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Who was/is the hardest Elite Four ever

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Dertholntez, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Oh yes , this will be my favorite subject .

    My one is goddamn Shauntal *ggggggrrrrrrhhhhh!!!*
    That Chandelure!!!!!>=O
  2. When I first played the games I always struggled with Lorelei but nowadays my main 2 struggles are Drake as I usually don't have a dragon counter and I struggled quite a bit the Caitlin in BW2 for some reason didn't have any trouble in the originals but that Gothetelle just demolished my team in the sequels
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  3. Cool , same with me Caitlin was really hard!
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  4. The hardest Elite Four in my opinion? I don't really have much, I always find them really easy. But, Aaron was very hard when I first played Platinum. Bruno also gave me troubles on Pokemon Gold with his Machamp with Rock Slide facing my Pidgeot. :p
  5. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Daaaaahhhhh! MARSHAL! I thought I had him with Flying types, but THAT $#%$# STONE EDGE!
  6. Usually I tend to grind my Pokemon to high levels to just sweep the Elite Four, but that didn't really work in the fifth generation. You know why? The champion's Sap Sippin' Bouffalant and my Serperior. All I could do was keep using Aerial Ace and various potions to burn through it. It was tough.
  7. Siebold in X, why can't I beat him if I have a Grass-type??
  8. Lance in both R/B/Y and G/S/C. His underleveled barrier-using Dragonite and his stupid Rock Sliding Aerodactyl.
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  9. the unova league in my black version.
    I was very unexperienced with the pokemon games since it was my 2nd pokemon game, so it took me MONTHS to beat all four
  10. i dont really have one but when i got heart gold it was probably will. he can be tough but i eventually beat him
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  11. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I hated phoebe.
    All of my Pokemon had good normal type moves and I always forgot they were ghost types.
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  12. I know right?! she looks like a water type one than a GHOST TYPE.
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  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'd almost have to replay every game from every generation to properly answer this question. I know over the years that there's always been the odd Elite 4 member that really screwed over my teams if I wasn't prepared for them but I can't clearly recall which they were anymore. @.@

    Karen, I believe, would often give me trouble (specifically in HG/SS) if I didn't have a proper counter for her Houndoom. Dark Pulse from that thing could usually rip through most of my Pokemon. That's pretty recent though, so going back further... Lance definitely gave me trouble in earlier generations if I didn't have an Ice-type to oppose his Dragonite(s). I recall Agatha's Gengars being a bit of a pain as well. Then there's Flint and Lucian, both of which who've ripped me apart on several occasions but who I've also ripped apart with the right counter. Flare Blitz from Flint's Infernape can be nasty, and Bronzong could be very annoying to take down without the right attacks.

    Overall...? It's likely still Karen and her Houndoom that have given me the most trouble when my levels weren't high enough. It's just the perfect combination of speed and power.
  14. Ah, this is an easy one. I have had trouble with every singe Ice Type Elite Four member since Gen 1. Lorelei and Glacia were always a blessing to get past when I was younger. And I actually hope that when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire comes out that Glacia will still be in it and she will give me trouble.
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  15. Going back to the very first games for me it was Lance. I remember him being so tough to beat and yet My rival was a cake walk. XD
  16. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    So far, the hardest Champion I've faced in a casual run before was Lance in HG/SS. I guess since the EXP yield is so low in that game, it's hard to get very high in levels without slowly losing your mind. So my Pokemon tended to be under leveled by that point. @.@
  17. The Hardest elite four ever? That is a good question. I have to go with Lance. Leaf green, God damn what that idiot strong.

