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Which person in the Pokemon world has the best outfit?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by AzureEdge, Nov 23, 2014.

  1. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Now, besides just your ordinary protagonist, there are tons of supporting characters, such as the gym leaders and the elite four that have exclusive outfits to themselves, that you would probably love to wear.
    I came up with this thread was because of the difference in outfits in ORAS compared to R/S/E. (Ex- Archie's and Maxie's old design to it's new one)
    In this thread,all I ask, which is pretty self explanatory, is which character do you think has the best outfit, and why.

    I think that Steven, Lucian Morty and the old Wallace design, had nice outfits, but Cynthia has to win. I love the color, and on top of it, those ear, pin...thingies.
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    STEVEN BIAS- //shot

    In all seriousness I do absolutely love Steven's outfit, if only because I would love to have a jacket like his XD Speaking of cool jackets, Norman's new design is rather along my tastes. Plain, but eh. Roxanne's new one is also adorable and one I would love to cosplay, though her hair is questionable at best. May and Brendan's coordinator outfits are really cool as well! So sparkly and punk ahahaha ♥ I guess that means I also like Lisia's outfit, which yeah, I do XD Can't say no to floofy arm warmers~

    Obvious I had ORAS on my mind, so those were the first people I thought of XD I really appreciate Candice's design, though, especially the jacket tied around her waist. I know people don't really do that as often anymore, but I just related to it so much it's grown on me XD Marley, gothic lolita that she is, is DEFINITELY one of my favorites. I just really want to be able to get away with wearing something like that every day, eeee~ Morty's redesign makes him look a lot cooler and I just really want his scarf, if nothing else. Lyra gets special mention as well, though her poofy hat is kinda silly XD

    Can I talk about the trainer class designs I like? Because I like a lot of them.

    ORAS: Aroma Lady (she's just so adorable), Ace Trainers (kakkoi desu!), Lass (again, cute, and an outfit I can see myself wearing), Picknicker/Camper, and Ninja Boy (RED SCARF).
    XY: Youngster, Rich Boy, Female Ace Trainer, Garcon/Waitress, Veterans, Tourists, Rising Star, and, of course, the Furisode Girls.
    Gen V: Waitress, Schoolgirl, Breeders, Lady, Female Veteran, Gentleman, Cheerleaders, and Male Biker
    DPPt: Lass, Picknicker/Camper, Artist, Rangers, Parasol Lady, DP!Dawn (if she had a longer skirt), Platinum!Lucas
    HGSS: Lass

    I think that covers most of the more recent games, so I'll just leave it at that XD Yeah, I love a lot of the outfits shown throughout the years~
  3. Will's outfit from HGSS. What can I say, it fits him well. Plus, it reminds me of England somehow, being so formal. Spot of tea, whatnot? :p

    I also like Shauntal, Agatha, and Candice's outfits.
  4. 012


    I always loved Tobias's and Cynthia's outfit. :)
  5. 012


    I always wanted to have Tobias's outfit. :)
  6. i really like stevens outfit. he just looks really cool in it and his outfit reminds me of a toy car i had. it was my favorite out of my large selection from what i remember. i remember it being black with some purple on it which looks alot like stevens old design from R/S/E
  7. It's really hard to narrow it down to just one person... I really like everyone's outfits ;A; well most of them... Lookin' at you, random dancer dude from Emerald's Battle Frontier.

    From the gym Leaders, I'd have to say Volkner (DPPt) and Blue (HGSS), for boys anyway, Winona and Flannery from ORAS and Sabrina from HGSS are my favs for girls. For Rivals, I have to say I like Hugh's from BW2 and Shauna from X and Y. E4, I have to say Lucian from DPPt and Shauntal from BW/2. Champions... Look you just can't top Cynthia. Like... COme on. Steven you look cool but home girl's a goddess.

    There are so many more i could pick but i won't waste your time.
  8. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    To make it simple,I would love to cosplay as the new Brendan/Bruno And Brawly/Marcial

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