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Open Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Of Chaos Classic Roleplay

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Generation Sect, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. So, in combination to my Yugioh VRAINS roleplay I just started I'm making this classic Yu-Gi-Oh roleplay, as I figured i would be able to get more people on board.
    To start, the plot:
    It's the 10 year anniversary of Seto Kaiba's Battle City Tournament! And although Mr. Kaiba had always rejected the idea of it being a yearly thing, the media latched onto the idea so well that a tournament is being held. But this time, it's open to the masses. This Battle City tournament (due to three months of preparations), has a much higher capacity, and now almost anyone with a decent dueling record can be in attendance (although bookings are hard to come by). However, top duelists from the pro dueling scene have received special invites, making sure that the best of the best will also be in attendance. However, with the increased resource strain, and many more attendees, it's gradually becoming harder to prevent... darkness... from seeping in.

    So basically, your character will be participating in a new Battle City tournament, although the Ante rule was blocked from the duel disk systems due to safety issues.
    The darkness are the mysterious Cards Of Chaos, which Kaibacorp have been investigating and are determined to keep out of the tournament. They seem to have strange powers, and the reason Ante was disabled was so that if one did get in, it wouldn't be spread around and lost track of. Your character could have one of these cards (although they don't have to, and only 6 of them exist).

    Now, to the dueling rules!
    We will simulate the duels using an app called Yugipedia, where you can build your deck and simulate duels (although only your side of the field and the rules are not built in). This is intended to help you have a visual aid, and remember what is on your Field, in your grave and in your hand. (although I still note it down) When duels happen between RPers, the two RPers should make a private conversation, with me in even if I'm not involved in the duel (so I can keep track of what's going on). That way, you can do the duel first in the conversation, allowing you to post your turn, then have your opponent reply with all the things they would have activated, and you change the results according to it. This means the duel is already sorted before it was posted, and you can focus on making it more dramatic and anime-y in the actual post and less on the game. The rule for posting a turn in the Rp thread is that when the turn after is complete, you may post that turn.

    Turn 1 is simulated in the private conversation
    Turn 2 is also done
    Both players post Turn 1 in the RP thread, while dramatising it for the roleplay and stuff.
    Turn 3 is done
    So on and so forth.

    Character Bios: (should be posted in this thread. this is my bio, and you can use the categories as a template)
    Name: Oscar Ervin
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Average height, short messy dark brown hair, orange eyes, skinny.
    Wears an orange hoodie, with a black sleeveless shirt underneath. This shirt has an emblem across it of a red T-Rex head. Wears dark blue jeans, and orange trainers.
    Personality: Gets quite invested into duels, and fired up in them, despite being really calm normally. This can quickly devolve into dangerous anger, and he is easy to annoy. Is also annoyed by complicated people/situations, as he is always serious, honest and to the point.
    Other: Is slowly working his way up the Pro Dueling ladder, but is struggling to get exposure. He entered the tournament hoping he would be invited to more prestigious world competitions if he did well.
    Will eventually possess Card Of Chaos Number 2, -------
    Deck: So, for the rules on what you can use. The main aim is to keep your deck casual, and even though newer decks can be used- E.g, I'm using Jurracs, a 5D's deck with Tuners and Synchro's, but instead using their Tribute monsters. So, just keep it slow, although I don't want to really put limits on stuff because I feel like it takes away the fun. Just test your deck a bit, if it's not too fast and mostly relies on normal summons or reactive special summons (i.e., stuff like Mystic Tomato. It doesn't just spam itself from the hand on your turn, it's like punishment for your opponent attacking it.) Stuff like that. Of course, only Ritual and Fusion monsters (although keep those slow as well, for the sake of the time period). I want people to be able to use newer decks, but just casual, fun stuff. Now, on to my actual deck.

    Main Deck: (40)
    Monsters: (23)
    1x Giant Rex
    2x Jurrac Aeolo
    1x Jurrac Brachis
    1x Jurrac Dino
    2x Jurrac Gallim
    2x Jurrac Guaiba
    1x Jurrac Iguanon
    1x Jurrac Monoloph
    3x Jurrac Protops
    2x Jurrac Petra
    1x Jurrac Stauriko
    3x Jurrac Velo
    1x Jurrac Herra
    1x Jurrac Spinos
    1x Jurrac Tyrannus
    Spell: (9)
    1x Big Evolution Pill
    1x Enemy Controller
    2x Fossil Dig
    1x Mystical Space Typhoon
    3x Jurassic World
    1x Pot Of Duality
    Trap: (8
    1x Blast Held By A Tribute
    2x Fossil Excavation
    1x Hunting Instinct
    1x Dust Tornado
    1x Mirror Force
    1x Seismic Shockwave
    1x Survival Of The Fittest

    Small changes to your deck can be made throughout the Rp, like gaining new, stronger cards. I'll post the Rp thread when we have some people.

