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World of Warcraft

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Jeydis, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Jeydis

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    Hello everyone! I wanted to post up a new WoW topic for people that are currently playing since the last topic by Linkachu is quite old @_@.

    So yeah what class do you guys play, what bosses do you like facing? Are you a PVPer? etc etc.

    Let's keep it polite, insulting a class all together is not a good idea and makes for petty debates.

    So ill start, I mainly play a female troll hunter by the name of Jeydis, Im more of a PVE person so I raid and do dungeons most of the time, when im not doing that im mostly acheivement hoarding :D.

    So yeah what about you guys?

    PS: if anyone is curious and wants to take a peek, this is my main on WoW armory
  2. Imaginative naming is imaginative.

    As you can see, 'space goat' priest, aka HealBot. I'm mostly doing Heroic Dungeons (they're harder because the monsters do more damage, not because Blizzard can do harder fights) at the moment with my boyfriend as the Paladin (I
  3. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Galakrond&n=Rotak
    Nelf Hunter from deh beginning! I originally had one on Doomhammer, got her to 60, got bored so my bro deleted her. Then I made another on Medihv, 70, Xpac came out so then I took a free realm transfer outta there.
    Also started a Dwarf Priest, who after a lot of struggling, I got to level twenty. I was mostly motivated cuz I made up a character that was pretty much the same as her, and I wanted to try healing for a change.
    I haven't played since my brother went to college and my parents made him cancel the account, but I was on my way to the Silver Covenant Hippogriff on Rotak. Mostly, I did just plain ol' quests when I had the time to play, cuz I trust most Puggers as far as I could throw them. And I'm a wimp. So I like explored and such. And did what ever Achievements I could. So yeah.
  4. Jeydis

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    Alot of flying mounts act a bit glitchy with the ground over the last few patches. I have wierd pauses and departures all the time on my Bronze drake ><

    I started doing the same thing my on healing shaman, its just not worth the pain of healing a group that doesnt know what they are doing... plus they often blame the healer because tanks are oddly turned into gods since Wrath.

    Im off the game too for now sicne im too broke to go renew for now. Do you have the intention of restarting when you get a chance? Oh and as a fellow hunter I have to ask, what is your favourite pet? :D

    PS: NEs and space goats I respect even as a fervent horde player. Dwarves too since I find the males hilarious, cant judge the females... I think there 3 on my whole server that play >
  5. Respect for the Draenei? Only for the males for me, I personally think the female model is oh-so-sexy; Nelfs on the other had are due a lot of respect, particularly in cases where you are forced to wear trousers, those thighs are hideous.

    Female Dwarfs are the rarest of the rare, I think I've seen about three (one was a level 80 Tankadin, so some people must like them).
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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  7. Hiyoooooooh~

    Is this gravedigging? Shouldnt be!

    Well I returned back to WoW after repairing my overheating laptop (it went up to 98°c which would be enough to boil water x.x)

    I played WoW for 5 years from the beginning on , and stopped playing when the final school exams began, and now I started playing again, because the game turned out to be less of a Timesink than it was back in the days.

    So I came back to my old Hordechar, Batuhan, because my Ol'Pally tank Fumanshu (who rocked the Fumanshu beard :D) had no cool people to play with and because Horde is cooler anyways (nah not really)

    Batuhan is a Tauren Warrior, a Class/Race that fits me I think, cause they do damage and tank by yelling at the enemies, which is very cool in my eyes D:<

    here is a picture of Batuhan:
    Who needs Dragons when you have a kickass Flying Ray? I mean come on!

    When I play I usually go for Raid stuff while trying out to Max out my character.
    When I do that I try to get every last drop of DPS out of him and more DMG than people who have better equipment. Its not always possible, but it often works.
    I cant become the best because that would mean to abandon everything I do in my free time D:

    Other than that , I love getting stuff that makes my Character more Special. Right now I have 52 Mounts , some of them pretty rare that took long to get, but hey now I now I dont look like the typical dude anymore.
    The title is something that people cant get anymore so thats cool cause it sets me apart a bit.

    I started playing the game 2 nights ago, and right now Im on my way to buy the 4th T9 item.

    I must say that the game has really changed positively for all those people who dont want to waste all of their time on it.
    Its really easy to get your items to be ready for raids, and because all the cool people I played with are still there, I can join them and have fun with em.

    PVP Servers can be fun, but also very very very frustrating. You would have the advantage of running around with a partner, but theres certain areas in the game, where lvl80 chars hunt for low lvl chars just to piss em off.And then sit around at the spawning point for hours ;/
    The real open PVP times are over anyways, now that everyone can teleport directly into those instances so PVP server or not doesnt make that much of a difference anymore, even though PVP servers feel more..real you could say.
    You see someone help you out, you /wave him and let him live, he attacks you, or acts like an ass, you attack him. That should work with your own faction too :D
    But all in all it doesnt make THAT much of a difference. I played both PVE and PVP. Not RP though D:
  8. RP is very little different from any of the other servers, as few of the RP rules are actually enforced these days (or so it seems, naming restrictions in particular are quite farcical). If anything, the only difference you will notice is that in the occasionaly pub you'll see people sitting around having a chat about the Scarlet Crusade, the Horde or generally introducing each other.

    Also as an update on my previous post, I have my Hippogryph, yay :D And a Perky Pug yay! The new LFD system is most efficient, especially when you group with a tank.
  9. You get the new Gryphon when you go exalted with that Argentum tourney faction right?
    It looks pretty nice but I think Im gonna stick to my Cenarion War Hippogryph (Im gonna get that one anyways).
    What does the Alliance get for becoming champion at the Argentum tournament?
    The horde gets one of those Bloodelf Hawk/dragon thingies. pretty cool cause I still have none of those ;O
  10. The Silver Covenant Hippogryph - which I have - is the Alliance equivelant to the Horde's Sunreaver Dragonhawk.

    Go go Wiki :U

    I'd personally like access to both, but Draenei can't have everything.
  11. Mh but the Tauren dude hands out Argent Hippogryphs for 150 Champion Seals.

    So does the Alliance get 2 Argent Hippogryphs?
    One from the Covenant and one from the Faction guys?
  12. Jeydis

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    Yup the brown and white one is the neutral one and the all white one is the alliance specific mount.

    curently cut off wow again (damn government not giving me my money on time) just as I was getting raid heavy on my 2 toons.

    BTW im getting into making WoW sigs for players if you guys want any for either here or more commonly, the MMO champion forums or even your own guild forums if you have one.

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