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Open Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Pokemon Crossover Discussion/SignUps

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Økama, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Hello~ and welcome. For starters this RP WILL take place in the XBC2 universe but it will NOT follow the main story plot, so yes, that means no story character's ONLY OC'S. I wont be taking outside of battle skills, blade stats, or the food system that powers up your stats in this RP because I think those are really just for extra gameplay elements. Also, levels won't be a thing in this and pokemon moves will be the substitute for blade skills and pokemon will become the blades. And you will have to come up with which pokemon will be your blade and what there appearance will be. With that out of the way enjoy~.

    Character Sheet:
    Occupation (Any job from both universe's except pokemon breeders cause blades can't breed (At least I think):

    Blade Sheet:
    (The Pokemons) Name:

    If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask. I will post my sheets in a bit.
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  2. Pokemon as blades. Seems good, eh. But I never played xenoblade before. Could you post xenoblade stuffs that you want everyone to know?
  3. Okay, I will do that ASAP, oh and blades aren't actually weapons
  4. Blades are collectible, sentient weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Each Blade offers a new set of skills and will change how Rex and other drivers play in combat.

    The game has three types of Blades: Blades like Pyra and Poppi that are important to the story and are locked to specific characters; Rare Blades are Blades that can be obtained from Core Crystals and quests; Common Blades are randomized Blades obtained from Core Crystals.

    All Blades have an element affinity as well as a designated role that allow you to alter your fighting style. It'll be up to you to find the ones that work best!

    Drivers are characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are linked toBlades, special lifeforms they create and summon by touching a Core Crystal. Blades endow their Driver with power and a weapon. By collecting and attaching different Blades to the playable Drivers, the player chooses and selects Blades companions and the kind of role desired given to each driver
  5. So blade will fight alongside driver? Or they are humanoid that can turn into weapon?
  6. The blade supports the driver by giving him her there weapon and powering them up so they can deal out more powerful attacks, and tank easier. Also, blades themselves can also control blades but that has only been able to be done by Ageis's, powerful blades that have the capability to sink a whole titan. The blade also fights when the driver commands them to use a skill, which is a attack that does much more damage then your auto attacks and either do Physical or Aether (Special Attack) damage. There are also blades that give their driver the ability to heal there team mates and themselves. There are also three classes of blades, Attackers, Tanks, Healers. Tanks have a lot of endurance and take the hits so that the more fragile members don't get hurt, they have decent attack power. Attackers are people who stand behind the tank and go full out attack mode, they dish out massive damage but aren't good for anything else. Healers stay in the back lines and heal the others when they are hurt, they have a low dps and are extremely fragile.
  7. Should I just do a whole big post explaining pretty much everything?
  8. Nah, no need to be everything. Just the basic info, so no need to throw in Rex and Aegis because I wouldn't even know about them. You also don't need to explain general RPG term like attacker and healer.

    I still don't understand the concept of blade. So they are like spirit heroes in Fate/stay night? Do they stay in physical form? Or they vanished after the battle finished? And the likes.
  9. T
    They have a physical form, they always follow there driver around, they can speak the human language, if there core crystal is hurt they return to their core crystal state (a stone diamond that drivers channel energy into to resonate/summon with them), if their driver dies they return to their core crystal state.
  10. Ah, yes. So about the weapon. Do they turn into weapon or summon weapon from nowhere?
  11. When the driver and blade first meet, the blade gives the driver their weapon to hold onto
  12. The images is broken :p

    So I read that driver can equip up to three blades. Does that mean a driver can wield three weapons at once?
  13. No, they sw
    No, they switch between blades
  14. Ok, let me summatize. Driver is a person that can wield Blades. When awakened, Blades will give the driver a weapon. They also accompany the driver and fight alongside them.

    I know this is pretty much simplified.
  15. About the world, do you plan to use gramps, or bionis, or mechois, or do you plan to make a brand new custom titan?
  16. Also each blade has a element that is super effective against other elements and weak to other elements. They also have field skills and affinity charts but those won't matter in the RP. And one last thing, specific weapon types belong to classes

    • Bitball (Healer)
    • Chroma Katana (Tank)
    • Ether cannon (Attacker)
    • Greataxe (Tank)
    • Knuckle Claws (Healer)
    • Megalance (Attacker)
    • Shield Hammer (Tank)
    • Twin Rings (Healer)
    • Dual Scythes (Attacker)
  17. Books and Mechois are from Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and Gramps is a story character so he won't be in this. Titans that will be in this are the huge titans that carry the most popular cities and such, I cant remeber the titans names but the I know the cities names

    • Uraya Titan City (The only cities name I can't remember)
    • Gormotti Province (A province for the Gormotti, the cat eared people)
    • Mor Ardain (A industrial heaven, it's a in a depression with lack of food and housing right now)
    Those are all the names I can remember and the cities that will be on the most
  18. About occupation, what is the occupation i nxenoblade? I know in pokemon there is trainer, breeder, ranger and such
  19. Driver, Salvager, Merchant, Guild Trader, or Info Merchant.

