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Ask to Join World Champion Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kaleb Advent, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Come one, come all! The WCT is finally on its way! This tournament is only for the best of the best, the champions among Champions, the strongest in the world! If you want to compete, then come to Unova for a Pokémon* battle you won't forget!
    *Legendaries are not allowed in the WCT. Sorry, but we want a fair fight!

    That was what the flyer had said. They had been setting up those things everywhere recently. Kaleb felt like the ads were a bit of a hyperbole, but he always did like a good Pokémon battle. He had asked for directions, like where to apply, and learned it was taking place in the PWT. Now he was there, and had already applied. He was just waiting for the tournament to start now.

    Kaleb started to dig through his bag, letting out an annoyed sigh when he saw that it was filled with of Whis's (his Whimsicott) sticky cotton. "Again?" He mumbled under his breath. He would talk to him about it later. For now, he just took out a few snacks -- Soda Pop and a Big Malasada, to be specific -- and sent out his Pokémon to feed them some Poképuffs so they wouldn't feel left out. Before long, they were all eating away.

    ((If you want to join, I'm going to set up a separate thing for it. Link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/world-champion-tournament-application.15350/ ))

    ((People who can comment so far: @Vulpix90, @Adaline, @Evo the Ralts, @HydreigonBorn37, @Tundra, @XxBlackRosexX and myself.))
    #1 Kaleb Advent, Jan 20, 2017
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  2. Ava hadn't joined a tournament like this in months. She had been so busy moving into her new house and setting up her new life in Viridian City. After it all became too stressful she decided she needed some time away so she traveled back into one of the many regions she had traveled through before to visit some old friends. And they showed her the flyer. Needless to say it only took her about half a second to decide she wanted to join it. So after signing up she let out all her Pokemon to tell them about it. Once Espeon, Blastoise, Lucario, Ninetails and Vulpix, Eevee had been out on Ava's shoulder like usually already, were in front of her she told them all about it.

    "I know it's been a while and we haven't gotten that much training. But hey, it's not like we were just sitting around doing nothing. We're in good shape and I know we'll do well here. It'll be so much fun, it's really been too long. Just because we settled down now doesn't mean we won't battle anymore after all. So we..." She stopped, frowning when she noticed Lucario wasn't paying attention to what she was saying. "Hey, Lucario come on. I'm giving a pep talk here what's up?" Lucario's eyes snapped back to her then and he blushed a bit, trying to pretend like he had been listening the whole time. Ava's eyes went to where his had been before. She saw a trainer and his Pokemon eating. Pokepuffs. Well, that explained it. She sighed deeply. "Alright, treats first then so we can all focus." Ava nodded. They all seemed happy about that but Lucario kept looking all 'alright cool, whatever' even though she knew he was excited about it as well.

    She looked around but couldn't find a place that sold Pokepuffs so she wondered where he got them from. Well, she could just do the simple thing and ask. She walked over to the little group with a smile, her own Pokemon behind her. "Hey. Sorry to disturb. I just wanted to ask if you got those Pokepuffs from around here, I'd like to get some for my Pokemon as well."
  3. Kaleb looked up at the girl, as did a few of his Pokemon (most notably Felicia and Lucas). He had just finished a bite of his Malasada, so he was free to talk. "Hmm? Oh, those. I suppose you could say that, 'cause I made them myself. If you're Pokemon would like some, I have plenty to spare. Gimme a sec..." He started to rummage through his Bag. He was still amazed by the seemingly hammerspace-esque properties a Bag had. "No... That's not it... Ah! Here they are." Kaleb pulled out a lidded basket from his Bag. He opened it, and a variety of different colored Pokepuffs could be seen inside. He held the basket out towards her. "Here. Take whatever. I've got plenty, and I can always make more."

