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You exist, but not here

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Alex Bock, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. K, anyone can join but the limit is seven (you'll know why when you read)

    Lollidolla awoke suddenly from the crimson flash that pierced through her room. "What the.." she states confused.

    as long as human minds exist There will always be this waste land of broken hopes and flourishing dreams, but if this place collides with that of where you reside, chaos will take over

    "Who was that..?" echoed Lollidolla as she falls helplessly through a kaleidoscope sky. The images displayed in the separate glass pieces of the scope, showed Lollidolla someone's life, memories, and friends.

    "I'm so lost," her voice echos again as she holds her head in pain.

    who are you...where do you seek..what does your heart truly desire came the voice

    "What..I'm Lollidolla....I seek an exit from this distorted montage of this persons world....My heart wants..wants...." Lollidolla didn't know what she truly wanted, the question never crossed her mind before.

    Realize how you say this person snickers the voice.

    Lollidolla flinches. "Why did I say this person? am I not.....am I not truly me?"

    Why don't you find out

    suddenly the kaleidoscope sky shatters, as glass falls around lollidolla like shooting stars. A blue piece pierces her head, A red piece pierces her heart, and a yellow piece pierces her right leg. They shine brightly in unison.
    "Uhh," she mutters as the shards cut through her flesh. Suddenly, a burning sensation travels up her entire body.

    "Ahhhh it burns it burns!!!!!!!!" she screams, twisting and kicking in the air. The pain then resides and is replaced with a rush of warmth washes over her.

    "I feel...I feel..... so peaceful," states Lollidola. Her eyes begin to shut and a smile emerges on her face. She hold her cheeks as she continuously falls with the shards of glass in her body. Gradually, they sink in and her body explodes into dust. As the dust vanishes, a white ball of light appears.

    It hovers aimlessly in the now dark sky and transforms into a heart shaped pendant. It opens up to show a picture of a girl with a man embracing her lovingly.

    You've found peace now

    ~ Meanwhile at a high school located in Vancouver ~

    Troy and Lesley walk down to the cafeteria.

    "I can't believe I failed," whines Lesley as she strides furiously, flicking her hair with the wave of her.

    Troy slows down behind her, not wanting to get involved in her temper. "wha wha wha," he thinks disgustingly.

    Troy is a 14 year old boy who just started highschool. He has short chestnut brown hair and hazel brown eyes. He didn't have any friends till this semester where he met Lesley a rash bratty girl who all she cared about was how she was portrayed reputation wise. Lesley had shoulder length fieryred hair, emeral green eyes, and a few freackles scattered about on her cheeks. She had transferred from wallington high in england and befriended troy when he got partnered up with her in a science project. When they were partners, she didn't contribute at all to the work load and just sat talking about her recent break up at her old school. Troy never talked back to her and just let her continue. When the project was over, she still sat with troy, blabbing about her life and problems. Troy was a little confused by this but didn't bring up anything about her After awhile he grew use to her hanging out with him and even started to follow her around just so that he wasn't alone. As of recently though, Troy was getting annoyed by her excesive blabber and how she never asked him how his life was and what was on his mind. Troy juts felt like a consience to her, or a diary.

    Troy's life wasn't splendid anyay though. His father was a drunk and used up all his mom's hard earned money for booze. His mom was always working so Troy was pretty much left at home alone. He had no brothers or sisters and had no friends, well until Lesley, If she even considered him a friend.

    "Alone...what an aweful feeling" mutters Troy, waiting in the line to get his food. Lesly flinches and turns around.

    "You just spoke," she states suprisingly.

    Troy looks up from his tray and stares at her coldly.

    "What, did you think I was a mute or something," he spat, angrily.

    Lesly's eyes fall to her tray

    "no...I just ...never heard you speak before," she said in a some what melancholy tone. Troy just shrugs it off and moves up a little in line. "Gaww this is going tot take for ever just to get crap plate," he thinks, annoyed. Lesley turns back around again.

    "Troy can I talk to you,"she asks, concerned . Troy looks at her confusingly.

    "So you want to start talking to me now, wow that's a first," he snaps. Lesley's face slowly turns sad.

    "I know I'm sorry, I just wasn't sure if you were the one," she said.

    "The one?" repeats Troy, his eye brow scrunched up.

    "Hey! you're holding up the line!' shouts a bald, big person, 3 people down the line.

    "Come on," says Lesley

    She grabs Troy's arm and escorts him outta the cafeteria and outside into the front yard. She lets go and issues him to sit under the oak tree with her. Troy does so, all with a confused look on his face.

    "What's going on," he asks sourly. Lesley stares at him.

    "You don't belong here in this world," she says. Troy just looks at her and laughs.

    "Were you smoking up weed or something before lunch!" he chuckles. Lesley just continues to stare. Troy flinches at this and turns his gaze to the side. The water fountian in the front cascades down into the basin, making a noise like a waterfall that echoed throughout the entire yard.

    Lesley pickes a weed from the ground and starts fidgiting with it, thinking on how she's going to explain the situation. awkward silence between them fills the air. Troy glances back at her then double takes. Lesley's hair suddenly had turned to the colour of lilac.

    "What the hell!" yells Troy as he backs up the oak tree in shock. Lesley looks up at him confused.

    "How..how did your hair turn that colour," stammers Troy back pressed up against the tree's trunk.

    "You can see it, then that definitly proves you are not who you think you are," she states calmy, continuing to star at him. "We must hurry and find the other seven people who do not belong here or chaos will being to take over this world.

    Lesley's head falls sadly "there was eight...Lollidolla" she says out loud, tears form under her eyes and drip down onto the blades of grass. Making them appear like they had just been sprinkled with fesh morning dew.

    Troy looks to the grass. His gaze follows up to Lesley's shadow.

    "Ahhhhh!"He screams.

    His eyes twitch frantically. As Troy starts convulsing, Sweat drips down his face and glazes his palms.

    "That is my true self Troy. When you become more aware, you will start seeing me like that," says Lesley, wiping her face with her sleeve. Her words hang in the air, seeming to add an even more heaviness to the whole situation.

    "You're starting to become more aware......"
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  2. Amber lay in the middle of the lawn, staring up at the sky. More or less. She held up her sketchbook between her face and the sky, examining the picture that she drew. It was flawless. Not a mark out of place, not a single eraser smudge marred its surface.

    It puzzled her to no end. She was good, no doubt about that. She had drawn all sorts of pictures, some of them were even better than this one, but they were never finished without making some mistakes along the way. Yet whenever she drew this woman she'd go from start to finish without once having to put down her pencil. Even the first time she drew her, it was like she had drawn her all her life. She was so familiar, Amber had to wonder if she met her before. Even the fantasy landscapes she drew around her seemed to flow from her pencil just as easily. She could draw her anywhere doing almost anything, but any variation from her normal form just made the entire image fall apart.

    Amber idly wondered if she really could draw her with her eyes closed. She turned to a blank page in the sketchbook and laid it on the ground next to her. Putting pencil to paper, she stared up at the sky and pictured what this woman looked like. Long, beautiful, black hair that swirled in the wind, flawless white skin that was smooth to the touch, slender legs and arms, and samurai-inspired armor that showed off her perfect body. Even her sword was beautiful.

    She wished she looked like that. Amber's hair was short and blond, and her bangs always drooped annoyingly over her blue eyes. She was thin, but always thought she was a little too bony. Gaining weight would be an easy enough task, but it's too easy to get fat so she might as well stick with the body she had. Black pants, green tank top, and pink shoes rounded out her appearance.

    If this woman seemed so familiar, is it possible she might exist in some form? What would she be like? Amber always thought she'd be a super-cool chick that was never scared or even startled. Judging from the sly smiles she sometimes wore, the woman probably had an acerbic wit. Amber loved girls like that. Sort of her dream girlfriend. Maybe this woman would be charmed her inner light and take her on a journey that would be a thousand times better that whatever life around here had in store for her.

    Amber felt her drawing hand slide off the paper and into the grass. Had she actually been drawing all this time without even thinking about it? She put down her pencil and picked up the sketchbook. It was probably the best picture of the samurai woman she had ever drawn, except about halfway down the page her hand just seemed to wander aimlessly into some sort of fractal pattern followed by what appeared to be a word. "Lollidolla."

    Lollidolla? Was that even a word? Or... a name? The samurai woman's name? Nah. It was a nice name, but it didn't belong to her. The name sounded familiar enough, though. Maybe because it sounds so much like "Dali Lama."

    Amber sighed and held her sketchbook to her chest. She wondered if somewhere, in some dimension, this woman was laying in a field drawing pictures of her.

    Amber sat up sharply when she heard a scream. It sounded like it came from that tree over there. There were a couple people sitting on the side opposite from her, partially obscured by the trunk. It's possible they couldn't see her from they were. One of them seemed to be twitching badly.

    She watched at them for a moment. She could just barely hear one of them talk. A girl, saying something about the true self or something. Amber got up and decided to see if they needed any help.

    "Excuse me," Amber said, leaning around the tree. "I thought I heard a scream. Are... Is he okay?"
  3. OOC: Awesome gardevoir you got the flow of this perfectly.

    BIC: once again awkward silence tainted the air. Lesley had to explain more information but she didn't want to freak out troy anymore. "But I'm on a time limit," she muttered under her breath. Suddenly a rustle came from the bushes.

    Lesley looked up to see a girl that had appeared before her. She was holding a sketchbook in her hands and had short blond hair.

    "Could she be one of us?" thought Lesley

    "Excuse me," Amber said, leaning around the tree. "I thought I heard a scream. Are... Is he okay?"

    Lesley turned to Troy. She ushered him to stop. with gestures from her face but Troy still shook, his eyes still focused on Lesley's shadow.

    Lesley turned back to the girl and smiled

    "Oh he's fine, just saw a rat" she chuckled flicking her hair.

    "A rat!!!!" snapped troy out of his convulsion."Couldn't you of thought of something better!"

    She looked to troy and smiled cheekily.

    "Well not that were all HERE," she teased. Lesley's stare suddenly turned cold at the girl.

    "Who are you and what are you doing here? I don't like being seen with dorks," she spat folding her arms.

    "Well you don't mind been seen with me," said Troy holding his head in annoyance

    "Well you're a different dork," hinted Lesley, continuing to stare daggers at the girl.

    Troy flinched as he remembered all that just happened. Who was this Lesley girl. Her personality seemed to had went back to her snobby old self..yet just a few seconds ago she appeared so concerned and actually kind. and more who was lollidolla? The name sounded familiar to Troy.

    Lesley scrunched up her face and slitted her eyes.

    "It's hard to be snotty," she thought, but this girl was wasting valuable explaining time, so Lesley was actually a bit ticked off. She felt a strange energy around her though.

    "could this girl be one of the non existed?" she pondered.
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  4. 'A rat?' Amber thought to herself. 'How squeamish do you have to be to get that shaken up by a rat?'

    She probably would've said as much, but the boy had cut her off. He seemed to be fine now, but adrenaline can help you ignore a lot of things. Maybe she should get him a doctor or something. He didn't seem to agree with the girl about the rat thing. They could be hiding something. Maybe this wasn't her business. Then again, if one of them is in any sort of physical or emotional danger she might be the only one who could help them. Or maybe the danger would fix itself. Would it?

    "Who are you and what are you doing here?" the girl suddenly demanded indignantly. "I don't like being seen with dorks."

    'Well, that was a fine howdy-doo.' "Well, I..." Amber stuttered. "Uh, I'm..."

    "Well you don't mind been seen with me," said the boy, holding his head in annoyance.

    "Well you're a different dork," the girl said, glaring at Amber with piercing eyes. The girl gave her a sour expression and squinted at her.