    Adding On to previous comment, I was working hard while idiot Gary is waiting for me behind the doors>:D>:D;_;;_;>:D>:D>:D>=O>=O@.@
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  18. I can beat 3 of the elite four membors but not sebold!!! (by the way im 8 years old)
  19. I would say the hardest for me was Drake. I actually have a story with this one. So all but one Pokemon of mine was down (mostly because of his Salamence :@) and same thing with him. It was my Blaziken against his Flygon. I didn't have much confidence in Blaze kick doing much damage so I went with Sky Uppercut instead. It does little more than half to him and I barely survive his attack. I was thinking since I went first I would have a miracle win.........BUT NOPE! The move misses and Blaziken fainted. I freaking hate Drake so much. Luckily I have an Altaria right now in Alpha and see if that helps me while it's in Mega form.
  20. Hmm... hardest E4 member? It's between Lance(G/S/C) and Cynthia(D/P/Pl). Both members have given me hell, especially Cynthia and her damned Garchomp. Thankfully I had Weavile with Ice Punch. Lance's Dragonites can burn in the deepest depths of Hell, those cheaters (and no Ice type for me :()
  21. Elite 4,huh?Gonna have to go with Drake (R/S/E/OR/AS) or Lance (R/B/G/FR/LF).Champion:Steven or Cynthia in my opinion.Damn Dragons.
  22. For me as a kid, it was Lucian and his Bronzong. My team consisted of a Torterra, Staraptor, and Roserade, so getting past him was an absolute nightmare. @.@

    In a recent (recent as in two days ago) playthrough of mine, I had a hard time with Glacia. Her Sheer Colds hit without fail. It also didn't help that my party of 6 were all 10 levels underleveled (I like it when battles are challenging) :p
  23. For me, Lance and Drasna were pretty tough.
  24. The hardest Elite Four I can recall with in Emerald a while ago against Glacia because I was doing a mono grass run. I wiped against her twice, which I don't think has happened in a very long time. Wallace was no push over either due to everything in his party having Ice Beam, but I still managed the first time. Other than that I don't really find the Elite Four these days overly challenging. I think when I was younger Steven gave me a lot of trouble the first time I came across him, simply due to not being familiar enough with steel types to know their weaknesses, but other than that nothing jumps to mind.
  25. Gen 1 has the worst in my opinion...lance and that dragonite...just the worst
  26. In both G/S/C and HG/SS, I remember struggling so hard with Lance! That darn experience yield, my lack of dragon or ice types, and I didn't have rock type moves to knock out his Dragonites! It was super frustrating.
  27. Not to mention his dragonite isnt even of proper level to be a dragonite lol
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  28. shauntai for i no have pokemon of dark tipe
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  29. Lets see here...
    Gen 1: This gen can suck it, Lance is a cheating bastard only because of Gen1 glitches/bugs.
    Gen 2: Lance was a threat?
    Gen 3: Ehhhh, better than Gen 2 but I just I remember my Blaziken using Blaze Kick on most of them(except for Drake).
    Gen 4: -Haven't played yet-
    Gen 5: -Haven't played yet-
    Gen 6: What happened?

    Out of these generations, I would have to say Gen 3 just because my playthrough Emerald made me hate Wallace because of that damn Milotic.

    But anyways, once I beat Gen 4 and 5 and i'll update it on which is the hardest for me.
  30. Haha... How lame am I for saying it's the elite four from Battle stadium (N64)? I don't know if I was just too young playing it or what, but I never actually defeated them. I thought it was amazing I even got passed Loreli, and then here comes the rest... Ugh, most challenging battles ever.
  31. wow i can't believe how ANNOYING! lorelei is i beat her once now i have to beat her again >=O
    my pokemon team
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  32. I always found Drake to be the hardest. But, at the end of the day, it was done. Then the Battle Frontier happened.

    RIP me.

