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Yo-Kai Watch Adventures!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Blackened Flare, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. This is a RP of Yo-Kai Watch. If you want to join either ask @Spot the minccino , or @GokuPT99 or me @Blackened Flare . When and If you are accepted, we will add you to a OOC conversation where Bios and OOC talk will be posted. Okay so we are all friends, and each live in different areas, Uptown, Downtown, Blossom Heights, Shoppers Row And Breezy Hills.

    So Far is:
    Downtown-Spot the minccino
    Blossom Heights- @MissPinkRebelle
    Shoppers Row- @TooBlue12
    Breezy Hills-Blackened Flare

    Some friends of Springdale go to catch bugs on Mt. Wildwood for their science project. At Mt. Wildwood they encounter a rare machine that wants them to feed it a coin. As one of the friends fed it a coin to it, and a little capsule came out! Everyone tried to open the capsule, causing the Yo-Kai butler, Whisper, came out!


    Lilly walked around the small field, her light green hair fluttering softly in the light breeze. She watched her friends dig around the surrounding area as they looked for insects. Covering her eyes with her hand, she moved her pink gaze to the sky. Seeing a large tree that looked perfect for bugs, she walked up to one of her friends and yanked on their shirt since she didn't talk often.
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  2. Zachery walked around in anger by catching no bugs untill he sees a rare one
  3. Tyson Started Looking For Rare Bugs, In Every Single Tree, But All He Saw Was Cicadas. He Then Saw His Pocket, One Was Shining, He Ignored It For A Moment And Looked At Mt. Wildwood. "Huh... I'm Sure I Can Find Rare Bugs Up There!" He Said With Enthusiasm, He Ran To Zachary And Told Him. "Hey Bro, Lets Go To Mt. Wildwood! I've Heard A Rumor That There Are MANY Rare Bugs In There!"
  4. Zachary said heck yeah man they both ran to mt .wildwood
  5. "Wait, Bro, We Should Invite The Others, What Do You Think?" He Said As He Looked Back To The School.
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  6. Bella walked around the forest, she had found one butterfly, but that was it, she didn't think it was rare enough to complete her collection. She had been in there for hours, and she was tired of swinging her pink net, in fact, she had loved pink, but staring at it for so long made pink make her sick. She touched the watch her mother gave her, and it started to glow.
  7. Zachary said yeah I guess your right they both head back to the school
  8. Alice was walking out from the front of the school looking like she was thinking really hard about something . Not paying attention to where she walking Alice bumps right into a fellow class mate.(Tyson)She falls and her backpack goes to the ground and spills because she didn't close it all the way.
  9. "Hey! Isn't This Alice?! I'm Sorry! I Should See Where I'm Walking!" Tyson Said As He Starts Helping Her With The Backpack. After He's Down With Backpack He Gives A Hand To Alice. "Come On, Stand Up!"
  10. Bella walked out of the school, she had been daydreaming about bug catching all afternoon, especially since her weird watch distracted her yesterdau, she was careful not to bother her classmates, who were talking, so she went home to grab her net. James (her older brother) was at the front, obviously waiting to give her a noogie, her step mom was in the kitchen probably making dinner, while her father was at work. She ran past Eric and yelled "Can't catch me!" and into her room. She flopped on her bed while Eric stomped up the stairs, chasing her.
  11. Zachary said to Tyson while helping Alice with her backpack well so who we gonna invite
  12. "Well, It Would Be Rude Not To Invite Alice, I Know Lilly Is Catching Bugs Too And Same 'Bout Bella" He Says As He Looks At Zachary.
  13. Oh said Zachary
  14. "No, It's my fault" Alice quickly says as she's tacking the boy's hand to get up."thanks for helping me up, and with my backpack"She looks at both of the boys and recognizes them from class, they were Tyson and Zachary "Um... I better go so I can find bugs for the science project" Laughs nervously and is obviously embarrassed and did not hear what the boys had said to each other.
  15. "Um... Alice? You Wanna Go With Us To Catch Some Bugs At Mt. Wildwood? And, Don't Worry About You Bumping Into Me, I've Done That Many Times" Tyson Says As He Quickly Looks For The Bugs He Has Catch. "Cicadas..."
  16. Zachary says to Alice HECK yeah join us Zachary starts to pull out his catch a stag beetle
  17. "Wow... Zachary, You Got A Rare One! I Got Just Cicadas..." He Says As He Looks Back At The Cicadas.
  18. Zachary said yeah I know I got it from mt.Wildwood say all of us let's go there!
  19. Alice said"um.. okay that's perfect I don't think my parents would like if I went there by myself " "but if I went with you guys it'll be fine"
  20. Zachary said in joy then fine its a plan
  21. Tyson Sighs As He Puts Back The Cicadas On His Pockets. "Lets Go Find Bella And Lilly," He Looks At His Watch. "4:41 PM, Lets Get Going!" He Said As He Starts Running To The School.
  22. Zachary said Kay and starts running too
  23. Alice said"okay" Trys to catch up to the two class mates
  24. Zachary said so many rare bugs I can't wait!
  25. Alice said while being out of breath and running " So you two good friends with Bella And Lilly?"
  26. Tyson Takes The Lead At Running And Answers. "Well, Yeah, We Met In Kindergarten!"
  27. Zachary said yeah the both have been friends way back in 1st garde
  28. Zachary says on the same day I met tyson
  29. Alice says " Wow I wonder if I hadn't moved here last year but when I was in kindergarten or 1st grade what it would be like for me now" blushes" I didn't mean to say that out load" Still running but really tired already
  30. Tyson Stops Running."Are You Tired Alice? We Still Have A Long Way To Go" He Says As He Starts Breathing Normally Again.
  31. Stops running and pants Alice said" You guys are just so much faster then me"
  32. Zachary said its okay we will slow down
  33. "I Can Take You On My Shoulders If You Want" He Says As He Keeps Looking At The Cicadas, He Whispers "I Swear To God... That Cicada Was Shining!"
  34. Zachary said are you okay Tyson
  35. "Yeah, I Just.. Saw Something Weird, Nothing Else" Tyson Said.
  36. She says" I think if we slow down I'll do better thanks" "Tyson did you say you have a shining cicada ?" Looking at him strangely
  37. "Ok I'll Run Slo- A SHINY CICADA!?!? Well... Yeah I Did Say That... But, I Think It Was Just My Imagination" He Says As He Keeps Walking To The School.
  38. Well where here said Zachary
  39. Alice says "Too bad a magical shining cicada would be awesome" Alice said Laughing " We're here? good my feet are killing"
  40. "Well, Lilly Should Be Here At School... Somewhere..." Tyson Says As He Starts Looking Around.
    ((We Should Wait For Flare And For MissPinkRebelle))

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