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What Region Would You Like to See Redone in 3D

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Br4v3b1rd, Feb 25, 2015.


What Region Would You Want to See Done Like ORAS?

  1. Kanto

  2. Johto

  3. Sinnoh

  4. Unova

  1. I loved how Hoenn looked, and I loved the expansion of the plot? R/S/E was great, but this? This was fantastic, and I really loved all the little changes, like New Mauville and Sea Mauville. So, what region would you guys love to see redone like ORAS, even if it's already had a remake, and what would you like included?
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  2. I personally would love to see a 3D version of Kanto done. (Mostly because Kanto is one of my favorite regions.) Unova is a close second because I had become very fond of the characters and Pokemon found there. (Even some of the more quirky ones.)

    End the end though... I believe they could work wonders with any region they recreate or make.
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  3. I am 100% for Kanto, partially because as of now it is the ONLY one of the original regions that is NOT on any of the DS cartiridges. I want to see how they mix the beginning of the franchise with the modern mythos created by the other DS versions. Most importantly: I want to see 3D Team Rocket.
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  4. Fascinating! Honestly, if they beef up the Kanto storyline too, I'd be all for it. (Maybe a DLC like the delta episode with mewtwo?) I really loved all the new things in Hoenn.
    Personally though, I'd really want Johto redone again. I feel sort of lackluster about what they did for it, and I liked the changes they made, but it wasn't as amazing as ORAS was. -coughs i also hate Lyra's design so a new one would be nice. I liked Crys more-
  5. Oh! Johto would be another good one to do. I agree that HG/SS didn't give it the full four leaf pazza it could have so another remake would be a nice try to see if they could do better than what they already have with the Johto region. And I always had a special place in my heart for Crys and her design as well. It was the first female design for me so seeing it brought back in a remake would be really nice.
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  6. Yeah! Like, updating Crys, sure! But Lyra was just... sort of jaring? Because I think everyone was looking forward to Crys getting a redesign with Gold n Silver. Lyra can stay, maybe as a Shauna-type rival, but having Crys back would be wonderful.
    It doesn't help that Johto was my first region in g/s/c, so while I loved HG/SS, after seeing what they can do? It feels boring.
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  7. ImmortalLeavanny

    ImmortalLeavanny Formerly SatanicWaffle

    Honestly, I'd love to see a 3D Unova.

    It would be awesome! With all the different places, like Castelia City, N's Castle, The Pokemon League...

    And the GYMS, oh my gosh, the Unova gyms where awesome! I mostly liked Burgh's and Elesa's, and even Drayden's, imagine their gyms in 3D! I'd be over the roof. :D
  8. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I'm feeling Unova for a 3d-remake.
    I guess this is because I feel like Kanto's been overdone so many times, and there isn't much that'll be amazing with 3d in Sinnoh. What I mean is, there aren't many buildings, or bridges as Unova, that gives a sense of amazement. I'd love to see Unova, in 3d~
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  9. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Unova in 3D is totally something I want to see; it feels like they had a lot planned for Unova to actually be in 3D for whatever reason. However, I don't expect them to actually remake BW/BW2 anytime soon, and probably by the time they do the engine for 3D will be loads more sophisticated than what we have now. ^^;
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  10. Mh, Yeah, Unova did feel planned to be in 3D, and while I love Unova, the style for the sprites? Really threw me off, so 3D would have been preferable, tbh. And yeah, the more remakes/new regions we get, the better the 3D will be. I mean, the jump between ORAS from XY was amazing.

    @AzureEdge Really? I think a lot of Sinnoh would be cool in 3D. I mean, you have the giant mountain, the cave paintings, the underground, the snowpoint temple, not to mention Arceus's staircase. Also if they brought back distortion world, that would be an interesting site.
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  11. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Yeah, definitely Unova. Really, I just wanna see MAJESTICAL THREEDEE BRIDGES.
    Although, Krokorok's 3D sprite is nasty~
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  12. Orre to be honest that region was so creative and awesome. I loved both Colosseum and XD and still do
  13. While I want to see more done with Orre because it's my favorite region ever, it's sort of... already in 3D.

    I'd like to see Sinnoh done next, though, partially because I want them to keep going in order and partially because the Sinnoh games don't rock the sprites+3D buildings nearly as well as Black and White do. Granted, it still wasn't a good aesthetic in BW, but they did it better there than in DPP.
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  14. As much as I'm all for Johto getting a remake, as for reasons said above, Kanto deserves it more.
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  15. Well, an Orre remake would be pretty cool. I never had a chance to play Orre based games. Or a pmd remakes, I thought the 3D in the new one looked good, but yeah, I sort of agree, I want them to stay in order right now, but maybe they'll surprise us all.
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  16. I would love to see PMD remakes those would be awesome! Especially the original!
    @Br4v3b1rd The Orre Games of Colosseum and XD are both really interesting and unique in their own way XD being the sequal to Colosseum, I have both games and still enjoy replaying them to this day
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  17. I'd ike to see every region redone in 3D.
    My choice would be Johto.. You know...... I'm such a Johtoddler........ so yeah.......

