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What is the fastest way to get my pokemon to lv 100

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by darkninja, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. What is the fastest way to my pokemon to lv 100 with out staying in my room like smeagle in a cave all day
  2. Get up in the middle of the night with a soda with caffeine in it and smash the Elite Four all night or use a Gameshark or Action Replay (while I hate ANY form of hacking).
  3. Gameshark/action Replay.Infinite Rare candies w00t!
  4. you could use lucky eggs dont use rare candies or ar cheats to lvl up because stats of that poke wont get and bonus ev points when lvling up

  5. Luvky egg
  6. I know 3 ways.

    1. Gameshark or Action Replay and use a code for Rare Candies or Stat Maxing, but then they're weaker then they could be.

    2. Using items like Lucky Egg or Exp Share (Exp Share has been found out to give you a tiny extra exp if the only Pokemon fighting has it.)

    3. Daycare Trick: Put the Pokemon you want to level up in the daycare. Then go on your bike, but have it the slower mode, not the fast mode. Find a hill that you need the fast bike for, and get something heavy to keep you going up. Then make sure you're DS (or GBA, this works on R/S/E) is plugged into it's charger and go do whatever. But there are pros and cons to this. Pros: Levels up without having to waste time. Teaches them the moves so they know the moves they need to know to be as good as they can be. Cons: Wastes Electrical energy, and they only get half as much power as they would from battle training them.

    If these are too dumb for you, then just train the normal way like true trainers do.
  7. bl00d555

    bl00d555 Guest

    ive trained like 20 lv 100s and it only took me a week wat i do is put a lucky egg on the pokemon you want level 100 and take it into the elite 4 by itself and dont save after you beat a trainer

    Mod Edit: This method doesn't make any sense. OK, Lucky Egg doubles the EXP you get. Take it into the Elite Four, ok, they have high level Pokemon, so lots of EXP on offer... But you only get the EXP when your Pokemon KOs a foe... and then you're telling us to not save? So you just fight the same Elite Four trainer over and over again? :o

    I recommend you come back and fix this post so it's in coherent English; else this idiocy, combined with your other posts here will see you being removed for the sake of the intelligence level of the forum.
  8. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Well, in Emerald there's that cloning glitch, so clone all you rare candies, then feed it to one Pokemon to get it to level 100. If you want to, you can migrate your Pokemon to Diamond or Pearl. Or use Gameshark/Action Replay, or trade it with a friend and make them do all the work, plus make sure your Pokemon is holding Lucky Egg while with your friend. That's all I know, since I'm no expert at these things. You can also just keep it at the Baby or Basic stage, then just make it keep level up in that stage. Once it's at the peek of level 99 (or 98, depending), evolve it (if you want to). Then use Heart Scales or TMs/HMs to make it learn the moves that you want it to learn.

    Or you can do a combination of the above. Or be smart and train your team like normal trainers.
  9. Use a Lucky Egg, Exp. Share, or Macho Brace. Get Pokerus if possible, it really helps. Use the Elite Four, and your rival helps some, but only on weekends.

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