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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Weeds, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Okay, this fic'll be like an intro for my new pokemon rp char, Tyson Ridgecrest. Enjoy!



    The old man picked up his papers, closed his laptop and picked up his briefcase. He stood up and took on his black hat, leaning it slightly to cover his eyes. his Murkrow stood on the table watching his master. The two were very alike. The man looked around the small, cold room he'd been working from today. There were big holes in the wall, the whole house was going to be wrecked in a few days. The faint blue glow gave the impression that the house was cold, even though it was late summer.

    "Krrooooww!" the Murkrow exclaimed, jumping around on the table in the room's center.

    "Yes, I know," the old man said. "We should get going. We've been around here long enough."

    The Murkrow nodded, then flew ahead in a long corridor that lead out of the room. The man followed his pokemon. He sighed. His job wasn't an easy one. Moving around from day to day to avoid being caught by the police wasn't good for your health, especially at this age. Only a few more days, the man thought to himself, and this job will be done. Then you can buy that mansion in Fuchsia you've dreamed about.

    The Murkrow was waiting for his partner in the end of the corridor. They went down a spiral staircase and out through a door, to enter one of Celadon's back streets. Steam was erupting from a vent, the alley smelled like rotten meat. The man nodded to his Murkrow, who flew upwards, toward the cloudless sky. The black pokemon swooped down to pass the street in front of the entrance to the alley, then returned to his master with a confirmative nod; the coast is clear.

    The man stepped out on the streets of Celadon, the sun gazing above. The old man took off his jacket and carried it over his shoulder. After a while he placed it over his suitcase to grab his Pokegear with his free hand. A few clicks, and he placed it by his ear. The Murkrow landed on his shoulder.

    After three beeps, a low male voice answered. Yes?

    "I sent the files," the old man said. "There were no complications. I'm moving on to the next spot on the agenda."

    Was system security tough? the voice asked.

    "Not at all." the man replied. "It was very easy, in fact. Devon should be ashemed of themselves."

    A low chuckle in the other end of the line. Then: Of course you didn't leave any traces, did you?

    "What are you taking me for?" the old man exclaimed in a offended voice. "I'm a professional hacker. I never leave any traces."

    Of course. Just checking. No offense.

    "None taken."

    It was silent in both ends. After a while the voice said: You realise how close we are to making the deal of our lives?

    The old man nodded. "Team Rocket has promised us a great deal for those files. I'm going to retire after this deal. It should be enough to keep me happy for the rest of my life."

    Don't be too confident. the voice said in the other end. I said that we're close, but we don't have the money yet. The Rockets have proved to be unreliable in the past. We have no assurance that they will keep their promise.

    "Oh well." the man replied. "We can just wait and see."

    Yes. the voice said. Wait and see. The line broke.

    The old man put his Pokegear back into his pocket. He looked up towards the blue sky. Oh, they'll give us the money. I have my ways of making sure about that.


    It'll be explained later on.
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Take yer time my good man. Epic material can't be rushed, and this looks like it will be fun. I'll be waiting for chaper 1.
  3. Thanx Psycho Monkey! I'll try not to disappoint ya! ;)


    Chapter 1 - The road to Celadon

    Tyson collapsed in the shade of a big oak tree. He was panting heavily, the run had been a long one. Spirit, his faithful Arcanine, stood beside him with a confident grin.

    "All right, all right," Tyson said. "I get it all ready. But how was I supposed to know it was the ladies dressing room? It didn't say so anywhere."

    Spirit looked at his partner with a face that said: I saw the sign.

    "Okay, maybe there was a sign. But it was on the back side! It was impossible to see from the front!"

    Spirit shook his head. He had been by Tyson's side as the duo approached the dressing room. They both knew that.

    "I give up." Tyson said. "But it WAS an accident. You know that."

    Spirit nodded. THAT was true. Tyson was not the kind of man who'd go peep on girls getting dressed on purpose. The thought of what his girlfriend would do was enough to keep him away from such temptations.

    Tyson looked down the road. It was empty. "I think we outran them." Tyson said to Spirit. Spirit looked down the road himself, and nodded again. There was no angry mob of teenage girls hunting them anymore.

    The two stepped out on the road and continued down it. It was a lovely day. There were no clouds in the sky, and the sun was gazing down on Tyson and his best friend. This was what life really was. He would never even have dreamed that the world could be this peaceful back when he lived in Mt. Coronet. Up there the weather had always been miserable. And when he was a kid, in Veilstone, he was too afraid of his father and concerned of his mother to notice the sunny days. His life had been a constant storm.

    Tyson wondered how it was inside a hot pokeball in this heat, so he let Shade, Illy and Forest come out of theirs to enjoy the sunshine. Forest and Illy seemed happy enough, but Shade was very uneasy.

    "Oh, right." Tyson said. "I forgot. As a ghost pokemon you don't like sunshine, right?"

    Shade nodded slightly and Tyson retreated her back into the darkness of her pokeball.

    After a while Celadon became visible in the horizon. "That's Celadon city. We'll be staying there for a while."