    And there's a difference from a Driver and a part time Driver, Drivers make a living off of being a Driver
  20. Allright, i think i have enough information for now. Will post later because I need time to make a character, but i will use clawitzer for sure because i like the idea of having my character carry around a bignermous clawzooka.
  21. Your weapon type would be a Aether Canon
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  22. Name: Robin Ambers
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Robin is very shy, quiet, and introverted. She is very artistic and open minded. She is a quick thinker and really sassy, witty, and playful when you get to know her.
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Driver
    Blade: Gallade
    Appearance: Robin is a tall slender woman who wears a black body suit and knee high black leather boots. She has long wavy black hair and midnight black eyes. She also wears glasses

    Blade Sheet:
    (The Pokemons) Name: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Gallade looks like his mega form but the giant blades on his hands are gone and he has more human like hands. He also has a sheath for his weapon around his hip.
    Personality: Gallade is very serious and stern. He is very noble and brave. Although he will gladly trade his life for others, his priority will always be Robin.
    Element: Ground
    Weapon: Chroma Katana
    Arts: Psycho Cut: Gallade charges his psychic energy into his katana and launches a wave of Psychic energy at the foe that does more damage when he is attacking from the side.
    Earthquake: Gallade jabs his blade into the ground and causes a massive earthquake that damages all foes on the field which launches all foes
    Low Sweep: Gallade runs up to the enemy and swipes his blade underneath the foe that causes the enemy to topple
    Protect: Makes all of the foes focus on attacking him but he receives no damage for 30 seconds
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  23. Alright, I think I got enough info to (Somewhat) Understand what to do.

    Name: Kit Winters
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kit is generally a fairly nice, but shy person when he is around new people. At first, he may appear reclusive, but he still tries to interact with others. When others do get to know him, they may see him as very friendly, funny, and to a degree, competitive.
    Age: 20
    Occupation: Trainer (Potential Driver)
    Blade: Frostbite (Froslass)
    Appearance: Kit has blond hair with blue in his right eye and brown in his left eye due to having heterochromatic eyes (A rare trait that causes a person to have different eye colors). He has blue jeans, a green shirt with a cyan jacket that he leaves unzipped when its warm out, but zipped up when its cold.

    (The Pokemons) Name: Frostbite (Froslass)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Frostbite possess angelic like wings (where her hands are normally) and has a halo made of blue ice crystals. Her eyes are more blue (Right) and brown (Left) and has a cyan cape
    Personality: Frostbite is often a trickster and will pull pranks on her friends and allies, but she will go into an uncontrollable rage if anyone attempts to threaten Kit or his friends.
    Element: Ice
    Weapon: Bitball
    Arts: Blizzard (Attack up if attacking from the side or behind), Shadow Ball (Has chance to inflict bleeding), Draining Kiss (Heals nearby allies when dealing damage), Ice Beam (No effect)

    Also question, would I be correct in assuming that the Blades (Pokemon) Would be able to communicate with their drivers like normal human beings or just like regular pokemon?
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  24. They can speak the human language, and I assume Kit will take the role of a healer, also can you change Tome to Bitball, a Bitball is like a ball filled with that elements energy so it's kind of like a time, it's just that there is no Tome weapon in Xenoblade
  25. Alright, gotcha. He'll likely be duel healer/mage (If possible)
    If not, he'll just take role as healer.
  26. There are no mages in Xenoblade, so yes, just healer
  27. Character
    Name: Suerin Morgan(called Sue)
    Gender: female
    Personality: Sue is a energetic and curious girl. She really likes going around places and discover something new. She can be harsh even to her friend sometimes, but that's her way of showing her care. She is not that good at remembering complex things but she make it up by being perceptive to people and environment. She is a gold digger, literally and figuratively.
    Age: 22
    Occupation: Salvager
    Blade: Clawitzer
    Appearance: Sue has small petite figure, making her looks really weird when using her big cannon. She has shoulder-length auburn hair that normally tied into small ponytail. Her eyes is light-brown. She wears black shirt with orange jacket on top of it. She also wears blue shorts, black kneepads and brown sturdy boots. She wears black goggles on her head and black leather gloves for better grips on her cannon.

