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Your most memorable Party Members...

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Satoren, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. They are an important part of any fantastic tale about magic/science/fish. They follow you everywhere and follow your orders without question. They come in all shapes and sizes with a myriad of abilities. Each is (somewhat) unique with their quirks, mysterious pasts, vengeful agendas and emotional problems only you can solve. They are your friends, rivals, pets, strange people that attach themselves to you for no apparent reason. They are the Party members; your party members; and they have saved your butt as much as you have saved/sacrificed theirs.

    Party members are a standard in most RPGs. And I'm sure there are some of them that you hold in high regard for whatever reason. So, the question is which one was the most memorable to you? They don't necessarily have to be memorable because you liked them, they can also be your most hated/useless party member whose horrid failness is forever etched into your mind forevermore no matter how much you try to forget about him/her. As there are many RPGs out there I hope we can see a vast number of lesser known characters in this thread.

    Well, I have only ever played the more popular RPGs and don't really bother to look for lesser known ones that may spark my interest, so forgive me if my favorite party member is rather recognizable.

    Quistis Trepe has to be one of my favorite characters in the Final Fantasy series. Its amusing that she comes off as being very mature when she's about the same age as the hero for that particular game. The reason I am quite fond of her is because I feel rather bad for her unrequited feelings for Squall. Even though she pretty much gets over it after the first few discs, its kind of sad that she doesn't seem to have any romantic attachments to anyone by the end of the game (where everyone else ends up with someone by the series' end) Ah well, Quistis is quite an excellent character regardless and can take care of herself very well. Her Blue Magic Limit Break has abilities that range from the strange (where do those Counter Rockets come from? 0_o) to the useful (Mighty Guarrddd) to the wtf epic (Shockwave Pulsarrrrrrr) I quite like Quistis. She's a very strong person and is a better developed character than the other two females in the series. (Rinoa and Selphie are sweet, but border on annoying.)
  2. Ohhohohoho!

    I think mine come from Paper Mario (The Thousand Year Door)

    It's gotta be the Yoshi. Firstly, the chapter you obtain him in (Of Glitz and Glory, or something) is my favorite. (No spoilers, but you join a professional fighting place-thingy in a floating city.) Anyway, it's awesome.

    You get to name the Yoshi, which is, of course, a plus ^^

    But, if you have him out during the storyline, things go hilarious. He's so young, and spunky, and all like "Bllllaaaaaarg!!! I'm in your face, makin' fun of you!" in an adorable way. I love it xD

    I also have another favorite from Paper Mario (thousand year door), Goombella. She's the first partner you get, and rather helpful, what with her in-battle "Tattle" ability. (Let's you check out info on the enemy and whatnot). In the storyline, she's hilarious as well, also being spunky and young.

    I pretty much love all of the part from Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door xD
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    Truth be told, I really can't place some video game characters above others because the bonds I've developed with them share an equal strength from game to game. With that in mind I apologize for the long post I'm surely about to write, and any that follow as I recall past RPGs (because there are many) XD

    Recently I've been playing Chrono Trigger DS and Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, so I'll focus on them.

    While I've played Chrono Trigger through countless times with every party combination possible, there has always been three party members who I view as my "main" trio: Crono, Frog, and Ayla. The three of them together make an all-encompassing force that tears through everything they face. For standard battles (later in the game), I'll spam Crono's Frenzy (strikes the enemy 4 times) or Luminaire (his most powerful, hits all magic attack), Frog's Aerial Strike, and Ayla's Cat Attack or Boulder Toss. Usually Crono has the 75% magic cost reduction accessory on because his final abilities cost so much, but it's completely worth it. Luminaire is almost cheap it's so good (like FF6's Ultima XD).
    Then the fun begins... Staples in my battling strategies with them are the Dual Techs Falcon Strike and Slurp Kiss. Falcon Strike, depending on the enemy set-up, can inflict great damage to any foes who resist/absorb magic (excellent for certain boss battles), and Slurp Kiss can heal everyone a hefty amount. Best of all, both dual techs cost barely any MP to use which IMO makes them the two most effective dual techs in the game. Single hitting techs can be great for the damage they give, and Triple Techs are fun to mess around with, but if I can hit multiple enemies with Falcon Strike - I will.

    As for FE: TSS... I ended up really loving two characters: Colm and Gerik. Colm I loved for several reasons (his being able to steal early on and use lock picks, his speed and light weight, and great critical hit rate) and it made him a staple member of my party right from the get-go. Maybe he couldn't do the most damage directly, but he could dodge most anything that attacked him and landed critical after critical - making him fairly unstoppable. Plus, his battling animation was adorable x3
    Then we had Gerik, the character who surprised me the most. I wasn't expecting much out of him at first, but the more I used him the more I realized how perfect his stats/weight/etc. were. He had a great critical hit rate, a notably strong attack stat, and barely anything could damage him. Either the enemies' hit rate would be 0%, or they'd do no damage. It was crazy how good he was XD While as a character I didn't get to experience much development with him, Gerik probably ended up being my best battler.