    Now, onto the Cards Of Chaos. They are part of the Custom Card rule, where each player can get one card that they created themselves. It can be anything, provided it's not too OP of course, and you have 1 of it to put in your deck. Although, my character won't get his straight away. You just need to put all the data for it in a paragraph at the end of your Deck bio. There are only 6 Cards Of Chaos in existence, (because I don't think we'll need more than 6). This is mine, the 2nd Card Of Chaos.
    Chaos 2 - Jurrac Fortress Patagotitano
    FIRE Attribute
    Level 10
    ATK/ 3000 DEF/ 3000
    Cannot be Special Summoned. Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set, except by tributing 3 'Jurrac' monsters. You may change this face-up Attack Position card to Defense Position; change 1 Defense Position monster to face-up Attack Position. This card gains 300 ATK for each Defense Position monster on the field. When this card attacks, it is changed to Defense Position at the end of the Battle Phase.
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  2. I've been wanting so much for someone to do a Yugioh Role play! And of my was funny when I saw your VRAINS RP, I was excited, but then realized I had never seen VRAINS and knew absolutely nothing. So, yeah. Anyway, my question is, are we allowed to use made-up cards? Like, I think a Dark Scorpion Deck would be fun, and I made up some support cards for it. Would that be okay?
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  3. Well, I was thinking that I might introduce an old rule from one of my old Yugioh RPs, the Custom Card rule. Basically, each player gets one Custom Card, and that's the Card Of Chaos.
    I might do that, yeah. Just post yours and all the stuff for it, and I'll work on mine.
  4. Name: Dylan "Chance" Watson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Dylan wears a black baseball cap decorated with card suits, and has short black hair. He has brown eyes, wears a t-shirt that says, "Royal Flush" and cargo pants. He also wears a necklace with a coin on it.
    Personality: Dylan is a very relaxed person, always willing to "go wherever the winds of fortune take him". He considers himself very lucky, so he's okay with taking risks. He loves to duel, but really loves it when he's facing a difficult opponent.
    Other: He carries around a lucky coin that he likes to flip. Also, here's a Card of Chaos he might get?

    Deck: (41)
    Monsters: (20)
    Barrel Dragon x3
    Blowback Dragon ×2
    Maximum Six
    Abare Ushioni
    Jirai Gumo ×2
    Dice Jar
    Sasuke Samurai #4 ×3
    Snipe Hunter ×2
    Roullete Barrel ×2
    Time Wizard
    Twin-Barrel Dragon ×2
    Gambler of Legend

    Cup of Ace ×2
    Dangerous Machine Type-6
    Graceful Dice
    Roulette Spider
    Second Coin Toss ×2

    Traps: (10)
    Fairy Box
    Fiend Comedian
    Level Conversion Lab
    Blind Ruination
    Lucky Chance
    Needle Wall
    Sixth Sense
    Skull Dice

    Extra Deck: (1)
    Gatling Dragon

    Card of Chaos:
    Chaos 6- Ultimate Dicestruction Dragon
    EARTH Attribute
    Level 10
    ATK/2800 DEF/2550
    Cannot be summoned unless you control a monster with an effect that requires the roll of a six-sided die and a monster with an effect that requires the flip of a coin. Once per turn, roll two six-sided dice, add up their rolls, and apply the result.
    2: Destroy this card and all cards on the field
    3: Destroy this csrd
    4: Discard one card from your hand
    5: Your opponent draws one card.
    6,8: you draw one csrd
    7, 11: Destroy one card on the field, and if it is a face-up monster card, inflict damage to your opponent equal to half its attack.
    9, 10: Inflict 800 Damage to your opponent
    12: Destroy all cards on your opponent's side of the field.
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  5. I think the Dragon needs a little less Attack, 2800 like Barrel Dragon should be good. It already has enough effect destruction to not have to worry about battle. Also, funnily enough... well, let's just hope you never have to duel the villain of this RP, or the gamble will reach next level. I made a deck for him, and it revolves around Summoned Skull and dice cards, because Skull Archfiend Of Lightning (his ace monster) uses a die for it's effect.
  6. Okay, now my character HAS to duelhim!
  7. Will I have to put a deck list for Talent?
  8. Yeah, that would be useful.
  9. Also, 6 and 1 are currently in Cairun's possession, the other 4 he is attempting to draw to the city. The Cards Of Chaos also aren't always the same, I.e they are just grey blank cards normally, and they change depending on who's possessing it. So, if Cairun was using Chaos 2 it might be a Summoned Skull monster but when Oscar holds it, it turns into a jurrac monster. I'm thinking you get 6 from Cairun, if Oscar ends up dueling Talent then I can have one of Cairun's henchmen duel your character afterwards and you can get it then.
  10. Talent's Deck

