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XBox Sneakers

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Lucario454, May 17, 2009.

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  1. An artist has been trying to auction off a one of a kind pair of Xbox360 shoes he's made. What do we get from these shoes? Secret online connections? Though that thought was a little stupid to begin with, what you really get is even worse: An XBox Symbol that lights up. Yes, it lights up.

    Wait so you expect us to pay $2,000 just for shoes that light up? So these adult sized shoes that are aimed at adults are supposed to make us buy them by lighting up? I know that in second grade it was cool, but now it's just a few flashy lights.

    Well let's gather the facts. These shoes are a men's size 11. They have a green X that glows by way of fiber optics. The battery is stored in the toungue of the shoe. And don't forget he expects us to pay well over two thousand dollars for them.

    What do you think?
  2. [EDIT] Thats what you get when you dont get enough sleep and browse through too many sites that are in 3 different languages each D:!

    Well. Xbox Sneakers would be a nice thing to wear. I mean ok 2000dollars is way too much for a pair of shoes, but Im a sneakers person. Right now I have ~11 pairs of sneakers that Im wearing, and if they look good, why not?
    It depends on the way they glow, and whether or not you can switch it off I think.
    I have to see them first!
  3. Umm... English? It's really hard to read in a different language. :(
  4. Edited the hell out of it.
    The all-nighter has taken its toll on me :D
  5. Linkachu

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    ... Well, you gotta give the guy some credit for creativity. Horribly overpriced, but I'd be interested to see what poor fool of a fanwhore actually buys them XD

    Any pics of these shoes available online?
  6. I just saw them on the yahoo news thing. You can probly find pics on ebay. It is where the the guy is selling as far as I know. I'm not sure of the ability to purchase them from Europe because the shoes are currently in California. Unless he's already sold them.

    Oh, and as far as the lights go, they have a strobe and steady function switch. I'd bet it would hurt the feet, that switch. :p
  7. Aw come one if you open such a thread you have to post some pictures too!
    We're not clairvoyant :D


    WOO Nike Dunks! They look pretty awesome, and the lights are cool too!
    Problem is , that they're a little bit too expensive. I would pay ~150€ for them though!

    heres the ebay link
  8. Xbox sneakers just seem a bit too materialistic to me. $2k for a pair of shoes... why?!?!
  9. Yoshimitsu

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    If I had that sort of money, I'd buy them.
  10. Celadon

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    I think they are a bit too overrated.

    Come on, which adult would actually like to buy and wear sneakers which glow whenever we walk. Quite impractical, if you ask me.

    I mean, glow-shoes are OK for children, but size 11 is hardly for children, now, is it?

    Moreover, who would pay $2000 for sneakers? I mean, they won't perform anything more or less than normal sneakers, now, would they?>>
  11. Secad MS

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    Other than the glowing thing and expensiveness, I think the shoes look pretty cool. Evidently this artist took a bit of time on this. The Nike swoosh fading end looks nice and neat, not taking away from the 'X'.

    However, even if it didn't glow or it wasn't uber expensive, I still wouldn't buy them to wear. I wouldn't want to mess them up, and I kill shoes.
  12. Sorry about the picture thing. I suck at putting images in posts. :(
    [quote author=Souloux link=topic=6106.msg101978#msg101978 date=1242695463]
    Xbox sneakers just seem a bit too materialistic to me. $2k for a pair of shoes... why?!?!

    I know, right? Now if they were in a smaller size and costed less, I might of bought them for my younger cousin. But I really don't see the point of something so impractical. I mean, you cant wear them obviously, because they'd get so messed up. You'd probably have to lock them in a glass box, which renders the lights useless, if you actually want the lights on, that is.
    Point is, $2,000 is really just to much for shoes you can't do anything with. :( You'd have to be pretty materialistic, as Souloux said.
  13. 100-200euros and I would have bought them. Even with the light.
    Thoes shoes are practical as any other sneakers.
    When Im outside I dont care whether or not people look at my shoes because they are awesome. the only off-putting thing is the price though.
  14. The reason they seem impractical to me, is that since there is only one pair, people wouldn't wear them. Who would risk destroying the best pair of shoes ever? ( That just has to be your opinion on these if you actually spend this much money on them. ;D)
  15. lol i heard about those
  16. Yoshimitsu

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    I agree with your name, MadeOfFail. It's very accurate.
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