    Amber stared back at the girl with a plaintive expression. Was she supposed to answer that? Was she supposed to just shrink back and leave? Should she take offense and shout at the girl? She wasn't prepared to hit someone, even another girl. It wasn't against her principles as much as it was something she was afraid to follow up on. You can't just insult someone and get away with it, but she had no right or authority to dole out any sort of punishment. But what sort of response did this call for? She knew what the samurai woman would do, which probably was not to even acknowledge the insult's occurrence and respond to everything else that needed to be responded to.

    "AhahI'm Amber," she replied lamely. God, that made her feel retarded. "I I I was just..." She turned to the boy. "AhAre you sure you're okay? You seemed a little... messed up for a moment for there... Do you need a doctor?"
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  5. "Bingo!" thought Lesley and with those few phrases, Lesley had pinpointed that this girl named Amber was indeed a non existent. She stood up and shook Amber's hand politley.

    "Hi, I'm Lesley and that is Troy," she said turning her gaze to him. Troy just blushed and looked the other way, angrily.

    "Well that was easy, just five more to go!" thought lesley with a smirk.

    "Listen uhhh Amber how do I put this..you aren't you, and you don't belong here your existence here is messing up the worlds balance and if you don't return to your world then chaos will destroy...everything," said Lesley, solemly.

    "Did you catch that Troy!" she yelled behind her.Troy turned to them with a confused expression.

    "Catch what!" he asked. Lesley stared at him, dumbfounded.

    "Well it's a good thing I tape recorded it cause I definitly don't want to keep repeating myself," she chulcked, replaying the tape. Her words filled the yard, there meaning swimming around in Troy's head.

    "If this is true then then who am I..." he said outload, mesmerized. Lesley turned to him.

    "Is there anything that you notice or something," asked lesley, trying to find a way to help him figure out who he truly is. Troy held his chin and went into deep thought. He remembered a few things that he always found wierd but didn't think they were of big concern.

    "Well I don't know. There are a few things I notice but.."

    "say anything at all no matter how little," butted in Lesley urgently.Troy shot back at this sudden excitement.

    "Well, I'm a really fast swimmer and a clumsy walker," stated Troy embarressed.

    Lesley's face lit up.

    "Good, good I know what world you're from!" she said, smiling. Troy looked confused.

    "Okaayyy??...what about her?" said Troy pointing to Amber.
  6. Amber stared at Lesley blankly. She had absolutely no idea what was going on anymore. She wasn't herself? She was pretty sure she was who she thought she was, but if she only thought she was who she thought she was, then there exists the possibility that she wasn't. It was an interesting puzzle, countered only by the idea that the whole thing sounded like utter baloney, especially where the universe was concerned. 'I mean, if she said something less universal in scope, it might be plausible, but I guess it's just as plausible as the rest of it. Kinda like the Matrix or something.'

    "Wha, me!?" Amber exclaimed, shrinking behind her sketchbook, holding it to her chest with her eyes peeking over it. Her latest drawing faced outward, some of it hidden protectively by her arms. The half that was the drawing of the samurai woman peeked out over her arms, and the name "Lollidolla" could be seen at the bottom of the page. "I I dunno. There's lots of weird stuff about me, an and a lot of its kinda personal. Besides, wha why should I believe you? I mean, i-it's totally outlandish. I-it sounds awesome and all, but but it's totally out there. You you could just be making fun of me."
  7. lesley's eyes lit up when she saw the picture and the word Lollidolla.

    "Let me see that," she exclaimed, snatching the picture out of Amber's hands. The samurai women seemed to move as if she werew alive.

    "She has to be from neorasia," thought Lesley. She handed the picture back to amber and saw how this girl knew deep down that she was not actually herself.

    "Listen Amber," started Lesley putting her hand on Amber's shoulder. "I know you probably think I'm out of it.."

    "Definitly," replied Troy, arms foulded.

    Lesley glared back at him. "Anyway, I wouldn't be making this up for no reason, and I'm not pranking you. We need to find the other five non existents before C.K.O come or even worse before chaos takes over the worlds and destroys us all,"

    "Wait,wait,wait! who are these C.K.O and what chaos?" shouted Troy.

    "The C.K.O stand for the corporation that Keeps order. They, like the name suggests, keep order so that no one exists in the wrong place because if that were to happen "Chaos" will destory the worlds," replied Lesley, pushing the stop butting on her tape recorder.

    "Ok but that dosen't explain what chaos is, a monster or something?"

    Lesley snickered,pushing the recored button back on. Troy winced. Lesley's snicker's reminded him of some type of animal.

    "Chaos is a demension, supposedly. No one's ever been there cause currently there is no why to get there," she continued answering his question with a blank expression.

    Troy's head throbbed. He sat on the grass and layed down staring up at the brilliant blue sky.

    "So let me get this clear. There are other worlds out there and this organization keeps it so no one ends up in a world they aren't suppose to be in, and this dimension called chaos will destroy everyone's existence if we don't get back to are destined world, correct?"

    "Bingo," replied Lesley stopping the tape recorder. "Now are you finished," she asked annoyed. Troy bolted up, anger stricken all over his face.

    "No! I'm not!"snapped Troy. Lesley chuckled and truned back on the tape recorder once again, while holding her elbow.

    "Why am I here then? what makes it so I ended up here?"

    "A flaw," she replied. Troy looked at her awkwardly, his face srucnched in confusion.

    "A flaw," he repeated, practically spitting the words back at her.

    "Souls are created in chaos. Sometimes something happens where chaos accidently places ones soul in the wrong being," said Lesley, now leaning against the oak tree.

    Troy sat in silence for a bit. The fact on knowing the truth about beings, how god dosen't exist, how a dimension mass produces them like a factory, scared him, yet intrigued him at the same time.

    "How do you know it's the wrong being," he asked staring up at her with wide eyes.

    Lesley blushed. "Well, time flows differently in other worlds, right now in your world your unconsience, in a sort of a coma, so when you were born chaose accidently took your true being's soul" she finished.

    "Well, then what happens if we die?" asked Troy worridly. Lesley winced at the question. "I'm not exactly sure, this whole thing is fucked up," she replied, holding her head.

    Ding Dong Ding Dong......Ding Dong Ding Dong....

    "Well that's the bell we better head back," ushered Troy getting up asnd waving with his hand for them to follow. Lesley just stayed in her place.

    "We're not waisting anymore time. I already wasted enough tracking you down and trying to figure out if you didn't belong here," she said arms folded. "Both of you are coming over to my house. there we will try to discover who you truly are all while hiding from the C.K.O and finding the five other nonexistents," she said with a comanding force.

    OOC: we need five other people so if anyone want's to join, feel free.
  8. Amber thought she was going to have a panic attack when Lesley snatched her sketchbook away. It wasn't that long ago that some punk kid thought it would be hilarious to take her old drawing book and rip it to shreds right in front of her. She was like the walking dead for over a week, living but apparently bereft of sentient thought, until her friend Heidi bought her a new one, which she was currently using. Amber gave her a big kiss and was giddy for the remainder of the week. Fortunately, Lesley gave the sketchbook right back, so she was back to being merely stunned as the girl proceeded to make plans for them.

    'That sounded pretty specific,' Amber thought to herself. A million and one questions rampaged through her head. How did she know all this? Were here experiences here a lie? What was Lollidolla and Neorasia? However, amid the inquisitive chaos, only one question managed to fight its way past her lips. It was a very important question, and it was given special privileges above all the other questions. This one question was absolutely critical, and if it wasn't answered soon the entire mission would be in jeopardy. If she didn't ask it now, it may never be answered and there was nothing more she could do until it was.

    "Where do you live?" Amber asked.
  9. Lesley turned to the now talking Amber.

    "Where do I live," she repeated pointing to herself. Lesley giggled "just up the road,"

    Troy looked dumbfounded.

    "That's it, just up the road..." he stated. Lelsey's brow went up.

    "Yah, what you thought I had some secret hide away spot or something," she laughed. Troy just continued to look. Lesley went over and grabbed his and amber's hand.

    "Come along you two," she said dragging them out of the school yard and up the road. They walked up 8 miles till they reached Lelsey's...house, which was out in the middle of a deserted road and looked like a shack. The roof's tiles where peeling off and the exterior was mad of rotting wood.

    "This isn't even a house!" complained Troy as he walked up to it."And this palce isn't just up the road, it's of the city for christ's sake!"

    "Well technically it's juts up the road," she teased opening the door and letting them in. She then dagged them by there arms and plopped them on the sofa that had springs sticking out the side.

    Troy looked around awkwardly. in the living room had a small coffee table and a few painted pictures practially hanging by a wire on the wall. There was also and old tv set that looked like it hadn't been used in years. Lesley snapped her fingers and Troy turned to her instantly.

    "Yes.." he said annoyed.

    "Do you have anymore questions before we begin," she asked, intently. Troy thought for a moment. Lesley truned around and sat down on the arm chair that was behind her.

    "Oh, yah how do the C.K.O know about all this?" he asked. Lesley rolled her eyes and took back out the recorder.

    "Some specific people know about this because they were born witht the knowledge of it, it's sorta like they're destiny. When they are old enough they discover out about a secret portal that takes them to a grand eutopia space station located at the tip of the universe," she finished.

    "Wait, who put these portals there and why are only some born with the knowledge?" asked Troy almost urgently. Lesley shook her head.

    "There are even somethings the C.K.O don't know about like that question and where do people go when we die," she said, shifting her gaze from them.

    "How do you know all this then," asked Trou suspiciously. Lelsey fidgeted with her tape recorder for awhile till finally meeting there gaze again.

    "I was part of the C.K.O but I left them and decided to look for you seven myself," she replied.

    "Why," troy asked. Lesley sat slient for a second.

    "Because...the C.K.O take people like you and erase your being and soul in a highly guarded machine," she said upsetingly, her head hung low.

    "What!!!" stormed Troy, jumping off the sofa. "That isn't fair why do they have to do that, it isn't our fault this happened. Tears formed in lesley's eyes.

    "I know but they think if people other then the C.K.O know about the other worlds and the system that governs them, then it'll cause disaster,"

    "How!" snapped Troy.

    "Well, if you are a power hungrey tirant looking to rule another world," stated Lelsey,hoping he would catch the hint of the idea.

    "They won't though cause we don't realize we are form another place remember ," thought Troy proudly.

    "I wish that were the case but some people do eventually realize who they truly are and what world there from," said Lesley, body flopped over the side of the arm chair. Troy just sat back down, sweat forming on his face.

    "Wow this system is fucked up," he stated mesmerized by the conversation.

    "Well this sorta thing never happened till eight months ago so the C.K.O weren't prepared," replied Lesley.

    "So if this just happened recently then how do they know about this erasing machine, did they build it or something?" asked Troy.

    "No, we found it with a message attached when we were cleaning the storage compartment, The message was in a wierd language so we didn't know what it was for till some C.K.O opened it up and went inside and...never returned.." stated Lesley, tears stating to roll down her freackled cheeks." After we wittnesed that, we just assumed that it was a machine that erased once's existence," finished Lesley. She wipped her eyes and stood up.

    "Enough! we need to find the other five!" she yelled , standing infornt of them again, commandingly.

    "How do we find them," replied Troy, now focused. Lesley snickered.

    "Well the C.K.O have a sorta computer thing that has info on every person's existence including births and deaths..." Lesley pulled out of her bag what seemed to be a normal labtop, but when she opened it up the screen grew bigger and two little monitors popped out the sides with there own mini keyboards.