    Lance was difficult, but I had my own Dragonite at that point as well as an Ice type, so I managed to make it work.
  33. Probably Malva or Wikstrom, though my sylveon was like level 99 when I did them because of typing they wouldn't go down in one hit! My fave was the dragon one I forgot her name, she was easy!
  34. Since technically the Champions aren't part of the Elite Four, I would have to say the R/S/E League, mainly because even though my team was Lv 55 and higher, by the time I got to the last member of the Elite Four (I forgot his name, but he's the Dragon user) everyone but my Sceptile was dead. If I remember correctly, my Sceptile was in the high 60's, and I only managed to beat him once, then get totally wrecked by Steven's Skarmory.
  35. Drake from hoenn league, I had a Lapras but its Salamance...
    I can say also Lucian from sinnoh.
    Or Koga.
    In Champions, I had hard to beat Cynthia: Gastrodon, Lucario,Garchomp.
    Me(Gary): Rhydon.
    Diantha: I had no Steel type :(
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  36. For the Jhoto Region I would say that Karen is the toughest beacause I don't really have Pokemon that will be good against Dark type.
    For the Kanto Region it would be Lorelei beacause that Lapras of her's was pretty good and, I also don't really like Ice types.
    For the Sinnoh it would definetly be Aaron. Even though I had Infernape and Staraptor with me, Staraptor fainted because of Vespiquin.
    For the Hoenn Region it would be Pheobe. I'm really dumb. I don't know what is super effective on Ghost Type.
    For Unova it is Caitlin. I don't know why she was kicking butt but I used nearly all of my revive's on Charmander.
    And for the Kalos Region it would have to be no one.
    So that is it.
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  37. Gen I: Lance and his damn Dragonites. It looks like nobody is a fan of them.
    Gen II: Agatha. Definitely not a fan of her Gengar.
    Gen III: God damn Drake.
    Gen IV: I had about the same amount of difficulty with each member of this generation's Elite Four, which wasn't a whole lot.
    Gen V: The most difficult would be Shauntal, but since I had Krookodile, she wasn't as much of a pain as she usually is.
    Gen VI: The hell happened here? It was a cakewalk to take the entire Elite Four out. If I was forced to choose the toughest of the Elite Four in this generation, then I would choose the dragon lady. She was the only member of the Elite Four that my slightly underleveled team didn't one-shot.

    Champion Difficulty Ranking:
    1. Cynthia. Cynthia and her Garchomp can go to hell.
    2. Steven. The Generation III Elite Four was one hell of a challenge, to be sure. You had better hope your answer to Steven's Pokemon survived or that you didn't run out of Revives.
    3. Iris. It's almost like she is Lance's long lost daughter. She isn't as hard as he was in Generation I, but she's still a bit of a pain in the ass.
    4. Alder. He wasn't terribly difficult, but battling him was kind of fun and he presented a decent enough challenge to make me want to repeatedly take him on again and again.
    5. Diantha. Like Alder, she CAN provide a decent challenge. However, if you can get past her Tyrantrum quickly and have an answer for her Mega Gardevoir, she's a cakewalk.
    6. Gary [A.K.A. Blue, (Insert name here)]. Not very difficult. If you can get past Lance in Generation I, you can easily take this guy down.
    7. Lance (Generation II). All I have to say is the Generation II Lance is an utter disgrace to the Generation I Lance.
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  38. Why grind to have an easy time? Being 10 levels lower than the E4 and having a difficult time is half the fun.
  39. Peachy Ace

    Peachy Ace Previously Aether Ace

    It was difficult getting threw Sinnoh league when I was like 6. I was a noob back then and never bought healing supplies, and when I realized that I needed them I had lost soo much money loosing to Blaine.
  40. ORAS has been out for quite some time, I played Omega Ruby, and dang Glacia gave me trouble! Phoebe, not so much, since I evolved Tamao, the Eevee I had transferred from X to Omega Ruby VIA Pokemon Bank, into Umbreon and taught him Dark Pulse, which helped me take down her Ghost-types and Steven's Metagross. Pyro, the Delphox I evolved all the way from the Fennekin I transferred from X into Omega Ruby with Pokemon Bank, got Ko'd by Metagross' Giga Impact and I sent in Tamao, then while Metagross was still recharging, I had Tamao use Dark Pulse, and he knocked Metagross out. I didn't waste a turn on reviving Pyro, since I didn't know if Metagross was gonna be faster or slower than Tamao, and I didn't want to find out, so I attacked and defeated Metagross, which gave me the win. I started Omega Ruby on the 1st of the month I got it in and beat the game on the 4th. Took me only three days after starting the game to beat it. Fastest I've ever cleared a game.
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