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Yu-Gi-Oh: Rise of the Shadows (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by DragonianKing87, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Time: 4051
    Setting: Duel Academy Island

    "Welcome to the brand new Duel Academy!" A voice said from the speakers, it wasn't deep but it was a bit loud. We all knew the drill so we turned to the stage and saw the Headmaster, a tall man with black hair the looked like he had just rolled out of bed. "While you are here you will be tested to the limit of your abilities in every form and aspect of Duel Monsters. In honor or Team 5Ds we built an all new Turbo Dueling track and each student will receive a Duel Runner which they can customize if they so choose." He said his blue eyes shining. "As you all can tell we've sorted you into three dorms based on the Egyptian God Cards but this year each dorm will be split into six sub dorms whose names are taken from the six signer dragons. Stardust Dragon being the best and Life Stream Dragon being the Slifer of the sub dorms." he said smiling with a hint of malice.

    Okay so I've thought of a group of duelists fighting of an authority figure that they all trusted and I had been watching Yu-Gi-Oh GX so I figured why not have it be the headmaster. My only rules for dueling is keep track of the cards you've played and follow the official rules of the card game. Also along with the traditional banned and limited card list I'm adding the Egyptian god cards and Exodia. The Earthbound Immortals are up for discussion to me its sketchy to me because of how much power they have. As far as the sub-dorm aspect goes I'll list them in order for everyone at the end of this post. If anyone has any questions or ideas let me know and please feel free to post bios.

    Sub-Dorm list:
    1. Stardust Dragon
    2. Red Dragon Archfiend
    3. Black Rose Dragon
    4. Black Winged Dragon
    5. Ancient Fairy Dragon
    6. Life Stream Dragon

    If anyone feels a change to the list is needed then let me know.

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