    (The Pokemons) Name: Clawitzer
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Clawitzer is... Clawitzer. But his dominant color is purple instead of blue. He has some extra holes in his right claw because he use some kind of energy launcher to move around.
    Personality: Clawitzer is impulsive and blunt. He also thinks that every problem can be solved by destroying it source. His favorite catchphrase is "BOOM! BOOM! DIE!!"
    Element: light
    Weapon: Aether cannon
    Arts: Dragon pulse, flash cannon(attack up if used from the front), crabhammer(melee, attack up if used from behind), aura sphere(can slightly change its trajectory, making it harder to dodge)
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  28. Accepted
  29. Alright, quick question before I sign up: Would I be allowed to use a fan made variant of an official Pokémon that I made? (I'm asking this because it would be perfect for the blade that goes along with my character for this RP. Also, I have played a bit of XB 2 and all of the first.)
  30. Great! And since you know how Xenoblade works I'll let you.
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  31. Also should I post the actual RP now?
  32. Well alright, I suppose I'll get my bio in as soon as possible then. (Note that the blade will be having the role of an attacker and if the RP were having game play elements, it would have a stat modifier of Ether 15%. I'll be posting the arts with brief descriptions and maybe having a database sheet for them later if needed.)
  33. A bunch of the in game stuff isn't needed, like field skills and abilities. Also Aux Cores won't be as important and stat modifiers don't matter either.
  34. Role play is kind of like a movie without a script. Like in most animes based off of games a bunch of the stuff that's for the in game experience and don't make sense in a tv show. Like take pokemon for example. They took out the level system because it wouldn't really make sense.
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  35. Alright, finished with my character bios! The light element really fits with my fan made Cyndaquil.

    Character Sheet:
    Her name is Alica Coret.
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Alica is active and outgoing. She loves to explore new places while finding any lost loot from folklore or other people that she received favors from. Although she may be stern from others from time to time, she usually is serious to assert her leadership and to make sure that everyone puts their foot forward. She doesn't always back out like a typical girl in a horror movie would, and will often do what it takes to ensure victory for the next battle to come, even if it costs her some precious items.
    Age: She is about 17 Years old.
    Occupation: She is a Merchant.
    Blade: Cyndaquil N⁰
    Appearance: Alica stands at the height of 4'10" or about roughly 147 centimeters, as she has fair skin, brown eyes and braided black hair in the style of a side bun. She wears a one piece, sleeveless gray skater dress and black converse shoes each having a single pearl near the toe cap. She wears a tan, continental rucksack that holds some items of necessity, personal articles and other miscellaneous items while also having other objects that she sells to others in exchange for gold or other valuable items. Due to the absence of a scanner or any technology of the likes in her area of origin, her father modified her childhood plush toy of a baby Skarmory to have the functions of multiple conventional machines into one. The plushie sits on her right shoulder, as it is able to speak in the voice of a young Skarmory and also fly around if needed. It serves the purposes of an atlas, guider, scanner and many more that will be discovered in the RP.

    Blade Sheet:
    Cyndaquil N⁰ (He is usually referred to as Cyndaquil or his real name if anyone happens to know to make RPing much easier.)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: The body of Cyndaquil N⁰ is primarily a shade of snowy white, with the flames on his back now being a pale powder blue. His underside is now an ivory white, with the four spots on his back now in the shade of baby blue. The single claw on each foot is now a light shade of daisy white, though he still seems to lack any claws on his small arms though. Due to the somewhat higher temperatures of his body, he wears a sky blue, cooling scarf around his neck.
    Personality: Cyndaquil N⁰ is rather timid around others, since he hardly ever talks due to his voice that still sounds like a neonate's. He tends to express himself through telepathy while communicating his anger through the use of his arts, as it is hard for him to reason with others due to a lack of social experience. He also has a tendency to fall asleep more than a typical person would due to his somewhat dense body requiring more energy to properly maintain itself throughout the day.
    Element: Light
    Weapon: Ether Cannon
    • Neutrino Blast: Cyndaquil N⁰ employs the power of neutron energy to blast the target with various particles of light, using a combination of subatomic force and gravity. This may inflict burn damage to the target over time.
    • Cosmic Snare: Cyndaquil N⁰ places a hidden trap near his location in the battlefield. When an enemy steps on the trap, the trap binds them to the ground, rendering them immobile while inflicting more damage over time the longer the enemy is trapped. Forces daze on flying enemies and halves the ether stat for 15 seconds.
    • Particle Breath: Cyndaquil N⁰ blasts the target with an incredible blast of subatomic particles. The breath of particles damages enemies and possibly gives them a random debuff while slightly healing allies and steadily removing debuffs.
    • Starfall Salvo: Cyndaquil N⁰ summons a multitude of small meteors down from the sky onto all enemies. The harsh recoil from the art will lower his strength, ether and agility by 50% for 30 seconds. Due to the prominent power of this art having the possibly of him going into a coma if abused, this art is restricted to one use per battle.
  36. Accepted
  37. Alright, I fixed it and changed Tome to Bitball. And I'm up for starting it when everyone else is :)
  38. I'm ready to go. Btw read the opening in Italic cuz it's important

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