    "Now all I'll do is just is look up recent deaths, which coma's will be considered and recent births that have happened close to the recent deaths," she said typing away on all the monitors. "And voila! here is a possible candidate. His name is (__________) and he lives in ireland," she finished, happy at her possible success. Troy looked at her like she was a retard.

    "And how do you presume we get all the way to ireland," he replied in a confronting tone. Lesley just smiled.

    "Well I'll drive us to the closest airport and voila!" she laughed.

    "But we don't have a car and we're all under 18.." reminded, Troy feeling like he was talking to a child.

    Lesley flipped her hair with the wave of her hand. "Does any of your fake parents have a car?" she asked.Troy shook his head.

    "They do but none of them are ever home," he answered.

    "Ok then.. what about you Amber?" asked Lesley.

    OOC; I left the name blank for just incase someone joins.
  10. Amber wasn't used to walking so far all at once. It made her legs twitch minutely for a while after sitting down on the worn out couch. She scratched them absently as she glanced around the dilapidated hovel. Maybe it had been abandoned by its previous occupants and was simply left to rot before Lesley discovered it. Amber mused that this had probably happened recently and doubted the Lesley had been living here long.

    She half-listened to Lesley's explanation. She spaced out a bit here and there as she pondered the inconsistencies. They apparently knew where souls came from before birth, but not where they go after death, and cleaned the multiverse using a machine with no known function. For all the CKO knew, they could be powering up a giant laser that would destroy all existence. Why use such inhumane-sounding methods? If they knew where you shouldn't be, couldn't they figure out where you should be and put you there? At least the pound gives strays a chance to be adopted before putting them to sleep.

    Amber was a little offended that Lesley would just up and call her parents frauds. Amber loved her parents dearly, and she could tell they loved her back. Sure, they didn't get along all the time, but that didn't...

    Amber snapped back out of her reverie and wondered what she missed. She was pretty sure they were trying to figure out how to get to Ireland. Taken off guard again, she stammered a moment before a small voice sang out from her pocket:

    "The apple falls far from the tree
    She's rotten and so beautiful
    I'd like to keep her here with me
    And tell her that she's beauti..."

    The song cut out as Amber answered her cell phone. Glancing at the display before putting it to her ear.

    "Heidi?" Amber inquired into the mobile device. "What's up?"

    Amber wasn't sure how to answer that truthfully. "Something came up suddenly. It seems important, but it could be nothing."

    "No, no, nothing like that. You might say it's more of an... international incident."

    "It's not really..."

    Amber's eyes rolled. Only Heidi would want in on global catastrophe. She'd be all for thermonuclear war if she just got to push the big, red button. More for the prestige than for the massive loss of life and nuclear fallout, of course. Heidi drives cattle where angels fear tread.

    "Hey, your parents let you drive, right? A real license and everything?"

    "We need to get to Ireland."

    "No, just the airport."

    "Fine, you can come to Ireland."



    "We're going there on serious business. We might not have time for sight-seeing."

    "Great. We're in an old house about eight miles east of the school on a deserted road. Think you can find it?"

    "Thanks, hon."

    "I love you, too."

    Amber smiled softly to herself as she hung up the phone, tossing her hair a little as she pocketed it. She looked up at Lesley and Troy's expectant faces and was suddenly red with embarrassment. She turned away from them shyly and looked at them sidelong.

    "So... yeah," she said. "I got us a ride. Yeah, she's cool. You don't have to worry about anything or anything."
  11. "Is the plan going well?" asked Kazin, as he fidgeted with his hair. A lady with sunglasses and a balck jump suit nodded her head.

    "Yes sir the C.K.O have seem to have all been brain washed like instructed," she answered, while giving a bow. a smirk appeared on Kazin's face, as he twisted his golden lockes around his finger.

    "These universe that we created is so easy to control but it will be even easier when we soon wipe out all existence.." snarked Kazin cheerfully. He looked up from his fidgeting and glared at the women.

    "Are my moludrones in the process of being manufactured?" he sneered, staring down on her.

    "Yes sir 24% are already in completion," she answered. Kazin laughed and waved the lady away with his hand. She nodded and walked out, the giant door shutting loudly behind her. Kazin jumped off his thrown chair and walked to the window. As he stared through the glass, he saw the the endless darkness of space. He put his hand up to his mouth and chuckled.

    "Foolish existents, the big bang was just an experiment, yet you believe in such hilarious theroeys on how the universe, life and the worlds came to be," he stated mischeviously, his eyes glowing a crimson red.

    "There's is to much hate and destruction in this universe, so I'm simply going to fix the experiment," he said, almost as if he was trying to convince his own self.

    "Putting that flaw into chaos worked out perfectly for my studies..."

    ~ Meanwhile at the lone shack on route 345~

    "Well, we got a ride," Tory told Lesley. Lesley just stared dumbfounded at Amber.

    "Wow, that was a lot easier then expected," she smiled.
  12. "Yeah, but I don't know how to explain it to her," Amber said, her head bowed and her arms laying loosely in her lap. "I'm still not sure I believe it myself."

    "Believe what?" Heidi asked.

    Amber nearly jumped out of her skin. "How do you keep doing that?"

    "A ninja lives in secrecy," Heidi giggled. The door behind her was open, and an old, beat-up car could be seen beyond it. She had long, black hair, clearly dyed to look like the samurai woman in Amber's drawings as her red roots were beginning to show. She wore an old letterman's jacket, probably bought from a thrift store as the colors didn't match any of the local high schools, with a letter "A" on the right breast. Under that was a red blouse, a black skirt, and black boots. She didn't look too much older than Amber, but she could probably pass for eighteen if it was necessary. Barely.

    Before Amber could get up, Heidi was in her lap with her legs draped over the arm of the couch. She wrapped her arms around Amber and gave her a playful smooch. Amber had her arms around her, too, though not quite as tightly as Heidi. They smiled at each other and Heidi giggled again.

    "Who're your friends?" Heidi asked. "I was expecting to see your folks here, but I don't. They're okay, right?"

    "Yeah, they're fine," Amber answered, her hand on Heidi's knee. "They don't even know I'm here. Um..." She gestured with that same hand before putting it back. "This is Troy and Lesley. They're the reason I'm here right now. Guys, this is Heidi."

    "So, you're the troublemakers," Heidi said, tilting her head back to see them. "What'd you guys do, anyway? Rob a bank or something?"
  13. "Ummmm," thought Lesley awkwardly. She didn't feel up to the mood of this little detour of events but aleast they found a ride, and on record time too.

    "You see...me and Amber are ....cousins....." are other cousin in Ireland has come down with a terrible......disease, and his fiamily wants us to go out there....are parents aren't coming because are aunt and uncle hate are parents....soooo yaaahhh," explained Lesley with a wide nervous smile.

    Troy just sat on the sofa, silent with his head down. He wasn't use to hanging around with so many people at once and felt kinda awkward, especially since he was the only boy.

    "We would really appreciate it if you gave us a lift," finished Lesley with more confidence as she flipped her hair.

    "God, she does that alot.." thought Troy, annoyed. "Maybe it's a nervous thing?"


    "Have you found the traitor yet," came a voice from Madry's audio receiver that was place on his ear lobe.

    "No mistress, none of the teams have located her yet," he replied.

    "Well Hurry up!" she demanded. A beebing noise soon followed, telling him that she had cut the contact. Madry just shook his head, confusion. Why was the C.K.O so concerned of wiping out these people's existence? The situation seemed fishy to Madry, but something in is head was blocking out a possibl solution.

    "Boss I think we located officer Rotagila," came one of the commanders. Madry snapped out of his thought.

    "Ok, how did we locate her," he asked, rubbing his forhead.

    "Well she has seemed to have deleated her personal information on are system database so we cross refrenced the current time she did that and when a new existence popped up in are files," he finished, showing Madry a picture of Lelsey on his computer and her current location. Madry looked it over and shook his head in confirmence.

    "Ok men, let's move out!!" he yelled. The men that appeared to be in black army like attire ran to they're vehicals. The army buggalo's were made of a translucent type of material, so that when the officers went inside, it looked as if they disappeared into the background. The vehicals started up with out making a sound, and drove off onto the highway towards Lelsey and the 2 first non exitents location.
  14. "Awwww," Heidi cooed sympathetically. She turned to Amber. "I didn't know you two were cousins! I've seen her around school, but I've never seen you two talk or nothin'."

    "Well, uh," Amber floundered. "We only found out ourselves today. Apparently, her parents and my parents don't get along so well, either. That's why we're going to Ireland without their knowing."

    "Is that why you're in this dump?" Heidi surmised. "So you can set up to leave without anyone seeing?"

    "Yeah, yeah, that's right," Amber replied. "We knew they wouldn't let us go if we asked, and it all came up somewhat suddenly. We gotta get there real quick, though, 'cause he's not going to last much longer."

    "And what about Troy?" Heidi asked, gesturing to him with a toss of her head.

    "He's... Lesley's boyfriend," Amber said uncertainly. She had no idea what their connection was. "When he heard what happened, he just had to come with us."

    "Aw, that's such a sweet story," Heidi said touching her forehead to Amber's. "But you guys are such bad liars!" She hopped off Amber's lap, dragging her to her feet. "But it's gotta be something big if my Amber has to lie to me, so I'm gonna help you out anyway. Let's go!"

    With that, Heidi walked out to the car, leading Amber by the wrist. Amber looked back at Lesley and Troy and shrugged.
  15. "He's... Lesley's boyfriend," Amber said uncertainly. She had no idea what their connection was. "When he heard what happened, he just had to come with us."

    Lesley and Troy turned to each other.

    "Boyfriend..?" stammered Lelsey blushing.

    "No way!!" she yelled embarrassed and pushed Troy out of her way. Troy collapsed onto the hard wooden floor, scrapping his arm.

    "Aw, that's such a sweet story," Heidi said touching her forehead to Amber's. "But you guys are such bad liars!" She hopped off Amber's lap, dragging her to her feet. "But it's gotta be something big if my Amber has to lie to me, so I'm gonna help you out anyway. Let's go!"

    With that, Heidi walked out to the car, leading Amber by the wrist. Amber looked back at Lesley and Troy and shrugged.

    Lelsey stared dumbfounded, as Amber and Heidi walked off to the car. "Well that lie totally got chewed," she laughed, impressed by Heidi's truth telling skills.

    "Oww..." Troy gringed, staring at the now bleeding cut. "Girls," he muttered, rolling his eyes.

    He got back up and headed outside to Heidi's car. He opened the door and stared blankly at Lesley. "After you he sneered under his teeth, trying to act nice. Lesley just brushed it off without noticing and jumped into the back. She then reached for the door and closed it on Troy's face, accidently. Troy looked at her with utter shock, anger seeping through his mind.

    "Gaaaa!" he screamed to the sky and walked to the other passenger seat. Lelsey turned to him annoyed as he got in the seat.

    "What took you so long," she asked. Troy just held his tounge and put on his seatbelt, ignoring Lelsey all together. She shrugged and flipped her hair.

    "Why do you always flip your hair!!' snapped Troy with clenched fists. Lelsey stared at him confused.

    "What are you talking about?" she asked, a finger raised to her cheek. Troy couldn't believe this girls utter ignorance. knowing that he had lost this conversation, he just sat back into his seat and stared out the window. The car started up and the four of them headed
    off down the road. Troy just kept silent the whole time as Lelsey chatted with Heidi and Amber too. They stopped at a gas station for a little while, as Troy had to take a washroom break. Lesley got out as well, to buy some munchies for all of them.

    It turned dark and Troy had fallen asleep on Lelsey's shoulder. Lesley just disregarded this and took some chips, staring ahead into the darkness. So many worries were on her mind especially on how the C.K.O where out there and could possibly jeopardize her plan in a instant.