    Anyway, I would really, REALLY want every single region in 3D. As for how cool it would be and to fix some things..

    .. and I want Sinnoh redone also... The slow battlesss :@ .
    Come to think of it, I never got passed the sixth gym in Sinnoh.... Maybe a remake would make me want to do it.. And it needs more love.....

    So, GameFreak, time to remake EVERYTHING, you hear me? :T
  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Initially I was going to vote for Sinnoh, namely for the same reasons that @The Blue Avenger cited, but after what @ImmortalLeavanny pointed out I think a proper 3D Unova could be fantastic. So much of those games was already a cut above the rest.

    If it were possible to somehow combine elements of Black and White with those of Black 2 and White 2 (maybe with B2/W2's plot and extras being a post-game adventure?) then we'd have some very extensive and gorgeous Pokemon games on our hands. ^^
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  19. I like this idea. I've become dissatisfied with the fact that the post-game in Pokemon is so short. Adding the sequels onto the end of the base games would extend the post-game by at least a couple of days, and I'd be perfectly okay with that.
  20. Johto. I know they already had a remake with HG/SS, but it's one of the most beautiful regions and I'd love to see some of the hot-spots redone in 3D.

    But a close second would be Unova. Though I didn't really enjoy the recent generations, it's the best of them. And it had an interesting plot, so it would be cool if it got some attention!
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  21. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    I think Sinnoh, Johto, and Unova all deserve 3D games just because of my personal love for them.
  22. Out of all I love the Sinnoh. I latterly loved it the first time I ever played the game Pokémon Diamond. I'd love to see that. ORAS came out on meh birth day though...
  23. You guys have a great point for Unova and I think it'll be a gorgeous region in 3D. However, it's motsly unlikely since it was on the previous generation, and I'd expect a Sinnoh remake before getting back to Unova.

    And while I'd love to see Johto in 3D (as some of you said, this could be a great chance to bring Crys back), I believe the most appropriate remake into 3D should be of Kanto, for this reason: it's going to be the 20th anniversary of Pokemon next year, and in my opinion this occasion deserves going back to the origins and paying them some respect in form a remake. Besides, Kanto is the only region not presented on any DS (I don't count its HG/SS version) so this will be a good time to do so.
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  24. I want to see Kanto in 3DS because, the last game of Kanto was in the DS, and Kanto is one of my favorites regions, i want to see a remake of pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green Again
  25. Easy. Kanto.
  26. Kanto & Johto in full 3D! :3
  27. All of you have all good idea but for me I just want a new Pokemon adventure or region
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  28. You're right that's make sense, i want it too, but, what Region type you think they can make? i think nintendo is keeping without ideas so it's hard to think another type of region, and if they really make a new region what name and what type of pokemons can they made? Of course the new region can't call BUTTLAND, or something like that, so if they want to create another remake game it should be About Kanto , anyway that make a lot of time that peoples played Fire red or Leaf green, and makes the game new to childs that don't played Fire red and Nostalgic for that ones who already played, y'know
  29. Sinnoh or Pokemon Yellow that may happen but for Yellow may happen soon and Sinnoh my happen in the year 2017 or something like that
  30. All of the above-- rather than having another remake, I think we should leave them behind and move toward pokemon games with multiple regions to explore.
  31. All of them!!!!!!!!! but if it had to be one it would be Kanto
  32. I would love to have all of them done in 3D but I would say Kanto deserves it the most. I woud also like Unova just because I love the region.
  33. Gosh, we probably won't get a Unova remake for at least another couple years, but that region would do nothing less than amaze. That map deserves to be 3d. Imagine Castelia City.
  34. I honestly feel that Sinnoh should get the 3D remake treatment. And not just because it's the next in line in the series to have a remake, either.

    A lot of my problems with Sinnoh concerning how dull it became after the initial excitement wore off have to do with the style of the game, both aesthetically and musically. I feel that 3D graphics would improve the look and feel on the environment of the region immensely, make up for the bland design of the region itself. Also, remaking the music with pretty much any other style would make the soundtrack fantastic(even the Gym Leader/E4 battle theme...). It would just make it so much better and so much more repayable to me, which I would greatly appreciate.

    Plus, I would be interested to see how they changed the story and incorporated elements from Platinum as well as more modern features. The Delta Episode in ORAS has given me faith that such a thing can be pulled off, too.

    In summation, I truly believe Sinnoh deserves a 3D remake the most, in order to fix some of its biggest flaws in my eyes and compensate for others.
  35. Im supriseds sinnoh is in the lead for votes..not that its a bad region at all just took me a bit off guard

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