    "Exxeegg!" Forest exclaimed unhappily.

    "I know," Tyson sighed. "You like camping in nature, but I don't enjoy it as much as you do. And we had to leave our tent in Saffron, I couldn't run with it on my back."

    "Illuuu?" Illy looked questioningly at Tyson.

    "Never mind." Tyson said, a little embarrassed. Beside him Spirit gave an amused bark.

    It was already dark as the party entered Celadon. The people on the streets were few, most had already returned home after work. The ones who were on the streets, however, seemed a little bit suspicious. Beggars sat by lampposts with black hats in front of their feet, hoping that one of the nice rich ladies and gentlemen would spare them a coin. A violin player with a Jigglypuff preformed at the corner of the street. Other than that, it was quiet.

    Tyson released Shade from her pokeball, as this scenery suited her better than the one before. Tyson hired a room at a shabby motel called "Wingull Motels". After entering room 73 and making sure his pokemon were comfortable where they slept, Spirit beside Tyson's bed, he wouldn't sleep anywhere else, Illy on the TV, Shade in a pot found in one of the cupboards and Forest in the shower (which he, to everyone's annoyance, had turned on) Tyson fell onto his bed, sleeping before his head hit the pillow. Life, he thought, Is wonderful.
  4. Chapter 2 - The Second Victim

    Tony grinned as he pressed the button to send the files to his personal server. Hacking into Silph Co's files had been a challenge worthy of a man like himself. Tony had just got into the hacking business, but he was damn good at it. His reputation was so good that he had his first official mission assigned by Team Rocket, the head honcho's of criminal activity in Kanto. Not bad, not bad at all.

    Tony wiped off his greasy hands on his white sleeveless shirt. At least it had been white at some point. Now it was mostly grey, red and orange from pizza remains and other random filth. Tony looked down on his shirt. The first thing I'll do with Rocket's money, he thought, is buy some clothes that actually fit on me. Because that was exactly what he needed. His current shirt only covered half of his stomach, making it more like a bra for his man boobs. Very gross indeed.

    The fat man stood up and grabbed a slice of extra-cheesy pepperoni pizza. While taking a huge bite out of it, he wandered around in his apartment. It was small, messy and stinky. Tony was the typical computer nerd. He didn't have time to clean up. He was hacking into the world's most famous companies, working for the head criminals in Kanto, goddamit! After he finished his deal with TR he might consider hiring people to clean his apartment. Or maybe I'll just skip that, he thought, and buy a nice cheap house in Lavender. That place is famous for its ocean views, and its otherwise a peaceful town. The cops wouldn't find me there.

    Tony went over to his bed, nerly tripping over a Granbull as he did so. Tony kicked the pokemon hard in its side.

    "Gunther! You lazy bastard! You should be guarding the door, not sleeping here, you smelly Slowpoke poop!" Tony yelled at the dog pokemon.

    The Granbull winced weakly, then trotted along to the door, obeying his master, even though he could easily have overpowered that selfish Snorlax man. Inside Gunther loved his partner, even though his love wasn't returned. Tony had found him as a Snubull on a cold, rainy night. The man had taken him in and healed him from his disease, probably saving the pokemon's life. Gunther loved him for that, but Tony only thought of Gunther as a guard dog, not worth anything. Gunther sat down by the door as Tony began to snore. Life, he thought, is everything else than wonderful.
  5. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I love the two completely different types of people you've portrayed with the completely oppposite views on life they have. Indeed you don't disapoint! :)
  6. Let me second that!

    *uses Psychic powers to bring on MOAR!!!*
  7. Forest strikes me as the goofball of the group. I love how he drives everyone nuts in the shower, for some odd reason.
  8. Thanx everyone for the compliments! :D Since Cody allready handed his fans cookies, I'll have to give you guys chocolate bars!

    In a way Forest is naturally goofy. I mean, can you imagine a serious Exxeggutor? Didn't think so.


    Chapter Three - The Third Victim

    William Bilden Jr. sipped his wine carefully. He closed his eyes and leaned backwards in his Sharpedo-leather chair. Strange, he thought, how rough a Sharpedo's skin can be on the outside, yet so comfy on the inside. Of course pokemon leather was illegal, but what the heck did William care? It was only one of the crimes he committed, even though his main focus was hacking, an art he was extremely good at. So good even Team Rocket of Kanto had requested him to get some files for them.

    William stood up and walked over to the window of the zeppelin. It was dark outside; night had fallen upon the world. Down below the lone lights of a cruise ship shone on the otherwise empty sea. They were supposed to arrive in Celadon a little before dawn, where William would collect his prize money from Team Rocket, maybe go on a short tour of Kanto, then head back to Hoenn. He was planning on staying in Kanto for a week, his schedule was arranged according to that.