    After a few more hours, They finally reached the airport. Lelsey quickly got outta the car and stretched.

    "Ahhh, that feels better," she cooed, raising her arms into the air. The sound of another car door clicked open and Tory emerged. He slowly walked over to Lelsey and the gang, holding his back.

    "What's wrong with you?" asked Lesley, concerned. Troy starred daggers at her. Black rings hung under is zombie like eyes.

    "when you were asleep, you unconsciously took up al the seat, pressing me against the window. I couldn't get a good sleep myself," he groaned, with a croaked voice.

    "Did I really..Oh well doesn't matter," she grabbed Amber's and Troy's arm and dragged them into the inside of the airport, wanting to get out of the country as fast as possible.

    Five hours had passed and Madry and his army had found their destination, stopping outside the airport. The bungalows stayed hidden in there camoflage material as soldiers stormed into the parking lot causing people to go into a panic.

    "Surround the area!" commanded Madry. The army quickly circled all around the area blocking passage into the airport and keeping people from going out. Everyone went into a uproar as horns honked and people demanded answers on what the hell was going.

    "ERRRR ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!" roared Madry, is voice echoing through out the building. Everyone stopped and turned to him, hoping to find out answers.

    "Everyone lay down and don't move!!" he yelled. The army men that were instructed to surround the area, whipped out their tubliar steel like guns and pointed them at the stunned looking civilians. Everyone stood in shock for awhile until the image of the guns kicked in and they all did as they were told, laying down on the hot asphalt. The sound of weeping women and crying children saturated the air. The sky seemed to mimic the peoples confusion and sorrow as dark clouds began to form.

    Another team flooded inside the air port, telling people to do the same thing as the ones outside.

    "Where is Lesley hasskle," asked Madry walking into the airport. His big black buckled boots tapped ominously on the marble tiled floor. People curiosuly glanced up at him as he walked by but when he turned to meet their gaze, they quickly looked away, scared of what the outcome could be.

    "Where is Lesley Hasskle," he repetead again, raising his voice a little. A young receptionist lady slwoly raised her shaking arm. "I....I know...where," she said scared, stumbling on her words.
    Madry walked up to her and grabbed her hair lifting her ear up to his mouth. Grunts and gasps escaped from the girls mouth.

    "Where," the words cam out like poison.

    "She...she and two other children just caught a flight to..to Ireland," she replied with her eyes shut tightly. In anger on this finding Madry threw the receptionist into her desk. The strong impact caused the lady to black out, her unconscious body sprawled all over the floor like a doll.

    "Why have none of the authorities arrived yet?" whispered someone to one of their friends. Nadry heard this and slowly walked over to the pair. The two noticed this and put their hands over their head. Their bodies shaking uncontrollably.

    ‘Why have none of the authorities come yet," Madry sneered repeating the question. "Well because there's a giant hologram displayed over this area making it look like a busy bustling airport on the outside," he chuckled evilly. The two people stared up at him, confusion painted all over their face. Madry noticed this and just laughed harder. "I think Earthlings are the most pathetic beings!" With that phrase, more people dropped their quivering guard and looked to Madry like he was a nut job.

    "Madry for these fools ignorance and them seeing your actions, use the erasing machine to wipe out their existence," called Mistress on Madry's receiver.

    Madry flinched. He thought they were just erasing the non existence's existence but something in Mistress' voice forced him to do what she had said.

    "Yes mame," he replied.
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  16. "They may not be boyfriend and girlfriend, but they make a cute couple," Heidi said. She and Amber were sitting the front seats of her car as Lesley bought snacks at a gas station.

    "You think so?" Amber inquired.

    "No, not really," Heidi replied. They were silent for a while as Heidi reached for Amber's hand. Amber noticed and met her halfway, their hands resting behind the gearshift between their seats. "So, are you going to tell me what's really going on?"

    "I don't know what to tell you," Amber answered, not meeting Heidi's gaze. "It might be too dangerous to tell you the truth, and even if I did, you might not believe me."

    Heidi squeezed Amber's hand a little harder. "I might believe you. Are you sure it's a 'I'd tell you, but then I'd have to kill you' thing?"

    Amber squeezed back. "From what I've heard, it could be dangerous. I don't want to see you getting hurt... or worse."

    "Aw, but I like dangerous," Heidi pouted.

    "Heidi," Amber started.

    "I'm serious," Heidi interrupted. "I don't want to hang around here worrying about you while you're who-knows-where. You're the only thing in this dumb town that's worth hanging around for. I don't care if you're going to Hell in a hand basket. If you're there, I want to be there."

    "I don't know if you can follow me," Amber said. "Not all the way. If you're still with me when I reach my final destination and they find you, they will kill you."

    "Who will kill me?" Heidi asked. Right about then, Troy and Lesley climbed back into the car. Amber and Heidi exchanged plaintive glances, but said no more on the subject as they drove to the airport. Almost as soon as they got there, Lesley dragged Amber and Troy out of the car. Amber didn't take her eyes off Heidi until she was out of sight, and Heidi kept an eye on Amber, too.

    Amber followed Lesley dumbly as they hurried through the airport. She already missed Heidi. The idea that she may never see her again left her a little senseless. She kept wandering into her own mind and getting so lost in the past and future and what could've been that twice Lesley had to backtrack and tow her along. Coach seating was first-come, first-serve, and Amber managed to get a seat across the aisle from Troy and Lesley. She found herself staring at the empty seat next to her and the sky through the window beyond.

    "Coffee? Tea?" inquired a voice from behind Amber. It barely registered in her reverie. The wind was suddenly knocked out of her as the voice's owner plopped into her lap. "Or me?"

    "Heidi!?" Amber exclaimed.

    Heidi giggled as she slid into the seat next her. "Someone forgot to buy me a ticket, so I had to pay my own way."

    "This isn't..." Amber started.

    "I saw how Lesley held your hand as you two walked into the airport," Heidi said. "If there's anyone who should be holding your hand, it's me."

    "I told you, you can't follow me everywhere," Amber said.

    "Then I'll follow where I can," Heidi said. She put her hand on Amber's on the shared armrest. "And when I can't follow anymore, I'll wander on my own. I'll be a drifter, living by my wits and getting into all kinds of adventures. And when I find you again," she picked up Amber's hand and kissed it, "They'll have to cut me off of you with a laser."

    Amber blushed. Heidi put her hand back down and smiled.

    "Seriously, what the Hell do you see in me?" Amber asked.

    "A lot more than I did yesterday, I'll tell you that," Heidi said teasingly. "Yesterday, I was content to lay on your couch and watch TV while you drew me. Now we're off on an adventure! And we always thought I was going to drag you on one of these." She stood up and threw a fist in the air. "TO IRELAND!"

    "Uh... this is your captain speaking," crackled a voice over the intercom. "Uh... we are about to taxi onto the runway, where we will be, uh, twenty-fifth in line for take-off. Uh... our take-off is estimated to be in about, oh, three hours. So sit tight and thank you for choosing Apex Airlines."

    Heidi sat down with a defeated expression. Amber put an arm over her shoulders.

    "The flight'll probably be a few hours, also," Amber said. "How were you planning on following it up."

    Heidi gave it some thought. "Mile-high club?"

    "Not until you're eighteen," Amber admonished.

    "Aw," Heidi pouted.
  17. Lesley put on some head phones. The song that was playing was dreams by Stevie nicks. She looked around at the passengers, making sure that none of the C.K.O managed to board.

    "Danish miss?" asked a sturdiest. Lesley didn't hear her though. She picked up a magazine tat was in the middle of the seats and began to flip through it. Troy turned to her and saw how she was wearing head phones. Annoyed, he pulled them off.

    "Hey, why did you do that!"she snapped. Troy pointed to the sturdiest that was waiting patiently for Lelsey's answer.

    "Ooo a danish thanks!"replied Lesley as she reached for it, she happily took a bite and put back on her headphones.

    "Thanks," replied Troy shyly to the sturdiest. She just smiled and continued up the aisle. Troy couldn't believe Lesley's manners. He sighed, and decided to watch the feature movie that was playing above the seats.

    Lesley, glanced over at amber to see how she was doing. She noticed that Heidi was sitting next to her. "How did she get here?" thought Lesley confused. Lesley could feel the strong bound between them. She smiled at this and decided that Heidi could come along.

    After 9 hours they had made it to Dublin the capital of Ireland. Lesley explained to Heidi how she could come along but must keep herself safe incase danger approached.

    "So, where do we begin to look for this guy?" asked Troy putting his hands in his pant pockets. Lesley led the gang to a nearby park. There, they hid behind a giant tree, were Lesley then pulled out her three way computer system.

    "Well, it says he lives in Dublin so that saves a journey," said Lesley, typing away on the keyboard. "He apparently likes theater..so let me just look up Dublin and see how many theater companies they have. As Lesley was busy looking up the theaters, Troy noticed how foggy and damp it was around here but for some reason, he quite liked it.

    "There's seven!" cried out Lesley, interrupting Troy's thoughts. "Uhhh...I hate to do this but if we split up we'll able to find him faster," said Lesley solemnly. She dug into her over the shoulder bag and pulled out three weapons. One looked like a mace that had an electrical current flowing through out it. The second looked like a bazooka that when both ways while the third had the appearance of a steel like slingshot. Troy stared at them with a horrified look.

    "And what do you expect us to do with these?!" asked Troy, concerned. Lesley turned to all of them with a hard serious stare.

    "You all might run into the C.K.O. They have weapons and won't be afraid to injure you badly," she replied in a hard tone. "This is strictly for protection against them! No one else!" she warned. Troy looked around at everyone. He didn't expect that HE might actually have to fight them. Troy never used a weapon before and was sorta afraid on partaking inviolence. After all, he was only 14. He hesitantly took the metal slingshot and felt it's cool touch in his hands.

    Lesley gave Amber two white rubber gloves and handed her the electric mace while Heidi got the two way bazooka. She also gave them each a duffel bag to carry the weapon in.

    "Ok, now don't worry about weapon checkers and stuff because these babies have a special malleable component that can't be detected through screenings," said Lesley getting off the ground and wiping the grass off her butt.

    "Where do we know were the theaters are?" asked Troy as he put his weapon in the duffel bag.
    Lesley put a finger to her cheek.

    "Hmmm right," she muttered. "Well I guess ask around or if you see a building that looks like a theater then check it out. For transportation purposes there is a transit that's called the Dublin suburban," replied Lesley. She printed out three copies of what the boy looked like on her three way computer and handed it to them. He appeared very handsome with dirty blondish hair and blue marine eyes.

    "That's what he look like. If anyone finds him....oh yah," remembered Lesley She quickly pulled out her cell phone. "Let's all register each other's numbers so we can contact each other if one of us finds him,"she finished. After they did that, the group split up, on their search For the Ireland boy named Conner.

    "How is Madry and his crew coming alone?" asked Kazin, sipping a weird green liquid out of a glass ball.

    "I instructed them to wipe out everyone's existence at the airport," Mistress replied, bowing. Kazin took another sip then placed his glass ball of liquid in mid air, were it seemed to just hover by his side. "Ahhh I see, starting early on wiping out planet earth's existence," chuckled Kazin evily.

    "I knew that this is what you would have wanted lord," she said gratified.

    "Yes it was but I also want those trouble makers out of the way," he sighed, resting his hand on his cheek.

    "Sir, if you don't mind me asking, why don't we just kill everyone instead of taking the trouble of wiping out their existence?" mistress asked. Kazin looked down to her, his face lit up mischievously.

    "Well, you see my DEAR," he started leaning forward on his thrown. "When people die their souls go back to chaos were they get reincarnated ," he explained. His slitted eyes staring coldly at her. Kazin despised existence's and their over flowing stupidity upon the knowledge of their birth.

