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DPPt/HGSS Where should I direct my team?

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Artemis, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. I want a nice and strong team for Firered. What should I do with my team? I want it to beat my friends team of 100's.

    Charizard Lvl100 @Leftovers Attack:219
    Jolly nature Defence:206
    Flamethrower SP.Def:210
    Fly Speed:287

    Zapdos Lvl68 @Macho Brace Attack:181
    Lonely Nature Defence:138
    ThunderWave SP.Def:147
    Fly Speed:176

    Parasect Lvl62 Attack:126
    Mild Nature Defence:109
    Slash SP.Def:117
    Cut Speed:51

    CroBat Lvl55 Attack:119
    Hardy Nature Defence:107
    PoisonFang SP.Def:103
    ConfuseRay Speed:169

    Wobbuffet Lvl61 (I cannot replace these moves!!) Attack:55
    Impish Nature Defence:94
    Counter SP.Def: 93
    MirrorCoat Speed:64

    Kadabra Lvl55 Attack:51
    Naughty Nature Defence:52
    SP.Att: 148
    FutureSight SP.Def: 87
    Psychic Speed:133

    I can try to switch Pokemon around I WILL consider all suggestions.
  2. Charizard:Just fine,should do good against your friend.Just flamethrower then throw in a blast burn when he's on his last breath
    Zapdos:Remove fly,charizard has it and you don't need two,get rid of rock smash that move is useless.Get a mushroom and reteach zapdos drill peck,and then get the thunderbolt TM at celadon.These are EXCELLENT for him as far as i know
    Parasect:Remove cut,get a mushroom and reteach spore,VALUABLE
    Crobat:A-OK,again fight to the end use confuse ray on PITA fights,and hyper beam on the last breath
    Wobbuffet:Use him as your leader so you can trap his guys,and then use just trash as many as you can,switch to another pokemon if they have a good chance of one shotting him
    Kadabra:Try to evolve him into Alakhazam since your friend has a tradable copy.Then replace future sight with a non-psychic attack so you can handle dark and psychic easier (future sight takes too long for the damage it does IMO)

    Thats my idea anyway
  3. I like it a lot thanks, you get a cookie. ;D
  4. agreed,direct it toward competitive if you use that,if you dont,then ingame.
    P.S.a good non psychic move is shadow ball.
    P.S.S.can i have a cookie?
    P.S.S.S i like applesauce
  5. Uhh yeah, Nachoman, this thread is six days old, and the guy looks like he's banned. >_>
  6. got a point there,about him being banned >_>

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