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Ask to Join Yu-Gi-Oh GX RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Generation Sect, Oct 11, 2017.

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    -Domino City Arena, 3 years after Yugioh GX-

    Kiryu Yudo stood patiently in line, until eventually he reached the front. Hadn't taken too long, he was one of the first people there. On his way to the bleachers he went into some strange sort of locker room, where he was provided with some strange white and grey variation of the Duel Academy uniform. Picking up the Duel Academy variation Duel Disk also left there, he continued on, taking his seat. Hopefully soon his name would be called. He wasn't used to the constant milling around of the masses of people hoping to apply for Duel Academy. The first duel had been called, displayed on a big screen, but he didn't pay much attention. Amateurs. Most people here undoubtedly wouldn't make it in.
  2. Sylvia made it on time as well, picking up her designated items from the front desk. She doubted she would make it in, but her parents saved up so much money for her so that she could have a chance and she didn't want to let them down, so she tried anyway. Walking through some bleachers, she noticed a spot where a young boy sat alone and decided to be brave and try to befriend him. She walked up to him, smiling. "Hello," she told the boy. "I'm Sylvia! It's nice to meet you. Would you be mad if I asked you for your name?" She realized right after she said that how awkward that sounded, but pushed the thought aside. She wasn't one to get embarrassed easily and this was no exception.
  3. "Yes. But you were smart enough to figure that out first so I don't care." He looked to the screen, and then back to her. "I'm Kiryu." He then averted his gaze back to the screen, showing a blonde boy with strange grey eyes dueling. A huge, white two-headed sea creature was next to him, preparing to attack. "Now! White Aura Biphamet! Finish this duel, and show them why I'LL make the best Obelisk Blue!" He flicked his arm with a flourish, twin beams of brilliant white light destroying his opponent's lifepoints away. The automated system spoke out. "Jasper Percival wins." The results board changed, showing that Percival was currently 1st place in the rankings. The boy span round, spreading his arms wide to the stadium. "My Biphamet is unbeatable! Never before has it been stopped! I'll see you all at Duel Academy, although probably not." He span back around and walked away back to his spot in the bleachers. Funnily enough, people actually seemed to flock to him. The moment his name was said, Kiryu had practically jumped out of his seat, letting out a surprised cry not befitting of his usual attitude. "Him? Here? Does fate really operate like that?" As Percival left the stadium, Kiryu sunk his head down, regaining his normal manner. He tilted his head slight towards her. "That whole thing is a lie you know. I'd know, beat that Biphamet myself 7 years ago. Or something like that. Didn't really keep good track of the last several years." He let out a disentertained grunt. "Really loves the spotlight doesn't he? That's certainly not changed."
  4. "Y-you know that guy?" Sylvia asked curiously. Suddenly, she heard an announcement on the loudspeaker.

    "Sylvia Reviar, please come down to Arena 3 for your Entrance Duel."

    "Uh-oh. That's me." She smiled sadly at Kiryu. "I-it was nice knowing you, Kiryu. I'm probably not getting into the school, so I guess I won't be bothering you anymore, huh? Anyway, I should go. Bye."

    Without waiting for a response from the bitter boy, Sylvia hurried to the arena, opening a green door with a large number 3 on it in white, then strapped her Duel Disk hurriedly. "S-sorry! I'm not that great of a Duelist, but I hope I can at least put up a little bit of a fight before I lose!" I just wish my poor cards didn't have to Duel with a loser like me...

    (Um... can you RP as my character's test proctor?)
  5. (Sure! I'm going to make up a deck on the fly, funnily enough this deck is actually the rival deck to Kiryu's)

    A man in a long, white jacket with green marks along it looked down at her. "Well, that line of thinking is no way to win a duel." He spoke with an unnaturally fast pace. He quickly moved his way across to the other side of the dueling field. This guy seemed to do everything quickly. "Usually I would have warned you straight away that I'm the guy in charge of Ra Yellow at Duel Academy, but I didn't want to worry you more." He activated his duel disk, that had a bright green glow on the edges. "Now, let's duel! I'll be taking the first move." He drew 5 cards. "I'll normal summon F.A Hang On Mach! He's a level 4 monster!" He moved his cards around with lighting speed. "F.A monsters gain attack points equal to their level times 300! So he'll be at 1200 right now. But that'll change soon. Now, I'll set a card facedown and end my turn. Your move!"
  6. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Chance sat in the bleachers, patiently waiting for his turn.
    "Don't mind that much," he thought. "Just gives me more time."
    He plowed through his Deck, making sure he had all of the cards he needed. He checked his Extra Deck next, taking out one card and staring at it. It was the card he had been given since he started Dueling; it was his most treasured card. He placed it into his Extra Deck. He then placed his deck into his watch, that was so large, it covered his entire forearm. Once his Deck was placed in, the fin facing outward shot out, extending into five card slots, with five more on the bottom. The digital watch icon changed into four numbers: 4000. He now had a Duel Disk. He looked up, just as the intercom spoke.
    "Chance Shift, please come down to Arena 4 for your entrance Duel."
    He pressed a button on the side; the entire Duel Disk switched on. He took a deep breath.

    "I'm ready," he said with determination.
  7. Sylvia took a deep breath. "I draw," she stated, pulling a card carefully from her Deck. "I Summon Wattpheasant in Attack mode."

    A bright, blue-feathered lightning bird appeared on the field. [ATK: 1000]

    "Then I place a card facedown and attack. Due to Wattpheasant's ability, it can attack you directly," Sylvia said, sliding a card into her Spell/Trap Zone slot.

    Wattpheasant began glowing bright yellow. Quickly, it sent a zap straight at the proctor, zapping away his Life Points.

    Proctor: 3000
    Sylvia: 4000

    "With that, I end my turn. Good job, Wattpheasant!" Sylvia exclaimed, beaming. It was strange that Sylvia talked to her cards as though they were living beings.

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