    "Continue with your duties and find them,"
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  18. "I'm not comfortable carrying this weapon around," Amber said, her duffel bag hanging at her side. "I feel like a terrorist."

    "I'd say you're more like Hawk Girl," Heidi responded, her bag slung over her shoulder. The two of them were walking down the street in search of a theater.

    "Right," Amber agreed. "You've got the rocket launcher, so you're the terrorist. I've got a mace. Now I just feel ridiculous. Seriously. Who even fights with a mace these days?"

    "Hawk Girl fights with a mace," Heidi said helpfully.

    "Besides Hawk Girl," Amber said. Just then her cell phone rang. She pulled it out and looked at the display. "Holy crap, it's my mom! What am I going to tell her?"

    "Tell her you're at my house," Heidi suggested with a shrug. "That's what I tell my mom."

    "But what if she's already called your mom?" Amber asked. Her mind raced. "When she finds out I'm in Ireland, she's gonna kill me!"

    "Not if you hit her with your mace first," Heidi noted. Amber glared at her. "Well, at least answer it. If she doesn't hear from you, she's gonna panic."

    "All right," Amber sighed defeatedly. She answered the phone. "Hello?"

    "Hi, mom."

    "I'm at Heidi's house. Her mom's making me help clean the basement. It's also a bomb shelter, so the signal's getting blocked a little. The interference from their wireless LAN is also causing ampules of signal attenuation."

    "Ampules of signal attenuation?" Heidi repeated. "Does that even mean anything?"

    "Sorry, mom. I guess it slipped my mind."

    "I'm fine, mom, really."

    "Actually, I was wondering if I could spend the night at Heidi's. She rented this movie I wanted to see, but she has to return it tomorrow."

    "Pleeeease? I've been getting good grades all semester, and after midterms I really need a chance to relax. Heidi's mom will be there the whole time, too."


    Amber put her hand over the phone.

    "She wants to talk to your mom!" she exclaimed in a hoarse whisper.

    "What?" Heidi exclaimed. "How're we gonna do that?"

    Amber glanced at the phone, then back at Heidi. Then she shoved the phone in her hands.

    "What do you want me to do!?" Heidi demanded.

    "I don't know!" Amber answered. "Improvise!"

    Heidi put the phone to her ear and cleared her throat.

    "Hello?" she said, deepening and straining her voice. She put an accent on it that sounded like she had way to much money and booze to care who was on the other end. To get further into character, she held up her free hand like she had a snifter of brandy. "Hello, Cassandra... Yes, that's right... I don't mind at all... Are you implying that I don't know how to handle my own children? ... No, no of course not, Mrs. Powers, I wouldn't dream of it. ... Mmm-hm... I'll be there myself the whole time, dearie. My daughter's there, too, after all. I wouldn't them getting into any, mischief, let's say... Of course, dear. I'll see you at the next PTA meeting or what not. Goodbye."

    Heidi hung up and tossed the phone back to Amber.

    "Wow," Amber commented. "That was frightening."

    "I know," Heidi agreed. "If I ever start talking like that for real, please shoot me."

    "That's not..." Amber started. Then she just waved it off. "Never mind. Let's just find the theater this Conner kid is playing in."

    "Are you sure he's an actor?" Heidi asked. "Lesley just said that he liked theater. For all we know, he just watches."

    Amber looked at the photograph, then put a hand over her face and swore under her breath. "How're we supposed to find a guy in a theater if we don't even know he's in the play?"

    "If he's a regular, maybe the cashier at the box office will recognize him," Heidi shrugged.

    "It's a good a chance as any," Amber sighed. "Now we just need to find a theater."

    Heidi walked up to a phone booth and picked up the phone book. Amber followed suit in the one next to her.

    "Theater, theater, theater," Heidi chanted as she flipped through the pages. "You'd think with all the technology available to her, she could just look up the addresses on the internet."

    "Or even the guy's home address," Amber said. "Or his last name. Seriously, the things people overlook. Here we go, page seven fifty-two."

    Amber took out her cell phone and started typing a text message. In short order, she had sent the addresses of the theaters to the other three phones.

    "That should do it," Amber said. "Now we just need to find a bus that takes us there."

    She spotted a bus stop and led Heidi to it. They examined the schedule printed on the sign, as well as the little map near them.

    "This isn't nearly as helpful as I'd like," Amber commented.

    "This is fun," Heidi chimed in. "It's like a scavenger hunt."

    "Yeah, except we're hunting for scavengers," Amber added. "And so are the bad guys."

    A moment or two later, a bus pulled up alongside them and opened its doors. Amber waited for passengers to get off before taking a step on.

    "Excuse me," she asked the driver, "Do you go by the theater?"

    "What theatre ye be lookin' fer, lass?" the driver inquired.

    Amber glanced down at the list on her cell phone. "The Charlemagne?"

    "Aye," the driver replied. "It's a block or two away from the stop, but it's closer than not. Hop on."

    Amber and Heidi climbed on board the bus, flashing their passes at the driver. They shared a pole just behind the driver as the huge conveyance lumbered down the streets of Dublin. Heidi hung from the bar, then swung from it a little, and was attempting to climb it when Amber urged her to stop. Eventually, the bus came to a stop and the driver gave them further instructions on how to get to the theater. It was more than "a block or two" from the stop, but they found there way easily enough. Amber and Heidi approached the box office together.

    "Excuse me," Amber asked, holding up Conner's picture, "Have you seen this boy?"
  19. Troy had already searched in two theaters before getting Amber's text message.

    "What..uhhhh it's practically across Dublin from where I am," he said scanning the message. He put his cellphone away and walked over to the next bus stop.

    "I hate this..doing this by myself....," he muttered, as he passed some street kids. They glanced over as he walked by and called out a few names. Troy just made himself ignored it. He got to the stop and waited patiently for the transit. After 1 hour it came. Troy made his way on and gave the bus driver some change.

    "Umm excuse me does this bus go to the charlemagne theater?" he asked. The bus driver was a big women who had an ugly looking face. Her hair was in a bun with pieces frazzling out.

    "No it doesn't," she snarled, while chewing her gum.

    "Oh ok," replied Troy has nice as possible and turned around to get off but before he could, she closed the door and started driving. Troy unnoticing fell over from the jolt of the moving bus.

    "Hey! Wait I don't want to be on here!" he exclaimed angrily, getting back up.

    "Sit down and take a seat," she said staring out the window. Troy couldn't believe what had happened. Reluctantly he took a seat, rage spread throughout his body.

    "Can you at least tell me where this bus is going!" he snapped. Her gum chewing emanated from the front and the sound of a bubbles popping soon followed. Troy waited a few more minutes before askin the question again but The bus driver continued to ignore him. Troy was furious. Passengers didn't even seem to care as they engaged in their endless conversation.

    "Uhh! I can't seem to get a break!" he thought angrily turning to face the window.


    Lesley heard her cell ringing and opened up to find a text from Amber. "Charlemagne theater....."she mumbled looking up to see that she was already at the right one. "Teehee a girl always has good premonition," she said happily , shutting her cell. She walked up to the box offic e to find Heidi and Amber already there.

    "Hey guys, is Troy here yet?" she asked.

    "Uhh yes he is here actually, he's performing in a play called a leprechaun's charm," replied the ticket boy. Lesley turned to him confused.

    "How do you know Troy, besides he doesn't work at a theater," she said, flipping her hair.

    "No, this young miss asked if.."

    "Oh you mean Conner! So he's an actor ok I'd like to buy three tickets!" she said excitedly. The ticket boy just looked at her weirdly with a raised eye brow.

    "Sorry it's already in session," he replied. Lesley frowned at him. She then dug in her bag and pulled out an extra eighty dollars.

    "How about if I give you this as a tip," she said cheekily, waving the bill in his face. The ticket boy blushed and furiously grabbed it from her hands.

    "Fine," he mumbled and handed them each a ticket. Lesley smiled.

    "Thanks!" she exclaimed and walked with Lesley and Heidi into the room the play was held in.

    "Pfft, if he does that for money then who knows how many criminals and what not make there way in here," said Lesley out loud to Amber and Heidi.

    "I should report the chap to his boss after we get Conner,"
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  20. "I wonder what play this is," Amber mused aloud as they walked into the lobby.

    "Oh, do you think it might be 'Hair'?" Heidi inquired excitedly. "I hear that one's got a nude scene in it."

    "Seriously?" Amber noted. "That little fat girl takes her clothes off?"

    "No, no, that's 'Hairspray'," Heidi said informatively.

    "Then what's 'Hair' about?" Amber asked.

    "Ayunno," Heidi uttered with a shrug. "All I know is that it's got naked people in it. I think it's about hippies or something."

    "I bet that scene isn't nearly as interesting as you think it is," Amber said. She picked up a playbill. "Let's see who that Conner kid is playing..."

    "You want some popcorn?" Heidi asked as she eyed the concession stand.

    "Do you have any local currency?" Amber asked, glancing up from the playbill. "What is the local currency, anyway?"

    "I've got my mom's credit card," Heidi said with another shrug. "I figure that's gotta be pretty universal."

    Amber nodded and turned back to the playbill. "Okay, and pick me up some Red Vines."

    "Okay," Heidi said with a little smile.
  21. Lesley took a seat near the back, as all the good seat had already been taking. She couldn't see what was going on at all besides little figures bouncing around here and there on the stage. Lesley groaned. she picked up a schedule besides her seat and read a synopsis on what the play was about. She mumbled out the words as she flipped through the pages. She also looked at the cast list to see if there was a Conner playing. Apparently there was and judging by the characters, he was the lead. His role was a knight who saved Ireland from an invasion of demented leprechauns after they drunk some toxic water. Over all, the play focused on the negative of pollution and was probably raising awareness about it.

    Lesley wondered what was taking Troy so long.


    After 35 minutes troy managed to find the Charlemagne.

    "That no good bus driver...bringing me all the way to the terminal...me having to walk all the way here" cursed Troy as he walked inside the theater. He made his way up o the ticket boy and asked if he could by a ticket.

    "Sorry but the show is already in session," he stated firmly. Troy gaped. He couldn't believe his aweful luck. He just wanted to explode if he could.

    "Fine I'll just wait," he said in his nicest possible tone. The Ticket boy raised an eyebrow.

    "Sorry but, we don't allow loitering," he said.

    "Ok that's it!!!!!!!!!" snapped Troy. He stomped out of the theater in a huff and sat on a nearby bench.

    "God this city hates me!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled in the street holding his head. Civilians walking by stared at him. Troy looked up.

    "What," he spat at them. Two ladies whispered in each others ear. One took out her cellphone and dialed a number. Troy stared daggers at their actions.

    "What could possibly be going on now," he thought angrily. Soon after the lady called the number, two cop cars pulled up on the street. Troy's eyes widened as the two police walked slowly up to him.

    "Excuse me sir but we hear you've been causing a commotion," they said. Troy looked up at them.

    "All I did was yell..once," he said calmly.

    Lesley guessed the show was over as everyone stood up and clapped. She quickly made her way by the exiting people and up to the back of the stage.

    "No security either," she mumbled, walking up the stairs. When she got on the stage she saw Conner talking to some of the other actors and actresses.

    "What a good show today!" said a girl in a leprechaun outfit, and make up on that made her face look utterly gruesome.

    "Ya, it was for once!" laughed Conner, rubbing his head. Lesley walked up to him and put out her hand.

    "Hi! I'm Lesley! I'm like your biggest fan!!!!" she squealed in a perky tone. Conner stared dumbfounded.