    Meanwhile, some of Kaleb's Pokemon had taken an interest in Ava's team and were now mingling with them. Lucas had gone over to the other Lucario to say hello. Salem was examining the other Ninetales and the Vulpix. Flo seemed to have taken an interest in Blastoise. Whis was just floating above, getting a bird's eye view (even though he's not a bird) of her team. Felicia was sitting next to Espeon; since she knew she was going to evolve into a Psychic-type, she had taken a liking to other Psychic-type Pokemon. Ace, as usual, wasn't really interacting with any of the other Pokemon.
  4. "Oh that's so nice of you, thank you very much." She smiled and they all mingled with the group. Ava sat down next to the boy and took out her sandwich. "I usually make them myself too but I'm staying with friends right now. I think asking them if I can use their kitchen might be a bit too much." The trainer huffed slightly and took a bite. "I'm Ava by the way." She mumbled, her mouth still full. One would never believe she was a supposed to be a grown up by now.
    She eyed his Pokemon though, knowing he would be one of her rivals so it would be good to size him up a bit. He had a diverse team just like her and they all seemed to get along wonderfully. Her Pokemon befriended some of his already as well. Even Vulpix didn't seem as shy as usual, probably amazed by his Alolan Ninetails.
  5. "No problem." Seeing her smile, he returned it with one of his own. "Name's Kaleb. Nice to meet you." He took a drink of his Soda Pop. He took a look at her Pokemon, realizing she might have applied for the WCT. "I like your team," he complimented. "Are you entering the tournament too?" Shortly after asking, he took another bite of his malasada. He had a feeling she was entering, since she was at the PWT and all, but he just wanted to make sure.
  6. "I am. I'm guessing you are too? I like your team as well." She complimented. "They all seem really happy, I'm always glad to meet trainers like you." Ava said honestly. "If you go to enough tournaments like this you meet trainers you'd rather never met, seriously." She huffed. It made her mad when trainers treated their Pokemon like some kind of servants and not as partners.
  7. He nodded his head. "Yeah, I am. And, uh, thanks." He always got a bit flustered when someone complimented him or his team. "Yeah, some people need to learn that Pokemon are more than just... things to do their bidding." Seeing people treat their Pokemon poorly tended to make him mad, too. "Especially those evil teams. You know, like Team Rocket or Team Galactic."
  8. "Oh, don't get me started on them. They're the worst." She said and smiled when Eevee came back to her, with Pokepuff frosting all over her mouth. "I'm guessing it was tasty?" Ava chuckled at her nod and took out a wash cloth to wipe it off. Maybe she should stop babying her but she couldn't help it. After all she did raise her from the second she hatched from her egg.
  9. Evan had recently moved to the Unova Region, a place he knew very well from his scuffle with Team Plasma. He and his team had come a long way, and they were all rearing for some action. Problem was, none of the other trainers in Nimbasa City, where he lived, were anywhere close to his level of experience. So, obviously, when he saw the flyers for this WCT everywhere, he and his team became very excited. "Oh boy!" Evan said. "This'll be great! Rapster, come on out!" He said, as he threw his Pokeball up in the air and Rapster came out of it. "Starrrrrraptor!" He roared. "Alright Rapster, lets fly! To the PWT!" He said as he jumped on Rapster's back and they flew off in the blink of an eye.

    He arrived at Driftveil City, the place where the PWT, sight of the WCT, was located, and ran straight to the building. He ran up to the doors, let all of his Pokemon out, and headed inside to sign up. He sloppily and quickly jotted down his name and the names of his Pokemon. Then, he went and sat down. "Ahhhh!" He said, as he stretched out on one of the benches. "I can't wait for the tournament to start! We haven't been in a tournament since back in the Ferrum Region, right Sam?" Sam nodded in reply. Evan then noticed a boy and a girl talking, while their Pokemon ate Pokepuffs. But one of them looked familiar. "Hey! Are you two participating in th-" He said walking closer, but then he noticed something. The boy was the one that looked familiar. And do you know why?

    It was his brother.

    "O-oh my god! Kaleb! Kaleb, is that you? It's me! Evan!" He said walking towards them. "Hey, bro! How're you doing after all these years?"
  10. Kaleb was about to reply to Ava when he heard a familiar voice. His expression lit up when he introduced who he was. He stood up to meet him. "Evan? As in my little brother Evan?"

    Felicia certainly must've recognized him as well back from when they were in the Ferrum region, 'cause Kaleb had barely finished his question when she tackle hugged him. "Brai! Brai!"

