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Who loves Pokemon? (celebrating 20 years)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Quen- Delta Leader, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Pokemon has been around for 20 years and I've only been playing for 10. Pokemon has been apart of my life whether it was in game, anime or card. It had brought me together with all of friends and I want to know how Pokemon has effected your life! Go ahead and comment below.
  2. Well, pokemon has of course let me share another hobby together with my friends. :)

    I guess you can say pokemon also helped me 'discover' one of my favourite bands. I was surfing through all this 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' stuff one day, when I found this video:

    I really liked the song, and found out it was by a band called Within Temptation. Soon enough, I was listening to all their songs and they are now one of my favourite bands!
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    Admittedly the 20th anniversary has felt like a bit of a lie to me because how much later Pokemon released internationally, but it's been nice to see the franchise hit 20 overall. Myself, I bought Pokemon Red when it first released in Canada and have been an avid fan of the franchise ever since. That's unlikely to change anytime soon at this point. ^^

    Pokemon has affected my life in countless ways. It gave me a new hobby to play, collect, watch, read, compete in, absorb/obsess over, discuss with others, dream/day dream about, and inspired me creatively in my doodles and writing. I'd not had much experience with RPing before discovering Pokemon and outside of my own creations it's still easily my favourite subject to write about.

    Most importantly however, and like many others, I've made some of my nearest and dearest friends through Pokemon. Within just this community alone (and I've been part of many) I've met and befriended numerous awesome people that have transformed my life in ways I never anticipated. I'm grateful to all of them for making my life better and to Pokecharms for bringing us together, which all stems from Pokemon itself.

    As an anvenue of self growth, Pokemon has quite literally been the best thing to ever happen to me. I love being a Pokemon fan. May the franchise continue to flourish for years and years to come! :)
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  4. For most of you who knew me when I first joined the site (and if.you calculate from one of my very first statuses), I was born late 2002. The second youngest family member (out of 8!), my brother Kevin was 9. He had been playing Pokemon since it first came out with my brother Danny, who was 15. My earliest Pokemon memory was with Danny. He brought me to Newbury Comics and he got me a little plush toy of Minun and I loved it. He had Plusle and we were just an unstoppable duo. Around that time I got introduced to the games. I messed around with Leafgreen but never really played through because, again, I was 3. Lets go two years into the future, Gen. 4. My brothers loved it. Another expansion on the series they loved deeply. I got Pokemon Pearl but I never really played, since my brothers were so excited they played it for me and I wish I could play through the game for myself. But at that time I found something else out: The Pokemon anime. I still hold the memory of me, my niece and my nephew watching the DPPT anime one summer day and we just pretended to be the Pokemon. Pokemon has effected my life because of all the memories that came with it. Danny lives days away from me. My.niece and nephew, Ariana and Aaron live days away from me. Pokemon is a franchise that will never die for me and the memories.will live on.
  5. [​IMG] 20 years, 721 Pokemon. For years, Pokemon has been one of Nintendo's flagship franchises. From 1996 to today, we have adored these fascinating beasts. We like some cute Pokemon, others intimidating, and others just have simple designs. Whether it be animation, card, video game, or manga, Pokemon has had some memorable locations, music, characters, plots, and even designs. From Abra to Zygarde, there are many Pokemon we like. 6 generations in, and Pokemon is still going well with its target audience and adult fans too. P.S, Not talking about Genwunners. Well, anyways... [​IMG]
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