    Ewan and Ross deserve mention as well. For starting off as weak as they did, both of them became amazing once they'd classed up for the first time (completely worth the trouble of raising them). Ewan in particular ended up saving me on one mission. None of my other powerhouse units could do decent damage against the boss and survive retaliation, but Ewan did both decent damage and took no damage in return. By the end of the game the things he was taking down just made me laugh.

    Might write more later… Sorry if I totally disregarded the point of this thread ^^;
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  4. Also from Paper Mario Thousand Year Door is Goombella and Bobbery. Goombella is just funny, and Bobbery... well, he's a Bomb-Omb. An old-time, sailing Bomb-Omb. I dunno,
    I just like him.

  5. Well, I'm sorry for being unoriginal, but it has to be Cudge from Super Paper Mario. That damn hammer is so adorable and nifty it's not even funny. Picollo was also cool~ (8-bit on the Wii? FTW.)
  6. Well, having played so many RPGs for no other reason than they just happen to be my favorite genre ever, I've grown attached to so many of the characters. Especially characters from the Final Fantasy series.

    From the "older" games (PSone being considered old, I suppose) if I had to choose just one, my favorite is definitely Vincent Valentine. I have a soft spot in my heart for Vincent and the past that he had to endure with the Turks, and the fact that he is a "vampire" just makes it even more amazing, especially because he doesn't sparkle (I'm looking at you Twilight) and I still remember spending forever trying to figure out the best strategy to beat the Missing No. to get him to join my party.

    From the "newer" games (PS2 and up) I'd have to say Auron from FFX because he is just win, and while every character was vital in that game (thanks to party switching mid-battle) I always found Auron working his way into my party during those tougher boss battles. Not to mention his character's attitude and personality made the cutscenes really interesting to watch since he was always so solemn and wise.

    Probably two of the most unoriginal party members ever, but they have always been the top of the list in my mind of favorite video game characters in general ^^

    (A week since the last post might be pushing it, I'm taking my chances on this thread not being completely dead yet though...)
  7. Hmm...

    I suppose on the RPG side of things, I'd say Auron from Final Fantasy 10. Mainly because he was an utter badass, looked awesome, and had a really intriguing story and motive. Even though Tidus was a bit of a let down as a protagonist, Auron balanced it out with his pure awesome, I suppose, Heh.

    But outside of RPG's... I'm not sure this is a "party member", but it is an NPC that interacts with you alot, and helps guide the story of the game..
    I'd pick "Atlas", from the game Bioshock. Great accent, and part of the most surprising and intense story 'twist' I've ever seen in any game.
  9. Shiny Umbreon in my Platinum Party. Favorite pokemon favorite colors =3
  10. Well in Fire Emblem 7 (First to come out in America on GBA) On like my 2nd play through I decided to use characters I didn't use in my first play through I decided to use Matthew, a thief, which is dam weak and Nino a mage you get at a low level at one of the last few chapters. I trained Matthew to level 20 not to strong then I recruited Nino and Jaffar (Jaffar is an assassin which is like the best class.) I went and did the side quest you get after the chapter you recruit Nino and Jaffar. I weakened everything with Matt and killed with Nino and got her to level 20. I Beat the boss and got a contract, used it on Matt and became an assassin becoming my best character and Nino became really strong almost as strong as Athos (best magic user in game.) So that is why they are my most memorable party members.
  11. There are too many games with too many party members...

    I'll just have to pick out of some of my favorite games.
    Vivian from Thousand Year Door was wonderfully entertaining. Hide in the shadows away from enemies to avoid battles. Best Strategy Ever.

    Then I would attempt to pick someone from Golden Sun, but I love all 8 of them so much. They all have their own wonderful personalities to adore. I can't even choose.

    I would have to say the party member I will never forget (though I have manged to forget her name,) is a Vierra from FFTA. I had her trained with every everything her race could learn. She spent most of her time with Sniper/Assassin skills using Rockseal or Last Breath on everyone she could chase down. More often than not, she killed between half and three quarters of the opposing team. Goodness I miss her.
  12. Rex

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    Irvine Kinneas - My absolute favorite character of FFVIII. Shot, his limit break, is an invaluable tool when fighting multiple enemies. His idiotic personality makes him a great comical character. I love his lines, especially when Squall hijacks a train, and he is shouting back at a soldier. He is also the deepest, non-main character (main characters being Squall, Rinoa, Seifer, and Edea). Irvine was, and still is, a permanent member of my FFVIII team.
  13. I would say any of the Pixls from Super Paper Mario are cool. So is my Empoleon in Platinum.
  14. HK-47 the assassin droid from Bioware's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 is my favorite party member. His choices of words make me laugh every time I talk to him.

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