    William took another sip of his wine, then strolled around inside the VIP-room of the zeppelin. It was beautifully decorated, in the same light brown color as the Sharpedo leather. Not bad at all. the man thought. Maybe I should design my office in the same way. Or maybe the library. It is in need of a renovation. In a corner of the room was a broken pillar, cut in half only for this occasion, on which was a red cushion with golden edges. On the cushion was a custom-made design pokeball, with dark red leather instead of red and a diamond button in the center. Inside the ball was Raser, William's beloved Roserade.

    William sat back down and started thinking about Team Rocket's request. they had just asked for some petty files from the Pocketch company. It would have been possible for a less skilled hacker to perform the same operation. But TR had chosen him. Why? Maybe, William thought, they want a raise in their reputation. William smiled. It was his reputation that rose, not Team Rocket's. But the reason didn't matter, only the money did. 'Coz that's what it's all about, the man thought, using a language he usually despised, , money. That's what makes the world roll.

    William Bilden Jr. sat down in the chair and leaned back into the remains of what once was a Sharpedo. Everyone knew he used illegal leather and did lots of criminal stuff, but the finest part was simply that no one had ever proved that. There was never any proof left on his sites of crime. His greatest problem was pokemon rights activists. They flocked around his mansion, leaving an incredible mess behind. Sometimes they would even paint on his walls.

    But right now no pokemon rights activists would disturb him. He was going to Kanto for a big heap of money for an easy job, take a well deserved vacation, then return to his house fully refreshed and ready to fight any lunatics trying to spray graffiti on his home.

    But he didn't know the true nature of Team Rocket.


    I'll try to make my chapters a bit longer from now on.
  9. OH! Is this what I think?
  10. ... What do you think it is? *deals out another chocolate bar to everyone while asking*
  11. Chapter Four - Tension

    Tyson sat up so suddenly he scared the crap out of Spirit, who had been awake some time. The poor Arcanine made a terrified leap that would have impressed an elite jumper. Tyson looked over at his pokemon, then started laughing hysterically. Spirit's face was a mix of fear, anger and relief. The result was extremely comical. Spirit didn't seem to think so, as he peacefully trotted over to his trainer and set his bed afire with an Ember.

    Now it was Tyson's turn to impress the elite jumper. He literally flew out of the bed, clenching his pillow as he went. He crashed into the cabinet on which Shade was sleeping in her pot. The little ghost woke up and started screeching in anger and disappointment (she had had a really nice dream). Illy, who was already awake, came over to Shade, concernedly, and started begging the screech pokemon to stop; apparently Shade was swearing. Forest came out of the bathroom with a bar of soap in his mouth, and sat down by the door to munch on it. Spirit was rolling on the floor, barking with pleasure.

    Tyson stood up abruptly and ran over to the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. He grabbed it and started to spray foam wildly over the room, since Forest had taken interest in the fluffy material, and abandoned his bar of soap to have a taste of it instead. While trying to eat he kept bumping into Tyson, causing the foam to fly uncontrollably through the room. When the fire on the bed had finally been put out, the room looked like after a tornado strike, a very foamy tornado. Tyson stood and stared at the chaos, gaping.

    "All right." he said slowly. "Let's... get the hell outta here before someone notices."

    Spirit stopped barking and sat up. He looked at Tyson with a face that said: What, you're not going to take the consequences of your actions?

    "It was your fault, you...!" Tyson screamed, back in his own self now. He started to run around, packing together those belongings that hadn't been completely destroyed. When he was done he ran down to the reception, informed that he was leaving, and ran as fast as he could to the other end of Celadon.

    Once he was there, he rented a room at a hotel that was much nicer than the "Wingull Motels". His room was on the fifth floor, so he had a good view over the surrounding neighborhood. A bit away he could see a large dome-shaped building. Tyson wondered what it was while shaving.

    Spirit popped his head into the bathroom. "Oh no, you don't!" Tyson said. "You've caused enough damage for today. You're not entering this room, especially not when I'm in it!" Spirit retreated with a low growl.

    When Tyson was finished he went over to the window to look around some more. His attention kept returning to the dome-shaped building. I wonder what that is he thought. As he was doing that, a large zeppelin landed beside the dome.

    "Hey, come over here, guys!" he shouted to his pokemon. They all came, Forest the last, since the soap and fire extinguisher's foam had made him sick.

    "Look," Tyson said, pointing. "A zeppelin! I haven't seen one of those before."

    One by one his pokemon disappeared, disappointed at the fact that it hadn't been anything more interesting. Spirit stayed by his side.

    "I wonder what kind of people fly with one of those." Tyson said. When Spirit didn't reply, he sighed.

    "All right, we've had a bad day." he said as he kneeled beside his partner. "But let's forget it. I won't be mad at you anymore. Okay?"

    Slowly Spirit turned towards Tyson, and the trainer embraced his best friend. They sat there for about five minutes, sinking deep into the world of emotion.

    They were ripped out of that world as the dome exploded.
  12. I'm sorry about this fic, as it's stood still for a long time. I can't just seem to get enough time on the computer to write another post. (I need 1-1,5 h) But I promise that it'll be finished, if not for my own sake, then for those who have made my day by giving positive feedback. ~Chainsawking

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