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What you want for christmas/ Birthday.

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by latiaseonlatiostytos, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. So I'm really bored so..... What would you get for Christmas or your Birthday? I want a Latios and Latias plush toy! ;D
  2. ........

    There are seasonal Christmas topics, just so you know, so you may want to take that out of the topic, which you can do simply by replying and removing it from the Subject header ^^

    Also, you may want to change the first post a bit, add more detail to it, to make it more of a discussion than a survey. If you wanted to keep it simple, maybe it should have gone in the Random Chatter section of the forums.

    Though my birthday is quite far off, I'd say that I want a nice Cannon Digital Camera. Loves takin' pictures.

    Welcome to Pokecharms, enjoy the stay ^^
  3. It might sound a little odd but my birthday is coming up next week and I just decided what I want. I'm really looking for two specific siddurim (prayer books). That or some fencing shoes would be really appreciated.
  4. Next Christmas I want that nerf machine gun, the one that has an ammo belt. I am a huge nerf fan, I think the revolver is one of the best ones, but I already got that one.
  5. Do you mean the Maverick? That thing has a tendency to misfire, which ends up jamming the gun. I prefer the Tek6. It shoots just as well, and it won't jam. The only drawback is it's kind of a bitch to mod.

    And I agree. The vulcan looks amazing. I just want mount that thing to a golf cart and run around campus with it.
  6. For my birthday (which is in August) I obviously wanted my gf to come over. But other than that, I want a digital camcorder so I can make my own videos and help my friends and brother with recording if they need help with a school project or something.
  7. My birthday is still a while away. However, I really want the Battle for the Cowl collection, as the death of Batman is epic.

    Must...have...Dark...Knight... *dies*

    In addition, Stephen King's Under the Dome would be great as soon as it comes out.
  8. Meh, my birthday was last weeak and I have a DS, so I can't think of a lot of things now. I would love a Digital Camera however (so Charms can finally see my face).
  9. Pokemon platinum! Or mystery dungeon 3, hard to choose from. My birthday is in 2 months, so I'll ask my parents.

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