    Deck (40)
    Don Zaloog ×2
    Black Scorpion- Menae the Thorn ×2
    Black Scorpion- Chick the Yellow ×2
    Black Scorpion- Cliff the Trap Remover ×2
    Black Scorpion- Gorg the Strong ×2
    Black Scorpion Burglars ×2
    White Magical Hat
    Freed the Matchless General
    Sinister Serpent
    Marauding Captain ×2
    Legacy Hunter
    Cannon Soldier
    Man-Eater Bug

    Reinforcements of the Army
    Mustering of the Black Scorpions ×2
    Secret Passage to the Treasure ×2
    Shooting Star Bow- Ceal
    Twin Swords of Flashing Light- Truce
    Creature Swap
    Jackpot 7 ×3

    Black Scorpion Combination ×2
    Mask of Weakness
    Negate Attack
    Drain Shield
    Shadow Spell
    Robbin Goblin
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  11. Oh yeah, just thought I'd put a deck profile for the Chaos Hunter in the plaza

    Monsters: (26)
    2x Cosmic Compass
    3x Unicycular
    3x Bicular
    3x Tricular
    3x Mechanicalchaser
    3x Robotic Knight
    3x Machine King Prototype
    3x Machine King
    3x Perfect Machine King
    Spells: (11)
    2x 7 Completed
    1x Gravity Blaster
    1x Limiter Removal
    1x Machina Armored Unit
    3x Machine Assembly Line
    3x Paralyzing Potion
    Traps: (3)
    3x Machine King - 3000 B.C
  12. Name: Ryker Yuki
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Ryker has spiky, wild red hair, and has green eyes. He wears a red blazer, with a white shirt under it. He wears navy blue jeans and red converse sneakers. Around his neck is a gold locket, he's had for a long time. His duel disk was built by an old friend. It has a very scrap design, with a strap of red metal across the disc. The rest of it is, a deep steely grey.
    Personality: He is a laid back boy who loves to duel with all of his heart. He is very loyal and believes ones word is the most important thing someone can give to another, and he makes sure to keep all of his promises. He wants to help people, and does this by dueling. He believes in chivalry, and works hard to help others.
    Deck: I'll finish my deck up later. It will be a basic Warrior themed deck. However, here is Chaos 3, which Ryker will receive.

    Monster Cards -25

    Spell Cards- 13

    Trap Cards- 7

    Total Main- 45

    Extra Deck- 1


    1x Absolute Crusader

    1x Blade Knight

    1x Buster Blader

    1x Command Knight

    1x D.D. Assailant

    3x Daybreaker

    1x Exiled Force

    1x Familiar Knight

    1x Field-Commander Rahz

    1x Freed the Matchless General

    1x G.B. Hunter

    2x Gearfried the Iron Knight

    1x Gearfried the Swordmaster

    1x Gilford the Lightning

    1x King’s Knight

    2x Marauding Captain

    1x Parry Knights

    1x Twin-Sword Marauder

    1x Chamberlain of the Six Samurai

    1x Jack’s Knight

    1x Queen’s Knight


    1x Assault Armor

    1x Double Attack

    1x Double Summon

    1x Magnum Shield

    1x Monster Reborn

    1x Mystical Space Typhoon

    1x Polymerization

    1x Pot of Greed

    1x Reinforcements of the Army

    1x Release Restraint

    1x Sogen

    1x The A. Forces

    1x The Warrior Returning Alive


    1x Call of the Haunted

    1x Commander of the Swords

    1x Copy Knight

    1x Dark Bribe

    1x Defense Draw

    1x Dust Tornado

    1x Mirror Force

    --Extra Deck--

    1x Arcana Knight Joker

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  13. I finished my deck, and edited my post. I call the deck Warrior Swordskills, because the fact that the majority if not all of the monsters carry swords.

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