    Kaleb couldn't help but laugh at this. "Looks like Felicia missed you, too. What are you-" Kaleb didn't even finish when he realized the obvious. "Are you participating in the WTC too?"
  11. ((Adding on to the previous post. One sec.))
  12. ((Okay, it's good now.))
  13. "Ack! Felicia, hey! It's been a while!" He says as Felicia then notices Sam, and goes over to talk about epic battles they've had and the memories they had. " Oh, absolutely! When I saw the flyers, there was no way I was passing up on this opportunity! So... who's the girlllll you're sittin with? Is she your GIIRRRLFRIEEEEEND? Hehe... just kidding. Just so you know, I won't lose to you! Not this time... not again. Me and my team have been training for this very day!"
  14. ((Just a heads up, there's no controlling each other's Pokemon.))

    Kaleb's face turned red after that question. "She's not my girlfriend, we just met!" He let out a small sigh, before continuing. "Anyway, this is Ava. She's also participating in the tourney." He then turns to face Ava and gestures toward Evan. "Ava, this just so happens to be my little brother, Evan."
  15. Revis was bored when he found out about this so called "World Championship Tournament" was announced. Although he usually wouldn't accept the advertisement as he had never heard of the event, he still accepted the offer as it was essentially the offseason in Kalos, the only events being Showcases, something of his gender could not participate in.

    So now he is located in Unova, strolling after signing in him and his Pokémon. He had ear buds in at the moment, listening to one of the more popular raps songs the region had to offer, his Gallade and Gardevoir walking next to him holding hands or rather arms as Gallade doesn't really have hands. As the only two of his team that couldn't be separated, they had the right of remaining outside their Pokéball.

    He continued on his path until he came up to a group of youth, one boy who looked near the beginning of his teens, another boy who looked much closer to his own age yet not quite their yet, and the oldest being a red haired girl that seemed to be almost exactly his age. Revis was curious, to see a young woman with younger company, that doesn't happen very often. Judging from the expression of the older boy, the younger boy had recently made a comment upon the relationship that he himself was intrested in. Mildly amused, he decided to sit on a bench nearby the trio, Apollo and Delphi sitting next to him.
  16. Danny arrived at the Unova Region. He sprinted of the plane. Saizo followed him hastily. Danny saw a flyer float by as left the plane. He picked up the flyer and said,"It's the same thing as before, Saizo, we better not let our gaurd down in this tournament!" Danny crumpled up the fyler and stuffed it in his bag.

    Lumiose City wasn't really a tourist trap currently. It was the off-season for battling, and not too many people enjoyed contests. The plan was relativley uncrowded.

    He saw a group of people. He was intrested to see if they we're in the tournament. Although he was twenty-three, he didn't act like it. He and Saizo ran towards the group of people and introduced himself," I'm Danny Ibuku, from Lumiose City! This is Saizo, the Greninja, are you guys competeing in the tournament?"
  17. Waking up late as usual, Mason or BlackRose did not have time to do his hair this morning. He hurried to get out the door, almost forgetting his bag and sketchbook. BlackRose heard about this tournament from his mother. Although he is 12, you can't underestimate him. So he thought. He sent out Poliwrath and put in a earbud on his left ear, "Are you ready Poliwrath??? because i am feeling a little nervous, not goimg to lie" he said with a smile. BlackRose collected all eight gym badges from kalos, and wanted to come to Unova to do the same.

    He walked around for a little bit and found a group of trainers. BlackRose returned Poliwrath to her ball and asked "Hi fellow trainers, do you have any idea where to register for this tournament thingy". BlackRose said awkwardly
  18. Revis watched as more and more of young trainers begin to congregate around the trio. Calls of "Are you in the tournament" and "Where can I sign up" were abundant. Revis sighed, it was a little too crowded for his liking, and even if he was a social person, he tended to appreciate older company.

    He decided to stand and walk away from the vicinity, telepathically calling for Apollo and Delphi to follow behind.
  19. Since it seemed like no one heard him, BlackRose noticed a stranger walking away with his Gardevoir and Gallade. He approached him and asked him "Excuse me mister, where do I sign up for the tournament?"
  20. Delphi made a gesture to the younger boy that sign ups were to his left, before Apollo escorted her once again towards their trainer who had telepathically told them to aid the youngster.
  21. "Hey thanks mister" BlackRose said and he headed off to the building. As he went to sign himself up, Poliwrath let herself out of her ball. "Oh hey there Poliwrath, you wanna be out too?" I then registered all my pokemon and left. BlackRose let out all of his pokemon and asked them to pose so he can draw them, he also promised pokepuffs.

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