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What was the last thing you had to see for your 'dex?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Stutt, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. I ask this because I am currently training a Cherubi (The ONLY pokemon I haven't seen to get National 'dex is its evolved form), and'd like to know what you had to see.

    Was it a pain?
    Was it a breeze?

    Did it take you years find out how to see the opposite legendary?
  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    *Saw one straight away*

    Have you tried the route leading to Pal Park? South of Sandgem. I think a trainer near the end has one.

    And the last pokemon for me to see was one of the Legendary Midgets. I forget which, though.
  3. Last pokemon I had to see for the Sinnoh 'dex was Drifloon.
  4. My last was Milotic.
  5. Well I evolved it, and finally can get my 'real' team. :D

    Milotic, that's interesting... And driftloon, plain crazy! XD
  6. My last was Burmy and its evolved forms... I must have missed the trainers that had it, because I had to go the complicated way, due to my complete inability to find one on honey trees-

    Got a male Burmy off of the GTS, then evolved that. Then, put Wormadam up for Mothim... Unless the male is Mothim... I can't remember. I decided to completely abandon the whole line due to it being an annoyance.
  7. Mine were Garchomp and Milotic, convenient as I just had to beat Cynthia for them.
  8. I still had to see a Spiritomb, Garchomp and Milotic when I reached the Elite 4.
  9. As odd as it is, my friend missed Barboach :o.

    I missed Wormadam. Weird stuff.

    AL has Spoken!
  10. The unevolved form of Lucario. Riolu I think that's it's name. I had just beaten the Elite 4 and thought my dex was complete, but NO I had forgotten to go to that stupid Iron Island place. So I had to go back and go through that dumb cave! (my pokemon were all in there 50s and 60s and everything there was in there 30s. :p) Overall I thought it was pretty easy to do. Better than catching them all. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the challenge of trying to obtain all of them, but it's a little tedious at times. Oh, and I found the opposite legendary by accident. XD
  11. Lumineon. I missed thetrainer with it. Wound up evolving my own, which was annoying.
  12. I lastly had to see Garchomp, Spiritomb, and Milotic. I found that they were all in the pokemon league. I went there, and failed :( (Stupid quagsire vs. Infernape)

    After that, I pestered my friend (Who had the national dex) if he would train up his gabite so I could see a Garchomp. I ended up training it up on his Pearl, which took hours of training near the Resort area. Then I traded it to my Diamond, and back to his Pearl. Next was Milotic. I tried trading for a Feebas on the GTS, almost putting up my Mew, I was so desperate. Nothing hapenned, but meanwhile, I again, Pestered my friend so I could talk to him 32 times in the underground so I could see a spiritomb. He already reminded me of the times he had helped me with stuff in Sapphire. Plus, he'd already helped someone else finding spiritomb.

    Giving up on that, He told me to give him my Sapphire cart. Doing that, he migrated all my good pokemon, traded them to me, And then I blasted Cynthia with Super Mega Blaziken Blast :p

    In a nutshell, Garchomp, Spiritomb and Milotic. Sorry for that increasingly long story. ;D
  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Ditto to that. I fought every trainer I could find throughout Diamond and explored a quite a bit through random fields, so finishing my Sinnoh dex was as easy as finishing the E4... which wasn't all that easy, mind you.
  14. It was Unknown... No trainers have one, and I didn't know about the ruin dealy thing near Solaceon Town. >.> The Unknown Fanatic really confusing because I didn't think Unknown was in the Shinnoh dex...
  15. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Riolu for me, I never bothered to go back for the egg ^^ Since I'm not fond of Lucario.
  16. the last i had to see was combee...i had seen vespiquen from the elite four, so then i searched on the gts for that, and when i finally got it, i had already fought the trainer (by accident)

    i wouldve used the trees, but when i checked, the first thing i saw was a shiny cascoon (which i had to catch) so then i got lazy about the trees
  17. The last I had to see was Azelf, I believe.. The game basically gives away sightings, this is the only game that forces you to see all the pokemon before doing anything else.. i was surprised how easy it was to see the opposite legend.. I thought i'd have to get it in a trade or somethin.

    but yeah, Azelf. And it took me over an hour to catch. Hecka pain in the butt.
  18. The last things I had to see where Combee and Lumineon, both of the trainers I had skipped. (Battles annoy the hell out of me. Especially pointless weaklings!) Btw, that was for the Japanese version, and had no ability to understand a thing, so it was quite hard. On my English copy, the last was, I believe, to be Combee again, and I think Mothim. So yeah, I don't really learn the lesson that sometimes you should battle anyone, even those you can avoid. It took me awhile to find the Mothim guy, I had realised my Defogger.
  19. I was pretty adamant and fought almost every trainer I could encounter, but I still managed to miss Drifloon. So yeah it was him. fighting all those trainers was definitely satisfying though. My Empoleon was pretty brutal.
  20. the last thing i had seen was a purple and blue arcius

    bet you think thats not real but it is believe it.

    and if you dont well your crazy ;)
  21. on ruby, goldeen is a murder, 1 hr on victory rd. *dies* it's one of the last things and it's only level 31 after all of that. my friend who has pearl finds getting a torterra hard for some reason.

    on a random note, my azumarill is lvl. 55 and my swampert is lvl. 47 and i really dont know how, maybe azumarill is easier to train
  22. Kumi

    Kumi Guest

    My last things are Arceus and Shaymin. I got a Movie Darkrai =D
  23. The last thing I had to see for my Dex was Mew. :)
  24. I haven't completed my national dex yet, but for my Sinnoh dex, the last pokemon I saw was a drifloon, because I missed t on the 4th gym ( a trainer had it)
    and because it only appears on fridays

    LOL i was so despereate for 1 that changed the time settings on my DS ;):p
  25. I caught every single pokemon on Ruby except for Gorebyss (sp) and the Fossil plant pokemon thing. Then I got bored and started a new game data...
  26. For my Sinnoh dex, I had to catch that yellow and white member of the Lake trio. (I forget it's name) I still have not caught everything in the Sinnoh dex, because I'm too lazy to train my level whatever (insert first stage pokemon here). For my national dex, I have 250+ caught, and 350+ seen.
  27. I wonder why I didn't respond to this before??

    The three last things I had to see for my Sinnoh 'dex were Spiritomb, Milotic and I think Garchomp who were all covered when I battled Cynthia.
  28. The last pokemon I had to see was a Milotic, handed to me on a plate by Cynthia, ta dude (Y)
  29. Mine was a Garchomp. Finally I saw it when Cynthia battled against me.
  30. I had to train a finneon to get a stupid lumineom and....cherrim (my friend traded it to me)

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