    "Oh, hi!" he replied extending his hand. "It's always good to meet a fan," Lesley shook his hand.

    "Umm can I talk to you in private," she asked with a smile. Conner looked a little confused. He turned to his friends, looking for an answer on what he should do.

    "Go get em big boy!" yelled one of the guys winking. The cast then walked off in the left stage exit, leaving Conner and Lesley by themselves.


    "Ok, Conner uhhh how am I gonna explain this..oh ya the tape recorder!" she laughed pulling it out of her pocket. Conner listened to Lesley, amber, and Troy's conversation over the tape.

    His mind was abruptly placed in a swirl of confusion. He always felt that there something weird about him but he just disregarded it as a coincidence. Lesley push stop on the tape, snapping Conner out of his thought. He held his head and closed his eyes. Lesley kindly put a hand on his shoulder.

    "Conner we need to find the other non existents and fast before Chaos or the C.K..."

    "Shut your mouth!!" he yelled. Lesley flinched and backed away.

    "You're probably a crazy stalker wanting to get me alone!"

    "What? no!" said Lesley offended. Conner ran his hand through his hair and picked up his belongings.

    "Whatever," he replied and walked off in the left exit. Lesley just stood there.

    "Oh, great," she sighed.


    Conner took the Dublin suburban to the terminal where his mom was waiting to pick him up.
    "Hey," he said solemnly, getting into the front seat. His mom didn't reply and just looked out the window. Conner looked at her weirdly. "Mom is something wrong?" he asked.

    "No no nothing at all," she said, laughing awkwardly. Conner just shook his head annoyed and stared out the window. He couldn't stop thinking about what that girl had said. When he got home he took a nice hot shower, put on hi favourite green pyjamas and flopped on his bed. He stared at a picture of him and his family that was displayed on his lamp table. He grabbed it and brought it closer. Conner always found his family to be sorta weird around him but he never knew why. Suddenly Turning angry about this, he went downstairs into the kitchen where he saw his mom and his dad talking in a whisper about him. Conner went to the side of the wall and eavesdropped on the conversation.

    "He did it again, last night," said his mom. Conner's father reached out and put his hand on hers.

    "And let me guess he doesn't remember," replied His dead. The mom shook her head yes. Tears were pooling in her eyes.

    "Is it some sort of disease?" she asked.

    "Maybe..uggghhh why couldn't we have a nice normal baby," his dad said, frustrated. Conner flinched. He suddenly felt very hated and..... alone.

    "If he keeps this up we'll have to restrain him....god it's like at night he's possessed." said his mom sourly. Conner stopped listen and quietly made his way back to his room, stepping lightly, so the stairs didn't squeak. When he got back, he fell sadly on his bed and buried his face under his pillow

    "What's going on?" he muttered.


    "What! I'm not Conner O'niel!" yelled Troy as the cops grabbed him.

    "Son you have the right to remain silent," they replied, putting him in the back seat. Troy plunged inside, where he heard the door slam shut. He frantically fidgeted with the handle but with no use, couldn't open it.

    "Wait! You have the wrong guy!!!!!!!!!!" Troy pleaded, grabbing the bars separating him and the cop. The cop just turned on the car and ignored him. Troy slumped back down in his seat and cried.

    "I hate Dublin,"
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  22. "Well, that was an interesting play," Amber remarked as she and Heidi waited in the lobby for Lesley and Conner.

    "You were watching the play?" Heidi asked. "Then who was I making out with?"

    Amber laughed and scratched the back of her head. Before she could say anything further, Conner marched right by them in a huff. He had an angry and confused look in his eye.

    "Something tells me the conversation didn't go well," Heidi remarked.

    "Well it is a big and unrealistic revelation," Amber explained. "I'm not even sure I believe it, but the idea certainly scared me. I doubt recording her explanation so she wouldn't have to repeat herself was the best way to go about it, either."

    "It does lend a rather impersonal touch," Heidi noted. "Just... what did she tell you?"

    Amber looked down at her feet and was silent for a moment. "Have you ever thought that... You don't belong in this world?"

    "Well, yeah," Heidi said offhandedly. "This world sucks. Reality sucks. Life sucks. I wish I was born into a different one, you know?"

    "That's not what I mean," Amber said. She looked up, gazing over the crowd without a particular focus. "I mean, like... a gray-scale, old-movie character walking around in a full-color, modern-era TV show. An element transplanted from one world into another."

    "What... what are you saying?" Heidi asked.

    Amber was silent again, then cast her eyes back down. "Remember when we learned about those adoption studies, and we talked about what if we had been adopted and didn't know it?" Heidi nodded wordlessly and Amber continued. "I got curious and asked my mom if I was adopted. She got all choked up and started crying. Later, after she calmed down, she told me that I..." Amber swallowed and rubbed her nose. "I was stillborn."

    "Stillborn?" Heidi repeated.

    "I died during childbirth," Amber said. She stared down at the floor, a look of terror in her eyes. She was almost breathless, like it was the first time she was hearing it herself. "My mom was practically hysterical when the doctor told her. They allowed her to hold me, and she held on to me as tight as she could. She cried for hours, saying how much she loved me, how much she wanted to see me grow up, about all the wonderful things she wanted to teach me. And, most of all, she prayed to god that I would come back to life. Then, after six hours, the doctor wanted to take me away, and when my mom let go I started crying. They said it was a miracle. And that's how my mom knows I'm her baby. Because..." Amber sniffed. "Because she brought me to life."

    Amber had her arms crossed, and shook slightly as she hugged herself. Heidi quietly wrapped her arms around Amber's waist and held her tightly. Amber reciprocated, wrapping her arms around Heidi's back and burying her face into Heidi's shoulder.

    "I was so scared when she told me that," Amber said. "I felt like I was about to die. Every time I think about it, I feel like I'm about to die. Then I'd remember how much I love my mom, and how much she loves me, and I start to feel alright again. But, lately, I've been feeling more and more like that love is the only thing keeping me from dying. If she ever started to hate me, or I her, my heart would stop beating and I would..."

    "Stop that," Heidi whined. "You're scaring me. Stop talking like that. I don't want you to die."

    "I'm not going to die," Amber said. "You know why? Because I love you, too. As long as I have you, I know my heart will never stop beating. As long as you love me, not even death can touch me. Even if... even if someone tried to completely erase my existence, I will never die. Not so long as I have you."

    "That's so..." Heidi sniffed. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were trying to get in my pants."

    "Can I see you naked anyway?" Amber asked hopefully.

    "You little tease!" Heidi said, playfully shoving Amber away. She smiled at her innocently. "You know you don't have to tell me some sob story before asking that."
  23. Lesley walked out into the theater where she saw Heidi and Amber talking with each other. She couldn't believe Conner left. It just gave her another problem to fix. Plus the on going threat and time limit never helped.

    "Errhh where the hell is Troy!" she snapped, pulling out her cell. She dialed his number.

    Ring ring...hello came Troy's raspy voice.

    "Where the hell are you!!!!" screamed Lesley.

    Uhhh I got arrested.....they think I'm conner O'niel

    "Conner O'niel!?" repeated Lelsey confused

    Let me guess........he's the other non existent as you put it

    "Yes I juts confronted him but he didn't listen to word and took off," she stated upsetingly

    Well......ya they don't believe me but there calling his parents...if he's home they'll know I'm not him

    "Why the hell would they arrest you on the notion of thinking you're Conner," thought lesley rubbing her forehead.

    Who knows......well I gotta go before they find my cell....meet you guys later.

    Beeb beeb beeb

    Lelsey put away her cell.

    "That troy always finding an unnecessary obstacle," she huffed dragging Amber and Heidi outside.

    "Well I believe the Dublin suburban is closed sooo we will be taking a taxi," told Lesley, taking out her phone again.


    Conner suddenly felt his body numbing as he drifted into unconsciousness. His body shook and he suddenly jolted up.

    "Uhhhh finally my turn." said Conner mischievously. He opened up his bedroom window and jumped outside. He slowly and carefully tiptoed by the living room window, making sure he was hiding. Inside he heard his mom talking.

    "Huh no thankfully you didn't apprehend Conner," came his mothers voice. Conner peeked into the window where he saw his mom pacing back and forth while talking on the phone. Conner continued out the yard where he came to is driveway.

    "Hehehe and the master jokester escapes unseen again," he chuckled, running down the road.


    "Have you men finished production on the new product," asked Madry, sternly. The soldier saluted back.

    "Almost finished sir," he stated formly

    Madry slumped in his chair and waved the soldier away. The soldier saluted again and exited the room. Madry turned his chair to his desk where a few papers and blueprints were layed out. He picked them up and read them over.

    "This should track them faster," he sneered evily, scanning the contents.

    Madry have you successfully eliminated the airport civilians Came mistress' voice on his ear piece.

    "Yes, yes," he answered preoccupied.

    "Well what are you currently doing now?"

    "If you must know, we are making a machine that will help us find the non existents on this earth," he replied, putting down the papers.

    Mmhmm ahh good

    Madry paused

    "Mame why are we doing this? I mean who really cares if a couple of...

    You will not question are actions..... now then carry one she finished and hung up.


    "So ya honey I didn't quite here ya, where are we going?" asked the cab driver

    "Address 13 on route 13," replied Lesley, her arms folded and legs crossed.

    Lesley had gotten the address from her tri monitor cross refrencing computer . It was simple to track places where people lived but not other locations because her computer only had files on every person which included their habitat, as well as other info. Lesley had taken the front seat while Heidi and Amber had the back.

    "Do you mean Conner O'niels place?" asked the cab driver.

    "Yes," answered Lesley looking out the window.

    "Ahhh, great actor but I heard he as a mental condition." said the cab driver

    Lesley perked up and turned to the cab driver. " What kinda of condition?" asked Lesley, curiously.

    "Well, it seems occasionally at night, people have reported him playing malicious jokes and pranks on people," Lesley continued listening.

    "Oh really," she said, knowingly

    "Ya, it's like he has duel personality or something," responded the cab driver.
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  24. "You mean Multiple Personality Disorder?" Amber inquired.

    "Yeah, yeah, something like that," the cab driver replied.

    "Is that like a split personality?" Heidi asked.

    "I've done some reading on MPD and DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder," Amber explained. "It's usually triggered initially by a traumatic event. The original personality creates a second personality to deal with it for them. An alter ego, if you will. The second personality isn't necessarily even remotely similar to the original, and can differ in perceived age, gender, or even race, although they are, at the very basic root level, the same person."

    "Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," Heidi noted.

    "Yeah, something like that," Amber said. "They also are often associated with a certain frame of mind, and can be triggered by a shift in emotional states. In fact, the average DID sufferer may have eight to ten personalities, but someone could easily have over a hundred of them."

    "Wow, that'd make for a really cramped head," Heidi exclaimed.

    "Totally," Amber commented. Mentally, however, she noted, 'But this is a special case. If this guy is a non-existent, then could it be possible that he simply has two souls in the same body?' Figuring that she paused a little too long, she added, "But, you know, this kind of thing is exceedingly rare, so there isn't really that much reliable data. Connor might not even experience anything like that."
  25. Conner stalked up the road as cars passed. Their lights scanned over him, unveiling his silhouetted body.

    "Hehe, I'll keep causing havoc till they release me from this hell!" he roared.


    The cab came to a stop at Conner's house. Lesley paid the cab driver and quickly walked up to the front door. She knocked a few times till a light flickered on foot steps then came and the door opened to show a lady in a pink night robe. She looked at the three girls confused.

    "Yes?" she asked.

    "Hi is Conner here?" asked Lesley. The mother continue to stare at her weirdly.

    "Oh we are from the Charlemagne theater, Conner forgot a few items," smiled Lesley.

