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Whats your Favorite move?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by zethose, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Hey guys
    I'v been poking around for a fav move thread any have not had any luck so i decided to make one! ;D. Soo yeah, as of right now my fav is perish song with runner-ups of boiling water, u-turn, the screens, dark void, transform :), ingrain, and spore. so yeah whats yours???
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  2. Hmmm, Im cross between Flamethrower and Endure. Flamethrower because Im a firetype user lol, ^_^ and Endure because It has saved my but in tight spots. ( thats what she said... o_o lmao hehe) Both are handy in my mind.
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  3. for me, I'd prefer the grass-type moves like leech seed,razor leaf(or any distant attacks), and sleep powder,cause one spore from sleep powder couls leave the opponent immoblile,followed up by the leech seed,to grab HP in every turn, and the razor to swipe the pokemon down! I also prefer some Steel-type moves like Iron Tail, Steel Wing, and Gyro Ball cause they look so cool,especially when Pikachu uses Iron Tail.Just awesome!! wouldn't you think about that??
  4. The classic Surf. It's reliable, normally effective on most types, and it has a cool animation. In addition, it is an HM, meaning that it is useful for getting around the regions.
  5. Perish Song, Shadow Claw, Sky Uppercut, and Dig. The only reason Dig is on the list is because of how awesome it was in gen 1 and its usefulness in the PMD games.
    Perish Song because its an awesome concept and I love how the idea of a song can doom all those that hear it.
    Shadow Claw because the amazing animations for it and how the red that comes from the slash kind of looks like blood. I know I'm evil XD.
    Sky Uppercut...I just remember how awesome my Blaziken became back in sapphire once it learned that attack so that one makes it on the list too.
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  6. Return , Swagger , Aerial Ace and the simple move that started it all , Tackle .
  7. Linkachu

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    As of now, my favourite moves seem to be those that have high accuracy, good power, and a nice secondary ability. By ability, I don't necessarily mean a secondary effect. Take for example Earthquake and its ability to hit all Pokemon on the field. Bad for my own teammates, but great for hitting two of my foes at a time. Then we have attacks like Leaf Blade (love that high critical hit rate), Extreme Speed (priority attacks are awesome in general, but this one packs a real punch), or Aura Sphere (100% assurance that you'll always hit is a great bonus). Anything like that I love using, and I'm looking forward to abusing some of the new attacks in Gen 5.

    Other attacks I've recently become fond of are the high accuracy, powerhouse moves with some sort of drawback. Close Combat, Flare Blitz, Explode, etc. Anything that hits hard and has a high potential of taking out the opponent's Pokemon, even if it puts my own at risk. If I can at least take them down with me, it's all good. :p
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  8. Return and Frustration...^^
  9. Tough to say.

    I like moves that hit with high power, high accuracy is a nice bonus for me. My favorite would probably be Sky Uppercut, because my Blaziken 'Vadumee spams it XD I also like Earthquake, providing that I'm the one using it >> I've gotten my arse handed to me with that move before.

    I also like Surf quite a bit, and Fly is just convenient XD
  10. I like moves like Surf, Flamethrower and Shadow Ball. Moves with acceptable power and a bit more PP. I only play in-game, and runnning out of PP is very frustrating. It's happened a few times, that's why I always carry with me some Ethers/Elixirs to the E4. Too bad you can't buy them from the mart's :/

    Also, I like Leech Seed a lot. So fun with the constant HP stealing ^^ It also works really well along with Sleep Powder, immobilized foe that's constantly giving you more HP? Hellz yeah! : D

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