean." The mass of bones was soon replaced by a king wearing black robes. The sign flashed "ATK-2300/DEF-1600." "Also, since I happen to have two Vampire monsters on my Field, I'll Special Summon Alucard, the Vampire Sovereign." A coffin appeared next to Eidolon, then opened to reveal a vampire with long silver hair in a black combat outfit. His stats read "ATK-2000/DEF-0." "Alucard, attack his pitiful Mystic of the Astral Realm." The Vampire lunged, and bit the priest on the neck, shattering it. "Empyrean, deal with Morning Warrior." the large king attacked, but was shattered before it even got halfway to Keiji's Field.

    "Not so fast, Senka. You activated my Trap, Sakuretsu Armor. Looks like my monster is safe."

    "For now. I'll end my turn by placing one card-face-down."

    "I'll summon my Midnight Guardian of the Astral Plane." a female wearing silver Greek armor and a midnight blue skirt appeared. "Also, remember my Astral Projection Spell Card? I'm going to use it's effect to activate my Spell Astral Curse. By sending Morning Warrior and Midnight Guardian to the Graveyard, I can Ritual Summon Astral Creature." Keiji's two monsters disappeared, but the resulting monster to replace them didn't appear, even though the scoreboard flashed "ATK-2700/DEF-1000." "Oh yeah, I should mention, until I activate Astral Plane, he'll be invisible. Next, I'll activate my Spell Polymerization, discarding these two monsters from my Hand to Fusion Summon Elysia, Empress of the Astral Plane." A woman with long flowing blonde hair in a long white dress appeared a bit to Keiji's left on the Field, the scoreboard said "ATK-3200/DEF-0." "She gets Attack Points equal to the total level of the sent monsters, in this case eight, times 400, giving her 3200 points. Now, Astral Creature, attack Shadow Empyrean!"

    "I think I'll activate my own Sakuretsu Armor." Seishuku said with a sigh.

    As soon as the invisible creature shattered, Keiji replied as if it didn't even phase him. "Elysia, attack Alucard!"

    "I do hope my constant Trap activation isn't getting annoying, but I'll activate Magic Cylinder, stopping your attack and reducing your Life Points by...Elysia's? Attack points." Keiji's LP meter flashed to 4800, while Senka still sat at a comfortable 7900.

    "Since it's my turn now," Seishuku said, "I'll activate my Spell, Book of Life, which allows me to Special Summon a Zombie in my Graveyard and remove a monster from yours from play. I'll bring back...Revenant, and remove your...Morning Warrior." The Vampire queen returned, looking pleased. I'll also activate my Field Spell, Dirge of Zero." the Field transformed to reveal a cemetery in the rain. "With this, I can send Eidolon and Revenant to the Graveyard to Fusion Summon Vampire-Balberith." A behemoth of a man appeared, standing at least nine feet tall with muscles that belonged to a heavy-duty weight-lifter. His skin was a rich violet, and he was wearing just a pair of black pants. The scoreboard read "ATK-2500/DEF-1000." "I'll also activate my Spell, Shadow Fang, which bumps up Balberith's Attack Points by 200 times his level, which is eight, so, he gains 1600 Attack, bringing him to 4100. Balberith, attack Elysia."

    "Hold it! My Trap card will deal with you. I activate Mirror Force! Now all of your monsters that are in Attack Position are destroyed, which means...all of them are." Alucard, Empyrean, and Balberith all shattered.

    "Doesn't matter to me." Senka said. "Since Balberith was Fusion Summoned by Dirge of Zero, which is still on the Field, I get to bring back Eidolon." The undead noble returned once more, a look of evil etched upon his pale flesh. "I also set a face-down card."

    Senka's two face-downs were now a bit terrifying. One he had had since the beginning of the Duel, and had refused to activate it. Either he couldn't, or he was waiting for something....

    "I'll Special Summon another Mystic of the Astral Realm from my Hand! Then I'll Tribute him for Astral Judge!" A regular old judge of a court appeared, and the signs read "ATK-2200/DEF-800." "You're wide open for two attacks! Elysia, Judge, go!" The Empress attacked with a beam of white light, and the Judge kicked Senka. The LP meters were now: Kuroda-4800/Senka-2500. Off on the sides, Keiji's two friends cheered him on madly. Keiji smiled and nodded towards Seishuku.

    "I'll Summon Vampire-Penumbr.!" A tiny little kid wearing dirty ragged clothes appeared, prompting his stats to display "ATK-1000/DEF-500." "Now, I'll use Dirge of Zero again, fusing Penumbra with Eidolon to bring out Vampire-Umbra." A dark sphere of black energy appeared, the signs reading "ATK-2000/DEF-1000." "I'll activate the Spell Card Overpowering Eye, which alllows one Zombie of mine with 2000 or less Attack to attack you directly this turn. Umbra, ravage him." The sphere blurred, then returned to normal, Keiji's LP falling to 2800.

    "Now that I go, I'll use Astral Judge's effect!" Keiji yelled as he drew. "I can discard the top card of my Deck to destroy a Spell or Trap on your Field, and I select Dirge of Zero!" the Field returned to normal. "I can also do this one more time, so I'll choose that face-down behind Umbra!" The card shattered, but Seishuku grinned for the first time. "Elysia, get rid of Umbra!" The white beam erupted from the Empress' hand, destroying the black sphere. Seishuku's LP was down to 1300.

    "The end is now. I activate my Trap, Nemesis. This activates when I take damage and have no other Spells or Traps on the Field...which I don't thanks to you. I can select your Elysia and have you take damage equal to her Attack...which is more than enough to finish you." Keiji's LP dropped to 0, and he slunk down in defeat. "Now, I'm feeling generous, so I'll forget the drink and give you some advice." Seishuku said as he walked over to Keiji, the crowd melting away.

    "First, the top eight Duelists who make it to the Semi-Finals will meet at NightEdge Industries. If you're lucky, you'll make it there. Also, do not trust the Silver Hawk."

    Keiji had a wondering gaze as his two friends replaced Seishuku.

    "So...what'd he say?" Sakaki asked.

    "That doesn't matter. But there was something about him."

    "What?" the guy in blue asked.

    "The way he dueled, the way he talked...I think he's my dead brother."
  8. Wtf??? Dead brother! Wow! You really know how to leave people in suspense. I will die if I don't get the next chapter soon. When I opened my new replies to my posts and saw that you had a new chapter, I literally said "Yes" out loud. Thanks for a great fic!
  9. Holy crap! A dead brother...Zombie Deck...HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT COMING?! This is great! I am impatiently- in the good way- waiting for the next chapter. Seriously, though, take your time. The impatience is really just anticipation.
  10. Dead brother...Zombie....

    Y'know, I didn't even notice that until you said that, actually XD But rest assured, neither of the two are connected. Seishuku has a Zombie Deck because I LOVE them...and I just happen to fit the vampire-description irl XD(Seishuku is loosely based off of myself)

    The dead brother thing is just....well, I shouldn't be getting in to that here, anyways :3

    Thanks for the comments, as well~
  11. You're welcome. I'm starting to lean toward insects with the exception of three non-insects.

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