    The mother stood at the door for a second till she retreated into the house, still unsure about the girls sudden appearance. Lesley, Heidi, and amber waited outside for her when they heard a scream from inside the house.

    "Oh my god he's gone again!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Conner's mom running down the stairs. She took the phone from it's hook and dialed a number.

    "Hello yes officer it's Conner's mom, yes he's disappeared again!"


    Troy solemnly walked down the street. Lesley had sent him the house address but Troy still didn't know how to get there. He felt like he ‘d been walking for ever.

    "God she's stupid," he mumbled. "Well things can't possibly get any worse,"

    Suddenly troy saw a mysterious man walking towards him. Troy just turned his head and pretended to act casual. Thinking it was some street kid looking for fun.

    The man seemed to be coming straight in troy's direction now. Seeing this, Troy moved to the other side of the sidewalk. The man followed Troy and was once again directly ahead. Troy knew something was up. Not taking any chances he turned the other way and began to run.

    The man behind him then started running as well. His footsteps got louder and louder until Troy found himself abruptly pushed to the ground.

    "Who the hell are you!!!!" demanded troy.

    The man grabbed troy by his shirt and stared coldly into his eyes.

    "I'll use you as a hostage, then your kind will give in to my commands," he sneered happily.
    Troy could smell death and darkness emanating from the mans body.

    "What are you?"

    Lesley turned to amber and Heidi. "We probably passed him in the cab with out knowing it,"she stated. "Come on if we head back up the road we can catch up,"

    Lesley then jumped off the door steps and ran out onto the side walk.


    Troy bit the mans hand and fell backwards. He took the sling shot out of the duffel bag and loaded it with a gummy type ball.

    "Take this!" troy shouted as he launched it. The gummy ball hit the man, incasing him in a sticky substance that seemed to freeze him as well. Troy cautiously stared at the man. Seeing that he wasn't moving, troy sat on the ground and took a breath. His heart was racing.

    About 10 minutes had passed. Troy began to wondered who this guy was. " Could he be a C.K.O,?" he thought. Troy got back up and slowly walked over to examine his face.

    "Whaa!!" troy exclaimed, Stepping backwards. It was Conner o'niel.

    "Troy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" called Lesley, happily. Troy turned to see Lesley amber and Heidi running up the sidewalk.

    "Hey guys, so uhhh Lesley you never gave me any direct..."

    "Oh good you caught Conner," Lesley interrupted pushing troy out of her way. Troy stumbled over a crack and fell flat on his ass.

    "Hey show me some respect!!!!!!!" he snapped. Lesley just ignored him and examined the sticky frozen body.

    "We should move him before the cops show up," told Lesley. "Troy help me move him into that nearby forest,"

    Troy walked over to the body and grabbed the opposite side from Lesley. Slowly but steadily, they managed to get Conner pretty deep into the forest. Lesley got some sticks and rocks and attempted to make a camp fire. She did it wrong however. She placed the stones on the inside and the twigs on the outer rim. Troy laughed and got up and fixed it. Lesley frowned and flipped her hair.

    "I'm still learning human ways," she stated defensively. Troy raised an eyebrow.

    "Well you seem to know a lot," he said grabbing two sticks and rubbing them together.

    "I only know current day things not things done in the past," she replied. Troy just rolled his eyes and continued rubbing the sticks together. Eventually he got a spark and a fire soon grew. Lesley got up and wiped off her skirt. She walked over to Conner's body and pushed it near the fire.

    "He should thaw out by morning," she told everyone. "It wasn't that strong of a pellet,"

    Troy hugged his legs as he peered into the fire, mesmerized by the heat.

    "Oh ya, Lesley, you say the C.K.O found out about this non existent incident some months ago right?" troy asked.

    ‘Correct," she replied.

    "So if this never happened what would be the C.K.O's purpose?" he asked staring at her.

    Lesley blushed and turned the other way. "Well we don't know exactly, some of us think we were chosen to find out the mysterious of the universe, others believe it's a chance for us to study all about the other worlds," she shrugged. Lesley then went sad.

    "It's just that we can never return to our world afterwards," stated Lesley sadly. Troy stared concerningly at her.

    "Anyway will make are next plan of action in the morning and see were we go from there," yawned Lesley as she nestled herself in some leaves. "
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  26. Heidi looked at Lesley disbelievingly. She glanced back at the duffel bag she was carrying that contained the strange weapon she was given, then back at Lesley. Amber could practically hear the clicking sound in Heidi's head.

    "So, are you, like, some kind of alien or something?" Heidi asked, her voice trembling almost breathlessly. "And Amber and the others... They're also aliens, too, right?"

    "Yeah, I'm afraid-" Amber was suddenly cut off.

    "Does this mean you all get superpowers!?" Heidi suddenly exclaimed, her eyes wide with child-like glee. Amber nearly fell over. "You get to fly and x-ray vision and lasers from your eyes and stuff!? That's so cool! I want superpowers!"

    "No one's getting superpowers," Amber replied. "All we get is the constant threat of annihilation."

    "Aw, but I want shrinking powers," Heidi pouted.

    "Why would you want shrinking powers?" Amber asked. "That's pretty niche."

    "'Cause then I could fit into small spaces," Heidi explained. "Like..."

    Heidi glanced at Troy and Lesley. Then she leaned into close to Amber and whispered in her ear. Amber was soon blushing deeply, and remained that way for a while.

    "Y-you really w-want to do that?" Amber stammered in a dopey fashion.

    Heidi giggled and nodded.

    "Well, then..." Amber's eyes rolled around bashfully. Then she leaned sidelong into Heidi and wrapped her arms around her. "Then I want tentacles."

    "But wouldn't that make you a boy?" Heidi teased.

    "Tentacles!" Amber insisted, hugging Heidi harder. "Tentacles!"

    Heidi shrieked and the two of them fell over laughing.

    "Dr. Amberpus has got me!" Heidi exclaimed as Amber started tickling her. "Oh, your tentacles are sooo biiig!" Then they laughed again.
  27. The sun began to rise, and Conner was fully de thawed. Lesley awoke to find that Troy was already awake. He turned to her and smiled, she smiled back but then stopped when she had realized what she was doing.

    Conner stared coldly at both of them and didn't utter a word. Troy flinched and made sure he didn't make eye contact with him.

    Lesley didn't know what to do. She knew Conner wasn't going to give in easily to this situation but she had to convince him some how. She started to coughed awkwardly.

    "Umm Conner I..."

    "Don't even bother," he interrupted. Lesley glanced to the ground, sadly.

    "I already know it must be true," he finished. Lesley then perked up again.

    ‘You do?" she asked, confused. Conner then explained his life and parents, and how it seemed like he didn't fit in with the world. Lesley sat silent, listening to Conners realization. She then raised her hand to interrupt him.

    "No need in spilling your guts. Do you remember what was told on the tape recorder,"
    Conner nodded his head, solemnly. Lesley then focused her attention to the whole group.

    "Ok people before we head off to the next non existent, I think we should establish where we are all from and what we are.. Troy I already know where you're from," she stated.

    Troy looked at her expectantly.

    "You're from mequopolis, a world completely covered entirely with oceans, You're a Siceren " she said. Troy looked at her with a confused face.

    "And that is?" he asked

    "Ooohhh what is the earth name ummm.... oh right..merfolk?" said Lesley, wondering if she used the right name. Troy's face immediately turned bright red.

    "I'm a frick'en mermaid!!!!!!!!!" he screamed. Lesley stared awkwardly at him. She didn't quit understand why he suddenly burst out in anger.

    "Well... yeah but your technically called a siceren...and I guess you would be called the earth name merman cause you're not female," she chuckled "On your planet, the males carry the eggs,"

    "Eggs as in plural," said Troy disturbed. Lesley nodded.

    "Yes, you are part fish and thus produce a large sum of offspring. Anyway, unlike earth females, siceren males stomachs don't bloat out, probably cause the eggs are so small. The last part is you birth them by throwing them up," she finished.

    Troy turned to the fire pit and looking like, he was going to throw up "That's so gross," he moaned, holding his stomach. "But I guess that's why I like water so much,"

    Lesley smiled.

    "And you Conner, judging by your so called mentality, you're from Pevanzir the planet where by day people are as what human calls angels and by night you turn into the human name devils, but you are indeed the same person," she said.

    Conner didn't show any sign of receiving the info, and stared sadly at the ground. Lesley didn't notice this and continued on.

    "So Basically on your planet, one's evil and good sides physically change there appearance and anatomical structure. Also It's been theorized that the moon also plays a role in the change. Apparently, the world is divided between the two sides, so when people change they think they've been captured by some sort of strange bizarre creature and quickly flee back to the other side, but in reality, they're actually in fear of themselves." she finished

    Everyone turned to Conner. He just coughed and threw a couple of stones into the fire pit.

    "So uhhh angels and devils do exist?" asked Troy, trying to take the focus off Conner. Lesley nodded.

    "Yes, generally things people think up of on Earth, do indeed exist somewhere else,"she stated. Troy scratched his head.

    "Why does that happen," he asked. Lesley shrugged.

    "Who knows, anyway moving on..." She said, turning to amber. "You live on a planet called Neorasia were mana and technology have combined . Historically mentioning, a plague entered your city called Jaisho which drove all the men out. This is so because the magiplague only affected men, however women were free to leave and enter the city as they wished. So women with in the Jaisho city could still reproduce a second magiplague was unleashed, which allowed them to breed amongst themselves with out the use of men" Lesley paused to let it sink in then continued on.

    "Amber, you in particular are a famous magi-ka, a person who's drawings can come to life. However, you had recently become to attached to them and with a tragic incident, gave up your soul to give it to the drawing. Right now your in a state of suspended animation......amber you are the girl who your true self gave her soul too with the help of chaos' flaw," told Lesley.

    She waited awhile to let the news settled in with everyone. Lesley knew Conner was disturbed and in a solemn state but she didn't have the time to feel sympathetic, besides she figured someone else what help him feel better.

    She took out her cross reference three way computer and did the same thing she did to track Conner.

    "Ok, guys it seems the next non existent is located in Rakastan, india, so we better get heading off to the next airport,"


    A large black air ship, camouflaging with the night sky landed in a nearby forest. Japanese men and women walked out of the automatic sliding entrancing door.

    "These covers should to the trick,"Said one wearing a store owner shirt.

    When everyone finished exiting the ship, they made their way through the forest where they eventually came upon a City. They all walked through the city in a group, where they entered a giant building filled with children's merchandise.

    "Konnichiwa," said a man at the reception desk The group turned to him and smiled. One of them then reached into a carrying bag and pulled out a mechanical ball. She threw the ball hard on the ground activating the device, so a white mist began to seep out. The receptionist and people in the store stared at it in panic and began to scream. Once the mist hit them how ever, they became immobilized and appeared like statues. Soon, the mist spread to the upper levels of the store and everyone inside was in a state of petrification.

    "Good, now then go take your positions and one of you inform the others to bring the erasing machine in a transport truck and have them drop it off in the back. Tell them to set up in place of the screening devices,'instructed one of the men The group saluted and placed themselves in the store to look like customers, while one of them pulled out a sleek black rectangle like device and called for the transport.

    The man giving instructions went behind the cashier desk and smiled wickedly.

    "Will soon catch you non existent," He sneered. The mans ear device then came on

    Have you set up your plan? Asked a women

    "As we speak," he replied.
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  28. Amber and Heidi had fallen asleep in each other's arms. Heidi woke up first and discovered Amber using her chest as a pillow. She smiled and gently stroked Amber's cheek. However, she soon discovered that Amber lieing on her other arm, and was cutting off the circulation to the point of painful numbness. As much as she would like to lie there entwined with each other, her entire arm was really starting to hurt. She moved her arm slowly, partly not to wake Amber, but also because the numbness made it hard to move. Despite her best efforts, Amber soon made a small whining sound that heralded her return to the waking world.

