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Open What Lies Below (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Orange Book, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. The Role-Play has begun! Click the link below to join in on the fun!


    So upon noticing that there are very few role-plays out there currently that are open to the public, I figured I'd take it upon myself to make one.

    This role-play will be centered around exploring the Relic Castle, which lies beneath the sands of the Desert Resort in Unova. It is free to join by all, but for the sake of a more enjoyable experience, take your time to post and please do your best to get in a paragraph or two (at the very least) per post.

    As previously mentioned, because this role-play is open to all, "freelancing" is also welcome, meaning you can create situations that would best fit your character as you see fit and the like. In any case, let me know if this idea interests you at all; the goal here is fairly simple: to get as many people as involved as possible and familiarize our characters with one another.

    I'll create an introductory post on the actual Pokemon Role-Play thread to start things off, which will consist of my character (Lailah) speaking to another professor over a video message in one of Nimbasa City's Pokemon Centers. You characters can join in on the fun at any point, but for the sake of creating an opening for whomever the first person to join ends up being, simply have your character overhear Lailah and approach her (yes, it is truly that simple).

    Aside from that, be sure to learn more about my character through the various spoilers I have embedded into my signature. Simple character bios are encouraged for those of you whom are interested in joining; however for the sake of minimizing as much clutter as possible, please post them here.

    Name: Lailah

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Canalave City

    Age: 34

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 135 lbs.

    Hair: Mahogany

    Eyes: Platinum

    Clothing: See "Appearance" spoiler in my signature

    Musculature: Lailah is a tad bit on the heftier side, possessing noticeable dexterity that supplements her curvaceous figurine. This is most primarily due to the fact that she is a Psychic, and therefore indulges in far less physical activity than most (utilizing telekinesis instead to travel as opposed to walking, for example).

    Personality: Lailah is best described as a passionately curious individual who seeks to claim all the knowledge of the world. This has led her to reject positions of high authority in the past, as she cannot fathom the thought of so much as remaining within even just the same region for more than a week's worth of time! She is always traveling the world, and as a result, has never bothered to marry, despite her increasing age; because she has no children of her own, she adores younger Pokemon trainers and sees the need to enact a motherly role before them.

    Skills: Lailah is a trained Psychic who (go figure) specializes in Psychic type Pokemon. She is of the Psychic Trainer Class Variant and has been a Psychic ever since her birth. Although she is not able to employ her abilities in the same manner a Pokemon would, she is nonetheless able to use a very limited variation of telekinesis, through which she is able to levitate herself and light weighted objects. She also has the ability to vaguely read a person's mind through coming into direct contact with them (refer to "Special Abilities" spoilers tab for more info).
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  2. Oooooooooo.... I'm interested! Why not?

    Name: Robin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Appearance: Robin has blue hair and blue eyes. He's,an average height, with a more muscular build due to the self training he does with his Pokemon and from growing up outside the regions. He also has a few scars on his face, namely on his left cheek, over the bridge of his nose, and a small one extending downward from his bottom lip. He also carries around a sword on his back, and a backpack full of camping supplies. He is currently wearing some beat-up jeans and a green t-shirt.

    Personality: Robin's trainer class would be a Backpacker. He loves to travel, and to fight. He's a kind heart, but if you get on his bad side, he'll beat you up. He very much enjoys helping people and adventure.

    Skills: Robin is a skilled battler and swordsman, because these are his ways he makes money. On his travels, he teaches Pokemon cutting moves and battles for money. He mastered swordsmanship from a young age, being taught by a master in the land between regions. It is a rough area, and you have to be tough to survive, so Robin knows how to fight alongside his Pokemon.

    History: Robin was born outside the regions, and had to fight to survive. He grew up in an area that was particularly tough and cruel, where it was common for Pokemon to fight to the death. Disgusted with the cruelty that he saw, he left, but not before a few of his Pokemon died in his hands. He traveled the regions in his teenage years, helping people and stopping villains. A major turning point was when he fought a man he knew from outside the regions called X almost to the death. He decided to turn around and stopped adventuring, only wandering.
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  3. I'll put up a bio, but bear in mind I won't be able to actually RP for a couple weeks(see my status).

    Name: Ashley Sparks
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Ashley is very loyal and a bit reckless at times, often resulting in injury.
    Appearance: Ashley has curly, bright red hair that she wears in a ponytail, bright blue eyes, and fair skin. Her outfit consists of a dark blue tee-shirt, jeans, a sky-blue hooded jacket, and blue sneakers worn over white crew socks. In addition to this, Ashley wears an orange backpack in which she keeps her Pokeballs and supplies.
    Skills: Ashley is a good improvisor and decent at cooking.
    Pokemon: Blaze(Quilava, female), Vern(Skiddo, male), Volt(Alolan Raichu, male), and Avalanche(Alolan Vulpix, female).
    Backstory: Ashley's father was in the Coast Guard, and thus Ashley and her family were moving quite a bit. This explains her Pokemon from different regions. The family then moved to Unova, where tragedy struck. Ashley's father was dragged down and drowned by a Frillish, his body recovered by a submarine. Ashley's mother was maddened by grief and the teen, unable to handle the situation, commited her mother to a psych ward and left home. She now has a fear of Water Pokemon.

    Name: Jack Jackson(because I felt like making a character named that)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Jack is smart and rational, but is often unwilling to take risks. He has a fascination with ruins and Ground Type Pokemon.
    Appearance: Jack has dirty blond hair that is almost untamable, green eyes, and pale skin from locking himself in his room and researching different ruins all day. He wears thin-framed glasses, a simple white tee-shirt, beige cargo pants, and light brown boots.
    Skills: Jack is a well-informed archaeologist and knows the tools of the trade well.
    Pokemon: Hippopotas, Corsola, and Trapinch
    Backstory: There isn't really much for an interesting backstory with Jake. His interest in archaeology was due to both of his grandparents on his mother's side being archaeologists, and he's just always loved Ground Types.
  4. On second thought, I think I'll hop in right now if you think I can. When I'm gone, I'll let @Lailah control Ashley and @Robingogo control Jack, if that'd work. Feel free to swap if you feel like you'd be able to RP the other character better.
  5. Hmm, having to control your character for a few weeks is probably asking for a bit much in my opinion, lol. Don't mean to be rude or anything, but if that's the way it'll be, I think it's best that you enjoy your trip in the mean time and when you're able to return to the internet on a consistent basis, feel welcome to hop in on the role-play (if it even stretches out to be that long).

    Sorry ;3 I'd just much rather focus on one character at a time, I hope you don't mind.
  6. It's fine, I just felt it'd be a lot less awkward introducing my characters in the scenario you suggested in the first post. I don't know if they'll be in the Desert Resort by the time I get back, and by then it'd be kind of difficult to really worm my characters into the story.
  7. Fair point, but again moving them along for the better part of the roleplay on our own would be largely unconventional; besides, it wouldn't do them any credit, seeing as though we wouldn't be able to portray them exactly the way you'd probably do so yourself.

    Again, I'm doubting whether or not this roleplay will last that long, but only time will tell. If it's still in process around the time you return, then shoot me a message and I'll figure out a way to incorporate you into the story in a logical manner ^^
  8. Alrighty then, sounds like a plan.
  9. Just as a quick update, I've gone and changed the actual role-play itself to "Ask to Join".
  10. Alright, I'm back. Let me finish going through my alerts and I'll reply as soon as I can. :)

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