    Amber's eyes opened slowly, an extreme close-up of Heidi's torso being her first sight of the day. She blushed slightly and looked up, her drowsy, half-closed eyes meeting Heidi's.

    "Morning, sleepyhead," Heidi whispered in greeting, her voice practically singing the words.

    "Mornin'," Amber mumbled, pushing herself off the ground a little with a little moan. Heidi hissed slightly as blood finally returned to her arm. "You okay?"

    "Yeah," Heidi answered, sitting up and scratching her arm through her jacket. The tingling sensation was almost as unbearable as the numbness. "My arm just fell asleep, that's all."

    "Aw, I'm sorry, honey," Amber said, realizing it was the same arm she was sleeping on. Sitting up, she took Heidi's arm and started rubbing it. She pushed the sleeve up as far as it would go, then slid her hand under it to caress the soft flesh underneath. "Does this help?"

    "Not really," Heidi reluctantly, glancing away from her. When Amber started to let go, she added, "I didn't say stop."

    "You can sleep on me next time, okay?" Amber offered. She pulled back one side of Heidi's jacket to massage her shoulder.

    "Okay," Heidi accepted. She moaned softly as Amber's hands ground into her.

    "I had the weirdest dream last night," Amber said, her eyes focussed on Heidi's. She reached under the neck of Heidi's blouse to get at her shoulder more directly. "This girl at our school told me I was from another world, and then we all flew to Ireland to find this actor kid and..."

    "Uh... babe?" Heidi said, looking beyond Amber. Amber followed her eyes to find Troy and Conner trying not to watch them.

    "Oh," Amber noted. She blushed, sheepishly extracting her hand from Heidi's clothes. "I guess that wasn't a dream then..."

    Amber sat next to Heidi awkwardly, embarrassed at the display of affection she had just made. Sensing Amber's tension, Heidi reached over, lifted up the other girl's tank top and blew into her belly. Amber shrieked with surprise.

    "Cut it out!" Amber laughed in protest, squirming as Heidi wrestled her back onto the ground.

    "That's almost like a seahorse," Heidi commented. She put a finger to her cheek and got a far away look. "So, I guess if the babies come out of your mouth, then to get the female's eggs in you, you'd have to suck on her..."

    "Ovapositer?" Amber suggested.

    "I guess it could be called that," Heidi replied.

    "That's so cool!" Heidi exclaimed, throwing her arms around Amber. "I can totally have your baby!"

    "Yeah, but let's get settled first, okay?" Amber remarked, prying Heidi off her. Then she glanced up at the sky morosely. "Geez, the one big perk of having a same-sex relationship, and they just gotta take it right away."

    "Aw," Heidi uttered sympathetically, petting the back of Amber's head. "I'm sure you'll change your mind after I squeeze a couple babies out of ya. There names'll be Georgia and Super-Fly!"

    "I always knew you were a romantic," Heidi remarked, cuddling Amber's shoulder.

    "But with my mom?" Amber noted.

    "Ew," Heidi replied, backing off Amber.

    "Right, let's go!" Heidi proclaimed, hopping to her feet and hefting up her duffel bag. "Hey, Amber, do you think you could draw a robot or something to carry the bags for us?"

    "I don't know," Amber replied. "I don't have a big enough sheet of paper on me. Besides, I don't even know how it works, or even if it can in this world."

    "Well, try it anyway," Heidi said. "Whattaya got to lose?"

    "Okay." Amber took out her drawing pad and sketched out a robot real quick. They stared at it a moment. It definitely wasn't her best work, and it sure as heck wasn't moving.

    "Maybe you have to will it to life or something," Heidi suggested. "With magic incantations and stuff."

    "What kind of incantations?" Amber inquired.

    "I don't know," Heidi shrugged. "But you could do this before, so maybe it'll come natural to you."

    "Worth a shot," Amber said. She stared at the doodle for a moment, then set the pad on the ground and stepped back. She closed her eyes, put her hands together, and concentrated. "Gods of Life and Death. Lords of Heaven and Earth. Spirits of Ink and Paper. Release thy magicks and loose them through me. Bring dimension to my humble scrawlings. Animate this pathetic pile of graphite. ARISE FROM YOUR PAPER AND MARCH FORTH! RISE, VALET-ROBO!"

    For a moment, nothing happened. Then a stiff breeze blew and flipped the page over. That was pretty much it. Amber stood with her arms in the air and feeling like an idiot.

    "Valet-Robo?" Heidi questioned.

    "It was the best I could come up with on short notice," Amber said. She marched over and picked up her drawing pad. "We're probably better off carrying them ourselves. Who knows what'd happen if I actually brought something to life."
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  29. The group headed for the nearest airport, got their tickets and took off. Lesley got a seat with some lady and her little girl while troy and conner got a seat together.

    Troy turned to Conner. He still looked really down. Cautiously Troy started to make conversation to see if he could get conner out of his shell by the time they arrived.

    "Soo uhhh what's your favourite show?" asked Troy. Conner ignored him and continued staring out the window. Troy paused for a second till he tried again.

    "Umm so I wonder how india will be, what do you think?" he asked

    conner didn't budge. Troy looked away sadly and stared at the tv screen. A movie was on about a kid whose parents neglected. They ignored him and never showed him a glimpse of love. He eventually died of a broken heart. A message then followed, talking about how parents should always show signs that they love their children

    "Well this movie is a little ironic.." thought Troy. He turned back to conner.

    "You know, we are sorta a like...My parents didn't really care about me either," conner still looked out the window. Troy continued on.

    "My dad's an alcoholic so he dosen't give a crap about me and if he does then he's yelling at me or physically abusing me," Conner perked up and turned to him.

    "And my mother is always working to make up for are income since dad blows it all on beer sooo.."

    "I'm....I'm... so sorry to hear that," said Conner, sympathetically. Troy smiled.

    "It's ok I mean I got use to it andd.."

    "I can't believe I've been here moping about my situation when everyone in this group doesn't have real parents either ...plus your situation.." explained conner, looking solemnly to the ground.

    "I'm truly sorry for being a burden..I'm still a little down but I realize now that I'm not in this along and that I have real parents out there who are worried about me," smiled conner at troy. Troy smiled back and gave a thumbs up.

    "That's god to hear," he replied.

    "Oh and by the way my favourite show is heros," said Conner happily. Troy's face lit up.

    "Mine too!" he exclaimed.

    Lesley looked to see how troy and conner were doing. She saw them both smiling and it appeared they were involved in a conversation. Lesley was relieved to see that Conner was doing ok. She smiled and turned back around in her seat.

    The little girl next to her kept tugging on Lelsey's skirt. She tried to ignore it but the girl kept pulling harder and harder. After awhile, lesley confronted the girl.

    "Is there something you would like from me," she asked sincerely, trying to hide the annoyance in her voice. The little girl looked up at her with big brown eyes.

    "What's your name?" asked the girl. Lesley smiled awkwardly.

    "Oh it's Lesley and what's yours?" she asked. The girl put her thumb in her mouth.

    "Mommy said I'm not suppose to answer strangers.." she mumbled, rudely. Lesley flinched.

    "Excuse me, but you're the one who asked me what my name was!!" she spazzed. The girl smiled evilly then started pinching herself until she went on the verge of tears.

    "If you don't order me an ice cream I'll cry and tell mommy you were abusing me," she sneered in a squeaky tone. Lesley couldn't believe this girls behavior she was like a con artist in the training.

    Lesley frowned. She then started digging in her purse for some money. She stuck her hand to the very bottom but found nothing.

    "Well.." the girl asked impatiently. Lesley began to panic. sweat bubbled on her forehead. She had to get out of this situation fast before it got ugly and possibly hinder the groups journey for the remaining non existents.

    She turned to Troy, who seemed to be still talking to Conner. Lesley looked down at the seat behind her to see two elderly ladies sleeping. That left only one option. She had to get out of her seat and get him.

    Lesley began to unbuckle her seat belt when the girl quickly turned to her with a face that could resemble Satan.

    "What do you think your doing," she hissed.

    "Oh well I have to go over to that guy over there.." she said pointing to troy. "So I can get some money to get your ice cream,". The girl frowned.

    "No, you could be lying and trying to escape," she spat. Lesley gave her a reassuring smile

    "No I'm not I swear!" she stated waving her hands. Lesley then went into her purse and gave the girl her cell phone.

    "There, take that for insurance, so that if I do decide to do that, you can keep it," told Lesley. The girl took the cell phone and examined it over.

    "Ok," she said. Lesley smiled and got out of her seat. She went through the aisle and managed to make her way over to where Troy and conner were seated. He didn't seem to notice her though as he was still faced towards conner. Annoyed Lesley poked his shoulder. Troy flinched and quickly turned around.

    "Oh it's you," he stated, relieved. Lesley gave an impatient smile.

    "Yah yah, anyway do you have some cash I can borrow?" she asked.

    "Umm ya just let me find my wallet," said Troy. Lesley crossed her arms.

    "Hurry up I don't want hold up the aisle," she said angrily. Troy then raised an eyebrow as he pulled out his wallet.

    "Why do want it for anyway."asked Troy, suspiciously. Lelsey ignored him and looked over to the girl to see how she was doing. The girl looked at her evilly and pointed to a woman that was making her way to the seat that the girl was in.

    "crap.." lesley muttered worriedly.

    "What did you say?"

    "JUST GIVE ME THE WALLET!!"she spazzed. Lesley snatched it out of Troy's hands and dashed to the seat. She then sat down and waved her hands in the air for a stewardess to come. thankfully one did right as the woman sat down.

    "Can I please order a chocolate ice cream for this nice little lady next to me," smiled Lesley sweetly. The stewardess shook her head yes and left for the ice cream.

    The woman then turned to her daughter.

    "Why is this kind lady ordering you an ice cream dear??" she asked. Right after the mom asked the stewardess returned and handed lesley the ice cream. Lesley got out a 5 dollar bill from troy's wallet and handed it to her

    "Keep the change," smiled Lesley.

    "Thank you very much," said the stewardess and walked away.

    "Oh it's uh because..she found my cell phone," assured Lesley remembering the question.

    Right on cue the little girl took out the cell phone and gave it back to lesley. Lelsey smiled and gave the girl the ice cream. For extra measures, she also patted the little girl on the head.

    "Your so adorable that I could throw up," she smiled.


    After 8 hours the plan finally landed in Rakastan.

    "So where do we head from here?" asked Troy, getting off the stairs.

    "Well my computer said that he was a prince," stated Lesley.

    "Wow really," asked Conner. "Cool were going to meet real live royalty!"

    Lesley stuck out her hand. "Calm down skipper, don't get side tracked, besides, him being a prince means that were going to have to deal with a lot more obstacles...like let's see, security for one plus you know royalty types, they're stuck up and stubborn," She told..

    Conner glimpsed to the side. "Yah I guess so..." he replied, solemnly. He then held his chin and closed his eyes. We could always just sneek in and capture him but that's an aweful idea,"laughed conner. Along pause soon followed.

    "No!!! It's brilliant!!!!!!!!" exclaimed Lesley. "Ok, the palace is east from the airport so let's make are way there, then we'll figure out are plan on how to sneek in," she insisted, making her way out of the airport and into the city.

    Troy shrugged and started walking too. Conner soon followed.

    "I didn't think someone would actually act on that plan. It was just suppose to be a joke. Man, Lesley sure is obnoxious,"he thought, humored.
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